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277 of 285 people found the following review helpful
on July 28, 2012
I bought this item to help me reorganize my home filing cabinet and other documents. Having a printed-out label instead of a hand-written one helps a lot more than I thought it would. It's great to be able to print them as I need them, instead of waiting until I have enough to do a batch job through my computer printer.

I chose this labeler instead of others because of the price and ease of use, and I'm happy with my purchase. Even though I only use one style, this labeler has a variety of fonts and styles in case I ever need them. There are also a bunch of pictograms and borders that can be used to decorate the labels.

It doesn't take up much room in a drawer and its desk footprint is pretty small. It's a bit too bulky to carry around on the job, so consider your needs before buying.

The only downsides I've come across are that it uses 6 AAA batteries, which can get expensive. There is an AC adapter available for it, although I think any 9V AC adapter from an electronics store should do the trick - please correct me if I'm wrong on this.

Second, when printing labels, there seems to be a lot of extra room in the margins, which is wasteful considering how expensive the tapes can be. I've looked at a lot of labelers and they all seem to have this issue. The workaround I use is to set the margins as small as possible, then set it to "Chain Print" and do as many at the same time as I can.

I bought mine from an office supply store, and I see that it's a bit cheaper to buy it through Amazon. The refill tapes are also a lot cheaper through Amazon. I'm thinking of buying a second one of these for my office.
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206 of 215 people found the following review helpful
on July 25, 2013
I bought this because I was looking for a low-cost basic labeler to create labels for my manilla office folders. Before buying, I read all the reviews that mentioned tape waste and excessive draining of batteries. I found there is a setting that enables you to control the width of the margins and thereby minimize tape waste. Once this setting was used, the amount of tape wasted was comparable to what I experienced with a Casio labeler I used for years; I did not find it excessive.

I noted the warnings about excessive draining of batteries and decided to purchase a Brother power adapter with my Labeler. Unfortunately, the cost of the power adapter was greater than the cost of the labeler itself. Even though the Brother-branded power adapter was more expensive than other available adapters, I bought it because it has a 6 foot cord and I thought it might be safer than off-brand adapters (that latter point might not be accurate but it influenced my decision). Everything is working out fine, however, potential purchasers of this configuration should be aware that when you unplug the Labeler from the adapter, you will lose the settings you have saved in your labeler. For example, if you set up your labels to be created with narrow margins with a specified length of 3.4 inches so that it matches the tabs on 1/3 cut letter-size manilla folders, when you unplug the labeler from the adapter, you will lose those settings since there is no battery power available to maintain those settings. The instructions that accompany the labeler suggest that users who purchase a power adapter to supply power to the labeler when creating labels should also use batteries in order to maintain the storage of label settings between uses. If you follow this suggestion, you will need both an adapter AND batteries, however, I would imagine the batteries will last longer than they would if you used battery power to generate the labels as well as to maintain memory settings.

Finally, be aware that being connected to the power adapter does impose a small amount of inconvenience when compared to running entirely under battery power since you are always tethered to a wire and you can't easily carry your labeler to another location. That is a personal decision you will have to make when deciding between using only batteries or using a power adapter when generating labels.
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397 of 424 people found the following review helpful
on January 10, 2013
I hope the people at Brother read this review.

Apparently, they think they have a smart system to sell more tape/ink by leaving a one inch space on both ends of each label. This creates a giant 2 inches of extra space on each label you print. You cannot change the margin to less than 1 inch.

Not only do you have to buy more labels over time, but it makes the label making process time consuming and cumbersome. You have to manually trim each label to get it to fit on a standard file folder or to suit other purposes. When you're in the middle of a project, you'll often need to make a lot of labels. This aspect defeats the purpose of getting a label maker to help you make labels efficiently.

The reality is that this wasteful business strategy is probably not profitable for Brother because I took the thing back to the store and got my money back. Now I won't be buying ANY labels from Brother in the future. There are several other reviewers on this site that did the same.

Plus, these negative reviews are not helping Brother sell label makers to new customers.

I bought a Dymo LabelManager 280 instead and found the margin to be more reasonable.

The other thing that this label maker needs is an included AC adapter. The one they sell costs $20 which almost doubles the label maker's cost. You'll want an AC adapter because putting, "get batteries" on your task list every time you want to use the label maker for a project is also counter-productive. For me, I bought a label maker to increase productivity, not add more hassles.

If Brother would correct these two easy things, this would be a nice label maker.
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136 of 149 people found the following review helpful
on December 26, 2012
While the printer works fine and is priced right the overuse of tape is inexcusable. Basically it leaves a huge space before the printing and a huge space after - this has 3 effects
1) more than doubles to triples your tape usage which costs more $$$ to use (also lines Mr Brother's pockets)
2) means that you have to go back afterwards with scissors and cut the label so that it is not ridiculously large - this is a big waste of time and means that if you are walking around making labels (as I do) you must carry scissors
3) If you believe that we live in a world of scarce resources, isn't this just plain wasteful?
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109 of 124 people found the following review helpful
on October 19, 2012
It is a nice unit but Brother is definitely schemed to make money off you in the long run. The labeler produce 1" margin minimum for everytime you print a label. This 1" is in addition to the so call "narrow" margin with your text. I call Brother and they indicate this was part of the design and mistated this description by using narrow margin. The 1" extra margin cannot be eliminated! If you print 12 labels, say bye bye to 12" of your blank label. If you have extra cash then buy more labels from brother. Even with my extra cash, I will not be wasteful. Boycott Brother labels maker and buy other brand instead like DYMO. I am returning my unit.
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34 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on December 11, 2012
I got this at Staples for $9.99 during their Black Friday sale. I put fresh batteries in and they did not last more than two weeks. I printed no more than a dozen small labels. I like the labels, but I can't keep replacing batteries like this. I will try one more set, then I will either buy the cord or throw this unit out. Beware.
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26 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on October 27, 2012
I bought this to label all the stuff my 3 yr old daughter takes to preschool, mainly sippy cups and plastic food containers for her lunch box. They were disappearing one after the other and I was tired of replacing them.
I considered the cheaper handheld models that did not offer a print preview, but finally found this one on sale for an extra $10 and went for it. I'm really glad I did.

-It is extremely easy to use. I would have preferred if the instructions came in a small booklet rather than an huge paper sheet folded in 10 and a separate sheet with all the different templates and pictograms. But the instructions themselves are good. The interface is intuitive, I only had to read the instructions once to figure out how it works.
-It is not too bulky. It is comfortable to hold with both hands and use your thumbs to press the keys, just like you would text on a phone. I also really like how easy it is to cut off the label once it's finished printing: Stretch your index , press the green corner cutter, et voilà!
-Yes, it does waste an inch of tape every time you print, but personally I found it has so many other perks that I quickly got over that. if you need several copies of the same label, you can print them all at once and it will only waste 1" for the whole lot. It also came with a free laminated black on white tape, which I wasn't expecting.
-The preview feature is a major plus. It gives you a pretty good idea of what you are about to print. It tells you how long the label is going to be. So you can adjust the font size or pattern to fit the length you had in mind.
-You have the option of having 2 lines of text.
-What I like most about it is the variety of symbols and pictograms you can add to your labels (600 in total). I'm talking anything from professional looking ones to really cute kiddie stuff: cute animal faces, vehicles icons like cars, trains, planes, helicopters, boats, etc, sport icons, stars, hearts, flowers and birthday cakes for the little girls, all kinds of office related icons, and many many more. The preview mode doesn't give them justice, once printed they look as sharp as they do on the template reference sheet. Between the framing options that also offers a few nice patterns and the variety of pictograms, I am having a lot of fun designing cute labels for my daughter. She loves them too!
-I have washed the labeled items several times in the dishwasher and the labels are still like new.
-There is a Fabric Iron On tape (Ref # TZFA3) which is compatible with this machine (I verified on the Brother's website) which I can't wait to try to label my daughter's clothes, before she starts losing them too! :)
-Although i am not using this for professional use, there is a wide variety of professional templates and icons to choose from.

All in all I'm very excited about my new gadget. I'm going to be using it for many years to come as my children grow.
The only cons in my opinions are:
-The waste of tape
-The flimsy instruction sheet
-There are only 8 fonts to choose from, a good mix of professional and fun ones, but still, when you're used to word processing, 8 fonts is limited.

I highly recommend it, especially if you intend to label kids stuff.
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54 of 62 people found the following review helpful
on August 22, 2012
I purchased this to help label the cables and switches on my entertainment center. I had a few assorted 9-12 volt AC adapters that seemed compatible and thought I would try them with this unit instead of using batteries. The unit would not turn on with any of them, I am not sure if they just didn't have a good connection or if they were no longer working. So, I purchased the 6 AAA batteries needed and set to work. The labels came out sharp and looked very nice. The font and styles are very easy to set and the unit functions quite well. I am very happy with the purchase and look forward to using it again.
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34 of 38 people found the following review helpful
on October 22, 2012
I bought this for a labeling job for one of our customers. They were having the carpet replaced in their office and needed to move their PC's, VoiP phones, and peripherals so the job could get done, and put everything back the same way, so I picked up the Brother P-Touch PTD200. I got it on sale at a large office product retailer starting with Office and ending with Dexxt for the same deal as on here, plus some dollar store batteries (6 AAA, not included, bummer) and an extra tape, which was expensive and brought the total price to, well, a lot (Amazon will censor it anyway). You can hook it up to an appropriate AC adapter, which is optional. The connector for it is fairly generic, so if you have one lying around with the right output then you can hook it up and use it on a desk.

I chose it based on need and availability. I needed it that day and didn't have time to shop for it, so I didn't know too much about it and the box said a lot of good things. I also got favorable reviews on the office retailer's website.

The P-Touch is a handheld portable personal label printer. It uses label tape cassettes that load into the printer like a VHS tape or mini-DV tape in a camcorder. It takes the Brother "Tz" series tape. Loading the tape cassette and batteries was really easy, just pop open the back cover and put them in. The cassette goes in one way so you can't put it in wrong. The printer came with a starter cassette, but only has 4 meters or 12' of tape, so it's good to buy an extra full-load cassette. I think the full size cassettes have 26' of tape. I paid about $20 for it. The cassettes come in various widths, I think 3/8, 1/4, and 1/2" and in various types like clear, opaque, different colors, black, iron-on, and tapes specifically for wrapping wires. The special tapes do cost extra though.

It has a lot of features and functionality. You do get a nice big dot matrix LCD screen (not backlit, which is too bad, but you can adjust the contrast when using it outdoors in sunlight) and a large keypad with nicely arranged buttons for the keyboard and other functions. The full QWERTY keyboard was comfortable to use and made typing very easy and fast.

You can do a lot with this machine, and it will suit a business user or home user. It's pretty flexible too and will handle a pretty vide variety of jobs. There are selectable fonts in 3 sizes (small, med and large), adjustable margins and tape length (the minimum is 1" but you an print a tape several inches long), borders, styles, and themes with hearts, or stars and other decorations, which was nice, but completely irrelevant for what we were using it for. You can create a theme or format and save it as well, and the P-Touch will save 30 different formats so you can have them ready, which I liked since I didn't have to fumble with resetting it after turning it off. This isn't a compact unit. It's bulky and awkward sometimes, but it is portable. It's lightweight though, about 2 lbs or less, and easy to hold, but not for one-handed operation unless you've got ham hands like me.

This is a "thermal" type printer that uses heat to print the image onto the tape's special thermosensitive (or thermochromic) coating so there's no ink or tape ribbons to mess with. The white tape turns black where it's been heated so there's no ink to rub off which means the labels last a long time and are relatively weather resistant. Pretty slick. The adhesive backing is pretty sticky and clings to most anything very well.

Printing is simple. Just input the text and press "print" if you are just printing plain labels, or select the font, font size, style, margin, tape length, theme, etc. All of the functions were easy to use, but the menus required a learning curve. Thankfully it wasn't a steep one and I got the hang of it quickly. The labels print pretty fast. A short 2" label printed in around 2 seconds. The print quality is also very nice, crisp and professional. I was using it to print labels to wrap around wires to identify them. The salesperson had tried to sell me the more expensive tape designed for that, but the standard tape worked perfectly. Strangely, the printer left about a 1" extra margin on the tape that made it easy to wrap around the wire which was great, but for anything else, it's annoying to have that extra inch of blank label. To get rid of it you have to cut it with scissors! What was Brother thinking? It's a waste. I tried changing the margins to reduce the size to no avail. I probably printed out 60 labels, and I had to cut off 1/2 an inch or so off each one, sometimes more. That's over 30 inches of waste. A tape costs $20 for 26'and I wasted probably 2.5 of it, so that's $2 in waste. The default print size is also way too small. After the label is printed, press down a cutter button to cut the label. However, the protective backing covering the adhesive was annoying to remove. It splits down the middle, and unless you have fingernails, it's going to be a pain.



Good feature set for cheap
Prints don't rub off easily
Prints fast
Useful fonts and selectable formats for prints
Large, easy to use keyboard and buttons
Easy to use
Great print quality!
Can store 30 presets for label formats
Optional AC adapter


Large and bulky
Printer leaves a 1" margin on tape regardless of specified margin size
Default print too small
Batteries not included
No backlit display
Label adhesive strips difficult to expose

So for all this printer does, I can't say as I'm thrilled about it. It does what it's supposed to, but I can't get over the glaring faults. If you can get over the fact this one wastes expensive tape then I highly recommend it.
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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on July 29, 2013
Just got my labeler about 2 weeks ago and it's awesome. The only complaint I have is the wasted tape. When the machine starts creating the label you will see there is a 1 inch space at the beginning of the label and when you cut the label there is a 1 inch space at the end. This makes 2 inches of wasted label. I've been reading reviews on other brother models and those machines have the same problem. I think it's a given when you buy this brand. Still it's a nice machine, gets the job done and is easy to use.

One tip I can offer is if you are making several labels I wouldn't print them individually. I'd print them all on one single tape this way you don't waste that much. Here is an example...last night I was organizing my cleaning supply cabinet. I made the following 4 labels:

Pest Control
Floor/Glass/Carpet cleaners
Vacuum Bags/Filters

When I typed out the name of each label, I spaced twice so that when I print them all on one single label I would have just enough room to take my scissors and cut in between the titles resulting in 4 individual labels. Yes there was still that extra one each blank wasted label in the beginning of the tape and at the end but if I had printed them individually I would have wasted approximately 8 inches of tape. So all in all it's a great machine and I don't regret my purchase. Hope this review helps.
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