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on August 23, 2009
About 3/5th of this book is about what it is going to tell you in later chapters. The book is loaded with phrases like, "We'll discuss _____________ in the next chapter in more depth'" or "Another topic that we'll delve into in a later chapter."
It's basically a get rich quick book. You can become rich by investing in the drink business, and it's so easy, you don't have to know a thing. All you have to do is hire me and my beverage consulting business and you'll make millions. To prove this, the author gives you "case studies" of normal guys who started beverage companies and sold them for millions or billions of dollars, as if anyone can do this. The content of the book as well as the steps and info you need to start a beverage company are left purposely vague, either so you'll hire the authors company as a consultant or because the author simply doesn't know what he's talking about.
I feel this book is a waste of time and money. Potential entrepreneurs can find more detailed and helpful info online. And if you need assurance that the author is a fake, take a look at his photo here on Amazon. The winking, finger pistol firing pose may have inspired confidence in the 80s dude but it's kind of laughable now and doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
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on March 13, 2011
Like one other reviewer said here, this book is purely self-promotional. It's light on content, has spelling and grammatical errors and uses a lot of redundant text (fillers). For example, every chapter begins with "you will learn how to ...", then goes light on details and ends with "you now have learned that ...". But we never learn much.

To add insult to injury, I hired Jorge after reading the book, in a desperate attempt to see if maybe he could help me out with my beverage. Turns out, he's just the same in real life as he is in the book: all talk, no action, no insight, no help.
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on November 28, 2011
I never write reviews. I make an exception here because this book is terrible. Brad Smith's review is SPOT ON! Even the passages he quotes from the book are WORD FOR WORD. The entire book spends pages and pages telling you everything you will learn LATER in the book--- and when you get to the second half of the book, it reminds you of everything you JUST READ, which was just the author telling you what you're GOING TO READ! I'm not exaggerating. I'm not being histrionic. The book is a gigantic exercise in temperance. And worse, it reads as if it's written by a fourth grader writing a book report the night before. If you remove the fluff, self-promotion, and incoherence, the book is twenty pages long. Even that's too generous.

Please don't buy this book. Save your money.
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on January 2, 2011
There seems to be a lot of self promotion about their "consulting services" which is OK but at least give me some nuts and bolts information that I can use.

I'm new to the industry and some info is pretty basic. I am half way through the book and have not gotten that much useful info, but at the same time some of the info was good. They don't give the name of formula development companies, distributors, bottle manufactures, creative designers or warehouses.

Also on the website they get you to sign-up for a newsletter by falsely promising a FREE Video and other stuff:

"Learn How to Reach 2,000 Beverage Distributors With Your Products In Only 30 Days! - See This FREE Video
Simply subscribe to our newsletter and receive an email explaining this incredible sales program that targets 2,000 beverage distributors for your products in only 30 days"

Below is what I got:

"Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter.

We have regular scheduled Webinars and Teleseminars. You will get an email whenever one is scheduled. The topics of these are:

-Sales and distribution
-Selling more using brokers
-Open more stores
-Reach 200,000 c-stores
-Connect with hundreds of Beverage Distributors
-In-Store Marketing
-Beverage Development
-Trends and New Products
-Venture Capital
-Much More

Remember we offer 3 basic services:
-Beverage Development
-Sales and Distribution
-Consulting & Mentoring"
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on February 28, 2013
I bought this book because there was a lack of information on the beverage industry, but I found this book to contain too few ideas and was always just leading up to "the next thing" without delivering much actionable information. He also has a blog out there, but I find it is a lot of "marketing talk", he hypes a lot of things up and doesn't bring clarity to the beverage industry for first timers.

If you want to learn about the beverage industry, you're better off spending 50 bucks on joining up at BeverageSchool (dot) com. They have many insiders and consultants delivering up real actionable information and clarity about what it really takes. For example one of the guys (can't think of his name at the moment), he says normally it will take at least $20k to startup, though he seen some people really bootstrap it for $10k or a little less, but it's very rare. It's that kind of info that I need to know. Also I learned that sampling is the most effective for marketing strategy, even more so than celebrity endorsement, it has 40% conversion rate.

Anyways, that's just my 2 cents of what I found to be the most helpful available online.

Back to the book, I would've just gave the book one star, but I figured it did offer some information and wasn't completely drivel. But I wouldn't waste your time.
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on September 7, 2015
Great book for anyone who is playing with the idea of developing his or her own beverage and bringing it to market. This book is quite thorough although it is written to be a quick read and by necessity skims over some items, mentioning them but not going into more detail. The author has a consulting firm to help people navigate this industry and in some ways the book underscores the need to have an experienced partner or consultant in your corner. Having said that, the book is a great introduction to the industry and everything involved. You will come away from the read having a great idea of what it takes to make your beverage venture a success. You will either be excited to get started or continue on your quest or you may decide it's more effort than you want to put forth. Either way, I think the book will have done its job.
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on June 28, 2013
The book gave an in depth route, direction or blueprint to any individual interested in bringing a product to the masses.
It reiterate the fundamentals, such as avoiding the paralyzes by analysis rut. All your "ducks" do not have to be lined up to proceed. The biggest take away was really simple and obvious. It echoed a sentiment we all sometimes have to hear over and over; You don't have to see the entire staircase to take the first step...MLK.
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on May 26, 2015
There are a lot of things in this book that might seem like they should be common sense in hind-sight but are not common practice. Olson focuses heavily on what he calls "new age beverages" but I recommend this book to all of my craft brewery and craft beer wholesaler clients. I have seen so many make big, ugly, costly mistakes. Many of these mistakes are easier to recognize "from the outside looking in" but this book lays it all out for you. Don't expect a thrilling page turner or whimsical entertainment. This is a business book written by a business man, not a writer.

Read. Learn. Succeed.
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on January 11, 2013
What a great book if you are in the beverage business. We give a copy to each of our new distributors and sales people. There are some new "Ninja type" things, but a lot of basic sales advice that most people are not doing. If we can get our distributors to read the whole book, we are way ahead of the game in training. We used pieces of the book to create our sales training. We were also lucky enough to hire Jorge to come in for some private training with our distributors and staff. Thanks Jorge and Carlos for writing a great book.


Sandro Piancone
Chief Mexpert Officer
Mexico Sales Made Easy
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on May 17, 2013
This book gives one a good idea of how the industry functions, but of course, the system is a lot more complex and to avoid the pitfalls of those who have tried and failed already, the author wants to keep the reader interested in hiring his firm services. Nothing wrong with that. It is like a manual but without giving away all the good information.
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