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on April 15, 2009
I am a counselor in a middle school and found this book to be a powerful read. It is very well organized and indexed. Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard is eye-opening to the huge concern of Cyberbullying - from the basics to prevention, as well as important legal issues. This would be an awesome read for staff development, or any educator invested in protecting our students. The last section of the book has awesome resources that include activities not only for students, but also for staff development.
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on May 23, 2011
Sameer Hinduja and Justin W. Patchin's book highlights the growing and pervasive problem of cyberbullying with rich detail and thorough research. Every educator and parent should read this book to understand how technology can be used as a vehicle to bully. I knew cyberbullying was a global problem; however, I didn't know the myriad of ways that adolescents can cyberbully and its array of negative short and long-term effects on victims. I realized that adolescents are really in their own "private worlds" with technology, and adults need to be more aware, proactive, and computer savvy to help ameliorate this frightening issue. An excellent, concise, and compelling book with real stories and helpful strategies to combat this problem. Superb!!
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on July 30, 2015
When I first realized that I had to get two books for graduate class this year, I was honestly scared that two books is a bit much for a class. After buying Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying , and actually reading it, I realized that it was an amazing read. Not only did it relate to class, but it related to real life stories. I can honestly go on all day about what I learned reading this book, but I will try to keep it short. This book gives you knowledge and power to help deter the problems that we have with cyberbullying today. There's actual laws that pertain to cyberbullying and policies in school, that I never even heard of. The policies that they have in schools, made me realize why no one ever helped me when I was a victim to this type of bullying. This book opens up your eyes to a lot of things. Even when this book touched on teens going in their school to shoot innocent people, and commit suicide right after, as a result to being bullied, even other stories where teens are either killing themselves because they feel helpless when being cyberbullied, and even schools being sued for not handling bullying situations correctly. Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying touch on all these great subjects. I recommend this book for all educators especially in grade school, and definitely for a Criminal Justice course. As a result of reading this book, I have since then cleaned up my social media, and googled myself to make sure there was nothing out there about me. This is what this book makes you do. I recommend, I recommend. I am a real person who had to read, summarize, analyze, and apply this book for class and for myself. This is not wasted money or time, and a very affordable buy.
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on January 4, 2009
In their new book, "Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard," Professors Sameer Hinduja and Justin Patchin perform a valuable public service by pulling aside the curtain that blinds far too many parents and educators from the dangers and challenges of cyberspace. This excellent work takes its place among a growing number of books and articles that explore this modern phenomenon and ranks among the best.

While the book contains the research data and exhaustive research that one expects from a scholarly work, it includes an important element that is too often lacking: compassion. It is obvious, from the first example of how cyberbullying works and what it can do, that the authors genuinely care about the victims, most of them young people who are unprepared for the rigors that cyberspace can bring. In addition, they clearly care about parents and educators who wrestle with the problems of cyberspace on a daily basis and provide all parties methods and strategies to deal with them.

Professional educators will particularly appreciate the practical information and useful documents included in the book. This book is not only extremely useful for the "end user," but also for a "trainer of trainers" curriculum. It is rare to find so many elements in one accessible, easily read work. This book belongs on the shelf of anybody concerned about cyberbullying and its effect on schools and children.
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on November 2, 2014
As a future teacher and someone who has been cyber bullied, Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard really does a wonderful job of highlighting the problem. Teachers and parents fail to realize the damage of cyber bullying much too often. Even if they do see the damage, most do not know how to help or fix it. This book highlights exactly what bullying is, popular sites that it will probably found on, the different forms of cyber bullying, how to prevent it, and even legal issues that can arise with cyber bullying. This is probably the most complete assessment of cyber bullying that parents, teachers, and students have. I especially like the passage illustrating how schools and teachers can use social media to their benefit. Although cyber bullying is a problem, we need to face it with the technology instead of get rid of the technology in our schools altogether. This book highlights everything that anyone needs to know about cyber bullying, which makes it a worthwhile read.
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on August 16, 2012
The book is somewhat dated at this point, but what isnt that is written about technology only months after it comes out. Still lots of talk of social networks like "Myspace" in this one, so that should tell you something. Decent read, but nothing too different than you will find online at all of the cyberbullying sites. Chances are you are buying it for a class though, so you have to buy it. get the kindle version. Less painful than having to try and sell it on Amazon once your class is over.
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on November 9, 2014
This book is so great because anyone can benefit from it; school resource officers, teachers, parents or anyone wanting to learn about cyberbullying and ways to prevent it. The style of writing made it an easy read. I enjoyed how it gave real life examples and commentary from teens that had been victimized themselves. Parents should really be enlightened by it because it does a great job of expanding on the different social media sites and a lot of the lingo that teens are using on there. Overall I needed it for a research paper in a graduate class and I actually ended up enjoying the book because it was so engaging. Worth the money!
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on April 10, 2015
Every chapter in this book presents ideas, dissects them, and leaves you thinking. The multifaceted concept of bullying is thoroughly analyzed, leaving barely any room for confusion, questioning, or arguments. The authors admit to their limitations and vulnerabilities head on, specifically concerning the lack of statistics and knowledge of cyberbullying. I particularly enjoyed the tone of the book; it seemed like an open discussion. Each concept wasn’t limited to a black and white answer; instead, numerous explanations and suggestions were given. I also liked that I could sense the passion the authors had for the cause through their well-constructed arguments. I found myself having questions and finding answers in the following sentences. Additionally, the information teenagers shared with the author’s reveals how important the cause is to them as well. I’d like to note the authors don’t limit their audience to school administrators, teenagers, or parents. They are able to hit every perspective and speak to a wider audience. Nevertheless, I would have liked to see more information on the root, effects, and cultural cycle of cyberbullying.

Ultimately, the book, to me, is more than words on 282 pages; it is more than stories, research, and hard facts. It is part of teenagers’ healing process; it’s a tool that has the ability to prevent cyberbullying, pain, depression, and even suicide. All of those factors combined with thorough research, leave one wanting to go out and change the world in a big, or in a small way. Therefore, the book has a great power of influence over thoughts about cyberbullying, and behavior in general.
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on July 27, 2015
I am so glad I bought this book! I am a member of Men of Virtue & Ethics as a mentor for youth between ages 11-18. This book has definitely equipped me with substantial knowledge and appropriate measures to take when dealing with bullying incidents.
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on July 31, 2015
This is the perfect book for those who work with young adults and want to gain understanding to cyberbullying. I would definitely recommend it to all educators. If you are looking for a book for young adults to read on cyberbullying, I would instead recommend "Words Wound" by Hinduja & Patchin. This book on the other hand, I feel is directed more towards adults. It gives a look into the types of online bullying, different apps used by teens, the law and how it relates to cyberbullying. It also provides great ideas on what you can do to be pro-active when it comes to cyberbullying and how to handle cyberbullying incidents when they occur. Responding to the bullying is crucial and this book is a great guide! The authors Hinduja and Patchin are well known for their work in the area of cyberbullying. I would highly recommend this book.
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