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ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box
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on November 5, 2006
Nov '06--My cat is a 13 pounder, poops about 5 times a day--and boy does it stink! I feel that cleaning a cat box several times a day is a real pain, but then so is cleaning it up off the basement rug every day if I dont clean the box soon enough for "his highness"! This thing is GREAT! Ok, I've only had it for 5 days now, and it specifically says on the box that for larger cats or multiple cats, the cartrige will NOT last 30 days--the container is full (like I said, he poops A LOT) BUT!! I really dont mind taking the scoop and scooping out the container once a week--I have to do this because replacement cartriges are $15 or so (that's the really bad part) I still have to see if it will take all his urine for 30 days, but in the mean time: The smell is gone, he doesnt track litter everywhere (I used clumping before and he left a real mess--along with the smell) just a few of the crystals get on the floor, I dont have to clean the box daily (as well as the basement carpet), and it works. One thing to note, I did not realize how BIG the thing is, and I also didnt think about plugging it in--so you may have to revise where you put it. Also, it's not perfect--some of the poop got behind the rake, and got stuck, but whoopie, no big deal to take a piece of toilet paper, and pull it off. I may look into reusing cartriges (waxed cardboard boxes with scoop free crystals dumped into it) and adding crystals from a bottle, but that may not be possible, because waxed cardboard can only take so much wetness--but that may be an option. I think a bottle of the stuff is around $15 too, but you may get 2 or 3 uses out of it, rather than just the one.

**update**1 1/2 months--I still love it. It lasts about 14 days, with a once per week clean out of the poop trap. The crystals never smells like urine, but there is a smell after that amount of time (big cat). cant use a litter liner as the rake can get stuck--or kitty's nails, so I'm still working on a way to refill more cheaply--but no more "accidents" on the carpet.
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on August 18, 2007
Update, posted February 5, 2014:

We've been using this litterbox for almost 7 years, including one replacement when the rake became too rusted. The reason for this new comment is to address what some people have said is the "high cost of the litter." In terms of dollars paid per year, that's absolutely true, even if you use a Forever Tray and buy crystal litter at Target.

But in terms of convenience, it's well worth the extra cost. My cats helped me realize this recently, because in their senior years (they're 15), their behavior has changed. I started offering them a choice of crystal (in the ScoopFree litterbox they've been using) or clay (in a plain, manual litterbox). Both of them much preferred the clay and stopped using the crystal. And instead of checking the litterbox daily, fiddling with it a couple of times a week, and changing the litter every 10-14 days, I found it necessary to clean out the contents of the clay litter 4-6 times a day. That's a lot of time to spend on a messy chore that a machine was doing for me, and after a few days, I've switched them back to the ScoopFree litterbox with crystal litter. (And am hoping they will cooperate.) Going back to a clay-based automatic box wouldn't necessarily be any better than the manual one: that's what we were using before ScoopFree, and it was harder to maintain than a manual box.

Update, posted April 4, 2009:
Tip on making the litter last longer: good air circulation. Silica gel absorbs liquid fairly quickly, and releases it as water vapor fairly slowly.

When used as litter, it absorbs urine and dessicates solid waste. Unless the silica gel itself can dry out (by releasing water vapor), it won't last long at all in a litter box. So, it works better in the summer than in the winter, and better on dry days than rainy ones.

If you can place the litter box where there's a breeze, the litter will last a lot longer. Or, you can try what I've recently done: put a small fan above the box, so that it constantly blows air down onto the litter.

During the Winter and Spring, the litter has been lasting only 10 days with two cats (in the Summer, it was stretching out to 14 days). With the fan, in the Spring, the litter was still OK after 15 days.

The litter still needs to be stirred every few days, especially towards the end of its useful life.

Update, posted December 16, 2007:
After using the LB1 for four months, I still think it's the best litterbox we've used in the 10 years of living with cats; which is not to say it's perfect. It's big advantage is how easy it is to maintain and keep clean. It's big drawback is how often the expensive crystal litter has to be replaced.

On the plus side: It doesn't have to be cleaned several times a day, as did the plain $4 litter box, nor unjammed and cleaned frequently, as did the LitterMaid; and it controls odor reasonably well (we keep it in the garage, without a hood. If it were in the house, I'd definitely use the hood, but don't know if that would suffice).

It does have to be checked every day, because it sometimes needs some help. When that happens, it's still MUCH quicker and easier than dealing with a plain litterbox or a LitterMaid. Cleaning it is trivially easy, and that's important to me. If you use the disposable cartridges, there's virtually no cleaning to be done, ever. The rake doesn't foul the way other mechanical litterboxes do, and the only time I "cleaned" the rake, it was by wiping it with a damp cloth for about a minute. That may have been overkill.

I use the "Forever tray", and it usually doesn't need any cleaning, not even wiping down, when replacing the litter. When it did seem to need cleaning, just hosing it down was sufficient: afterwards, there was no visible residual and no oder at all. I remember spending over a half-hour every month or two trying to clean the LitterMaid, and never could really get it clean. So, for ease-of-use, this is in a class by itself.

On the downside: With two cats, it's a stretch to make the litter last 2 weeks: 10 days is closer to reality. In winter, with cold, humid air, the liquids do not evaporate quickly, so it isn't as good as in the summer. The litter is much more expensive than scoopable litter: I'm using the "Forever" tray (a "must" if you use the LB1 at all), and an 8-pound bag of crystal litter at Target is $13. The tray holds 1/2 a bag, so it's costing $6.50 (plus tax, of course) for 10 days, or about $20/month. (With the official disposable "cartridges", it would be costing $50/month.) By contrast, scoopable litter probably cost about $4/month, or even less, but required a lot more maintenance and produced more odor.

So, I'm glad we have it, and wish the crystal litter cost much less.


Original review, posted August 18, 2007:
We've had cats for about ten years, and have tried a variety of manual and automatic litter boxes, but never have been satisfied with them.

Several years ago, I tried both sizes of LitterMaid (original and then Mega), but neither worked well: they jammed, they fouled, they required a lot more work than a plain litter box, and there was always a big mess surrounding them. The monthly cleaning was time-consuming and unpleasant, and after a few months, the rake seemed to foul more often than not.

I tried the Omega Paw RA20 (sold at Amazon). Only one of my cats was willing to use it, and, because it has to be rolled upside down to remove the clumps, it needs about six feet of floor space. Cleaning it turned out to be harder than I'd thought it would be.

I went back to a big manual litterbox with a built-in scoop, and although it was the best "manual" solution I ever found, with two indoor cats, I still had to clean it out several times a day. The litter boxes were always in the garage, so the garage always had a bit of an unpleasant odor.

A month ago, I saw the glowing reviews of the Scoop Free LB1 at Amazon. They sounded too good to be true, but I ordered it anyway.

Those glowing reviews were simple statements of the truth: this litter box just works. The design is simple and clever, setting up and maintaining it is easy, and there's less mess or odor than from any other litter box we've tried in the last ten years. It isn't as maintenance-free as the manufacturer says, but checking it daily, clearing out the poop every few days, and redistributing the crystals seems to be sufficient.

The obvious drawback is the high on-going maintenance cost: with two indoor cats, the crystal litter and the cardboard trays must be replaced every two weeks. At Amazon's current price, that works out to $450 a year. By contrast, traditional clumping clay litter probably costs less than $45 a year.

Fortunately, the reviews here also mentioned a less expensive solution: the "Forever Litter Tray", sold on eBay for about $60 plus $10 shipping. It's a permanent plastic tray that replaces the disposable cardboard trays, and it works even better than the cardboard trays.

If you use the "Forever" tray, you have to buy the crystal litter separately: 8 pounds of "Fresh Step Crystals" sells for $12-$17 (Target has the best price), and the tray needs about 4 pounds at a time. So, it may be possible to spend "only" $150 a year on litter, if you shop around. That's $100 more than clay litter for the year.

This approach (LB1 plus "Forever tray") obviously costs more than a manual litter box ($180 more, up front, plus an extra $100 a year for crystal litter). The benefits are: 1) much less work; 2) much less mess; 3) much less odor.

To me, it's well worth the price.
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on July 19, 2006
We have had 7 cats over the past decade (not all at once thank heavens!) and thats a lot of scooping. Right now we only have one cat, but he is incredibly sensitive to a dirty litterbox. It's gotten to the point he wants it absolutely clean every time he needs to use it, which is an impossible task. He'll actually sit outside the box and meow until someone takes care of it! We've been considering an easier method for some time to get the job done. So, we purchased the Scoopfree litterbox two weeks ago after reading numerous reviews of the different automatic litterboxes on the market. This one seemed to make the most sense because it does not use clumping litter, which I've read often sticks to the rake device and liquids pass down to the bottom of the litter, never fully drying/clumping. I had never used crystals, but after reading how they absorb liquids and odors I was willing to give it a test drive.

We paid $99 after price searching the web. The device arrives in a HUGE box, but in reality seems to be the size of a large litter pan. Setup was quick and easy. We placed the Scoopfree in the same spot as the old litterbox, removing that one out of the house. This was a bold step since our cat hadn't used crystals and I was afraid he might be confused. He did notice the difference and inspected it completely, but has proceeded to use the device with no problems.

He's a large cat (about 16lbs - and not overweight) and fits the box. The motor isn't loud - we can't hear it from another room in our house. The raking cycle doesn't take long, only about a minute. The crystals are working terrific, absorbing the liquids and odors just as indicated. Another bonus is the freedom from the litter dust that gets scattered and tracked. I've only seen a few crystals kicked out in two weeks, so that's saved on additional sweeping around the box. A few days ago the kitty blocked the optical sensor with a pile of crystals from his insane covering, so the rake didn't scoop automatically. This was solved by pressing the button to manually scoop. Since then we give the box a quick look once a day to make sure it's clean and working. The cardboard cartridge is holding up, although I have heard that some cats dig to the point of scratching the bottom, which may cause a leak or tear. Ours doesn't have that problem, but before we placed the cartridge we covered it with a garbage bag for added protection. We then put it under the Scoopfree as directed and filled it with crystals. This hasn't impaired the device from functioning and I think will lead to an extended cartridge life (which is a benefit since we are on a budget).

Two factors to consider with this device are that the hood and refill cartridges are sold separately. The cartridges are a little on the expensive side depending on where you can find them ranging from $12 to $17. A cartridge is determined to last one month for one cat.

Overall we are really happy with the Scoopfree. It does have a 90 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty. It has been super easy to use and has already saved quite a bit of time in terms of scooping and cleaning. Our cat is really happy and no more meowing at the box, which is a great relief to us. We would definitely recommend it to everyone.
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on June 2, 2006
I bought this as a replacement of my first automated litterbox, the Petmate Purrformat Plus XL. That one was awful, this one is great.

The rake on this litterbox actually switches the direction it points as it moves to the front and back to the rear of the box. The net effect is that, unlike the Petmate, you don't get a wall of litter at the rear of the box. The litter is evenly distributed along the bottom every time and the rake is able to return to its starting point every time unlike the Petmate.

As it sweeps forward, the purple part rises up and the rake pushes anything it has caught underneath it. Underneath the purple part is more Fresh Step litter, so when it closes down it traps the odor so the Fresh Step can absorb it. Simple!

Furthermore, this one is much more quiet than the Petmate. The Petmate sounded like a remote controlled tank but this one just has a gentle hum to it, and it completes the task of sweeping in about 1/2 to 1/3 the time the Petmate takes, too.

My 2 1/2 month old kitten took to it like a duck to water. She kind of thinks it's a toy right now but she also knows what it's there for.
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on January 25, 2008
Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but honestly, I can't understand all the rave reviews. I have a 4-month-old kitten and I am well aware that kittens will use up litter much faster than adult cats, but we're still talking ONE CAT and I am only on day 5 of a fresh cartridge and the smell is already so intolerable that I can't be within 5 feet of the box without retching. It literally smells like someone peed in a leather boot filled with oatmeal and then microwaved it for 15 minutes. Anyone that says they manage with one cartridge for 30 days is either a liar, criminally insane or lost their sense of smell in some freak, manure-huffing accident. To contrast, I had no odor problems with the scooping litter I was originally using (I'm talking a post-poopfest, pre-scoop, completely-thrashed litter box too). Also, even with the hood and the carpet (yes - I'm the sucker that bought all the accessories), the crystals get EVERYWHERE. Then there's the price of the refills. $51.99 for three, or $99.99 for six. The audacity to charge over 15 dollars for a piece of cardboard and a pound of litter is breathtakingly criminal, and that's even if they lasted as long as the company advertises. I bought a 3-pack of litter cartridges. With these, along with the one that comes with the box, I thought I would be set for 4 months of scoop-free bliss... how sorely mistaken I was. I am already on the third cartridge and I'm already about to toss it and pop in the last one.

On to the rake system: I will admit that it's a rather ingenious design and I'm sure it's a vast improvement over other automatic liter boxes (I really wouldn't know), but I still think those boys from MIT need to go back to the drawing board. Maybe my threshold for noise is different than others, but I find this box intolerably loud and annoying. The raking itself is loud, but then at the mid point of its direction change, the rake pivots and falls to the other side making a very loud clunking noise. This, of course, is endlessly fascinating for a kitten and he will promptly investigate the noise and end up going inside the box again, setting off the infrared mechanism, ensuring that the cleaning cycle will happen 20 minutes later. I can't really fault the manufacturer for a kitten's curiosity, but I do believe it's something kitten owners should be aware of. In addition to the noise, the rake spacing is still rather wide which will invariably lead to cat poop getting behind, and thusly out of the reach of, the rake system. Sorry, but I never had to scrape crap out of my old litter box with a butter knife. Just let that imagery float around in your head for a couple minutes. I haven't had any problems with urine leaking through the bottom of the trays, but then again, I haven't had a tray in the box for more than a week. However, I did notice that the corners to the tops of every box were broken at the seams; though I don't know if this is from how they were shipped, or a manufacturing defect. Anyway, long story short: I'm switching back to the old box once I use the last refill cartridge... so that should be in about 6 days.

Edit (1/27/08): After browsing around for a solution to the smell, I tried one of the suggestions which is to mix the litter around manually and that definitely seemed to help, though ScoopFree recommends you just leave the box alone and let it do its thing (that's what I had been doing). Someone else recommended using a small amount of baking soda on the bottom of the tray before pouring in the crystals. I'll give that a shot on the next cartridge. Anyway, taking 15 seconds out of your day to mix around the crystals isn't a big deal and if I can squeeze at least 2 weeks of use out of the cartridge, I'll definitely bump up the rating.
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78 of 83 people found the following review helpful
on August 11, 2008
I found the Scoop-Free litter box to be the most reliable on the market. The mechanism seems to work fine without getting stuck like some other self-cleaning boxes, most likely due to the use of the crystal litter. My only complaint, which seems to be the majority of complaints on this product, is the fact that the you had to purchase the refills on-line and that you have to throw away the whole kit & kaboodle. I never could understand why they didn't devise this system with a permanent tray instead of the cardboard box system. That way, you would only have to purchase the litter (which should be less expensive). Then.....lo and behold.....I found this site on ebay for the "Forever Litter Tray" and decided to order one.....Well, let me tell's fantastic. This guy is a genius....The permanent box fits perfectly under the original system and now all I have to do is empty it and refill it with Fresh Step Crystals which I found at WalMart. I purchased an 8 lb. bag which can be a bit pricey too; however, I do not have to order the refill trays on-line anymore and the 8 lb. bag seems to last twice as long as what comes with the original system. So...hats off to the inventor of the "Forever Litter Tray. Try'll love it!
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on July 22, 2006
We had mechanical problems with both self-cleaning boxes we had tried. They apparently just couldn't handle three cats.

So far, the SccopFree box is working perfectly, with very little odor, for the same three cats.

It's well and simply engineered, and although it has a higher ongoing cost than others, it's worth that higher cost for us.
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on September 6, 2006
We ordered the Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box about three weeks ago for our 2 one-year-old cats. I was hoping to 1) stop scooping litter daily, and 2) leave on short vacations without hiring a pet-sitter.


For a week I left the Scoop-Free unit next to their clay litter box, but they didn't use it. I sprinkled some clay litter over the Scoop-Free crystals during this period to help the transition. After that first week I quit scooping the old litter to encourage the transition. After a few days of dirty clay litter they still wouldn't use the Scoop-Free. So I took the clay litter away. They began using the Scoop-Free over the next 24hrs and have had no incidents.


The unit works great. For two weeks now I have not scooped litter. I've only touched the unit once, to replace the refill (lasts almost 2 weeks with two 12LB cats). It is always clean, and it controls odors very well (doesn't immediately hide a new odor, but gets it under control soon). I took another reviewer's advice and check the green light daily, to make sure the sensors aren't blocked. The sensors haven't been blocked yet and our cats throw litter athletically.


This is worth the moderately increased ongoing costs. I will gladly replace the crystal refill unit every two weeks, rather than scoop litter daily. By using this litter box, along with food and water dispensers with large reservoirs, we no longer have to service the cats daily. We just enjoy their company and check in on their food/water/litter periodically. We can also leave the house for a few days without a petsitter, although I may buy a second unit as a backup (in case there is a blockage while we're out). Overall I would HIGHLY recommend this system. Just ordered more refills today.
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38 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on December 14, 2013
Background. I've always hated dealing with cat boxes and have gone through several normal ones (that I would rate as one star) and one special 'automatic' box, the one where you roll it over on the side (that I would rate as two stars). So, I've never really been satisfied, but then I saw this model, and it made me curious because it uses the blue crystals and I had never tried a rake system before. I'll go through my impressions chronologically, then I'll go over the specifics, and finally I'll present my analysis and reason for my score.

1st Week Impressions. The cat is reluctant to use it at first, but eventually does. The unit is very large and the rake keeps the crystals very evenly spread. I'm happy. This may be the solution I've always needed. There isn't much spillage outside the box, which is positive, and it's easy to see the blue crystals that do spill making it easier to clean them up.

1st Month Impressions. Doesn't last 30 days. On Day 14 had a *very* foul odor when I was stirring it up. Then, the replacement cartridges doubled in price on me, throwing off my calculations as to how affordable this would be in the long run. Plus, I'm thinking it needs to be replaced at least every 20 days in reality based on that odor at Day 14. I'm upset that it's going to cost me three times as much as I thought it would. The box is so large it's hard to fit in a plastic garbage bag and there's nothing to keep the lid closed so it spills out when doing the transfer. I end up using a second garbage bag to be sure. I also get the privacy hood partly for my cat and partly to see if it cuts down on the litter that spills out of the box or cuts down on odor.

2nd Month Impressions. OK, maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought. This is very hassle-free. The foul odor is only a problem if I stir up the crystals to examine the bottom of the tray. If I just don't do that, there's no odor problem. The duration may be fine then since it's a matter of how fast the front bin fills up, not how bad the odor gets. So, I'm thinking 30 days again. I did notice in the first month that some white fungus or something was growing on the poop when I pulled back the bin to look at it. I'm not sure if this is a problem or not. I don't want spores to affect the air quality in my house. In fairness to the unit, it may have been the air quality in my house that caused the fungal growth in the first place: I have mushrooms outside my house frequently. I'd like to run my air filter when I change the litter next time to start from a blank slate. The privacy hood is a bust. I don't know why, but my cat actually throws out more crystals with the hood on vs. off. It's thrown in a straight line, yes, but it's a lot more crystals. I don't think there's any noticeable difference with the odor with it on or off. Mostly I've learned not to stir the crystals and so far I haven't had that really foul odor again. I can get a whiff of something kind of bad which I think is the poop but that's also another issue where if I keep my distance, it's not a problem. I do kind of wish the partition more fully closed off the poop bin. It's not completely sealed off from the open air. I'm noticing some poop is baked on the rake, something I've read other people say happens sometimes. I'm not sure if that will become a problem or not, but so far I'm willing to overlook it.


Size/Shape. This is much bigger than I imagined. I guess that's good for the cat and may be good for keeping litter inside. There is a drawback, though, which is that the cartridges (the box you dispose of) are also very large. If you've ever tried to put a large pizza box in a plastic garbage bag, you know how annoying that can be. This disposal box is even bigger than a large pizza box. Mostly the problem is that it's very long, making it hard to pull the garbage bag closed around it. I wish it could have been a few inches shorter.

Operation. The unit works fine and makes about as much noise as you'd expect (which fascinates the cat, by the way). The rake pushes the poop to a front compartment and when it gets near, the purple bit lifts up a cardboard separator (it's attached with magnets) and allows the poop to come in. The weird thing is that the separator doesn't seem to close 100%. It's one of those 'close enough' things. I suppose that's fine but it makes me wonder about air quality (maybe it helps the poop to dry out but it also means the odor particles can travel freely back and forth). I would not recommend the fancier version (ultra) that goes off after only five minutes because even with this version (normal), my cat's poop has gotten baked on to the rake in a few places. My cat's diet is dry food and treats.

Replacing Cartridges. The main box is so big and bulky that it's not a trivial matter to lift it up to get the cartridge out. The commercials show it looking easier than it is. I'm a bit surprised there is no better way to do this. It's a minor nit to pick, but anything that's 'automatic' should know those sorts of touches are important to the consumers of 'automatic' stuff.

Crystals. I'm undecided on this whole concept still. The crystals do soak up moisture fairly well, but I can still see yellowish coloration sometimes. Also, as previously mentioned, be careful stirring up the crystals. I did it out of curiosity and what I found was that as the crystals absorb moisture, they become smaller and end up sifting to the bottom of the tray. However, when you stir it up and expose the bottom of the tray, you also aggravate a lot of the urine odor which isn't 100% absorbed/locked in, just 95% absorbed. The 5% was really foul, though, and made me almost retch. In a way, though, it's clever to let the urine filter down into crystals while only raking the poop forward. The problem with clumping litter (clay) is that it would clump and make a mess for the rake to push through. So, I can kind of accept this solution, imperfect as it is, when looking at the bigger picture.

Cat Compatibility. My cat seems to be okay with this box. I think he is hesitant to pee in it, though, and I think it's because when he gets ready to go, he claws/digs into a bit. It's possible this stirs up the odor the same way it did for me and that might signal to him that it's not a clean spot to go in. I'm not sure what to do about that, though. I have no way to tell him 'don't stir it up'. I may layer on extra crystals and lightly stir it up to help further bury the odorous layer but it says not to add extra crystals, so I'm not sure.

Dust. The blue crystals do cut down significantly on dust. If you have problems with dust in your house from clay based litters, then this may be of interest to you. My mom has a traditional (non-automatic) litter box for her cat, but she is a convert to the blue crystals and swears by them. All because of the dust. The dust issue has never been a big deal for me, but I can attest that the crystals have basically zero dust to worry about. The drawback is you lose the clumping aspect and maybe lose odor control to some degree. My mom has never complained about odor so I'm not sure why our experiences are so different. Anyway, if you're just looking at the dust angle, you have to score the blue crystals as the winner.

Recommendation. I think it depends on your priorities. If your priority is odor control, beware of stirring and rogue whiffs of foul odor. I've found the traditional mix of clay and crystals in a normal (non-automatic) box to be good on odor control. If your priority is hassle-free, then you're in my shoes and the key issue is then what's the lesser of all the different evils when it comes to automatic cat boxes. I had the rolling kind and found it not 'hassle-free' enough for my taste. Now, I'm trying this rake system with the blue crystals. I think it's better and I'll stick with it for a while since I've invested so much into it (the cost of the box and six months supply of the replacement cartridges). I may consider taping up the disposal box somehow instead of bagging it (or getting bigger bags) and it's still an open question how often I should clean the rake (or whether I can just keep scraping off chunks with my scoops and letting it clean itself by rubbing against the blue crystals). I can tolerate a little odor and this unit doesn't produce too much unless you mess with it. I cannot tolerate hassle, though, and this seems good on that front (with the caveats as noted). Is this the perfect solution or ultimate/best design for an automatic cat box? No, probably not. But it's the best I've found so far. Also, note that you can buy generic blue crystals and a permanent cartridge if you don't like the replacement cartridges for whatever reason. I may explore that option in the future once I run out of the cartridges.

Explanation of Score: I took off one star because the surprise price hike in the replacement cartridges and I took another star off to indicate various imperfections (such as the foul odor from stirring). I know nothing is perfect, but I hate surprises. I hope this review will help you make an informed decision whatever you end up deciding.
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54 of 58 people found the following review helpful
on August 19, 2006
I give the Scoop Free litter box a rating of "5 stars" for me. We have three cats and two litter boxes. The Scoop Free and a conventional, (scoop to clean) box. Our cats have 2 (constant water flowing) sources. They drink a LOT of water. Hence, they "P" a lot. The urine in the box is the biggest problem for ANY litter device. Our standard box must be scooped every 2 days and it does smell (we keep that one in the basement). The Scoop Free will last 7-8 days. It does not smell, even when the cats are pooping. The rake stays clean and is quick and quiet when raking. If we did not have the abundant water source, that the cats love, I think the Scoop Free box would last 2-3 more days. This system will cost you more, to use, than other auto boxes which use regular litter. But the features of no smell, quiet operation, and ease of cleaning (none), is worth it for me. I have owned other auto litter boxes, Litter Sweep by Stylette, and LitterMaid, and choose the Scoop Free to be the best. I by my Scoop Free litter box refills from Amazon because they offer free shipping. K.J. Collegeville,Pa.
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