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on November 16, 2014
I won't get into the good features of this bag. It has many very good features, the best of which is that it is significantly lighter than my previous bag. It seems very durable, mostly. But it has some size issues.

After realizing that my previous, equivalent model 22" Briggs&Riley (box length 22" actual standing size w/ handle 24") was just a hair too long for some airline overhead bins I decided to go with the U122CX-4. This was my 3rd B&R bag and I have always considered them excellent and reliable. Their repair policy can't be beat. The suitcases are strong and seem to last forever. The promise of a 22" height meant that it would fit everywhere, even in almost all airline luggage sizers, US and international.

Well the 22" promise is not true. It is longer, actually 23.5", so it fits in Delta's, American's and Alaska's sizers, it does not fit any of the international sizers I tried, like SwissPort, Qatar, and JAL. Those sizers seem to be built for the shorter, wider bags when needing something of the same overall volume.

B&R also do something devious with their measurements. In their headlines they call this a 21" bag, 21" x 14" x 7.7". True, that is the internal box measurement. But NOBODY sees that 21" size and thinks of the internal box. Everybody thinks that this is the height of the bag. After all, it's the total height that airlines classify as allowed or not. So for most people the 21" size is deceptive and buyers are surprised when international airlines balk at allowing the bag. This is a very bad policy and unfortunately many luggage manufacturers do the same. It is the consumers who suffer from this disconnect between airlines and bag manufacturers.

Then B&R go one step further with deceit. Their additional specs for the bag are Dimensions with Wheels & Handle: 22" x 14" x 9". That is a complete lie! The standing full length including wheels and handle is 23.5"! This discrepancy may come as an unfortunate surprise to international travelers. Perhaps the folks at B&R need to put their glasses on before measuring.

Oh, and my last issue with this bag. On my first trip one of the main zipper pulls came off in my hand.

Here are some luggage sizer measurements with corresponding pix of the bag in them:

Delta inside sizer box length and width - 23" x 14" x 12" to the top of the upper horizontal bar
Alaska inside - 24" x 17" x 10" to top
AA inside - 23.5" x 10" x 10" to top
Swissport (Zurich) inside - 22.25" x 8.625" x 16"
The bag fits wheels first in an Airbus A319 and a Boeing 787.

I would have more but my measuring tape was confiscated at the Doha security check so I don't have measurements for the Cathay sizer in Jakarta. Don't carry on a metal measuring tape.
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on November 28, 2014
Kick-ass bag. I fly 300k international a year with this and a Tumi Alpha in rotation. I bought this one when the Tumi was in the shop and I needed something in the meantime. It has since relegated the Tumi to second place.

It is easy to pack. The suiter is roomy and does a good job preventing wrinkles; most trips I just pull my shirts out and I am ready to go, no ironing needed. The ratchet system is a space saver; I have mananged two suits plus weekend gear in it with no problems. The Tumi is slightly larger inside but the B&R's flat interior box and superior ratchet system mean it holds significantly more. Since it has an umbrella pouch I now have an umbrella 100% of the time which has saved me a drenching or two. It is pretty much bulletproof, and I am tough on bags as I assume a $500 bag should have no problem being dragged down full flights of stairs bouncing on the back wheels. Handle seemed a tad loose when I got it but turns out that is by design; I have had no problems so far throwing my 20lb computer bag on top and towing away. I've used Travelpro and (way back when) Samsonite, and taken a look at the Costco stuff, but this is a superior grade of construction to all of those. If you are a very frequent flyer who cannot tolerate malfunctions on the road, this bag is well worth the extra money. All it takes is one handle falling off a $150 bag in a thunderstorm in Potland at midnight to convince you the more expensive bag is worth the money.

I see some comments below indicating a size issue but I have flown about 400k so far with this bag and had zero problems with gate check across at least seven airlines, including all three alliances. Has fit every standard overhead bin I've tried.
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on December 25, 2012
We used to use travelpro but were swayed by the lifetime guaranteed by B & R. We've had numerous warranty claims on our travelpros and there is no convenient location for us to get travelpro service.
I was unsure the carryon would be sufficiently big for me but I have used it on a cruise and also as my only bag to bring on a 15 day trip to China. It still looks brand new and I've used it several times. We ended up getting one for my husband and also the medium upright expandable too. The domestic carry on can be stored inside the medium upright, which is helpful on cruises especially.
The bag is very sturdy and rolls silently. The pockets are well thought out. The pocket on the back outside of the bag seems strange. it was marketed as where to put things to get thru security but for our travels, we use it to store phone/laptop chargers there.
The suiter part is built in, but if you don't want to use it, you can take out the insert for more space.
The dimensions given are with the bag fully compressed, so you can really hold more than that. The compression idea is very neat and works very well. I was amazed at the size. The flatness of the bag, since the handles are on the outside, makes it VERY easy to pack! It's incredible how much you can fit into it. I am very pleased with it. I think the price is fair considering the quality and the warranty. I figure it's the last bag I will buy! :)
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on March 28, 2014
I bought this bag as it is advertised as 21x14x7.7 inches on the B&R website. The website also has a picture of the bag standing on the ground and a line indicating that it is 22" tall including wheels and feet. The tag that came on the bag indicated 22x14x9 inches. Actual bag measures 23.5" tall!

I am not sure why B&R cant give a single measurement and indicate what is being measured. Instead they have different data in different places that is not consistent. United Airlines has limited the carry on size to 22x14x9 and this bag is definitely over that size.

A call to B&R customer service was unhelpful. They offered no explanation or remedy for the discrepancy in measurements and seemed totally unsympathetic. They also refused to measure a bag in their offices to confirm my assertions.

Great quality bag- just don't by this thinking it is actually 22" tall.
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on September 27, 2013
I had the previous version of this model since 2000. It has been used (and abused) for at least 8 out of the last 13 years of weekly traveling, both domestic & international. Until lately that the old bag finally worn out and I decided to send it check with B&R for their warrantee. I only need to pay $20 shipping fee to B&R and they said they'll have it back to me by 6 weeks.

3 weeks pass by, I've got a call from B&R saying that the old bag is in pretty bad shape (why not...) so they can try to fix it...or they gave me an option to upgrade to this U122CX-4 model for a very cheap price (roughly shipping). So I opted for it.

This current version looks more modern than the previous one but still retain a good simple & tone down style as before ( I never like Tumi for their "fancy" design). The orange liner provides a good contrast to the black exterior. The most welcome feature is much much lighter than the previous version. I've switched from the old one to use other partial soft-bag because of that reason. But it looks to retain the stiffness and should be able to handle rough handling as the previous version. The expandable feature that broke down in previous version has been changed to use a plastic lifted up gear rather than the old velcro so it should last much longer. The suitor is not detachable anymore, but that won't bother me since that helps bring down the overall weight.

Continue from previous version, the handle rail is located outside of the compartment so the interior of this bag is totally flat. It has tons of room even before expand. With the expansion, I can handle a week of international travel easily.

The only "wish" is using the inline-skate wheel. The other bag I have with that type of wheel is much easier to move around.

Just to summarize..

- From my 13 years of experience, this bag last. It never give me a hard time in the middle of travel (at least for the old version).
- Tons of space. Very easy to organize.
- Not difficult to roll...but not the easiest.
- Fit into the overhead storage easily.
- Last but the most important - B&R honors their warranty very seriously.

I won't need to get a new bag anymore. If it breaks (which will be several years in the future)...I'll go to B&R to get update again.

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on March 17, 2014
I fly weekly for work. I was concerned about this fitting in overhead bins handles out but I've flown on United, Delta, and American on various aircraft (non-regional) and it has not been an issue at all! I love how durable this is--it feels solid! I'm not a fan of the handles being on the outside aesthetically, but it sure is much more functional (FLAT rectangle on the inside) which is well worth it!! I also found a use for the the pouch between the handles--my car keys so I don't ever have to dig for it when I return home on Thu. I'll probably toss an extra phone charger in there too for easy access.

You get a ton of space with this luggage, likely more so than ANY OTHER 9x14x22. I can probably get 6-8 dress shirts, 3-5 dress/khaki pants, jeans, 3-4 polos/tees, running shoes, slippers, and undergarments for 2 weeks into this thing. This makes it suitable for 2 weeks of business travel + a weekend trip in between. That's a LOT!

1. It is a tad heavy, especially when full and I'm hustling from gate to gate; but hey, I'm getting a work out in. My wife would likely not use this b/c it's too heavy for her.
2. I wish the zippered compartment where the suit goes were fully detachable
3. The expansion system is TERRIFIC but does engage a little too easily. Sometimes when I'm packing, the expansion will fall down a couple notches before I'm ready to zip up and press down. This is a nuisance but not a huge deal by any means.
4. Most annoying thing is engaging the handle to the perfect spot for me. There is a sweet spot for my laptop bag to rest on top so I can pull it along and it always takes a few tries to find it. I've even practiced in the hotel room but always seem to have trouble. UGH.

Would I buy again? Yes. Price tag is steep, but the awesome warranty gives me peace of mind. I used my old Samsonite for 8 years and I expect to get 10+ years out of this. I got olive color and use it with a black Tumi Arrive Narita Slim and it looks good together.
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on May 19, 2015
I have always appreciated the quality and customer service of Briggs and Riley luggage. I have three of their bags and this is my fourth. I have made use of their repair policy and found it to be quick and thorough.
I write this review not to praise their quality but to address the lack of standards between airlines and luggage manufacturers and the resulting angst on the part of someone selecting luggage.
There is a lot of ambiguity in the reviews. It fits. It doesn't fit. The airline dictates the outside measurements of the bag and the bag manufacturer specifies the inside. Lots of conflicting information.
I bought this bag and kept the box to hedge my bet. I would take the bag on its first trip and if it did not fit in the overhead or in the United sizer it would be promptly returned.
The purpose of this review is to let everyone know that it does fit. It fits into the overhead and it fits into the sizer so well that it looks to be designed around the sizer. I mean it fits perfect when not expanded.
On a general note, I've always liked B & R quality but been a bit less fond of their design. I'm dubious regarding the outside handle approach. After all, for those who carry on, space is EVERYTHING. With internal handle bags, I've always found ways to fill those voids with undies, socks, rolled up shirts etc. Every time I put this bag into into the overhead, I look at that empty space beneath the luggage and lament about the extra pair of pants I might have been able to bring if loose items were in the voids.
For that reason alone, I can't give B & R five stars.
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Briggs & Riley advertises on its web site that the exterior dimensions of this bag (Model: U122CX Baseline) are 7.7" x 14" x 21" not including the rollers, the feet, and the handle and 9" x 14" x 22" including the rollers, the feet, and the handle. The web site states that the exterior dimensions are 9" x 14" x 22". With a tape measure, I measured the actual exterior dimensions at 9.5" x 14.75" x 24" including the rollers, the feet, and the handle.

At the Delta Airlines boarding gate for a domestic flight, the bag would not fit inside the measuring frame that matches the Delta Airlines carry-on bag size limit of 9" x 14" x 22". Nevertheless, the accommodating boarding agent did not prohibit me from carrying the bag into the cabin of the Boeing 757, where the bag easily fit into the overheard storage bin.

However, on a subsequent Delta Connection flight on a smaller aircraft, the boarding agent prohibited me from carrying the bag onto the aircraft. I had to check the bag for storage in the aircraft's main luggage compartment because it was too large to fit in the cabin's overhead storage bin.

It is apparent to me that Briggs & Riley employs luggage designers of the first order who knew exactly what they were doing when they created this bag. The quality, design, and features of this bag are excellent. I was very impressed with the volume capacity. The interior features of the bag allow for a very high degree of secure, stable, and orderly management of all items in the bag. The design and functionality of this bag including all interior compartments, exterior storage pockets, the rollers, the feet, the handle, the balance characteristics, and the light weight of the bag are superb.

The rollers are very quiet. The bag was very easy to roll and maneuver on all surfaces during my entire trip including on the floor of the Boeing 757 cabin aisle. The very comfortable exterior handles allow for easy lifting into the overhead storage bin. I perceive that the Briggs & Riley U122CX Baseline would give years and possibly a lifetime of excellent service because it appears to be extremely durable and strong.

My trip lasted only 4 days, but I can readily envision using this bag on a domestic or international flight to carry everything that I would need for a trip lasting 1-2 weeks.

Other than the actual overall exterior dimensions being slightly larger than the advertised dimensions, the only con about the bag is the expensive price. I could find no online seller that I perceive to be trustworthy that offers this bag for less than US$469.00, which seems to be the fixed price no matter who is the seller.

For my next flight, I might consider using the next smaller size of a Briggs & Riley carry-on roller bag with equivalent features because the boarding agent did not permit me to carry it into the cabin of the smaller aircraft. If I decide to use the next smaller size Briggs & Riley bag, I probably would also use a second but even smaller Briggs & Riley bag that would attach to and sit atop of the larger Briggs & Riley bag. I would store the larger bag in the overhead storage bin and would place the smaller bag on the floor beneath the aircraft seat.
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on September 19, 2013
I recently accepted a job that has me traveling 3-5 days every week, so I wanted a high quality and durable carry-on. As a notorious over-packer, I can say that this suitcase has more than enough room for 5 days of clothing (and accessories) and keeps it all organized. The handle is a miraculous achievement in engineering, and even when I've loaded it down and thrown my 25lb laptop bag on top, it doesn't falter. Has already made several trips more effortlessly enjoyable. Highly recommended!!
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on July 7, 2013
I chose this bag for the warranty because I was tired of replacing luggage every three years (split zippers, broken wheels, etc.). I also liked the expansion system option which I used this past trip and it worked flawlessly. The quality of the build is evident upon arrival and use.

There have been comments regarding the "Suiter" portion of the bag, getting in the way. While I do wish I could zip it out if I wasn't using it, I just used it as a separator to keep clothes in the lid portion and it worked out fine. In fact, as clean clothes dwindled during the trip, I used the main compartment for dirty and the suiter separated lid for the clean.

This is the first trip I've used it, but I don't see any issues and with the warranty should last a lifetime of trips.
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