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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 23, 2011
Even in unfortunate situations like the recent scandals that have rocked Wall Street, and affected the future of millions of investors, there are opportunities to create humor. Created by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings, CBS's 2 Broke Girls, is a comedy set in New York City featuring two women from completely different ends of the socioeconomic spectrum, who come together as coworkers, only because one has lost her fortune, due to her father's involvement in a financial scandal. This is a well-cast show with pretty good writing, but it is often a little too crude than it needs to be, with frequent references to sex, drugs, and crime.

The series stars Kat Demmings as Max Black, a waitress in a small restaurant in Brooklyn. She's street smart, a little hardened and cynical, and has a bit of a gutter mouth, but underneath that rough and crude exterior, there's a warm caring person. Beth Behrs is Caroline Channing, a slim blonde beauty who bears more than a passing resemblance to Paris Hilton. Caroline's father Martin was convicted and sent to prison for his involvement in a financial scandal (think Bernie Madoff). In the process, the Channing family's financial assets were frozen, leaving Caroline locked out of her luxury apartment, and denied access to her rather substantial trust fund.

The setup for the series is established in the first episode, as a desperate Caroline becomes a waitress at the Williamsburg Diner. Owner Han Lee (Matthew Moy) hires Caroline, teaming her with Max, who is less than enthusiastic with being saddled with someone with zero experience. Also in the restaurant are Oleg (Jonathan Kite) a cook who sexually harasses the girls, and Earl (Garrett Morris, the venerable SNLer) the lovable cashier. With no place to live, Max invites Caroline to stay in the apartment that she currently shares with her boyfriend, but after catching him with another woman, Max kicks him out, and Caroline becomes her new roommate.

Much of the humor is based on the obvious and pronounced differences between the two girls. The contrast between the women's attitudes extends far beyond just economic matters, and provides many comic opportunities for the writers. The writing is generally sharp edged, creative, and pretty clever, although presumably to appeal to a younger audience, heavily infused with vulgarity. The sexual innuendo is frequently at the gutter level, when it really doesn't need to be.

Both lead actresses are well cast, and do a nice job of immersing themselves into their characters. Kat Demmings (Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Thor) brings to Max, a realistic working class toughness, surly attitude, a body loaded with ample curves, and often delivers her lines with a cynical scowl. Behrs has good comic instincts, to go along with a model's figure, and the stereotypical airhead chick voice she employs. Caroline is a cartoonish character, who sometimes seems semi-detached from reality. A graduate of Wharton business school, Caroline is particularly bright when it comes to financial matters, and applying her academic rich girl sensibilities to real world situations, is one of the foundations of the program's humor.

While the differences between the Caroline and Max establishes a baseline, it is the things that they share in common, and the mutual experiences that bond them together, that makes the show interesting, and gives it some warmth as their friendship grows. One common interest they share early on, is Caroline's horse Chestnut, who is kept in the backyard of Max's apartment. The big thing though is their business partnership, as the ladies plan to make a successful business from Max's talent for baking cupcakes. At the close of each episode, the running total of their financial assets is updated.

The characters Han, Oleg, and Earl, are a bit racially stereotyped, and as the season progresses only Oleg really assumes a more significant role. To perk things up, late in the season the writers introduce Sofi Kachinsky (Jennifer Coolidge), a mysterious woman who lives upstairs in the same building as the girls. Another ethnically influenced character, Sofi is from Eastern Europe and runs a cleaning service. Sofi becoming romantically involved with Oleg, provides another bridge between the girl's private life, and the things that happen at work. The voluptuous Jennifer Coolidge (ExTerminators) is an experienced actress, whose presence strengthens the program, while creating more opportunities for the writers.

With a talented and funny cast, 2 Broke Girls is clearly a series with much potential, however the writing exhibits a fixation with profanity, sexual innuendo, and double entendre, that seems to increase as the season progresses. Even if an increase in vulgarity contributes to the program's popularity, CBS isn't a cable network, and not sinking into the gutter too often, may in the long run, result in the show reaching a larger audience. The hilarious season finale, which features a guest appearance by Martha Stewart, is absolutely fabulous, and demonstrates that a little more class, and a little less crass, might be a winning approach for this very entertaining program.
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on October 12, 2011
After an awkward attempt with 'Outsourced' the small screen returns with another sitcom involving the economy. This time, they get it right.

This CBS sitcom examines how two 'different' young women attempt to make ends meet in the current American economy. Max (Kat Dennings) has always been working class, but poverty is a new and really unpleasant surprise for Caroline (Beth Behrs). She had been rich, until her family lost all of it's money from dad's ponzi scheme.

The odd-couple friendship successfully works because they are both genuinely likable characters. They are both discovering what the world is currently like while struggling in a low-paying service sector job. This is where the storylines and comedy comes in.

Caroline is gennuinely shocked to discover what a 'public dental clinic' looks like. Or some people must delay obtaining their needed treatment altogether until pain is intolerable.But she proactively realized that selling off her massive wardrobe will bring in lots of needed money for the two roomates to live on. She had already started thrift shopping at the local Goodwill.

Viewers have watched a 'struggling young roommates' storyline many times before but the creators and writers artfully balance out comedy with economic-political reality here. Timely storylines are entertaining.

Becoming low-income is something she had never expected, Caroline is however most challenged when a former boyfriend unexpectedly comes to the dinner where she now works. Having somebody from her former world now seeing her current situation is embarrassing: The rich are not expected to 'work' because of economic wealth and what it means.She however survives to tell the tale. And she discovers real friends like her for who she is, not for how much money she has.

Watching this sitcom, I could not help but feel that I was being visited by the ghost of Norman Lear. The 'issue' writing and the character development are that well tuned on current issues without loosing the comedy. It is definitely something which everybody--and not just girls--are going to like watching.
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VINE VOICEon September 9, 2012
Seriously, I love her SO MUCH! I have never seen an actor who could deliver the snark line after line after line, and keep it as amazingly fresh and well delivered as she does. She has a great team of writers giving her AWESOME lines to deliver, and they are awesome. Even just her delivery of surprise lines like "NO WAY!" is awesome.

My wife and I first saw her in Thor, and loved her in it (she was really the only part of that movie we liked), and we were pleasantly surprised to see her in 2 Broke girls alongside Beth Behrs -- even though Beth really just serves as the primary thing-to-be-mocked.

Make no mistake, 2 Broke Girls is raunchy. It is NOT for younger viewers. The pilot alone should send that message. And I can see where the claims of racism, etc. come from. But, if you are willing to acknowledge that all sides are getting shot at fairly, and there isn't real racism, sexism or anything else terrible on display (just uncomfortable at times), then you should enjoy the show.

2 Broke Girls certainly pushes boundries, but the show is incredibly funny, and well acted. You can totally side with either girl in any given moment, and it is easy to sympathize with Kat's character "Max" when she shows her tender, emotionally-wounded side sometimes, and it is easy to sympathize with Beth's character "Caroline" -- pretty much all the time.

Yes, the show is raunchy, and yes it can be uncomfortable at times, but it is still hilarious, and like I said, I love Kat Dennings.

5 stars.
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on August 9, 2012
At times the humor..or lack a bit daunting, but all in all this is a delightful show. Love all the characters.

Not sure why they felt the need get rid of Kat Dennings love interest. Johnny was cute, funny and their chemistry was fabulous. Then to "marry him off" was unthinkable. Peach's character is hilarious...and so they get rid of her too? What gives? Bringing in the upstairs Polish Princess neighbor was OK for a few episodes, but now they seem to be giving her WAY too big a piece of the show. The writers need to re-focus on the girls.

The writing is a bit off at times, but this show is worth watching.

It's light, funny and is a great way to kill a half hour.
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on September 20, 2012
One of the many wonderful surprises for me watching this "2 Broke Girls" series on DVD recently (and yes, I bought season 1 here at Amazon!! (LOL) are the many QUIET and GENUINELY MOVING moments many of the episodes manage to incorporate -- much the way that "Taxi," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "All In the Family," and "Cheers" adroitly do -- including that truly wonderful, moving scene where the usually always-optimistic/upbeat Caroline suddenly begins sobbing uncontrollably in front of Max, as she tearfully tells Max she's terrified that she'll say the "wrong thing" at the upcoming deposition Caroline has to give regarding her father's fraud and embezzlement activities (something that, conceivably, could cause Caroline's once-rich father to be transferred to a much tougher/rougher prison in ANOTHER state, thereby preventing a similarly-broke Caroline from being able to visit him in prison again anytime soon).

A lot has been written about how FUNNY this series is, but I think it has a lot of HEART, too -- one of the many things that had me fervently rooting for Max and Caroline from the very first episode, on.
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on June 17, 2013
The first 8 episodes are my favorites! I believe they embody the concept of the show better than any of the subsequent episodes. The chemistry between Max & Oleg & Max & Earl is hilarious and I believe the writers need to refocus there.

The show is called 2 BROKE Girls so it was very believable that Max had 2 jobs especially since having a small cupcake business wouldn't have made her enough money to quit her 2nd job babysitting in Manhattan and that job could have even helped fund the cupcake business' materials. Peach was a great character to show the contrast between Caroline's outlook on being rich and Peach's outlook on being rich; she was also great to show the contrast between Max's common sense & down-to-earth personality & Peach's complete lack of common sense.

Even my husband loves the show! It may have "girls" in the title & have 2 girls as the main characters, but the type of humor & other characters create a hilarious show that both guys and girls will enjoy. Oleg & Earl are fantastic, inappropriate, & original. Everyone will enjoy their moments in the show.
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on August 28, 2012
Darn good show, and funny too. That's a hard find these days. So glad to see they're releasing it on Blu-Ray, and not just DVD. Highly recommended!!
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on June 24, 2014
Enjoy this show for what it is; a situation comedy with racy dialogue.

I've read some of the negative reviews of this show, and I think people don't get it. This is a SITCOM. There will be audience/canned laughter, stereotypes, not terribly deep character development and snappy but unrealistic dialogue/plot lines.

This is not going to be Arrested Development, Louie, or the Daily Show. Those are different types of television comedies. Complaining about this sitcom behaving like a sitcom is like complaining about Heavy Metal being loud, aggressive and lyrically violent.

This does what it's supposed to do, no more.

However, I have to admit I gave it an extra star because I have a PROFOUND weakness for Kat Denning.
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on October 9, 2012
I'm not a huge fan of TV comedies. I like dramas, but I decided to try 2 Broke Girls because of Kat Dennings, and I'm glad I did! I find 2 Broke Girls the best comedy on TV since Friends. The plot is not really complicated, it's just all about Max (played by Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) trying to earn money to pursue a cupcake business. But it's not that easy, a lot of complications, like money issues, or love, and even funny situations get in the way of this girls. I like this comedy because it's about real problems that anyone would have, it's more down to earth than most of the comedies on TV right now.
Anyway, if you're looking for a new good TV show, try 2 Broke Girls! I'm sure you will love it.
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on January 5, 2015
I've tried several times to like this show, but something is off. Every joke feels so forced to me. I don't know if it's in the delivery or just the way it's written / set up all together. I think Beth Behrs & Kat Dennings are fine actresses, but this show just doesn't work for me. Lucky for them, it seems I'm in the minority here, as the show appears to be pretty well received. Just not for me.

For context, I love a good comedy and/or dramedy (Friends, Seinfeld, TBBT, HIMYM, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Playing House, Mike & Molly, Arrested Development, etc.). Something about 2 Broke Girls just misses the mark for me.
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