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on January 24, 2016
This is the third book in the Sex Bots Series imagine being brought back from the dead having your memeory erased and being turned into a Sex Bot. The ethical considerations this brings up are enormous. Yet in the midst of all this someone helps you find the humanity underneath and frees you from what it basically forced slavery. I found this series to be excellent reading and the sexual content of these books is HOT! One of the best series of books I have read for a while. It is well worth the money and download to read these books.
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on January 11, 2012
Fun & Sexy Read!

This story was so cute and HOT, I love these Love-Bots and their Underground Zombie Organization that rescues steins from their makers and helps them achieve a level of self-reliance. What you will find in this hot read is an electrifying attraction between a human male Ben and a Alpha Stein named Kee. Ben and Kee are so hot for each other but the m/m love scene is semi new to them. Sure they both know tid bits about what they want but both find a first time for a new A N A L adventure when it comes right down to it.

Ben is the lab tech and he really doesn't agree with what his boss does to the steins and feels guilt for what he has to do for his job, even after he is told the program for the steins is over, he still holds the guilt inside because his orders where to kill them all, well at least it was until the rescue from the Underground Zombie Oraganzation - however, this affected Ben's personality throughout the whole story.

For me, Ben's character was actually annoying to me in the way he treated Kee. But, I think I felt resentful towards Ben because I fell in love with Kee immediately, not with just the description of his hunky body but with his personality. Kee's personality totally suckered me in, he is an alpha but a tender and caring alpha. Even though he is a new stein he is larger body built and smarter than the others. Kee learns fast and even though he doesn't know a lot he still found no fault towards Ben and it really irked me when Ben hurt his feelings or gave him a mixture of unsure feelings.

Needless to say though, by the end of the book I had warmed up to Ben and even loved him in the ending as I found myself smiling at how cute a couple Ben and Kee were for each other.
With the Underground Zombie Operation the rescue team was just Shani alone with the help from Q-ter, the bases computer nerd.

I loved that the UZO took Ben in and set him up to help rescue more steins. This was an all-around great read. I cannot wait to read the next book that comes out, excellent series.
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on May 3, 2013
This is the third book in a series; I have not read books one or two but I had no problem jumping into this book. Although I generally don't like reading a series out of order, I do appreciate it when I can read a book in a series and not feel lost without the information in previous books. I was quickly able to catch on to what was happening in the Built4 lab and with Zombie Underground.
Ben is working for Built4 doing experiments on reanimated bodies, or steins, thought by most to be completely dispensable; Ben doesn't agree. Ben sees the emotions and intelligence of the test subjects and regrets what is happening to them. When the government orders the shut down of the lab and the destruction of the steins Ben calls the Zombie Underground for help. Zombie Underground is a group of steins who have learned to function normally, and secretively, in everyday society. In the process of trying to free the steins Ben is taken hostage by the alpha stein, Kee. While initially frightened and somewhat repulsed, Ben starts to feel more attracted to Kee and their relationship begins developing.
This is a very unique book concept, which I very much enjoyed. This is not a typical scary, flesh-eating, zombie story. I would like to read the earlier books in this series for more insight into the stein program and Zombie Underground. I would also like to read future books in hopes of seeing more of the characters and more relationship development. Kee and Ben and their relationship were interesting to read about. I appreciated the fact that Ben had some hesitations about a relationship with a reanimated body and that the author explored those. Other emotions that were written well were Kee's fears of leaving the lab and Ben's guilt. I also enjoyed the members of Zombie Underground that we only got a brief glimpse of; I would like to read more about them.
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on May 1, 2013
I was surprised at how much I liked this little novella.

I think this is book 3 of a series but you don't need any prior knowledge to jump right into it. Basically, Ben works for a lab that reanimates humans to make steins (aka zombies) for testing and other morally ambiguous acts. Kee is the leader of the steins and he is learning words and gathering knowledge from watching Ben and TV daily. When the steins are released with the help of Zombie Underground, Kee and Ben are allowed to explore their growing attraction to one another.

My preconceived notion of this book was that it would be silly and trashy. However, the chemistry between Ben and Kee was hot and I really dug the world building. The author did a LOT in only 75 pages. Daisy Harris writes with humor and skill and I was pretty impressed with the result. I liked that they were in lust and not love (so sick of insta-love) and I love that they were both kind of inexperienced. This book was a fresh take on zombies and it made me want to read more in the series.

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**
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on May 10, 2013
This is the third book in a series of novellas about a unique type of zombie, the Stein. They don't eat brains or stumble around like horror show monsters. They are re-animated humans who are 'built' for a purpose. The world building is unique in these lighter paranormal novellas that focus on the passion, but still offer a sturdy plot to keep things moving.

In this installment, the story is about Kee, a strong alpha stein, who is the oldest and strongest experiment left in the lab. He does his best to comfort and protect his fellow steins even while he studies the humans that are studying him. One of the humans catches his eye both for his compassion and regret for how the stein are treated like lab rats, but also because he knows the human is interested in him as well.

Ben regrets coming to work for the organization even though he needs the money to pay for his late mother's medical bills. He sees that the stein are not just sentient, but they are undeserving of the treatment they get and that all are eventually put down. The alpha stein has been there longer than most and Ben sees strong intelligence in those green eyes. He watches the stein nurture the others and he is not very surprised to learn that the stein has learned to talk.

When the order comes to close down the lab, Ben makes his move. He contacts a secret group to come rescue the stein before they are put down. This leads to a jailbreak that has him alone and at the mercy of the alpha stein. Kee takes Ben for his own and Ben isn't sure what his intentions are, but part of him doesn't mind being in the hands of Kee.

This hot and steamy plot that focuses on Kee and Ben as they escape the lab was an enjoyable reading experience. It was fun watching them work through misunderstandings and find acceptance when they should be bitter enemies.

Those who like to try m/m paranormal romances that take a step off the usual path when it comes to the paranormal part should give this book/series a try (FYI- series offers both m/f and m/m).

Thanks to Net Galley for providing the book for review purposes.
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on April 11, 2013
Not many people can say they enjoy their job, and Ben isn't one of them. But necessity has kicked in and he needed a job. Working with Built4 paid the bills. Trying to do the best at his job, didn't mean he had it easy. Each of the steins that he had to transport caused him to hate himself a little more.
Out of the entire stein's, he couldn't keep his eyes, or thoughts, away from Kee, the alpha. There was something about him that kept drawing his attention towards him. The only life that Kee knew was in the cage. Being strong for the others, he would put on his brave face; even after his lover was taken from him. There was something about Ben that kept his attention and had him watching. Watching the "tee vee" allowed Kee to learn English, and when the time was right, he would show Ben what all he had learned.

At first when it came to reading this book, I was apprehensive because it's the third book in the series and I haven't read any of the prior books. I was really glad that I was able to follow the plot even with starting books into the series.
The author made sure to put enough details in the story that made sure you had ample amount of background to understand what was going on. I enjoyed the little things the author drew attention too, such as when Kee was learning to speak, and how it took several times for him to say the words before he had them correct. I also liked the details she put into describing Ben and his feelings towards his job. You could tell the anguish that he had for his actions.
Overall I was pleased with the story, especially because it has a different set of character than what is the fashion now. The author is able to bring in different readers who are just looking for something a little different. I wish the author would have explained what the steins were for; all that was stated was for experiments. But what kind? Where they trying to cure a disease? That question is still with me now.
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on April 16, 2013
This book may only be 75 pages long but Daisy Harris packs a lot into book three of her Love-Bots series. I've never read her work before and am now looking forward to reading more about her steins

There's science fiction, m/m erotic romance, a dominant male stein (re-animated corpse) adjusting to life in a strange new world and a shy, virgin lab assistant who comes into his own while seeking safety for himself and the stein he's falling in love with.

I would have liked to know who created steins, and how. Perhaps those questions were answered in the first two books but some more backstory would have been nice.

However there was just enough information for the reader to get the picture, allowing you to focus on the relationship between lab assistant Ben Speigel and leader of the steins in the lab, Zee.

The BUILT 4 lab is located somewhere in Seattle, where a group of male steins are prepped for shipment to other labs where they are to be used in medical experiments. Lab assistant Ben Speigel cares about the steins and struggles to carry out his duties, which includes choosing which steins to ship out.

The steins' leader, Zee, is a naturally dominant male whose intelligence is the more advanced than any of the other re-animated corpses. The younger the stein, the less awareness. Also, depending on the experiment they're destined for, each stein has a different level of comprehension.

One day, an observant Ben realises Zee likes watching the TV in the lab. He decides to leave it on each night, providing the stein with a golden educational opportunity. Zee may not be able to read and write but he is very intelligent, quickly learning English in secret by copying what he sees and hears on a TV in the lab.

Ms Harris deals with the page limit by fast-forwarding three months at key points in the book. Case in point, three month after Ben first starting leaving the TV on, we find Ben trying to contact a stein rescue group because he knows Zee and the others are headed for extermination.

The steins are eventually rescued by the Zombie Underground but in a surprise move, Zee decides to isolate himself and Ben in the lab. This is where the men really begin forming a bond. Zee learns about shaving in a very touching yet erotic shower scene with Ben. The lab assistant in turn confesses he has never had sex and is not ready for what Zee wants, at least not yet.

They eventually leave the lab and must avoid capture by authorities out in the real world. Zombie Underground's spunky rescue agent and fellow stein, Shani Brown, sets the Ben and Zee up in a safe house. Another round of adjustments follow, including the two becoming intimate. They have a physical and emotional compatibility which both cherish.

Another three month fast-forward gives us a look into Ben and Zee's relationship and how they are handling life on the outside.

I look forward to reading more about them, seeing Shani with her boyfriend and learning more about the Zombie Underground in future Love-Bots books.
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on January 27, 2013
Straight out of college Ben Speigel is simply happy to get a job right away as a tech at Built 4 labs. What Ben hadn't counted on was the human like steins acting so, well human. Even though they're caged and show little skill with speech the steins do display extraordinary self awareness and sentience. One in particular, Kee who seems to be the Alpha male of the group is remarkably cognizant.

The Zombie Underground contacts Ben in the hopes of freeing the steins within Built 4 labs. At first he is hesitant to get involved even though he feels horrible each and every time he sends one away to another lab or facility. Ben knows that taking the step of helping the Zombie Underground could ruin his career, let alone get him jailed or worse. In the end Ben must decide which is easier to live with, his conscience or his career.

An original from start to finish, Built 4 It explores a young man's grand ideas of humanity with equal parts fear and integrity. While Built 4 It can be understood on its own, the steins are not fully explained in this third book. All in all Built 4 It is a fascinating look at an intelligent man ready to take the world on and a man child already knowing the power of love and comfort. Focused and emotionally intense, Built 4 It is so much more than a simple romance.

Lisa for Joyfully Reviewed
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on April 16, 2013
Well, this is a new take on zombies or steins as they are called in this series (a take on Frankenstein) but it's basically a reanimated corpse so call it what you will. I had seen the first two books from this series on different book sites but was never interested in them enough to want to purchase them, so when I got the chance to review this one from Netgalley, I jumped at the chance. And I'm glad I did. The world is interesting and the characters were enough to make me change my mind and give the others in this series a try. Although the first to are m/f pairings this one was m/m.

I loved how Kee started out as the alpha male in the relationship and took total control of Ben and the other steins that were kept at the laboratory. But as soon as they left the lab the position of alpha was switched with Ben and Kee became the one needing protection and guidance. I was definitely rooting for their HEA.

Will definitely be going back to the previous books and looking forward to more in this series. I would love to see how these two men settled into their relationship and would like to see some of Kee's fellow cage mates get a chance at happiness too.
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on April 15, 2013
I received this book as an ARC through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. From all the talk of alphas and submissive in the plot I thought it might be another book where some pretty young thing is taken, used, and abused by a jerk. This was not the case however, and I enjoyed that. I liked how Kee uses his position as alpha look out for the other Stein's. It's nice to see that he was more of a caretaker than a cruel master. Ben might have been described as a submissive, but that didn't make him a push over either. I liked seeing him do the right thing no matter how scared he was. The sexual chemistry is good, and I like how much Kee was motivated by Ben's pleasure. He doesn't push Ben when Ben is afraid, and in his own way he respects Ben. It was an interesting take of Zombies, and I liked the idea of the chips. It would be interesting to see how Ben and Kee's relationship changes now that Kee has the chip. He wasn't stupid before he had it, but I would like to see more of him with higher functions at his disposal. Something tells me he's going to be fun.
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