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on September 5, 2011
When our son was born, my sister recommended that we get a Moby wrap for him, which we did and it was fantastic - for a newborn. He loved being snuggled in close like in the womb. Once he was about two months, it became clear that this wouldn't work well for much longer. He started to get squirmy in there and the thing, even with practice, was a pain to put on. So I started looking around for another carrier. I had heard great things about the Ergo, but saw in reviews that by three months, babies want to face out, which you can't do with the Ergo. The Bjorn lets the baby face out, but carries the weight on your shoulders, which I knew would be a no-go if I wanted to carry him for long periods of time. I tried both on at a baby store with him in it and he screamed in both of them. I tried another carrier, the Cybex, which seemed to be just what I was looking for, but he screamed in that too (to be fair, he could have just been having a bad day). Then I saw that Britax was coming out with a carrier, and we've been so happy with their car seats I thought I'd try that one before purchasing something else. I tried it on in the store with the Britax rep who was showing products to the staff and my son seemed to love it right away. After some use, here are the pros and cons of this carrier:

- Ease of Use, Safety and General Design: It's very easy to put on, tighten and adjust. You can do it with one hand, by yourself, and the way the carrier portion clicks onto the straps feels very safe and sturdy. Furthermore, when the baby is in the carrier, before he's secured in place, he doesn't flop all around. When he's facing me, the back part of the carrier cradles his head nicely and doesn't allow it to flop around, which makes it easy for my son to sleep in.
- Fabric and Padding: It's light but sturdy feeling, and the straps are well cushioned. I also like that there's not any fabric, except the harness, between you and your baby which keeps him close but isn't so hot. I also like that you can wrap the carrier up in a ball and shove it in a diaper bag or under the stroller for when the baby doesn't want to ride any more. The fabric is also very soft.
- Outward Facing: My son absolutely LOVES to face out and when he does he LOVES to eat the bib part of the carrier. My carrier came with extra bibs that can be changed out and washed. He will happily stay facing out for a long time, whether on walks, or just around the house while I do things.
- Breastfeeding Possibility: With a tiny bit of maneuvering I can breastfeed my son fairly discreetly while I walk around with him in the carrier.
- Styling: I think it looks very nice. My husband can wear it and not be embarrassed. I have the organic brown because I like the neutral color, but the black would be good too I think.
- Weight Distribution: As it says in the product advertising, about 70% of the weight of the child is on your hips, which is very nice.

- When my son was using the infant adjuster, I felt that the weight wasn't distributed on my hips no matter how I adjusted the carrier. I was worried at first that I had made a wrong choice of carrier, but once I undid the adjuster, the weight went where it was supposed to. It wasn't such a big deal because he was not very heavy, but that would be my major complaint about this carrier.
- When he's facing me, the way the carrier portion attaches to the harness makes it a little hard for my son to see out (although he can), even though it's only a little string that's blocking his view. It's not a big deal because a) his view isn't all that blocked), b) I really only carry him facing in when I want him to go to sleep and c) it allows him to easily look up at me and have a chat or a dance or something, which I love.

In sum, I think this is a great carrier and fit my needs perfectly. I bought one for my sister, who has a son the same age, and she is also loving it.
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on December 22, 2012
I purchased this as part of Britax' Registry Rewards program. Britax products are known for their quality, ease of use, style, reliability, and cutting edge safety and design. Diono, Combi, Cosco, Graco... all make nice seats for different purposes, but I always go back my Britax seats. Needless to say, our family is very brand-loyal to this company.

But this carrier? It's downright embarrassing, Britax!

Had I not already used and owned many different carriers, I'd be tempted to leave a good review out of inexperience and ignorance. However, every experience I've had with this and other carriers leads me to scream STAY AWAY from this product.

1. High quality materials and construction.
I count on Britax to deliver only the best materials, and this is no exception. Solid construction with durable fabric.

2. Esthetic design.
It's sleek, it's clean, it's stylish, and I wanted to like it from the moment I laid eyes on it. Visually, it's just a very nice product.



1. Ease of use.
It's easier on and off than a Moby or woven wrap, but that's about it. There are less complicated (yet more effective) carriers on the market.

2. Uncomfortable on the wearer's back.
Sure, this won't be an issue when they're light newborns, but who spends this much money on a "nice" carrier to use only 1 month?
******The reasoning for its discomfort this is twofold:
*1. It doesn't support baby fully, and the "dangling" effect places them further away from YOUR center of gravity.
*2. The strap placement isn't ideal. It just puts too much pressure on my neck, upper back, and inner shoulders. I personally prefer carriers that, like nice hiking backpacks, place their weight on my pelvis/hips.

3. Puts unhealthy pressure on the baby's hips.
Okay, I know the term "crotch dangler" is divisive and rubs some people the wrong way, but it's true. Yes, younger babies really aren't going to experience any pain or discomfort, but beyond early infancy... it's going to eventually start hurting. Also, despite ANY lack of discomfort FELT, it IS unhealthy. It puts pressure on the hips AND lower spine in a way that can be detrimental to their quickly developing bodies.
A statement from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute: [...]
(And no, an item does not need to be safe or healthy for it to be sold. I love Britax, but let's not give ANY major company TOO much credit in this department. They're in the business of making money, and unfortunately too many people WANT "crotch danglers" that can face outward).

Also, facing a baby outward in a carrier isn't ideal either. A quick internet search will explain it better than I can.

In conclusion:
Shop Britax for their carseats and strollers, but pass on this carrier. I gave it 2 stars because you can buy a seat extender to make it slightly less crotch-dangly, but I still think more than 1 star is generous.

Soft structured carriers I'd suggest checking out:
1. Beco Butterfly (great with little babies and older alike)
2. Ergo. They're popular for a reason.
3. BabyHawk Oh Snap. Seriously one of the BEST carriers for older babies (15lbs/6months+).
4. Olives and Applesauce.
5. Kinderpack. (For older babies and toddlers).
6. Boba
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on November 17, 2011
Months ago, on our search for the "perfect carrier", my husband and I compared quite a few on the market. Initially, I was positive that I wanted a sling-type wrap carrier. We got the baby ktan made with the breathable mesh (since we live in California and it gets HOT) and I used it once. Putting it on was a struggle, adjusting the straps was a greater struggle as it got all tangled, and most importantly, my baby girl HATED it. It is now being used as a cooling fabric for the car seat. So, the search continued. We started to look at the more conventional carriers that I had previously thought were too bulky and inconvenient to use. But after trying on a few, I quickly changed my mind. We were looking for something that was comfortable for our newborn baby, comfortable for wearer, and versatile (i.e., can be used as forward or inward facing). We narrowed it down to the ergo, the newly designed baby bjorn comfort carrier, and the newly released britax. Here are my analyses:
-pros: comfortable for baby & parent bc of the support, organic fabric
-cons: can only be worn inward facing either on the front or back
-pros: new design of added waist belt allows more support (the major perks of ergo), flexible leg positions w/o any additional inserts, super soft organic material, can be used as forward facing
-cons: cannot be used for newborns under 3 months
-pros: great support (waist belt, upper back strap, and very well cushioned shoulder straps), versatility (forward facing AND inward facing), soft organic material (the non-organic carrier was very stiff and rough in texture), can be used for newborn w/ the newborn insert (included)
-cons: needed separate inserts for non-newborn babies (not included)
I was quite torn between the bjorn and the britax bc of the leg inserts but in the end, we went the the organic britax bc we could use it right away for our newborn baby. Now bjorn has a newer carrier that does accommodate newborns, but overall, I am VERY satisfied with our choice. Our baby LOVES being able to look out in the forward facing position when we go out and when she is tired, we simply turn her to face inward and she is able to sleep comfortably as well. Our search has come to a very happy ending. :)
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on November 7, 2011
Apparently, wearing a baby without supporting its hips is bad news. It can cause all sorts of issues. Google "crotch dangler baby carriers" if you're unfamiliar with the term. This carrier has an add on that does support the babies hips, but only when facing in and only when they can totally spread their legs, (4 months for my little guy). I have the Ergo, but, unfortunately, my son hated riding in it. He hated facing in and would cry and cry. I was desperate for a way to keep my baby happy that wouldn't require me holding him all the time. So even though I had read the research on why not to wear your baby facing out or hang it by its crotch, I gave it a try.
This looks like it should be comfortable. It has a hip strap for the wearer so I assumed the weight would be distributed there, not at all. No matter how I adjust the carrier the weight is all on my shoulders. With the Ergo the weight IS distributed almost all on the hips. My son is only 12 pounds and my shoulders ache after wearing the Britax for only 20 minutes. The other big problem is the upper latches. They're right at the same level as the baby's head and he knocks his head on them over and over. He's 25" tall, so not long yet at all! As much as I wanted this carrier to work for us, it just didn't. After messing with it for a month I returned it. is easy to get on and has only 2 straps to adjust each time its worn. Unfortunately, 2 straps on this don't cut it and it needs more options to customize the fit. As my son is growing he seems to be more content in the Ergo, and it is amazingly comfortable for me. If I had it to do again, I would rent a carrier from Pax Baby and see what works before commiting to buying one. Also, I'd look into getting the Beco Gemini, appears to be the best of both worlds. It's supposed to fit like the Ergo but has the option to face out.
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on January 19, 2012
We have one 5-month-old and three baby carriers. After the Britax we won't be buying any more - it's our go-to carrier. We have a hot baby and live in a warm climate, so temperature as well as comfort are our main considerations. I'm doing this review because as a first-time parent I found it hard to figure out what to look for in a baby carrier.

1) Britax Baby Carrier Organic
* Baby's weight is well-distributed between your shoulders and hips/lower back, so it's comfortable for mommy and daddy. (Let's be real, it's never *comfortable* to carry a baby for an extended time, especially as they get bigger and more wiggly. But this carrier is as good as it gets IMHO.)
* Both baby and I don't get as hot wearing it as other carriers, I'm guessing because of the well-ventilated design.
* It's organic cotton, which may help with the comfort/heat (although I only bought the organic because the price was lower at the time).
* Can face baby in or out, which is great because our baby loves facing out but needs to face in when it's time to sleep.
* Specs say can be used up to 32 lbs.
* Our baby loves it! He literally gets the giggles whenever we put him in facing out, I guess because he knows he's going to be carried and able to see everything (he's a curious baby).
* You need to buy a separate (pricey) infant insert to use facing in once baby's over 14 lbs. It comes with an insert to use up to 14 lbs.
* Can be expensive - I choked when I recently saw it in our local BRU store for almost double what I paid on Amazon.
* A little harder to get on than the Bjorn since the front doesn't come down and you have to stick baby's legs through the openings, which can be a challenge if your baby likes to kick and wiggle like ours. But still easy enough to use by myself. And on the flip side, this feature makes it feel more secure.

2) Baby Bjorn Air
* Easy to put on because there's no waist strap (although you sacrifice comfort - see below).
* Easy to get baby in and out because the front opens all the way.
* Keeps baby and wearer cool enough - the mesh fabric seems to serve its purpose, although not as nice to the touch as cotton.
* Can face baby in or out.
* Our baby likes it.
* ALL the weight is on your shoulders. There's no waist strap to help distribute the weight.
* Can only be used up to 25 lbs. Don't know if this will be an issue because maybe our baby won't want to be in a carrier when he's older and bigger. But it's nice to have the option.

3) ERGObaby Sport
* Baby's weight is well-distributed between your shoulders and hips/lower back. We tried on the Original, Sport, and Performance before buying and found the Sport most comfortable.
* Our baby gets REALLY hot in it. And it's supposed to be more breathable than the Original. I guess the Performance might be cooler, but the straps aren't as padded so it wasn't as comfortable.
* Difficult to get on and off by yourself, mainly because there's a clasp in the back between the shoulder straps. I've seen the videos online where people do it and make it look easy, but I find it a hassle and only used this carrier when my husband or someone else was around (and actually, now that we have the other two I never use it).
* Baby can't face out.
* Need to buy a separate (pricey) infant insert. We had a hand-me-down insert and tried it a few times between 2-3 months and it was just WAY too hot for our baby. He screamed until we took him out and by the third time, he started crying before we even put him in.

I really wanted to like the ERGObaby. It was the one we bought before baby came after researching and reading all the reviews. And it's a local company. But being a first-time parent I didn't really know what to look for, and I guess it depends on your baby too. The Britax hadn't come out yet but if I could buy just one carrier now, the Britax would win hands-down. Although since we have the Bjorn Air, we do use it pretty often since it's so easy to get on and off, but mostly at home where we're not walking around a lot.
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on February 10, 2014
My husband and I are both tall (6'4" and 5'9"), and this was one of the few baby carriers that (a) we could figure out how to put on and get the baby into, and (b) doesn't hurt our backs to wear. The carrier does a good job of distributing the baby's weight. We didn't feel comfortable using it until she was at least a couple of months old (the sling type carriers seem to be better for newborns), but then we started putting her in this facing inward. She would sometimes doze off, but did like looking around to the side. As she got older, we let her face outward and she loved the view. She's one year old and about 21 pounds now, and we still use this carrier, both outside on walks and inside the house when we need to hold her but use our hands to do something.
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on April 1, 2014
This carrier should come with the infant insert. If you buy this carrier make sure you purchase the insert as well. Without the insert the child sits entirely on its thighs and looks extremely uncomfortable. I can't imagine it would be good for the baby's hips. When used with the insert this carrier is great. The insert relieves all of the problems and allows the infant to sit in a more natural position.
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on July 15, 2013
This product is literally a PAIN to use. Soooooooooo uncomfortable and can't be adjusted really. I've found many options for wearing my baby since joining my local chapter of Babywearing International and every one of them is more comfortable than this. I've also learned that carriers like this one cause hip problems for babies so don't use them! Get something else that supports the kid's entire bottom from knee to knee.
Beco Gemini 4-in-1 Baby Carrier - Black <--- this is a good option and you can get terrycloth drool pads to go on the straps, too! (Important because babies love to chew on the straps)
Boba 3G Baby Carrier, Montenegro Black <--- this one's pretty sweet, too, and comfortable!
ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier, Black <--- this one's not so comfy for folks with larger bodies, but it was still more comfortable than the Britax

Mei tai carriers are seriously comfortable! Check out Babyhawk BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier, Sophia Black, Infantino mei tai style carrier Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier Black/Gray, or a Catbird Baby Mei Tai Baby Carrier - Sunset.
All are MUCH BETTER than this uncomfortable (for adult *and* baby) Britax carrier.
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on January 3, 2012
This is an an excellent baby carrier.

My wife and I babysit our granddaughter two to three times a week; we also like to hike several miles everyday. This carrier makes both possible.

Our daughter has an Ergo but the Britax is much easier to use. The Ergo design is awkward to load the baby into and it doesn't support the baby very well. She is buying a Britax.

The Britax is great. Put it on, drop the baby into the carrier, snap the side straps and you are ready to go. We have been using this carrier with our granddaughter since she was three months old. The high back supports her head well. When she gets a little bigger, I can face her forward and she can have a better view of the hike.
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on August 24, 2013
I started using it since my son was about a month, he was small so I was afraid at first but once I saw how comfy he was and how easy it was to go grocery shopping it quickly became my best friend! I use it more than the stroller itself. Fits comfortably and as long as you wear it properly it doesn't hurt your back.
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