Customer Reviews: Broan QS230WW Allure II Under-Cabinet Range Hood, 30-Inch, White
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on October 19, 2014
Spent a few hour on the prep and install to replace an old kenmore unit. Well now I think the Kenmore unit may have performed better, but looked worn out and had no style. This Broan unit ships prepped for non vented set up. The change over to vented was easy, and the mounting was typical for a replacement - nothing is as easy as you plan. Ha! But the 1st time I tested the vent fan I noticed it is spilling a lot of air out the non vent port on top of the unit. It should not be doing this at all!!!! I took it apart and tried to reseal the plastic device that is supposed to block off the non vent port - I found the plastic blocking device was seated properly. Put it back together and its only a bit better - still spilling air out the non vent port that should be totally blocked off. The seal of the plastic duct for non-vented application must not be seated properly against the weather stripping on the underside of the hood top. I guess I will have to disassemble again, and tape off the dang vent openings permanently with aluminum duct tape from the inside of the hood. Poor design - I say this unit is built for non-vented applications first. I would have paid a bit more $$ for a unit that was dedicated to ducted ventilation only, though it would be cheaper for Broan to produce a unit without the non-venting plastic duct and punched vent holes in the top of the hood.
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on January 10, 2012
Got the unit on 1-6-12, installed same day. Easy installation, worked fine. Two days later the LED lights on the light switches stop working, rattling sound from the thin metal damber etc. Also the the name plate began to peel, used crazy glue to fix it. The fan venting good.
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on January 3, 2013
Was going to buy the Broan QS230SS from Amazon, then walked into Lowes on 12/30 and found it at 20% off the list of $319.00, plus had a $30.00 Lowes' coupon in my pocket for over a $150.00 purchase. My lady liked it for her kitchen, once reading reviews here and elsewhere, so we bought it as our annual New Year's Eve purchase for the house.

This is what I did to replace the existing poor old ducted range hood, begging for retirement. The instructions could be a bit better for the ducted installation. There are steps that need to be included for duct installation, like removing certain additional pieces in the body of the hood. The yellow information tape at the back and top middle covers up the rear adapter sheet metal mounting screw. You find this out after using another screw hole in the adapter and top that is for attaching hard duct (I suppose...).

IF Broan wanted you to easily install this range hood THEY COULD INCLUDE A MOUNTING TEMPLATE! But have to measure everything out. I did the old child trick of placing graph paper on the corner of the hood, aligning the front and side edges and then rubbing a #2 pencil over the mounting hole/slot locations and the power hole. This created a template I used to transfer the location to the underneath of the cabinet. (The old hood mounting and power access did not, of course, match up!)

There were only three (3) mounting screws in the tiny parts bag so that meant another trip to the store to try and match the proprietary Broan provided screws. The Broan Screw heads are larger, to match the wide mounting slots. A #10 washer made up for the difference. This actually worked better as more surface is holding the unit in place. Both front screws were replaced with the new screws and washer combination. Measure twice and make pilot indentions for the mounting screws AND the location of the power feed hole in the above cabinet (in our case). A hole saw is a plus here. Be sure to make the power hole slightly larger than the hole you have opened by removing the metal slug in the hood top or rear (as applicable). Do use the conduit screw in strain relief fitting to protect the power wires going through the metal body (why the cabinet hole has to be bigger). As usual, none of this is included with the unit.

A length of 7 inch hard duct is needed to connect the Broan duct adapter to the existing duct, be it hard or accordion style. If you are replacing a ducted hood you will find the existing duct work coated with grease inside, awaiting the proper conditions for ignition. It should make for a home destroying fire, so you may consider replacing the existing duct if possible. Our existing duct is the accordion type, requiring another trip to the store for a piece of hard duct to use as a connector. While you are at it, get a roll of aluminum (METAL) duct tape. What is commonly called "duct tape" sucks. It is messy and will come loose with heat and become brittle in short order. The metal tape will seal and stay in place. By the way, be prepared to trim that "Minimum Length" 2 foot piece of hard duct to the length you need BEFORE snapping it into shape. FORGET drilling holes in the hard duct and range hood top duct adapter like in the instructions. When you get the Broan unit in place there is no way to get a screwdriver in position, due to the thickness of the cabinet base and the SHORT length of the adapter flange. Make sure to cut, or enlarge, the duct opening in the cabinet bottom to allow for variance in fitting the duct. You can then use the metal tape to seal the connection to the adapter AND the existing duct. (It will stay in place nicely.) Clean surfaces of grease, etc. with rubbing alcohol to allow the metal tape to adhere. Also use the metal tape to cover two existing holes in the top of the hood body and around the adapter flange mount. This eliminates exhaust leaks into the body of the unit and the "smoke coming out the lights" one reviewer mentioned.

Once installed the QS230SS performed flawlessly. All 3 speeds are accessible individually so you do not have to step 1-2-3. Press the button once to turn on press again to turn off. Same for the lights. I cannot imagine people having a problem with this but it seems they do. Perhaps Broan would be wise to add more information on the operation as well as adding an installation template. Look forward to a fun day of DIY to get this job done. Have someone to help with putting the hood in position AND...PICK UP EVERYTHING you will need with one trip to the store, now that you know what you REALLY need to install ducted!

This assumes you have the tools and associated skill to use them. The only "special tool" might be the metal cutting snips. May your installation go well!
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on March 24, 2014
I bought this to help increase ventilation in our 1,000 sq foot home, which is very tight. It works great! I love the lowest setting because I can barely hear it, but can see steam getting sucked in. The second setting is perfect for when we cook bacon, and the friend who installed this told us we may never want to use the third setting because it might create a backdraft on our boiler, it's so strong! The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I hear a very low buzzing from the fan when it's off. Like a ballast or something.
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on February 18, 2012
Great exhaust fan - very quiet. Out of the box it is designed for non vented installation. The fan must be configured (changed) for using vented installation. I recommend getting assistance during the installation when attaching the fan to an overhead cabinet. Connecting the fan to an existing exhaust vent can be difficult. I also recommend purchasing a damper during the installation (to keep cold air out of the house).
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on April 4, 2014
Lights can be switched on and off in two of the three dimming stages. lowest dimming stage can only be reached by switching on another stage stage first and then changing to lowest. Also, the case is not overly well built and leaks air everywhere.
UPDATE: changed LED bulbs for different model, and not the electronics work as intended. Apparently the old LEDs had a too high resistance when off
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on September 28, 2013
I've had this vent for several years now and am very please with
it. I love the light that the halogen lights give off. I can
really see what I'm cooking now. One thing I didn't know about
until it happened was the auto on feature. I was cooking and
didn't have it on and there must be a thermostat in there,
because it automatically went on when I was boiling something.
It was a pleasant surprise. I've had no problems with this
unit and would definitely purchase another one if I needed it.
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on November 5, 2011
I purchased this product at a "big box" store 4 years ago and it's given me nothing but trouble the whole time. I have gone through 3 sets of halogen bulbs (at about 6 bucks a piece) WHEN the lights would work, which has been only about 2 of those 4 years. I have attempted to contract with an electriction to repair it and his response was that it would be less expensive to purchase a new unit. My electriction charges me $70/hour, so you have to figure it would take hime better than 3 hours to fix the lights? I even went so far as to go back to the "big box" store and price another unit. The floor model HAD THE SAME PROBLEMS WITH THE LIGHTS!!! Don't buy this POS.
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on November 7, 2010
I like the overall product. Nice finish, easy install, easy to mod for different setups. The one and only thing I would reengineer would be the output at the top.
If this unit is used as a non-venting hood--meaning that the collected air does NOT get pumped outdoors, you will find yourself having to clean the cabinets above the hood more often.

The top vent blows the air toward the cabinets, instead of away from the cabinets. I have not bothered to pull it back down and see if I can fabricate a duct change to redirect the air away from the cabinets, but it probably can be done.

The dual lights are very nice and provide ample light. The 3 fan speeds are nice also but louder on speeds 2 and 3 than I expected. Unit looks much better overall than many that are out there.

Oh, the price could come down a bit I guess, but it does go well with a black stove and wall "plate".
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on October 17, 2012
Just want everyone to know you should read the installation and use instructions on the manufactures website before purchasing a product. That was my mistake. I read lots of reviews to compare the different products I was interested in but not the instructions on the Broan site.

The ventless install seems rather hooky and likely to cause more noise, there should be sones ratings on the non-ducted install. The instructions say if you are doing a non-ducted installation using the two lower fan speeds is recommended. I bought this model mainly because it was able to be installed non-ducted and because it has three speeds. It seems I wasted my money. Maybe some day this fan will be able to have a vented install (not in my time here). Until that happens it is not worth the money spent on it.

The stainless is a nice looking addition to the kitchen and yes you can use either Halogen PAR20 50W or Incandescent R16 40W (more expensive), again listed only in the instructions.
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