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on September 21, 2012
Flawless wireless set up. No error messages, no need for tech support.

It took less than 10 min. to unpack, read the instructions, and set up wirelessly. The instructions are clear as long as you follow the table of contents and page numbers according to your computer network setup. Once the printer was connected, I intiated a print job from my Macbook Air and it automatically downloaded the software and drivers (no need to use the installation CD). I did have to search for "Brother" to locate where the program downloaded to so I could place a shortcut on the desktop. Scanning is quick and easy.

AirPrint works quickly and easily with my iPad. You can also download the Brother app to scan to an iOS device.

As for printing and scanning speed, to me it's really fast because I had been using a Canon multi function laser printer for the last seven years. I have not used the ADF much yet but it seems to work fine. The durability and frequency of paper jams is what needs to be evaluated after a long period of usage. I will update my review if there are any issues.

Another plus for this printer is the printing cost in the long run. There is an available Brother high yield toner cartridge that costs about $90 which prints up to 8,000 pages. I had been paying $70 for my Canon which printed about 2,400 pages.

-laser toner cartidge (cheap cost in the long run with the high yield cartidge)
-wireless and USB connectivity (but you can't use both at the same time)
-Mac friendly
-AirPrint compatible for iOS devices
-easy installation and user friendly printing, scanning, copying (can also fax but I don't plan on using it)
-has a flatbed and ADF (holds 50 pages)
-for me, monochrome is a pro because I don't need to print in color
-good value (paid $299 on Amazon)
-printed documents and clean and clear

-can't use USB and wireless at the same time

After shopping online for 8-10 hours trying to figure what best fit my needs, I think this one is a winner for the error-free set up, ease of use, and low operating costs. And to think I almost went with an inkjet...
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on March 5, 2013
I bought this 8710DW for the feature set it has as well as the great Amazon price.

Now, I have over 20 years experience in IT, on both Windows and Macs, but the majority is on Mac networks. The network in my small business is all Mac, with an occasional visiting Windows PC. Apple has an "Extreme" router that negates the WiFi that's built into the printer. The printer is plugged in (via USB) directly to the router, and the router acts as a server for the printer. Anyone connected to the router is also connected to the printer automatically -- even if it's a Windows PC. Fairly sweet, though I did test the printer's WiFi also, and it was simple to set up (by reading the instructions) and was in operation in no time.

It was then I think I found a little "gotcha" in the set-up. Before I turned on the printer's WiFi, the printer would go into "Sleep" followed shortly by "Deep Sleep." I do not know the difference in wattage used between the two sleep modes. Both modes are equally quiet and you cannot tell the difference unless you read it on the display, but I assume that the "Deep Sleep" is saving more electricity.

After I set-up WiFi on the printer, though, it would never go into "Deep Sleep" mode again. I assumed it was the WiFi that caused it, though I can't be 100% sure. I say that because it was the only major parameter that I changed, and when I reset the printer to its default set-up, thereby turning off WiFi in the printer, "Deep Sleep" returned. In my environment, it didn't matter because I have wireless printing through my router, but it may be something to check if you plan to use the printer's WiFi as your primary connection. Though there may not be a huge wattage savings between the two, "Deep Sleep" sounds nice as a printer uses a relatively high amount of electricity, and any additional savings is welcomed.

I have not printed many multiple pages of the same document yet, but judging by the speed of the first page out, this thing is fast. Just seconds after clicking "Print", the printer comes alive and spits out the page. And what a beautiful page it is. Setting the ppi (pixels per inch) is a manual change, otherwise the default is either 300 or 600, both look very good. But 1200, especially with graphics, is really sweet especially on higher quality paper than plain copier paper. Plain copier paper is usually 20-pound bond with an 88-92 brightness, but I use 24-pound bond with a 96 brightness. Yes, it costs a little more, but looks *much* nicer.

The only feature this printer is missing from its bigger "brother" (pun intended) is that this printer does not do duplex scanning, though they both do duplex printing. Duplex scanning would likely be needed if you often copied (or scanned) a lot of two sided documents. If that's not a real need for you, this is the printer to get.

I've only had the printer for a week, but it's quite impressive. Very fast from the first page on, nice crisp blacks, super-sharp 1200-ppi printing (and scanning), fairly intuitive ... I couldn't ask for more. I highly recommend it for anyone needing the speed and features.

My older MFC is heading to my son at his university. He's very glad to get it.
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on November 10, 2012
After the initial hiccup the product seems to be working great so far.

When I first turned on the printer, it tripped the circuit breaker in the room. I took a look at the specs and the printer is rated at 10 amps and the circuit breaker is 15 amps. I had read about this with other reviewers on this product. So it seemed that I was going to have to return this back to Amazon which seemed to be a daunting task somewhat given the size of the printer. I tried calling Brother and they have a 1-800 number on the box but it was the weekend and that was a no go.

So I decided to call my electrician and he resolved the problem for me but it required a change of the circuit breaker. It turned out that most rooms are equipped with an ARC type circuit breaker which trips if an arc is detected. He stated that many small appliances generate an arc including ceiling fans and some of the earlier or older ARC breakers were "too sensitive" to this and eventually were modified to handle current day appliances. He asked me to plug in the printer in a non-ARC circuit such as the living room or hallway and if it worked then it was the circuit breaker. So of course the printer worked fine in a non-arc circuit. The option remained to either replace the printer or the circuit breaker. I opted for the later. Since then no issues and the printer stays in my office. This problem should not happen if you are in a newer dwelling since then circuit breakers are likely of the newer type.

Otherwise, the wireless on the printer is great and picks up the router and any laptops at a fairly good distance. It was very easy to set up although the instructions to set up the wireless are somewhat confusing. The printing is quick but I have not done any double sided printing so far. The automatic feeder works great for faxing and multiple page copying.

It is a loud machine, typical of most lasers.
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on October 27, 2012
I've bought (and returned) 2 Brother laser printers in the last 3 weeks. The first was an HL5470DW and the second was the MFC8710DW. They both tripped the 15 amp circuit breaker in my home office as soon as they were turned on. This happened even though no other devices were turned on at the time. I had 2 other laser printers (one HP and one a Brother) in the office before and they have worked fine for 3 years.

I have seen other reviews that have complained about this issue but I assumed they were in older homes with older circuits. Since the issue seems to be so prevalent I don't understand how Brother can ignore this for so long. Unless you enjoy repackaging and returning printers, I would recommend you purchase some other brand until Brother has this problem corrected.

UPDATE: I finally got this printer to work by swapping out a 15 amp arch fault for a 15 amp standard circuit breaker. I raised the rate to 4 stars because once I got it to power up it does work well.

Arch fault circuit breakers have been required by code in some states since 2001 so if you have a home built since then make sure the circuit that you're going to use it on is NOT an arch fault.
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on November 9, 2012
I run Mac OSX 10.7.4, which replaced my PC. Unfortunately, my older Cannon copier/scanner/copier/fax would not work with the Mac. So when my Canon machine gave out (probably the 5th one I have owned from Canon), I went shopping for the best multi-function laser printer/copier/scanner/fax machine I could find. I wanted something with a good document feeder, that would handle legal sized documents. I looked on Apple website, figuring they would sell the machines that worked best with Apple. Not such great reviews there from the users of the products they sell (Canon, Epson, etc.). Next, I did a Google search to find what other people recommended. Brother came up quite a bit, so I went on their website and determined this product was a good fit. I read the reviews on Amazon. The result is a machine that does everything well, as advertised. When I had a few questions (after my purchase), the Brother customer service was first rate. I am very happy with this product, as well as Brother. As usual, I am also happy with my shopping experience on Amazon.

To address a few negative reviews, here is what I noted from my experience. First, this machine does draw a lot of power, so if your circuits are not up to it, that could be a problem. This, however, was not a problem for me (note that I am using a battery back-up surge protector, which I believe helps). Second, if you are printing wireless, you cannot also do it on a wired network. It is either the wireless network or the wired network. Note: if you are scanning to your Mac, the wireless does not work in that direction, so you must be hooked up with a cable for that task.

Also note that I was surprised to receive my machine so quickly, after only 3 business days following my order.

My only slightly negative comment is that the software for scanning, etc. could be a little more intuitive.
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on October 27, 2012
We bought he 8710 because our old Brother was beginning to have problems. As a small vet clinic with limited space, an all-in-one machine is the best for for us. The most critical function is receiving faxes. Our most frequently received item is lab reports. Most of what is faxed to us comes in with little problem, but the machine will not receive faxes from certain numbers. We have an ancient Brother cheapie, an IntelliFAX 885MC. This machine will receive faxes from ALL phone numbers. We called customer service for technical support. This was a waste of time. We got nowhere with the tech rep and asked for a supervisor. He basically called me a liar stating that both machines had the same modem and that I was mistaken - it was impossible for the old machine to receive a fax the new one couldn't.

We ordered a dedicated phone line, thinking that this would fix the problem. It didn't. Back to customer service. This rep read out a check list and insisted I feel the plug to make sure it was plugged in, that there was a dial-tone and that the phone cable was plugged into the correct recepticle. He then sent a test fax, which we received. On the issue of not being able to receive faxes from the lab, he said that their phone system was at fault. On the issue of the IntelliFAX unit being able to receive faxes from the lab, he said that this was not possible and that as far as he was concerned, the machine was working as designed.

We called the store where the 8710 was purchased. They couldn't take it back because we've had it for more than 2 weeks. They also said that new Brother products often have defects in the programming. So, the one thing we need the most - consistently receiving faxes - this machine won't do. Brother tech support is a joke. We have written the Director and Executive Officer of Brother International, USA asking for help and will re-post after his response.
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on July 7, 2014
I bought this printer for Google Cloud Print. If Brother had been honest about their issues, I would have bought another brand. After spending ages trying to get this feature to work, the customer service agent on live chat said "Your printer is properly connected to the wireless network. If you have verified the setttings and the account and you are still receiving the Authentication error we will not be able to use google cloud print. Google has recently changed their authentication process, which affected the Brother machine's ability to connect to the service. Unfortunately, this update is out of our control. We are currently working on a resolution to restore the Brother machine's support of this service. If you would like to be informed when an update is available, please provide your e-mail address and advise the customer that we will contact him when a resolution is available."
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on October 3, 2013
The printer I received is drastically different from what other reviewers are describing. First, there are many issues with copying and printing. Every page has a black line on it, including scans. Second, the scanning damages originals by jamming the top of each page slightly. Third, the printer often grabs 2 pages at once during copying and spits out copies that are half blank. All in all, I am returning and exchanging this printer in the hopes that my model simply turned out to be defective or damaged. I will update my review if the replacement I receive performs better.
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on October 16, 2012
Bought this 8710 2 months ago because it was new model and supposed to be faster.I don't think it is. Slow copying, noisy, takes too long to shut off. I've set and reset these options but nothing changes. Miss my 8480 which is their best machine so far. Have had some issues with this 8710 such as lines on my paper. Got that resolved. Now have duplex printing not printing the whole page. Having trouble getting this resolved. If you can solve by email customer service is good but calling them is impossible unless you have all day to hang on the phone. Not happy with this machine.
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on April 26, 2013
Like the printer with our Mac based office, and haven't had any circuit problems in our relatively new office. My true feelings about Brother's business practices would get this review censored, and thus not useful, but suffice to say that this product, like every Brother laser I've seen, suffers from the wasteful and shameful practice of self crippling itself until you replace the toner cartridge after such time Brother has pre-determined you need to replace it based on the number of pages printed, not because it's actually out of toner. Ridiculous. I've since stopped buying Brother products because of this, but here's what you can do when this printer refuses to print even though its cartridge still has plenty of toner. Unlike many other Brother lasers, where you can press a combination of keys to reset the toner cartridge after opening the toner door, clear then *00 seems to occasionally work to reset the counter, but it still wants a new Brother cartridge to resume basic functionality. (Press #1 then scroll to reset your cartridges on the MFC-9970, our other Brother). What seems to work on the 8910/8950 is to put your replacement cartridge in, (TN-750), let the printer reset itself, and then you can pull it out and put the starter toner cartridge back in. Just one more reason it's always good to keep a backup toner cartridge! The starter likely has plenty more toner in it. It will fade when it doesn't, too bad Brother continues to be greedy. If that doesn't work, compare the position of the half circle like tab that's recessed on the left side of the toner cartridge with its position on a new cartridge. Try to rotate it about 180 degrees to reset.
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