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on July 17, 2013
First, this printer is not for people who will be printing tons. If you are printing anywhere near 1000 pages a week, you might want to look at a printer that holds larger toner. If you just print a moderate amount, and want an all in one, this is for you. Great for a home office or very small business. Ok...

At last, what we have been waiting for, it's rather simple...
This will make your printer believe it has a brand new toner. Once it says toner low, you can reset it and just print until it runs dry, instead of replacing the toner when you still have 500 prints left.

1) Get to the home screen, if you are stuck at the "Toner Low" or "Replace Toner" message, just press the red X
2) Press the FAX button on the touch screen. This is ONLY to light up the numbers so you can....
3) LOCATE and only locate, don't press, the * (asterisk) button. You know where it is now, somewhere to the right of the Red X button
4) Press the glowing home button to get home.
5) Open the top as if you were going to change the toner, but don't remove any toner
6) With the top open, press and hold the now UN-LIT * (asterisk) button for at least 5 seconds
7) While KEEPING the lid open, the toner reset menu will show on the screen
8) Reset your "low" or "empty" toner by pressing the color and type to reset, all with the lid open
9) close the lid and wait about 40 seconds per toner that was reset (ie. 80 seconds if you reset 2, 120 seconds if you reset 3)

cstd = cyan Standard, cstr = cyan starter, and one other for high yield, etc... Just reset to whatever type you have installed.


**** Below is Old news ****
This will remain a 1 star review until someone figures out how to reset the low toner warning...

The problem is, once the machine switches from "Low Toner" to "Replace Toner" the machine refuses to print anything. The even bigger problem is that THE TONER IS NOT EVEN EMPTY...

How hard is brother trying to scam people here? Honestly?!?! I can't print until the toner runs dry? Really? You want me to replace toner that still has 500 pages worth left for no reason at all? Oh other than that the printer works pretty good...but that justifies 1 star (since I can't give zero)
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on November 23, 2013
This low end commercial class printer works quite well, and if you need laser crisp printing (no inkjet bleed) on a tight budget this printer fits the bill. We use this in our small independent pharmacy and it is a great printer for our advertisements, copying needs, and scanning forms so that they can be completed electronically.

Setup for this was fool-proof. What took the longest was removing all the protective packaging... and that isn't a bad thing. I liked that the printer was shipped in appropriate materials to protect it in transit. We have robust security hardware/software but this was no issue to connect this to its own separate wifi. Brother's driver installation was easy and allowed for, "custom options", for driver only, and it also came with bonus Nuance Paperport V.14.0 - Complete Product - 1 User - Document Management - Standard Retail - Dvd-rom - Pc - English software.

Because Brother, "registers", the PC with this printer during install, scanning is very simple and there is no need to be near the computer you are scanning to, which is a pretty cool, automatically setup feature.

For people who do not like technology, even they could not have anything negative to say about this machine's ease of use. The touch screen is very responsive (one doesn't have to push their finger through the screen).

Overall, a nice value. Toners are reasonably priced and replacement is simple. "Tricking", the printer into thinking it has new toners is a nice trick to get an extra few hundred sheets out of each.

This product received 4 stars from me because I think it is a good value, is easy to use, has reasonably priced replacement parts, easy setup, nice/supportive packaging, and functions as advertised.

It did not receive 5 stars because its duplexing capability is dated; i.e. it should print both sides internally rather than back-feed the paper, taking more than twice as long. Another negative is that you have to do a toner reset in order to use as much toner as you can. This printer triggers the toner empty, and won't print, even when there is probably a few hundred pages left. Though this is easy enough to manage, it is a unnecessary task.

I hope you found this review helpful!
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on November 29, 2013
This printer was unpacked and printing within 10 minutes. I have never had a printer that seemed so well designed and robust for my needs. I print occasionally at home, and found that my old inkjet printer never worked right. The ink was either dried up, or the heads needed cleaning. The scanner worked flawlessly, as did the 50 or so PDF documents I needed to print. Absolutely, no trouble whatsoever. Please do not hesitate to purchase this machine.

I have not tested the fax machine thus far, and probably never will to be honest...but I assume it would function fine. Do not listen to the reviews that are negative because it doesn't was never advertised as having that functionality. Besides it wouldn't be that hard to print the odd number pages, put those pages back in the tray appropriately, and print the even number pages if you really needed to.

On another note, I purchased this printer for $330.00 on (BestBuy was $400), and before it was even delivered the price had dropped by $81.00! I e-mailed Amazon about receiving credit for the difference in price, and they responded in less than hour with a confirmation number and a message explaining they would gladly provide me the $81 credit. I have used Amazon for years, and will continue to use them for my shopping needs based on their customer service alone.
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on November 21, 2013
I have only had this printer a month but it is fantastic and I would not hesitate to buy it again.

I have had many printers over the years from inkjets to laser printers to mult-function printers. My last printer was a multi function printer from Brother that is about 7 years old. I was looking to upgrade to a color laser printer and since my old Brother printer has been such a work horse I decided to stay loyal to the brand.

Positives are: color is amazing and easily as good as the $5k machine we have at work. Scans are quick and very high quality as well as the copies. Color touch screen menu system was a very big upside surprise given how sensitive and intuitive it is.

The big selling point for me is the wireless capability. The machine is large as it should be but now I just hide it in a closet. Synchronizing it to my wireless network was easy and took about 20 seconds with the touchscreen keyboard.

I also love the Brother software that comes with it.

Works with all my PCs and Macs perfectly.
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on October 22, 2013
Good all in one station. It does have trouble scanning to new computers, especially if you already have one setup to scan to. I also did not notice when reading the description that you cannot plug a network (Ethernet) cable into this machine. I feel the wireless option is a bit slow at times, so I went to plug in to the network and noticed there is only a USB port. Other than that let down the machine works just fine.
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on December 6, 2013
Scanning over WIFI just does not work. Had alot of issues with network connectivity. Didn't realize this did not have an ethernet port. I would spend the extra money and get the model you can run wired.
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on November 6, 2014
Since I print out only a few reams of paper per year, I'm not exactly a print shop while at home. I like an all-in-one because a scanner is great for photos and bills or receipts I want to store electronically and a fax machine, while not exactly cutting edge technology these days, does have its purpose on rare occasions. I've been an HP printer user for a decade or more, and before that it was Canon and before that it was Epson and before that it was Okidata. It was time to move on and away from ink-jets and from HP especially. Their software has become a burden and not any help at all in my opinion. I use both Mac and Windows based PC products all day long as I work from home, so I'm no stranger to either operating system. Typically there is a huge gap between development of Windows printer software and Mac OS X software, and the Brother is no exception in this regard. However, there is a huge difference between the HP and Brother approach which is why it probably doesn't matter with the Brother MFC printer on a Mac.
The Brother came well packaged and if you are elderly or a smaller person, you will need help with this printer. It is beefy and bulky and therefore, have someone help you if you have any physical limitations or concerns! While taller than my HP All-in-one L7160 inkjet, it is less wide and I gained some horizontal space on my desktop. Not much... a few inches maybe. Make sure you have adequate vertical space to accommodate the difference here.
The feeder up top for scanning and fax is a much better design than my old HP and when not in use, everything folds up nicely. It is also much more sturdy as the HP had removable parts that were flimsy and readily able to dislodge. I like the feeder on the Brother much better. The flatbed scanner is also more standard with regard to paper position, and you insert a page, face down in the upper left hand side of the glass, the same way most business scanners would have you do it. The HP had me positioning the paper in the lower right, and while that is a little closer, it never did seem quite right for some reason. Scanning on the Brother is straightforward and quick. I can see I will be using this feature a lot, since it just got easier and more ergonomic for me.
The printing is good, and black print comes out as expected from a laser, and so do photographs, which of course is not so good, as all lasers have this one weakness. For me though, I've simply decided to send any photos I want printed out to an online printing service as I don't print photo's all that often. The Brother prints out photos well enough to include in an internal business presentation perhaps, but I wouldn't print these out for customers or external business associates, so it will be off to Kinko's when the need comes up. I have my Brother printer hooked up to a USB port on my iMAC desktop with OS X 10.10 and there was absolutely no trouble getting the printer up and running in minutes. I can make fine adjustments in my system preferences under 'Printers and Scanners'. Setting up the printer software on a Windows 8.1 PC seemed to go just as well, and for some reason, installing the software on a Windows 7 Home edition laptop took quite a bit of tweaking, which was unexpected. The required software drivers and additional software comes on a DVD, included with the printer or it is available online at Brother's website available for all different flavors of Windows OS and Mac's as well.
The toner cartridges are remarkably small and there are 4 in all. I recommend you visit YouTube for unboxing and setup videos which were a great help and sanity check, as I did not want to make any mistakes on getting the toner cartridges set up properly.

I recommend you visit the following: - General Overview - Unboxing and setup of toner - Resetting the toner low warning, so you can move on with your life and use all the toner in the cartridges without the annoying messages.

Finally, another unexpected thing happened as well. My relatively small APC UPS beeped like a baby every time I went to print. My UPS does not have enough amperage to run my printer through it like I did with my HP Inkjet. I now just have the Brother plugged into the APC surge protection ports without any problems. I have to really think whether I will actually spend money on a bigger UPS or a standalone just for the printer. I don’t lose power very often, so I think I know which way I’m leaning on that issue.

A very nice printer and I can't speak about longevity or usage over long periods of time, but I did pick up the Amazon square deal extended warranty since that was only about 10% of the total cost of the printer.

Lastly, don't forget that if you are going to use the printer for more than one PC, you will need to access the printer over wireless. I had zero problems with this, but I'm a bit of a computer nerd, so that's all I will say on that.
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on October 21, 2014
The set up was a snap... so far, but we'll get to that.

This is the third machine I have ordered to find a high speed printer for commercial use. The first two were a Lexmark CS410n and a HP OJ Pro x476dw printers. The set up was a nightmare. After one and a half hours, my personal time limit, I boxed them up and sent them back. It is 2014 and I no longer in the business of compensating for manufacturer shortcomings.

The trouble with both units had to do with their wireless setup. Both required Administrator level skill. They were asking for all kinds of technical data on my wifi system using some terms unfamiliar to me. I couldn't even find what they were looking for.

I have a little Epson here that is low speed, but when you set up your wireless connection it has a set-up Wizard that does all the work, only needing the password to set up the connection. HP and Lexmark wanted information this little Epson took care of itself.

So... the Brothers shows up, I unpack it and almost as fast as I can plug it in, it is up and running. I did have to remove some shipping safeties on the ink cartridges, and remove a little tape. The HP referenced above took 20 minutes to get the ink ready. The Brothers was ready on the spot. I ran a COPY and boom, I had one.

Unfortunately, I have a Mac and I installed Yosemite. Brothers has a statement out that addresses this and it implies, but doesn't quite say, that the download is available. I looked and can't find it.

So my 5 star is conditional, and I will correct if there is a problem.

But based on their consumer friendliness everywhere I turn, I don't expect trouble.

If I were a new CEO at HP or Lexmark, I would order this Brothers machine, the HP machine, and the Lexmark machine and bring them in the box to a national sales meeting. Then I would have my product people set up all three in front of the sales force. When the sales force sees how easily the Brothers sets up, there would be pandemonium. And then I would let the product people explain why the difference.

But I am not the CEO of either company and will revel in the fact that it cost them a fortune to take back the machines they sent me.

Oh how far the mighty have fallen.
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on February 28, 2014
I have only had this printer for about a week, but I have scanned, faxed, and printed documents with it. Following are my observations to date:
• Printing in color or black and white is very fast.
• Faxing is easy and quick. I love how it automatically feeds up to 35 pages. I have yet to try faxing directly from my PC or laptop but that is a nice feature.
• Scanning is much faster than my ten year old scanner, which I will no longer use. I like how it scans an image and gives you the choice to print it out or save it to a file on other devices (laptop, PC) of your choice. It's very intuitive, and it saves me a lot of time when I need to scan receipts to a folder on my PC.
• Black and white printing is laser quality. Color document printing is very good.
• Price was excellent. I looked at a lot of different printers, and none of them offered what this one did for the price. Of course prices fluctuate, so I am only commenting on what I paid.

General comments:
• Setting up wireless can be very easy or difficult depending on how your business or home network is set up. If you check reviews you will find people who had problems, and people who thought it was easy as pie. I have read similar reviews about other wireless printers. I had more difficulty than I expected, but did manage to set it up after a couple of hours. I think it may have been due to my infrastructure setup vs ad hoc that many use. Be prepared, this is something that may or may not be difficult depending on your type of network and computer expertise.
• Before purchasing this printer make sure it meets your needs in regards to the paper stock that you plan to use, the amount of printing , and the quality of the photo printing you require. See if a clerk at a local store will print out some samples. Sometimes they will do that. Also read the paper specifications for the printer. You can go to the manufacturers website and download a manual for that information. This printer met all my needs and wants, but it may not meet yours. Do your due diligence.
• Expense of toner replacement. I could not find any printer that did not charge what I consider ridiculous prices for toner replacement cartridges. It is an industry wide problem. However, for my purposes I would not have to change the cartridges for a very long time as I use this at home and still print a lot of daily stuff on my much older printer. Supposedly there is a way to trick the printer so you can completely use up the remaining toner. If so, then this printer should be as good as any other (or better) in regards to toner expense.
I cannot comment on the durability or reliability as I have not owned it long enough. Given the initial low price and how much printing I do, I would be happy if I get five fairly trouble free years out of it.
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on May 22, 2014
So I've owned many many inkjets, and through all of them, I had my work horse--a giant Dell laser printer that I only paid $350 ten years ago. But alas, it was needing replacement parts that cost more than it was worth so I decided, screw it, I'll just buy a new laser printer. Something to replace my inkjets and old Dell laser.

So this Brother seemed to meet the qualifications. Did everything. Good enough print quality for everyday use. $350 was a lot, but hey, my last laser lasted me 10 years and I only replaced the toner ONCE over thousands and thousands of prints.

And the reviews were fairly...well...nothing too crazy...just kinda, blah. So I did it. I bought it.

Within two weeks of ownership, I was already getting finicky feeding in the manual tray (which BTW, is super annoying because you have to stand there and feed in one page at a time in a *really* specific way and in *exactly* the right moment of time, or it will beep and reset. Which makes this already ridiculous process even more frustrating.

So then the error messages...lots of them. I couldn't do anything right for this machine. And every time I would call customer service they would read from a book and ask me stupid questions for twenty minutes until I wanted to just escape into a drunken stupor. Or sometimes I would just yell at them that I didn't have time to go through all of this BS with them. I knew if my cables were plugged in. I knew there was paper loaded. I knew the cover was closed.

So here I am. Four months after purchase. Not operating. "Drum!" error message won't go away. I've replaced the very expensive toners TWICE and have only printed 967 normal use pages. I can't print. Customer service is closed. I hate Brother. I want to burn their crap factory down. And to make it all worse, I'm thinking of buying another new inkjet tomorrow.

Don't do it. There are PLENTY of other printers out there. A Whole world full of em. Don't buy this one. It's just not worth it. I wish someone had said this to me. I want to burn this thing right now.
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