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647 of 662 people found the following review helpful
on April 27, 2012
As a sewing beginner, I was not sure I should get a Brother sewing machine. I had been using my mother's Singer (Athena) for the past few months and really liked it, but it was a little out of my price range. I decided to get this machine for some of the features and the excellent price. There are a few things that I like more than the Singer. First, the drop in bobbin. I was used to having to pull up the bobbin thread on the Singer and have quickly gotten used to skipping that step. Next, the speed adjustment switch. It keeps me from sewing too fast at times and I can set in on the lowest speed when my daughter is sewing. I love that the hand crank has a mark on it to show where the needle is in its highest position. But you don't actually need that since there is a needle up and down button. It was also new to me, but I have quickly learned to use it and appreciate it. I find the light is very good, the machine is fast and quiet. It was very easy to set up and begin to use. I chose it over a few of the slightly lower end Brothers for the hard case and the table, which are both useful. I think the features I mentioned earlier were even more beneficial to me. Finally, there are more than enough types of stitches. The monogramming feature works easily. The feet are easy to change, and the digital display tells you which foot to use.

Finally, I will say that the needle threader on the Singer is unique--you can do it with one hand. This machine's mechanism is slightly more difficult, but now that I've mastered it I've not threaded the needle by hand even once.

This machine is fantastic! It has renewed by interest in sewing and seems to be a quality product that will last for years. I will update if I have any significant issues with the machine.
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353 of 364 people found the following review helpful
on May 10, 2013
Great value and a great machine! I've had this machine for over a year. (+ a CS6000i for 7 years.) I originally purchased it bc I saw the beautiful satin and blanket stitches it does for appliqué quilting on a friend's brother machine, but stayed with it for the great features. This machine has all the features of a $1000 machine for a fraction of the cost! It's very, very easy to use. You can have it up and running out of the box in 5 min.s. All the threading directions are right on the machine so you'll never forget. The manual is great. Read it. It has a troubleshooting section that can help you figure out problems (which are almost always Pilot Error :o) ) It comes with all the accessories and feet you need and if you ever buy more, they are affordable.
Features I love:
auto needle up/ down -I would never be without it,
auto needle stop down (or up, your choice),
needle threader -so much easier than threading by hand, slower speeds for beginners,
easy bobbin threading including a thread cutter and not having to pull the thread up before you sew!,
large work table,
thread cutter on the side,
thread cutter on the bobbin winder -wrap wrap wrap cut -so easy,
wide range of needle positions -so important.
I use class 15 Metal bobbins (has stopped thread tangling on the bottom issues), singer or organ needles (oddly, they work better than schmetz), and gutermann thread work's beautifully (but I use coats and clark too.)
I also like how the XR9500 will change needle position in #1 (different from cs6000i) and that you can set the machine to turn on at 0 (needle position left) or 1 (needle centered).
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360 of 387 people found the following review helpful
on January 17, 2013
First of all, I am about an intermediate, to advanced seamstress. I have sewn many things over the years.

I was given the Brother CS-6000i for Christmas. It had defective parts. I contacted Brother and they were not much help. All I needed were replacement presser feet because what was included was defective. Brother was telling me all about thread tension and could not see that I knew what I was talking about. It was frustrating.

On the other hand, Amazon has been amazing! This was a gift and Amazon tried their best to make my experience with them the best it could be. Amazon did not fail!

After much browsing, I was able to settle on this one for its features and price. I have this as a replacement machine and I couldn't be happier. I started using it right away when it came home. Once I fixed the tension and made sure I have threaded properly, it ran very well. It is a quiet and fast machine. The LCD has a backlight that helps SO much! Also, the LED lighting makes things brighter, too. I hemmed jeans without difficulty. I sewed buttons and the back of them looked wonderfully clean without a lot of looping that I have seen from other machines. I sewed on some sheer fabrics as well. I was pleased with how well it fed through and did not damage my material. I even tried out the basic monogramming on a foam insulated lunch bag. No problems at all! No problems feeding fabrics at all. I am loving using it!

I am looking forward to completing more projects with this machine.

My machine came with an instructional DVD (this is better than the instructional manual) AND a see-through open toe quilting foot that were true bonuses because these were not listed in the original description. Once you watch the video, for the threading and start up, it is easier to refer to the written manual for future reference.

I am appreciating all the time that Amazon took to make sure I was satisfied with my gift.
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72 of 74 people found the following review helpful
on December 29, 2014
I love this machine and feel it, so far, is well worth the price. First - DO NOT remove the Styrofoam taped in the inside of the hard cover. I am pretty sure that I wasn't supposed to and now it rests oddly on top of my machine. I am having my parents try to get it out of their trash so I can glue it back in. haha.
The automatic needle threader
The drop in bobbin system (easy peasy)
The tension has not been adjusted at all from out of the box. Yes!
The stiches!! There are so many and the machine automatically tells you which presser foot to use with which stich. Easy and so fun. The possibilities are endless with this machine.
The font - yes there is only one, but it will do for my needs. It is small, but like I said, it will do and it is nice to have.
The table attachment - it is probably small for quilters, but for regular sewers, it is really nice
The DVD - totally cheezy, but worth watching for your first time using the machine. I wish it were way more instructional on the harder stuff like blind hems, but they do say it is meant to supplement the instruction manual.
The speed control switch - It is great for beginners to start on the slow switch and then you don't accidentally stomp on the pedal and sew fast and crazy.
The option to always have the needle end down in the fabric. This helps beginners not to accidentally lose their place if they have to lift the foot for any reason.
The accessories - I was surprised at all the feet and needles it came with. You can do almost anything with this machine without need to purchase other items.

All in all, I think this machine is wonder for beginners and more advanced sewers. It is a machine that can take you from beginner to advanced without having to purchase other accessories or even another machine. Disclaimer: I have only tried basic fabrics through this machine. I have not tried denim or really delicate fabric, so the jury is still out on that. Also, the LED lights are bright, but I still find the need to have a table lamp. Great purchase for the price. Also, I have read everywhere to only purchase Brother bobbins. I ordered a pack at the same time I got the machine because I think it only comes with 3-4 bobbins and you will need way more than that and I didn't see the Brother brand at my local fabric store.
review image
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50 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on June 17, 2014
My other machine was the lowest end Brother and I got tired of not being able to do anything. This one is so incomparably better (for just a little more money, I might add) and it is shocking. You really get a lot of bank for your buck here.

My overarching comment is that many times one is tempted to do things by hand because getting the machine out and ready is a hassle. This machine makes all those things way faster and more convenient, so it gets more use. Real easy to get out and ready to go quickly.

Positive comments:

1. Insanely easy to insert and get the bobbin threaded and ready for use. This was a pain in my old one and I have saved so much time using this drop in method. You don't need to pull the thread up or anything before use. Also nothing complex to remember. Simple and nice.

2. Threading the upper part and needle are great. Once you figure out how to thread the needle it is so fast. I never thread by hand any more. Another huge time saver.

3. Love that you can set the needle to end in the up or down position by default. I also love the button that pushes the needle down and up. I never, ever use the twisty thing to move the needle. Such a time saver!

4. Lots of fun stitches and feet so there is a ton of functionality here. You don't know how much you need obscure features until you have them and think to use them.

5. There are only a few controls but they are all useful. There's not a single button or switch I don't use regularly. Very simple, useful, intuitive user interface.

6. I originally thought the ability to sew without the pedal was a gimmick, but I use it all the time. Whenever it's a small job and not worth setting up the pedal I just leave it. Hemming pants or whatever. Too quick and easy using the pedal-less functionality. Good work, Brother!

7. Love that this thing can sew sloooowwwly if you want. When doing delicate operations I hate how many sewing machines are too fast and get ahead of you. You can turn this down so it creeps along practically as slow as you would like.

8. The monogramming feature is very, very basic, but also very easy to use and a nice extra. Normally that feature is found only way above this price point.

9. Very lightweight and compact machine. I could consider this travel size and weight. Great if you are the type of person who keeps the sewing machine in the closet instead of having a dedicated workspace for it.

10. Changing feet is crazy easy as well. Who wants to unscrew feet? Just pop them off.

11. This machine is way, way quieter than expected. Much quieter than other machines I have used.

Overall this machine just couldn't be any easier to use and has a lot of useful functionality.

Negative comments:

1. The downside of the lightweightness of the machine is that it can move around while you are sewing. Not as stable as a big heavy sewing machine. The small size also has its downsides too if if you are sewing larger objects.

2. Putting in the bobbin is dead easy but also easy to get wrong. Occasionally it won't hook under the little metal thing (or pulls out) and then it puts no tension on the bottom and your stitches look terrible. Took me a while to diagnose this. You get used to double checking to make sure it's right and then it's not a problem.

3. The monogram feature is easy to use but very, very basic. It's not beautiful embroidery, just letters in a fixed size and not all that attractive. I consider this a bonus feature so it's no big deal. Good for putting your name on something in an inconspicuous place but doesn't produce a monogram you would want people to see.

4. The description seems to indicate that it has an automatic (mechanized) thread cutter. That's not the case. It has little grooves on it with blades that you can pull a thread through to cut, just like every other sewing machine in the world. The difference is that this has them in three useful places: on the bobbin winder, in the bobbin hole, and on the left side of the arm.

That's basically it. No real significant downsides. This is a very, very useful and well-designed machine. It is just like the most popular sewing machine in the world (the CS6000i) but has the addition of the monogram feature and a few other small extras. I would absolutely recommend it for any occasional sewer, whether beginner or more advanced. If you sew many hours a week or have special requirements you may want a higher end model, but this can get an amazing amount done.
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42 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on October 20, 2013
I like this machine as a back up. Being a person that does a lot of commercial sewing, it's okay. For a beginner, it would be perfect. For a designer that need to carry their machine to shows for last minute alterations, it's perfect. It's light weight for carrying and it offer a lot of stitch alternatives. Does pretty good button holes, and it's monogram is easy to operate. I've had this machine for 1 year now and use it almost everyday. I have not had any problems out of it so far..
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58 of 63 people found the following review helpful
on October 16, 2013
I didn't think i would like it so much, i just wanted an interim machine until i got my old elna su fixed. so i got some muslin and put it through it's paces... man sewing machines have come so far,
I can baste with it; using the raise/lower foot button.
I can go super fast or super slow (very good for specialty stitching).
i can use the controls on the front of the machine instead of the foot pedal, which is really quite nice, and gives one far more control. It feeds the fabric very very nicely, easier to control fabric.
It really has 140 stitches,
I love the stipple for darning...
I could just go on and on and on....
it even comes with a hard plastic case to protect it from dust... I LOVE this machiine and urge you to try it... :-D
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198 of 229 people found the following review helpful
on December 11, 2011
I purchased this item from

I recently started quilting and wanted a machine that could handle this. After looking at multiple choices, I chose the Brother XR9500PRW. I am very pleased with the results I have had with it. Since I also make a lot of my own clothing, I love the way this machine accomodates all my projects.

The only problem I have encountered is using the buttonhole maker. I am making a blazer with facing and interfacing. Will not feed all the layers so I am forced to make them the old fashioned way - by hand!

I give this machine 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone.
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245 of 287 people found the following review helpful
on June 21, 2012
I ordered this because most reviews were positive, I was hoping the negative ones were flub-ups. Boy am I sorry now. It arrived swiftly and I set up to use it. I went through the decorative stitches and loved it, played with the tension and stitch length-width (not always true to the label, but close). I had no problems for about a week. Following the completion of one project, I set out on another. It would not sew more than three stitches without a error message appearing. The upper thread was caught on something and jamming the needle.
- The neck is so low it makes working under the plates nearly impossible. You have to hold the screw driver sideways to unscrew the plate.
- There is a "peg" from the plate that if the plate is shifted will snag the upper thread as it engaged the lower. Fixed this.
-Went to sew, still catching and making a mess out of the project. I can't figure it out.

History: I have been sewing for 13 years and have serviced my own machine in the past. I know what I'm doing, and this machine really disappointed. I will exchange if I can, I hope it's just this individual machine. I like the features, but the cramped arm is killing me.
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53 of 59 people found the following review helpful
on July 3, 2012
I ordered this as a birthday present for myself and have used it to make a few dresses and such for my daughter. Before ordering, I took lessons at a local shop and thankfully didn't forget all I'd learned. But even if I had, this machine is ridiculously easy to set up and use. And for its price, it comes with an awful lot of nice extras. The foot pedal, the quilting platform and the seam ripper (ha!) have all been put to use.

As I work my way up from pillowcase dresses into more complex fitted garments with buttons or zippers and fitted sleeves, I expect to put this machine through its paces but I don't expect to come up short. I spent a fair amount of time researching machines from Singer, Brother and Janome (among others) and for what I had budgeted, this one had the best set of features and quality construction. And unless I read wrong, it has a proper metal frame to reduce the likelihood of chassis flex leading to stitching errors or mechanical breakdowns. Solid as it is, i expect it to last through years of occasional projects!
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