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on August 12, 2009
This is a really fun game. It is very easy to set up and very easy to understand. No long confusing instructions to read and understand. Just get it out and play! My sister brought this out for my birthday party and it was so much fun! It says ages 12 and up, but we played with an 8 year old who absolutely loved this game! Our group had people ages 8,15,16,17,30's & 40's. Everyone loved it.

You have two sets of cards stacked next to each other face down. You flip one card over from each stack and put them next to each other. This creates the "thing" you try to answer. You write your answer on a dry erase board and don't show anyone. Sometimes you have to draw your answer as a picture, which really adds to the fun! When everyone is ready, you reveal your answer to everyone at the same time. Who ever has the same answer gets a point, which is written on a score card. The person with the most points wins.

After shuffling, there are so many different possible combinations of drawing the cards, the game is new every time!

I highly recommend this game to everyone! It is good clean fun, which is hard to find these days!
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on May 26, 2011
I got this game for $5 at a Borders store in NYC that was going out of business. I brought it to a game Meetup. The idea is to try to match other players answers to the matching topics. Each player gets a different color paddle to write their answers on. There were four of us playing. The first topic was OLD BOOK. We all said The Bible and scored.

It's an easy game to play, but it can take a while to match an answer. I played two games of it and won both. In addition to writing an answer, the special die has two special spots. One has you teaming up with another player to come up with one answer between you, and another spot has you drawing your answer instead of writing it. We all matched on Superman when we drew an EARLY SUPERHERO.

The most common answer said scores one point for all who said it. If two answers tie, both answers score. It takes eight matching answers to win. A fun game and up to six can play. The one drawback is the markers which can dry up or wear out easily. I bought matching color markers at a stationery store that work better. I use these same markers for Wits and Wagers, Say Anything and Truth Be Told. It might be worth the investment if this turns out to be a popular game among you and others you know.
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on February 6, 2011
This is a fun game. We had lots of fun playing it. Adults close together in age wind up winning because they come up with similar answers. We had good times with this multigenerational game when the day after Christmas blizzard kept our extended family together for one more day.
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on January 2, 2012
This is a fun game. There are three different modes of play -- Likewise (where you try to match answers), Doodle (where you draw your answers) and Wiseguys (where the person who roles the die picks another player to collaborate with to get an answer). The randomness of the descriptions and the subjects can make for some hilarious categories! I really like the tie breaker. In the event of a tie, play and scoring continues as usual, allowing those of us who are "mind-meld-challenged" the opportunity to catch up! There does seem to be a penalty for being creative with your answers. If you put a creative answer, instead of the answer most likely to be chosen, you won't get a point unless others are just as creative as you!

Because it is only up to 6 players, it's better for families and small parties. We have added players with paper and pencil, though. I like that the scoreboard and paddles seem like they will last for quite awhile. After playing three times, though, one of the markers is running dry.

The manufacturer suggests the game is ages 14 and up, but I have successfully played also with a 10 and 13 year old in the group. In fact, my 10-year old daughter loves playing this with her friends!
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on July 2, 2008
The first time I played this game, it was in a group of people where I knew some and others I didn't. It was a great ice breaker and I made some new friends. The ages were also mixed from early 20's to 60's and everyone had fun and was laughing. Needless to say, it was a hit all around.
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on January 6, 2013
Good game, not GREAT game. It doesn't take a long time to play and only 6 players can play at time. This number of players is adequate most of the time, but recently we had a few more and tried to pair up in teams. That didn't work very well. Not our first choice of the many games we have in our home, but will be used again.
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on November 28, 2011
Our family enjoyed this game and played with players 10-74 years old. We laughed a lot. I would love to see more word cards, so I'll make some of my own. The erasable markers will obviously not last, but those are completely replaceable with any dry-erase type. We also made up our own brand of scoring using a separate piece of paper and giving points for how many people matched answers (if three people had the same answer they each got 3 points that round) We also had more than 6 players so we just used scrap paper and markers in the same way as you would use the erasable paddles. We played this way with up to 10 players
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on June 14, 2013
Good concept and execution, but it didn't go over well on game night. The game seemed slow and took way longer than we expected. Trying to think the way you'd expect friends to on things like silly sports or manly accessories is difficult.
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on February 25, 2016
Likewise is a party game where individuals try to write the same answer to a prompt as other players.

Each player is given a dry-erase board and a marker. There is a dry-erase score sheet and a big die. There are two decks of cards: adjectives and nouns.

Each turn, a player rolls the die. There are three results: Likewise, Doodle, and Wise Guys. The result will determine how the round is played.

Likewise is the most common result. The player turns over the two cards, with the adjective describing the noun. So you may get "Popular Magazine" or "Weird Comedian" or "Unusual Food." All players then write down their answer on their dry-erase board, and reveal them all at the same time. All players who wrote the same thing score a point. All tied players score, but if all players write something different no one scores any points.

Doodle is the same, but instead of writing an answer you draw it.

Wise Guys has the roller choose one other player. Together they come up with an answer, and all players try and match.

The first player to eight points wins.

What I like about the game:
*The two different decks make this a highly replayable game. One game it may be "Unusual Comedian" and "Weird Magazine." There's plenty of cards on top of that.
*The game itself is fun, and coming up with what you think everyone else is going to say--just to have everyone else say something completely different--can be quite enjoyable.

What I don't like about the game:
*The Wise Guys option just seems...weird. It doesn't really work all that well. It's not a disaster, but it seems like something different would work better.
*This is minor, but the production is very childish. The dry-erase boards all have goofy faces on them. No one cares, really, and it's a party game, but if you have adults over who are still sober they may look at you funny when you pull out something that looks like a preschool toy set.

We had a blast playing it, but like many party games the fun was coming up with inside jokes and "creative" answers. Those answers are the most fun, but they're also the ones that will make you lose. In games like Things and Say Anything, players are rewarded for coming up with different solutions; in this game, you're rewarded for thinking like other people. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but the most fun we had with this game had little to do with the goal of the game. If you're the sort of person like me that doesn't care if they win, games like Likewise can be a blast. But if everyone is gunning for the victory, I can see this game sort of degenerate into boredom.

Product Description
Likewise! is a thought provoking party game where it pays to think alike. In this game, individuals are presented with a random pairing of a Description and Subject Cards. The pairing might be "Exotic - Car", or "Massive - Breakfast Food" or something like that. Next, players write down or doodle their answers in secret. Finally, they flip their paddles, reveal their answers (and a little bit about themselves in a way). Matching answers move ahead on the game board and the first to the winner's circle is declared the champ. With over 5,000 possible category combinations, this is the laughable, lively, like-minded party game that you'll love!
The game includes 6 Thought Paddles, 6 Erasers, 6 Markers, 1 Playing Die, 1 Scorecard, 71 Description Cards, 71 Subject Cards and instructions.
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on April 4, 2012
I purchased this game a few days ago and my childern and I have placed this game everyday. I would suggest this game for people of all ages. (children ages 7 & 9)
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