Customer Reviews: Bring It!: The Revolutionary Fitness Plan for All Levels That Burns Fat, Builds Muscle, and Shreds Inches
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on December 22, 2010
I am a huge Tony Horton fan, and have completed one round of P90X, so I jumped at the chance to get this book. I absolutely admire Tony's enthusiasm for life and ability to motivate people in improving their fitness and eating habits.

For the $14 or so you pay, the book is substantial and well illustrated. Much of its content was copied from his blog. After reading, I found the book to be decent, but lacked any new or breathtaking material I could work with. Overall, I felt this book is great for most people in need of motivation and basics, but not good for die hards who have completed P90X.

Here are my two major beefs:
1. The book includes approximately 80 pages (of its total 284) of strictly photos of him doing various exercise moves, a la Men's Health Magazine. In an interview Tony did a while back, he joked about how difficult it is to replicate those little diagrams of the exercises you see in fitness magazines, thus the reason following exercise DVD's such as P90X is so great. So, if working out to a DVD is superior to looking at tiny photos, (which I agree with) than why develop this book with so many little photos?! You simply can't see the correct form very well, and it's uninspiring. What are readers going to do, carry the book into the gym with them? In a way, this book actually conflicts with P90X by deviating from it and rarely even refrences P90X. Tony, you have sold over 3 million copies of these dvd workouts, so why make an exercise book that rarely refrences P90X?

2. The book targets every possible deomgraphic- young, old, male, female, etc to the point that it is boring. It lacks the insight and depth you would get from a more serious approach to fitness. In my opinion, most people who gravitate toward Tony are drawn to the great challenges he presents in P90X. I would agrue that most people who support Tony are extremely ambitious, driven people. (Otherwise, how could they actually complete the grueling P90X schedule?) So while there is certainly a place in society for a one size fits all fitness book, I feel that coming from Tony, it should have had more serious, heavy material. For example, I don't need an entire page and table to determine my resting heart rate. (I've know that since 6th grade phys ed class.) I had hoped that this book would include more motivation, anecdotes from Tony's fascinating past, etc.

Bottom line, if you are new to fitness, this is a great read. However, if you completed P90X and know the difference between a complex carb and a simple one, than this book will be something you will skim quickly so that you can resume working out.
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on December 22, 2010
Tony's success has put him in an awkward position; so many people have had their lives drastically changed by p90x that they look to each new product to recreate that phenomenon. As a p90x graduate, I approached the book with medium-expectations.

It's clear that the people who will benefit the most from this book are people who are new to the Tony Horton "brand." But, don't get me wrong: there is still enough knowledge, advice and motivation for everyone to get hyped about making positive changes in their life.

The one thing that I've always appreciated about Tony is his no gimmick, no-nonsense attitude towards health and fitness. He has capitalized on the fact people are tired of being offered the magic pill, potion or equipment piece to solve all of their fitness problems. This book's tone is no different. Most of his suggestions are very common-sense, but he cuts through the bull so you can apply them to your life.

For people new to Tony, this book has a wealth of information that has helped change people's lives all over the world. I believe that you will find the advice refreshing because of its sincerity. It has everything you need to get started to change your life: nutrition, workouts and motivation to keep you on track. Tony really believes in being all-around fit, so expect a good mix of strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility moves throughout the program.

For those who have used P90x, this book still has some benefits. There are several challenges, maxims, and lists to follow to bring your results to the next level. If you are stuck in a rut and need some motivation, this book is definitely worth a look. As far as the workouts, they are more or less similar to p90x with some different moves here or there, but the format can still be useful.

The format allows for amazing customization. Since all the moves are included in the book with pictures, you can create your own plyo/cardio workout and make it as extreme or pedestrian as you feel you are ready for. There is also a consistent theme in the book that is focused on finding other activities outside of working out for you to engage in. This can also be helpful in finding the next step after P90x.

While this book probably won't recreate that amazing, unparalleled change in your life that p90x did, there is enough new material here to give this book a look. For those new comers who want to start to be introduced to what all the hype is about, I would definitely recommend this book.
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on February 6, 2011
I've been doing P90X for over a year now. I thought the book would provide something new for people already doing the program. For me, it turned out just to be a summary of the philosophy and the exercises I already knew. For someone interested in P90X but not already doing it, a very good book. For someone who has been doing P90X and has already read the literature and visited the Beachbody web site, you won't find anything that you didn't already know.
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on December 23, 2010
This book should be your introduction to Tony and P90X. If you have P90X then you do not need this book. The book has many of the P90X moves in it and the nutritional/exercise book that comes with the disks (P90X) is way better than this book. If you are a beginner then this book is just as good, if not better than most books on the market. Tony hits the nail on the head when he says you have to put in hard work to get results. There are no short cuts. Get this book if you are just starting your journey into looking and feeling better and then do yourself a huge favor and pay up for the disks with the books that come with the disks. If you want to to look better, feel better and perform better, get the disks and get ready because its coming!! (A line from the warm up in the Plyo disk).
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on January 4, 2011
If you do not know who Tony Horton is or his thoughts, opinions and health recommendations and want to learn more about him then this is a great buy. If you've done P90X and or P90X: One on One and occasionally follow his blogs or Facebook page, then most of this information you probably already know. This book brings together everything he has been saying for years into one convenient place. Most of the moves are from P90X. He recommends certain supplements and shares his views on them in general. Nutritional section answers a lot of the why questions you might have when confronted with the P90X diet guide. He creates three programs to follow, which are; beginner, striver and warrior. Workouts range from 20, 35 and 55 minutes and you're expected to workout 6 days a week with one rest day. Again, this is basically P90X in the book version, the moves are mostly the same, the philosophy is the same and the workout lengths are approximately the same for a warrior, which are 55 minutes for 6 days a week. With all that being said. I'd recommend this book for someone who is interested in the man behind P90X on the type of workouts he personally does and supplements he takes. The workouts in the book all have pictures. The biggest plus for this book is the recipes which were done by his cook; this alone makes the book worth owning. It's an easy read. Great book.
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on January 7, 2012
I pre-ordered this book when it was first released. I was SO EXCITED because I had just completed a round of P90X and I was pumped to hear more from Tony. Sadly, I was fairly disappointed. It isn't that the book is bad, it's just that it was targeted to more of a beginner audience. There are huge sections about getting motivated, evaulating your fitness level, photos of exercises, etc. Many of the exercises are from P90X, so if you've done that, there's nothing groundbreaking in here.
The really new part for me was the nutrition section. I got P90X from a friend, so I had never seen the nutrition part of the program. This could just be a repeat of that, but I don't know. I see the reasons behind cutting out dairy/ sugar/ etc... but this is extremely hard. Especially for beginners, which I think the book is aimed at. If someone is really ready to get started and hit it, then this could work for them. I'm sure that detoxes serve a purpose for a lot of people, but they just don't appeal to me. I'm generally trying to strike a balance with my diet so the tips and recipes were a little out there for me. Recipes don't appeal to me if I have to buy a bunch of new ingredients to try them, so that was a downer.
If you're just starting out and you can't afford to buy the DVDs, go ahead and buy the book to get started. But otherwise, you're probably already too advanced for most of the material.
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on January 1, 2011
Ok the first 2/3 of the book were disappointing to me. The first little bit talked about common sense. How to succeed, fat distribution, a couple of tests to find you "fq" which is just to find if you're a beginner, striver, or warrior. Then there was the workout description which has alot of the same moves as p90x. The good part of the book was the cleanse and the diet with recipes. That is the only reason I'm keeping the book. If you already have the p90x system this book is pretty useless, like I said except for the cleanse. I expected a little more out of Tony Horton's first book.
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on January 5, 2011
As a life long endurance athlete, scientist and clinician I have been through many workout regimens and have worked with some excellent national coaches with multiple philosophies. I came late to the Tony Horton world but I have seen changes in my strength and endurance in a shorter period of time than with any routine I've ever used. At age 59 I travel a great deal and on a recent trip I forgot my Power 90 DVD so I checked the Kindle store and found "Bring It!" I assumed it would be a regurgitation of routines from P90x but I underestimated the author. This is a solid exercise, diet and lifestyle philosophy presented in a very readable and doable form. With 3 different levels of exercises and multiple routines from which to choose it is easy to customize a plan for yourself quickly. The exercises can be performed in a small space with resistance bands making it perfect for traveling. On my Kindle app on iPad I stood it on it's side and moved easily through the routines.
Personally, I feel this is an excellent book for athletes of all levels seeking to improve their strength,balance and stamina. However, I caution the reader not to just go to the exercises, pick out the ones that look right for you and start doing them. Rather, read the whole book and enjoy the overall philosophy of a healthy lifestyle from a guy who has been doing it his whole life, Tony Horton. You'll be glad you took the time to do it!
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on April 13, 2011
Tony presents his views and techniques in a well organized, well thought out and executed fashion. Sure, some of the stuff he goes over is going to be familiar to those who are well into the P90X routine and beyond, but why wouldn't that be the case? For people like me who are just now struggling to get through the Power 90 series, the book illustrates how Mr. Horton has advanced in his routines and diet since he created that older workout series. The book has well illustrated workout routines and excellent diet advice. Not only that, but it's a fun, thoroughly enjoyable read. Tony is such a great guy, that you can't help but be motivated to improve your life by his kind, thoughtful words. He is absolutely passionate about fitness and health, and in my opinion is the Jack LaLanne of our generation. Only difference is that people are ready to listen now.

No, I don't work for Beachbody and heck, I'm not even a coach. I'm just one of the millions whose life Tony Horton has touched. I very highly recommend this nice, hardbound book. At the price I got it for (~$19, and now I see it's on sale for even less) it was a real bargain.
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on November 30, 2011
If I had the ibook version, I'd rate it higher. Reading about exercise is tough, because I never know if I got the form right. It is a good read and you will learn some things. Tons of photos. Good for the fitness fan in your life.
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