Customer Reviews: Britney Spears - Live from Las Vegas
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on January 9, 2002
I happened to be going to a conference in Vegas the week that Britney was performing at the MGM Grand. I heard Rosie O'Donnel Say on her show that she had just got tickets for the Britney show in Vegas on the 18th of November. Not paying much attention I quickly forgot all about it. The following day I got bored at work and while daydreaming I remembered what Rosie had said and thought, what the heck, "I'll check out the ticket prices", Figuring that they would be sold out for sure and I had no idea of when they went on sale. Much to my surprise they still had seats available, so I (just to see) typed in 2 seats and I could not believe that the seats were really good and not high priced considering what I have paid recently for concert tickets, like for Madonna. (well worth it though).
Anyway, bought the tickets, went to the show and although compared to the majority of those around me, I felt like a grandpa(I am 30). Even so, as much as I tried to act my age, before I knew it, I was up on my feet and feeling the energy.
I was not expecting much and have to say was embarrased to admit to anyone at home that I was even going. After her incredible show, I have admited to everyone that I am a fan of Britney Spears and you will be too, I guarantee it! I am sure the DVD will be less powerful than seeing it live, but just feel her amazing energy and see her for what she is, A young woman living out her dreams and allowing us to tag along! AMAZING!
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on March 30, 2002
Britney Spears has always been one of my favourite performers. Her albums are always so funky, her videos are always so ... and she always puts so much energy into her performances. Okay, so she may lip-sync every now and then, but that's not to say she isn't a damn good entertainer, and this DVD proves it. Singing all of her hits and the best bits of her albums, Britney's Las Vegas Show is a tour de force and is sooooo much more than your average concert, it's a show.
She opens with former No.1 single "OOPS I DID IT AGAIN", tied to a spinning wheel she rotates for the first verse, before coming on to the large stage to finish. She follows it up with (YOU DRIVE ME) CRAZY,.... OVERPROTECTED follows. Dressed in a very ... catsuit-type attire she puts plenty of oomph into one of the freshest and funkiest tunes of the show. Next is the enjoyable medley of BORN TO MAKE YOU HAPPY / LUCKY / SOMETIMES. She is dressed quite scantily, and that's always appreciated. BOYS, one of her more different sounding tunes, allows Spears to put her ... to good use, as she writhes around on stage and interacts, quite intimately, with her dancers. STRONGER and NOT A GIRL, NOT YET A WOMAN come after this. I LOVE ROCK 'N' ROLL is one of the more energetic performances as she pips away on a raised platform, before she hangs from the ceiling mid-air, in a stunt you could see the Backstreet Boys or NSync pulling off. Her urban influenced track WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE ME has plenty of synchronized dancing and energy. LONELY would have to be one of the better performances as she interacts with a computer generated version of herself, seen on a big screen. The song is almost like a duet. Very cool. Ballad DON'T LET ME BE THE LAST TO KNOW gives Britney time to breathe in a rather uninspired performance which is very lifeless and in this she sounds like a drag queen. Sorry Ms Spears, this was the shows' downfall. She picks up the pace with the cheery pop tune ANTICIPATING. Plenty of colour, this peformance is vibrant and very much for the young. She incorporates the audience into this one, by asking them to sing along and clap their hands to the chorus. This all changes when she strips off to a tiny, shimmery skirt and green bra top, basically what she wore at the 2001 MTV's, minus the snake, for the pumped up performance of I'M A SLAVE 4 U. This is an awesome performance with plenty of heat and no doubt her male fans will have a field day, thanks to Spears' bust and her attire. You'll see what I mean. After thanking everyone for coming out, she appears back on for an alternative take on her biggest hit to date, BABY ONE MORE TIME. This is where she is drenched in a shower of rain for the performance which is not the ...BABY, we remember hearing. But seeing a wet Spears is satisfactory enough.
I strongly recommend this to any Britney fan. You'll have fun.
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on April 1, 2002
Yes, pop star Britney Spears has another DVD out this year. Besides past "Live and More", "Britney The Videos" and "Time out with...". This one takes the taco. Britney performs her "Dream Within A Dream" 2001 tour LIVE at the MGM Grand Garden Arena - November 2001. The MGM has seen its share of great artists. Barbra Streisand held her Millennium Concert there.
This concert is spectacular for all Spears fans. The choreography, the back-up track, the special effects, and the whole thing. Britney performes hits from her 3 albums "...Baby One More Time", "Oops!...I Did It Again", and "Britney". Britney has never disapointed me, and for that, she has millions of fans. Recently her little mishap in the UK didn't help for her persona, but, who can blame her. I'd be the same way!
This number opens the concert. It is naturally lip-sunc, but if you listen closely you can hear Britney sing a little. It's a great start.
Remixed. Britney usually opens with this number. She tackles this one with tuns of dance moves and all pure Britney.
The newest single for the USA. This is performed as the album version. This is my favorite track off of the "Britney" album.
a) Born To Make You Happy
b) Lucky
c) Sometimes
This Medley basically gets rid of the "...Baby One More Time" and "Oops!...I Did It Again" album hits. It's nice to have a Britney medley!
This is a FUNKY song. It's a R&B-type dance track. Britney is very sexy.
One of my most favorite songs. The dancing is increadible!
Britney sang A LITTLE BIT on this track. It's very beautiful.
This is more fast than the album version. It's funky.
The Britney-Justin song, since they recently broke up I'm sure she's not very thrilled about it. I like what it has to say.
This track or "Boys" is bound to be a single off of the album.
My absolute favorite Britney song. I wish she would have performed it because she can perform the hell out of it!
A Disco-type track. It's in a CRAYOLA type of background.
"I'M A SLAVE 4 U" (Encore)
Very sexy and better than the album version. It's like the MTV Music Awards 2001.
"...BABY ONE MORE TIME" (Encore)
This BIG-WET encore. A nice end to the show!
For the retards out there that think Britney won't be around for a long time...THINK AGAIN. She'll always be around. I LOVE YOU BRITNEY!
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on September 17, 2004
I bought this DVD because I thought that in a concert which was in Las Vegas, Britney would have sang some of the songs, but...

She doesn't sing any of the 16 songs, except "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know", that's the only song she sings in the whole concert, but the concert itself is great!

The stage where she "performs" is awesome, with fireworks, bunji flights, a "flying stage" in some songs, and the most amazing of all is the rain in the stage (of coure the people don't ger wet) in Baby One More Time. There's something else I have to object: the DVD does not include any special featurette!

In other countries, the DVD includes 3 music videos (I'm A Slave 4 U, Overprotected and I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman) and the Crossroads movie trailer. The DVD is great, and the new versions for some of the songs are awesome, the only one bad thing is that she doesn't sing almost any of the songs.



Oops! I Did It Again

(You Drive Me) Crazy



MEDLEY: Born To Make You Happy, Lucky, Sometimes




I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman


I Love Rock 'N' Roll


What It's Like To Be Me


Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know



I'm A Slave 4 U


...Baby One More Time (Remix)
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on July 19, 2005
i recently got this DVD and i was instantly reminded just why i love britney spears so much. she performs amazingly (again!) and is by far the most entertaining concert ive ever watched. i've already watched it many times and it just does not get old or boring. all the special effects are so sweet, the dancing sexy as ever and well, ill just admit it, britney is one of the hottest perfromers ever! DVD definitely worth every penny and no real britney fan should go without this in their collection!
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on March 3, 2002
I'll admit, I'm a HUGE Britney fan, which might skew this review a bit in her favor. But I'm also an avid concert goer and, let me tell you, this is quite the show!!! Yes, she does lip-sync, but let's face it, it takes nothing away from the production. You will be utterly amazed by the special effects at this concert and her dancing is superb. The music still sounds great whether she's singing or not. Plus, with all those dance moves, you can't blame her for needing to lip sync. I'm one of those who would rather sacrifice the voice for the production.
I was lucky enough to see this Las Vegas show in person, and the DVD does a great job of capturing the concert. In fact, I was able to get an even better view of all I had missed. Only things missing from the DVD are special features and a multiple-angle viewing option.
Britney fan or not, if you want to see out-of-this-world show then this DVD is a must!
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on February 21, 2002
The HBO Live in Las Vegas Show is probably HBO's best show until now, and Britney's best performances all rounded into 1 action-packed energy-full and entertaining Concert that will leave YOU wanting for MORE!! AS a truly talented and young performer Britney has it all on this concert, great coreography, great songs, great sets, great outfits, and the GREATEST EFFECTS EVER on a Concert, the only disappointment is that she didn't sing LIVE in All of the songs but mostly all of them were.. except the one's she's under water, or flying or popping outta musical which cases if u think about it nobody can pull great dancing,and live singing, while flying or under a real waterfall! So if all u want is to have some fun,dance and sing along ..and forget your worries..then go and buy this DVD some of the non-live songs won't even matter to you for all of the fun! I Swear!
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on June 11, 2002
Although there was (as there is always) a delay for the DVD to come out in the UK I waited and waited, and I wasn't disappointed! When I put the DVD in, the interactive menus pop up where you can either; play the concert from start to finish, choose a song to start from or choose to go and view the special features (which on the UK edition of the DVD were the videos for Slave, Overprotected (the first version), I'm Not A Girl . . and the Crossroads trailer). The quality of the video and the sound are superb and there is none sound fades out as there was when the concert was shown on TV. Some of the best parts of the DVD include 'What It's Like To Be Me', 'Anticipating', 'Slave 4 U' and 'Baby One More Time' although all the songs are brill! Britney gave her all in this concert and it is reflected in this DVD, it worth every penny, GET IT NOW YOU WON'T REGRET IT!
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on December 28, 2003
Well let me start off by saying that I first saw this concert when it was aired in my country during the day. Inevitably I recorded the concert and was awestruck with the last performance (Baby One More Time Remixed). About 6 months later I saw my local CD/DVD store had this DVD on for sale and I bought it expecting pretty much the same footage of what I saw on the tv aired version of the concert.
The first thing that got to me when I played the DVD was the intro, I noticed that new footage of the intro was inlcuded on the DVD which were cut down from the tv aired version for time constraints, so I thought to myself "oh so this DVD has the uncut length of the concert". While going through the concert most of the footage was pretty much the same as to what I saw on the tv when it was aired with the exception of some performances that had different angle shots to the tv version such as I Love Rock & Roll, What It's Like To Be Me & Baby One More Time.
Ok now to the things that were cut out of the concert when it was aired on tv, as mentioned before the intro was much longer than the tv version, after performing Stronger Britney takes a short rest and comes out talking about how proud she is of her country and going to the satellite feedback of selected military bases that her concert was being aired to, a comedy skit of "Making The Band" Documentary which was really the interlude to her I Love Rock & Roll performance and a bungee jumping & running scene which Britney performed straight after performing I Love Rock & Roll, one more factor or thing I noticed was that after the concert the credits went longer then to what was aired on tv but most of you guys wouldn't care about this anyway unless you liked listening to the background music while the credits roled.
Another thing I noticed was that her vocals for her performances of Anticipating & Baby One More Time was edited, this to me was a let down for her Baby One More Time performance because the performances of these songs I saw on the tv sounded different such as Anticipating the back-track for this song dropped out tremendously in the tv aired version where I could even hardly hear Britney's "pre-recorded vocals" but on the DVD the sound has been edited and I could hear her vocals (not her real vocals of course). For her Baby One More Time audio, I can say that she DID sing live for that track but for some reason the people who made this DVD decided to decrease the sound of her vocals for this performance and put her backing-vocals before her real vocals (in other words minimise Britney's singing voice). I found the decrease of the crowd's screaming & yelling sound to be a good factor as it let me hear more clear of Britney's performances.
One obvious feature that this DVD lacks is the Bonus Features, well from what I have my Aussie version of this DVD, it contains 3 music videos which are I'm A Slave 4 U, Overprotected (European Video) & Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman (Non Movie Version) and these are really the only extra features which I was kind of disappointed as they could've added the HBO commercial for this concert & the Crossroads trailer.
Overall, I found this concert to be enjoyable but some performances that I could've done without such as Don't Let Me Be Tha Last To Know & (You Drive Me) Crazy (thank god for the skipping button) the visuals & choreography for this concert was superb (I liked the idea of Britney battling against a virtual-version of herself for the performance of Lonely) however the singing in this concert was definitely lacking & yes I know that she lip-synched throughout most of the concert but with the concert as energetic & tiring as it was which singer wouldn't do that but I did get put off on how Britney lip-synched for her performance of Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman with how slow paced the song was she could've at least sung it live that's not to mention her bad, bad singing for Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know in this concert which in fact was her real singing of that song. If you're a ultra die-hard Britney fan then this DVD is for you but don't expect special features other than the the 3 music videos & trailer for Crossroads (I don't know why the trailer wasn't put onto my aussie version of this DVD but it was put on the US & UK version).
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on November 9, 2013
A bit unfair to rate a disc a decade old but Britney puts on a good show but the omly song I really liked was I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman.
However, a Las Vegas act is a Las Vegas act and worth seeing.

Stan Chun
New Zealand
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