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"Brothers and Sisters" is a show created back in 2006 by Jon Robin Baitz (a writer who worked on "Alias" and "West Wing"). The series revolves around the Walker family, an upperclass family that owns a major company known as Ojai Foods.

But the family goes through major trials and tribulations in the first three seasons but with the fourth, the family faces a much greater challenge as a family member has cancer, the family business is quickly losing money and the Walker may never be the same after the season finale of season 4.


"Brothers and Sisters - The Complete Fourth Season" is featured in Widescreen (1:78:1), enhanced for 16×9 televisions. There are a lot of outdoor and indoor shots and "Brothers and Sisters" does have quite a bit of grain but nothing too distracting. But for the most part, picture quality is satisfactory.


"Brothers and Sisters - The Complete Fourth Season" is featured in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, the show is mostly dialogue-based but there are quite a bit of music featured in the episodes, but the audio is pretty much front and center channel driven and audio is clear. There are no really need for major sound effects for "Brothers and Sisters" but for the most part, dialogue and background music are heard quite clearly.

My receiver setup preference was set to "Stereo on all Channels" for a much more immersive soundtrack.


"Brothers and Sisters - The Complete Fourth Season" comes with the following special features:


* Deleted Scenes - A total of four deleted scenes: Ryan steps up, taking a second, kitty's caught in the middle, a meeting of mothers.


* Deleted Scenes - A total of six deleted scenes: what to do, advice from Tommy, phone connections, happy birthday mr. governor, official entry and going for it.


* Deleted Scenes - Featuring a total of three deleted scenes: Justin's promise, being there, make a deal


* Deleted Scenes - Featuring two deleted scenes: lost keys, next republic senator


* Deleted Scenes - A total of three deleted scenes: tell me what happened?, second thoughts and mug shots.


* The Red Carpet - (08:11) Featuring the red carpet premiere of the first episode of season 4 at the "Brothers & Sisters" premiere party.
* Off the Clock - (11:09) Behind-the-Scenes of what happens "Off-the-Clock" of "Brothers and Sisters". Featuring the crew of "Brothers and Sisters" and fun things that the cast take part in.
* Bloopers - (2:14) Featuring outtakes from the fourth season of "Brothers and Sisters".
* Deleted Scenes - A total of four deleted scenes which include what's going on?, hell of a backhand, Ojai Foods and like old times.


"Brothers and Sisters - The Complete Fourth Season" comes with a slip over case.


Heartfelt, humorous, dramatic and enjoyable, this is probably my favorite season of the popular ABC drama series yet.

I have to admit that many of my favorite drama series on television have somehow gone astray with the writing this year. And without mentioning any series, I will say that the "thinking outside of the box" has literally brought many quite a few of these once wonderful drama series to unusual lows with unrealistic, make-believe and idiotic storylines.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with "Brothers and Sisters". For this fourth season, writers for this season went for accessible storylines that people can relate to.

With the Walker family, everything that had to do with the characters are stories that people can relate to. With Nora, we see a single mother trying to get on with her life and start dating again, also having to deal with a mother who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease via Dementia. With Kitty, having to face the reality that she may not be there for her young child because she is suffering from Lymphoma and having to deal with stage 3 cancer. With Kevin and Scotty, two gay men who want to adopt and are having problems. With Sarah, also a single mother testing out the dating scene but also having to deal with a daughter. Tommy who has to deal with divorce and custody issues. And then we have Justin and Rebecca who are stressed out because of their wedding, having to think of parenthood and even for Justin trying to get into medical school and realizing that he may have a learning disability.

And of course, it doesn't stop there. You have Holly, having to deal with losing her money to a Ponzi scheme, the reality that all that she had worked for is now gone and now finding herself in the worst position in her life and facing a future of being broke, starting over and even more which I don't want to spoil anyone one who hasn't seen the episodes yet.

And this is what makes the fourth season of "Brothers and Sisters" so believable and we can laugh during the jokes but when can also shed a tear when things get tough. We can sympathize with the characters and that is one thing that really distinguishes "Brothers and Sisters" from many other drama series as many of them have become so unbelievable that these one popular shows have lost its sparkle. Fortunately, "Brothers and Sisters" fared well and not only did it get people tearing over Kitty's battle with cancer but with a finale so shocking, no one expected the writers to really end it in this fashion. Definitely one of the most impressive and tragic season finales that I have ever seen.

I admit that the writers really pulled things off for the fourth season but it's going to be quite interesting to see how they can improve on the fifth.

Another reason why I enjoyed this season so much is how much time was given to characters such as Holly Harper, Rebecca Harper, David Caplan and Scotty Wandell. It was good for the series to explore the relationships other than Kitty and Robert and give more screen time to these characters and see how the Walker's have affected their relationships with these people. Rebecca has grown to a character I enjoy watching and I also feel that the writers have treated Kevin and Scotty's relationship was tastefully done. And also to see Holly in a new light and to see how her relationship with Nora is evolving.

Also, the introduction to new characters was well-done. At first, I thought they would treat the character of Luc Laurent as more of just utilizing his looks and overplay it but he has become a pretty cool character for the season and it's always good see Sarah not so neurotic or angsty all the time. Luc seems to have brought some stability with that character and I like that. Also, for the younger viewers, to see Roxy Olin of MTV's "The City" reality TV show on "Brothers and Sisters" was a bit surreal but the fact that both of her parents are on the series didn't surprise me.

As for this DVD set, although there are not as many special features compared to last season's DVD boxset, nor are there any commentary tracks, you do get a lot deleted scenes but also "The Red Carpet" featurette and also quite a few featurettes via the "Off the Clock" and bloopers included in this fourth season set. So, if that was my only nitpick of this DVD set, it was the lack of audio commentary.

Overall, "Brothers and Sisters - The Complete Fourth Season" is definitely my favorite season of the drama series yet. Well-written, well-acted and from beginning to end of this fourth season, viewers will be crying, laughing and then shocked by the season finale. It's that good!

Definitely recommended!
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on May 31, 2010
What was once a pertinent and unique family drama has become a tired, predictable series with little to look forward to from week-to-week. Despite the continued brilliance of such actors as Sally Field, Rachel Griffiths, Calista Flockhart, and Rob Lowe, their talent is wasted in this fourth season of a show that was once a standout on ABC's schedule. ***Warning: Spoilers to follow***

The first half of season four was moving in an interesting direction, with Kitty's battle with cancer taking centre stage and Sarah finally getting back into the dating game. The family business was seeing success after a series of pitfalls and things were looking up for the Walkers. However, the latter half of the season became predictable and tedious as Ojai Foods was once again plagued with a series of roadblocks with a melodramatic blackmail plot that strangely disappeared as a result of even more secrets from William Walker's past being revealed. I think the viewers would prefer if the producers stopped using the same old tricks to build storylines based on William's dishonest past. In addition, the number of story arcs floating around throughout the year was overwhelming (Kitty's cancer, Kitty's political career, Robert's new job, Sarah/ Luc drama, Kevin & Scotty having a baby, Scotty & Saul opening a restaurant, Saul's health concern, Nora & Saul's ailing mother, Justin/ Rebecca's marriage, Rebecca's miscarriage, Justin's medical career, Justin going to Haiti-- not to mention all the Ojai drama, flashback stories, etc.) and it felt as if the writers were just testing various ideas on the audience with little understanding of where any of the characters were going. Further, Balthazar Getty's role in this season is confusing and clumsy-- the best part of having him on the show was Sarah Jane Morris so I think the writers should either bring them both back or forget his character.

Despite these drawbacks, kudos to the writers for getting rid of the Ryan Lafferty storyline- this was going nowhere and I'm glad they scrapped the idea. Another bright spot was Flockhart, who truly deserves an Emmy nom for her beautiful handling of Kitty's grapple with cancer. Let's hope that the fifth season's one year leap forward inspires a much-needed creative resurgence or else the Walkers will be another example of a TV family who stayed on the air past their prime.
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on June 3, 2010
I didn't watch Brothers and Sisters the first two seasons and regretted it because it seemed like my kind of show. So, I ordered the first 2 seasons and Tivo'd the 3rd; got caught up and have been watching it on Tivo every since; however, I still bought the other seasons to have to keep. I genuinely love these characters and their roles. I always find it thoughtful and intriguing in just the right places and I've always loved Sally Field. It's Just Great TV!
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on June 29, 2010
There was a lot that went on in the 4th season and I was okay with most of it but the icing on the cake was during the season finale and what they did to Saul. This turn of events was unnecessary and why do they have to push this topic with a majority of gay story lines? For once I would like to watch a gay story line that was happy without drama! Saul's character hasn't been able to cut a break. He has been unlucky in love, dealing with coming out at an older age, not having any gay friends or network that we know of. Saul was already down on his luck and then the writers throw this new issue in his face. Boo to the writers on this one. Saul's story line should have been developed through his journey of acceptance towards his sexuality and his growth in living as an out and proud gay man. Why couldn't they have written new gay friends into Saul's life and even a possible love interest that stays in the story line? Just because a person is gay doesn't mean they are depressed, and lonely, and HIV positive.

Because of this story line with Saul, I will probably not be returning as a fan of the show for its 5th season.
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on May 22, 2014
I have the whole series on video, but I think it was in this season that I started to feel that the series had crossed the line from a prime time drama to a mostly-soap-opera genre. I generally like the children in this series, but increasingly find it provides a platform for Sally Field (whom I generally like) and Patricia Wettig (not so much) to practice over-acting. In each episode, I wait for someone to say to Sally Field when she launches into one of her over-the-top carry-ons, "For heaven's sake, just knock it off."

Still, the younger actors are quite good here and the series is better than most of what is currently available in prime time.
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on September 25, 2015
This is one of my all time favorite TV shows. It is smart, funny and highly entertaining. Not coming from a large family myself I especially enjoyed the sibling interactions. Nobody can keep a secret.
This show was cancelled FAR to SOON!!
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on January 23, 2014
Okay, when this show premiered I had to choose between recording a show I was already following or watch this new series called Brothers and Sisters four seasons came and went. I over heard people talking about the show and wanted to watch it. Finally over one summer they ran reruns of season 1, 2, 3, 4 and five. Each season rerun thy left out a couple of the episodes. Needless to say I was hooked and purchased the missing episodes on Instant Video. I loved Brothers and Sisters and was sad when they went off air. Thank God For Instant Video!
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on February 1, 2014
I brought this for my wife who is a big fan of the show. She herself comes from a large family and though the show has very good acting, I could not help but feel that I was sitting and watching a remake of my wife's life. I'm an only child and can't understand the bond between siblings at times but when they get into it? It makes for good drama... on the show that is ;)
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on June 25, 2013
I still give it four stars because the overall production values are stunning, the other acting and writing is generally strong, and the "dinner table" scenes continued to be tearjerkers on a regular basis.
But come ON, Ryan Lafferty... what a mess THAT turned out to be. The 'winery' plotline was brought to a sharp ending and he just kinda disappeared. Good riddance.
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on October 1, 2012
When I got to last episode I almost cried,so didn't want it to ever end.This ever classy hard,workin,sometimes tacky and inappropriate family I grew to adore! Entertainment is so necessary in todays world. What genuis gathered these exact actors in these exact roles; that was pure rolling thunder. Set Direction, colors and sounds,every single actor in all episodes MADE ME STAND UP AND CHEER..PLEASE SOMEONE BRING THEM BACK FOR MORE....
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