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on March 15, 2005
Please don't think I am disrespecting the show. I LOVE BUFFY. I was just so terribly dissappointed here... i actually shut off the DVD player a few times. It was HARD to watch how the writers were ending these characters. It didn't seem like I was watching buffy anymore. Nothing was the same this time. I am the biggest fan of Buffy. I fell in love with season one. I was hooked from the start. By the time i purchased seasons 2 and 3 i thought the writing and acting was far surperior than most shows around. I LOVED seasons 5 * 6 -- no compliants. Where oh WHERE in the HECK did the writers send these characters too in season 7? IT was all over the board in season 7. There was NO CORE group at all....BAD story lines .. BORING BORING hard to watch at times. I am APPAULED at Willow's handling of TARA'S death/memory. In retro spect it was the MOST INCONSISTANT storyline of season 7. Here is why .. season six ended with DARK WILLOW .. why was she DARK --- because TARA died. So wouldn't it stand to reason she really loved tara and was in soo much pain she almost destroyed the world. How then in season 7 can she just jump so fast into a new relationship and act so ANTI WILLOW----it was like watching a different show. Willow was my favorite character .. but NOT in season 7. Here is another TERRIBLE story ending....Anya Dies ..and all Zander says is "that's my girl" .. with a smile on his face??? PLEASE !!! PLEASE !!! GARBAGE. I would liked to have seen more of the CORE characters have more scenes and episodes pulling them together .. since this was the LAST season. They brought FAITH back .. which was the highlight .. and I feel it was wasted. There wasn't that spark there as in Season Three. I feel at no fault to the actors. They are awesome's the HORRIBLE writing! And those STUPID "slayer girls" ...BUFFY had more conversations with random girls .. then she did with Willow or zander ect. *~~* oh well ~* buffy is STILL the BEST TV show ever. It did have an awesome battle scene at the end ~* and the musical score was HOT!!!! ~*~* I give every other season 5 stars .. but Season 7 was a let down for a fan like me! I hope you can watch and enjoy it though!! Maybe I am just sentimental and wantd to see more closeness between main characters !! xoxo
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on February 3, 2005
Buffy was one of best and most original series on television, but sadly, petered out in the end. The series took it's first hit after season three, ending the high school years, and creator Joss Wheden having to work on Angel more than he expected. Still, while not as good, it gamely strode on with some good episodes, until Buffy was killed at the end of Season Five. In many ways, the series should have ended here, inspite of the wonderful Season Six episode "Once More With Feeling," one of the best episodes of the series. However, one episode isn't enough to make up for the bad Season Six and Seven Episodes.

In Season Seven, after a promising start, the series faltered through poor writing and plotting. New regular Principal Wood had real chemistry with Buffy, but the addition of Nathon Fillon from Wheden's Firefly bombed. The characters were no longer the people they were once before, having to have their personalities changed for the banal stories to work. Death looses it's meaning. When Anya dies, and Zander is told at the end of the finale, he just says "That's my girl." Hardly the reaction one would suspect from her former fiance, but then, when Buffy the series died, I just said, "well, it was overdue to end."

Where does the blame lie? Executive Producer Marti Noxon seems to use here writing chores as a way to release her own emotional issues (which we don't care about, Marti). David Fury is a master of the padding department, taking an hour to tell a story other writers can tell in 20 minutes. But ultimately, it must be laid at Joss Wheden's feet. He was the creator and producer in charge all along, and he should have had the knowledge and strength to fire the dead weight he had accumulated in the production offices. But he didn', he let them ruin his show, and thus must bear the ultimate blame. He's an extremely gifted writer and director, but by season seven, he showed he doesn't have what it takes to be a series producer.
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on May 14, 2013
I enjoyed the previous seasons of Buffy, but not so much when Dawn came along (I found her too whiny and needy). Season 6 had ups and downs. Season 7 just lost me completely. The actors themselves seemed bored and looked like they didn't want to be there, especially Willow. The episodes were padded and slow-moving, and characters became less and less likeable. The Big Bad was not at all interesting. Bringing in old characters (Faith, Angel) added nothing, and new ones like Caleb seemed like desperate attempts to pump life into a blase story. One good thing about this season is that it didn't leave me disappointed that it wasn't renewed.

There were some bright spots: "Help," "Selfless," "Conversations with Dead People," and "Storyteller." But that's how many episodes out of 22 total?
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on October 30, 2009
And that's about all I have to say about this season. It was just a piece of garbage. The plot, the characters, the villians, Buffy's long-winded uninspiring speeches, the annoying slayers-in-training, the horrible looking CGI-fueled action scenes, and the crappy end to a once-great series. I don't even think I want to do an in-depth review of season 7, like I did for the other seasons. However, there a few key points I want to address.
After I watched the cliffhanger ending of season 6, I had to watch season 7. I mean, Spike with a soul? How could it not be awesome. Here's how. Spike doesn't act any different. He's a little nutty when he first gets back to Sunnydale, but it didn't really make any sense. Angel didn't act like that when he got his soul back. He was very remorseful, but he didn't just sit around spouting gibberish. And once Spike gets over himself, he's no different from the Spike we knew in the last 3 seasons. I never really thought of Spike as evil, necessarily. Maybe a little bit in the first half of Season 2, but he had already pretty much turned good before he got his soul back. He was still kind of a jerk, and that should have changed with him getting his soul back. I mean, look at Angel. He did a complete 180 when he got a soul. Spike has pretty much the same personality with and without a soul.
Now, the main villian of this season, The First. Remember them? Those ghost guys who started tormenting Angel around Christmas in season 3? Well, the writers decided to make them the big bad of this season. They suddenly show up and decide to destroy the world. So where were they for the last 4 years? And who are they? How did they create the vampires-on-steroids if they can't physically manifest themselves? What happened to them at the end? Did they get blown up along with the hellmouth? Are they somehow linked to the hellmouth? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!?
I want to bring up one more point. The character Dawn. She turned into an excellent character in this season. I mean, she finally grows up and stops being such a brat. That is, until the end. That thing where she and the other slayers kick Buffy out of the house was the stupidest, most contrived, pointless plot line I've ever seen. It makes no sense, it makes you want to kill Dawn even more, and Buffy is back with them at the end of the next episode. What did you do guys do that for?! I want to point out all the annoying characters in the later half of this series. Riley. They removed him when there was a fan outcry for it. Tara. Her bland character was finally killed off. Anya. She finally dies at the end of this season. But Dawn? She stays on for the rest of the series. She's even in the season 8 comics. I want to compare Dawn to Connor on Angel. Both of them are easily the worst, most hated characters on their respective shows. The difference? On Angel, they had the good sense to remove Connor after one season. Why not on Buffy? I mean, Joss Whedon was overseeing both shows. In fact, I want to ask another question. If Joss Whedon was the creator of both shows, and he oversaw both shows, then why was Angel so good, and Buffy seasons 4, 5, and 7 so awful?
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on May 7, 2005
People are giving this season way too high a rating, based on how much they liked the previous seasons. Hey, I'm a Buffy fan too. I wouldn't have watched the first six seaons if I wasn't a fan.

But this season plain out sucks. And it doesn't just suck in comparison to previous seasons. It sucks as a TV show.

Every previous season of Buffy is based around a core group of characters (Buffy, Giles, Xander, Willow and depending on the season you're watching Cordelia, Oz, Anya, Dawn, etc). There are several story arcs taking place with each character, and although they fight evil, in between fighting evil there are other stories happening. And of course there is also the campy humor which was quite enjoyable throughout the first six seasons (although the sixth season slacked a bit).

But come the 7th season, and the show is now nothing but lousy serial pulp fiction involving humourless characters who have no lives outside the main storyline. The acting is horrible, as if they all just gave up when they saw how bad the scripts were.
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on June 11, 2005
I couldn't believe all the bad reviews this season received.

I had missed the original airing of Season 7. I just couldn't imagine why so many fans were giving such bad reviews.

Ignoring them I pre-ordered the set. I was very exited to see the last season. I am a die hard fan of the show !!!!!!!

The critics were right .. this season just SUCKS

Did the writers just give up after writing the final script of Season 6 ????

The characters had TERRIBLE storylines

1. Anya was just fluttering through this season ...either break her up with Xander and move her out of the scripts or give her a decent story -- i mean come on ! She is STRONG actress who deserved better ! Oh and don't you love the ending when Xander finds out she died .. not ONE tear .. just the remark "That's my girl" .. really believable .. since Xander was the "emotional" character throughout the series !

2. Andrew -- funny in his own right . but fitting in with the gang --- ummmmm does anyone remember his plotting to rob, cheat & teaming up the person that killed tara??

3. Potentials -- annoying -- scattered -- not convincing - who casted these misfits?

4. Buffy/Spike or Buffy/Angel --- PICK ONE !

5. The First --- Caleb --- oh my god ... could he have been

more BORING ... unconvincing as a Big Bad granmom could have taken him!!! They should have resurrected the Master's Bones as a more believable series ending !!

in short this season is GARBAGE .. i have already sold my set back -- save your money
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on January 18, 2005
Where's the story? There is none, and that's the main flaw. We learn in episodes 1-2 that there's a "First Evil" for Buffy to defeat. Then almost nothing happens until episode 22. It's like season 7 = A BIG NOTHING = a real drudge to watch. ======================= Myself, I prefer the superior seasons 2 through 6, and I recommend you spend your money on those first.
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on October 6, 2005
You won't find a bigger Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan than me. I absolutely adore the show and I adore Buffy Summers above all. The seventh season completely destroyed everything she was, every positive aspect of her personality, and all the other characters and their relationships to boot. It wasn't Buffy anymore, and it was so painful to watch. Buy this set to complete your collection, but chances are you won't be breaking it out to watch any time soon. Joss knows I haven't. The writers were burnt and it showed even more here than it did in the sixth season. If you want to see why people spend day in and day out reading and writing about these characters, check out seasons 1 through 5 and you'll understand; watching the final two seasons will leave you puzzled, without a doubt.
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on December 14, 2008
I've been a Buffy fan for a long time. I love Buffy. I loved seasons 1-6 and I really wanted to love season 7. I really really tried. I was stoked that Spike got his soul back, I was interested to see what would happen with all the characters ... and what happened? A big fat zippo. I mean, primary problem: you can't kill the first evil, which is the big bad, so the entire plot line was pointless. And then all the episodes were just insipid. Spike had that awesome monologue where Buffy learns he has a soul and I thought "yay, this season's going to get better!" and then it never did. And Andrew was just annoying as HELL which says nothing of how annoying all the little potential slayers are ... or how annoying Buffy is with her weekly big speeches. That's triple annoying throughout the entire season.

I know if you're a Buffy fan like I am it's difficult to skip a season of anything ... but I would really recommend it here ... just stick with the end of Season 6 ... that's how Buffy should be remembered.
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on December 31, 2004
Season 7 of Buffy is pretty crappy. Even the season closer, "Chosen", pales in comparison to the ending for season 5 (IMHO). Seasons 1-5 of Buffy are THE best t.v. I've ever seen. The funny thing is... the show actually ended at the end of season 5. It had a great ending too. Why did they bring it back? Even Buffy was mad she was brought back to life, as part of the plot in season 6. I couldn't blame here; I was mad too.

Season 6 is worth purchasing just for the excellent "Once more with feeling". There is nothing to recommend about season 7.
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