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on April 6, 2012
In a perfect world, there would be a DOUBLE stroller designed that looks good, can be run with, weighs 20lbs, great customer service, works equally well on all sorts of surfaces and is comfortable for kids. The Bumbleride does a fair job of meeting most of these criteria in my experience but falls short on others--but in the organizations defense they don't say its a great stroller to run with. I purchased the snack packs, foot muffs and carrycot to use with my 2.5 year old and new kids are now 3.5 and almost 1.

1. The width of the seats are less wide than other comparison strollers (BOB Duallie and Baby Jogger Citi Mini). For my children this has not been a problem and I would assume this is what makes it capable of fitting through standard size doors. The carrycot is not nearly as substantial as the carrycot I have for my single UppaBabyVista and it seemed pretty skinny. My baby didn't mind the width at all and slept equally well in both of the carrycots. The carrycot made this stroller usable from birth which was nice as many strollers require children to have more head control before being able to use them. though with the substantial recline you can use from birth without the carrycot as well. The carrycot made it possible for us to see one another which I appreciated with my 8 week old.

2. I have a unit that was required to have the retrofit kit installed. It was quickly sent out and I had no issues installing it--AND the strollers wheels exhibited no signs of cracking. I have contacted their customer service on an issue with the Velcro on the fabrics and again they quickly sent out replacement fabrics. It was about 3 days from the time of report to the time that they addressed my concern with an email.

3. Their accessories seem hit or miss to me. The snack packs are WONDERFUL and I would definitely recommend them to anyone purchasing the stroller. You can fill them in the kitchen zip them up and bring them with you, no need for a separate lunch bag. The parent cup holder is a waste in my opinion, this is the method UppaBabyVista also uses and it just seems like an after thought, however I don't know where you could put it on there without doing something similar to the BOB handlebar parent console. Their foot muffs while attractive looking don't work for me. I use foot muffs to keep my kids warm in fairly cool temperatures their foot muff is not nearly warm enough or big enough for my now 3 year old. I would recommend purchasing the JJCole Toddler size bunting bags (I have used both the Urban and Arctic on the stroller with success). The plastic clips to hold the stroller together don't work as easily as I would like them to. The canopy's are one of the coolest features and one of the primary reason I went with this stroller over the BOB. I love that you can modify them in so many ways. Also the adjustable footrest makes it possible for my 3 year old to lay completely flat with her legs on the same level--she sleeps so well in the stroller. I would assume the ride is fairly comfortable as both children will fall asleep in the stroller without a single whine or cry.

4. It is heavy but any double that has the capability to be all terrain is probably going to be unless it is a designated fixed-front-wheel jogger. Which brings me to jogging you can do light jogging but I wouldn't attempt to jog a hilly 5K. The wheels if not fixed out will jiggle while going down hills jogging. The company doesn't claim it is a jogger and I didn't think I would ever WANT to jog with the double but things change and I wish it did jog better or at least better for the route that I am on. If you don't have many turns and can lock out the wheels it definitely performs better for jogging but I still wouldn't sign up to do more than a 5K with it. If you are looking to do serious running you might look elsewhere. I use this typically on packed gravel or concrete paths and it has worked equally well on both--I have not used the Bumbleride on sand.

5. It is an attractive stroller and I often get compliments. I have the Seagrass and was worried about the light color of the fabric and kids. I washed my fabrics for the first time this week after 8 months of use, they were pretty dirty. It was EXTREMELY easily to take the fabrics off and put them back on. They cleaned up well and now that I know how easy it is I will probably wash them more frequently. They held up well in the wash.
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on October 13, 2012
I have researched for a while before buying the stroller for my twins. I was hooked to this one from the beginning, but I didn't buy it before I made sure there are no better strollers out there. It made my life so much easier - I can't imagine life without it! Even if it had been recalled, I would not give it back! The things that I love about it:

1. Flat reclining seats - this is my number one, as it allows my kids to comfortably nap in this stroller no matter where we are or what we are doing: shopping, inlineskating, spending all day at waterpark, camping, etc. - we've done it all, and we would not have done it without this stroller.

2. Huge canopies - second top thing on my list when shopping for strollers was making sure that I can protect my kids from sunshine. Canopies in this stroller are huge, and they adjust so that you can literally cover your babies' toes if facing sun while taking a walk.

3. Removable canopies' back - during hot days it allows for the air to flow through the stroller

4. Fitting through the doorway - never had problem getting in or out. Easy peasy...

3. Being able to inline skate with this

4. Modern look - we own seagrass color, and we get lots of compliments for this stroller. It looks awesome on the pictures too - blends in with the nature (see some samples I've shared).

5. Huge basket - I mean huuuuuge basket. Can carry a weak worth of heavy grocery shopping for my family. No need to use shopping cart when shopping with this stroller. It is also very convenient to put stuff in/take things out of it.

6. Easy to clean - our kid's nanny loved to feed our 6mo-18mo twins in this stroller instead of in their high chairs. This stroller went through blueberry, banana, carrot stains - you name it. It went through leaking diaper accidents too. And keep in mind that seagrass model uses light blue fabric for the seat area. I soak it in Oxy Clean for ~30 mins, and then throw it in the washer/dryer. When I pull it out, it looks like new again.

7. Durability - we've had this stroller for almost two years now, and even though we've used it almost every day, scratched couple of walls with it, bumped into many door frames, walls, etc. it has some minor scratches, but still looks and works great. Also, before I bought it, I read some comments about colors fading over time. I've washed this stroller at least 10 times, and I did not notice any color changes. It looks almost as new. I am pretty sure I will use this stroller for at least 2 more years, and will be able to sell it so that another family can enjoy it too.

8. Maneuverability. This should be higher on my list. You will realize how good this stroller is, until you have to use another one. You can easily push and turn this one with one hand. We have another stroller (~$80) that we use when we fly, and there is no comparison. You need both hands and lots of patience to move around with the other one.

9. My kids love it. We do not have to use traps when they ride in it.

Couple things that could be improved, but do not bother me so much:
- front wheels hit and block each other when turning while walking (when you jog or skate there is a lock function that prevents this from happening, but you cannot make sharp turns while wheels are locked - cannot be used while walking)
- the strap to recline seats is somewhat hard to use
- seats cannot be set in a full upright position - now that my kids are older, they usually just sit upright, and seat backs do not provide support for this...
- I am a fast skater, and skate in hilly areas too. It would be nice to have a hand operated brake to use while skating with this stroller :)
- the stroller tips over when too much weight is put on the back/handlebar

We have rain cover, which we highly recommend. We also have footmuffs, but we rarely used those - it is easier to throw a warm blanket over your kid's legs, than to mount/unmount this. We always wanted snack bars, but managed just fine without them. We have never used cup holder, as with it on you will not fit through the door. There are two small pockets in the canopies though that are perfect for holding some cold drinks.

Overall, this stroller is worth every penny. My kids love it. I love it. Everyone that used it loves it. Thank you Bumbleride!
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on February 19, 2013
I have the Bob Revolution SE single stroller and although I am not a jogger, I LOVE the stroller for daily walks around the neighborhood and a variety of outings. I now have a two month old and a 19 month old and have the need for a double stroller. I did tons of research and decided on the Bumbleride Indie Twin over the Bob Duallie. Based on numerous reviews, I thought I would be happier with the smaller size (the Bumbleride Indie Twin is much shorter in length than the Bob Duallie), the adjustable handlebar, and the individual footrests. I wanted a stroller with large, inflatable tires to easily stroll around the neighborhood, but could still be easily put in the trunk to take shopping, etc. Well, unfortunately, after having the stroller for a couple weeks I decided to return it and I will now be purchasing the Bob Duallie for my boys.
The Pros:
-Comfortable seating/harness
-Seats fully recline
-Individual footrests
-Adjustable handle
-Large sun canopies
-Large basket
The Cons (when compared to the Bob):
-The MAIN problem I had with this stroller was the "strolling" and maneuverability. Because the Bumbleride Indie Twin has two front wheels (verses the Bob Duallie's one front wheel), it was constantly wobbling or pulling in opposite directions when on uneven pavement. Throughout my neighborhood the sidewalk dips for every driveway and I felt that I was having to straighten out the stroller or have two hands on the handlebar at all times. I actually called Bumbleride and explained my issue. The wonderful customer service representative said that should not occur and it was most likely a bent frame. So, free of charge, they shipped me a new frame. However, the problem still occurred. The front wheels weren't as wobbly, but they still continued to pull when there was uneven pavement. I do not think it is necessarily a defect, but more of an annoyance and frustration. I would like to be able to easily push my boys without continuously redirecting the stroller. And, yes, the front wheels do lock into a "jogging" position which eliminates the problem, but then you have to push down on the handle to lift up the front tires to turn or stay straight.
-Although the sun canopies are huge, they pull with the seat when the seat is reclined. So if the seat is fully reclined, the sun canopy cannot be at it's maximum coverage.
-No pockets on the back of the seats. On the Bob there are mesh pockets which are great for keeping dog bags, kids jackets, toys, etc.
Overall, the Bumbleride Indie Twin is a nice stroller. However, if you will be using this stroller primarily for the outdoors, I recommend a double stroller with one front wheel. If I was going to only be using this stroller for the indoors I would have kept it. I will now be purchasing the Bob Duallie.
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on September 22, 2013
We owned a duallie revolution for our boys that we 12 months apart and I don't know why on earth the other people on here think the bob is better. The SINGULAR thing that the bob does better is it folds down smaller. THAT IS IT!!! The indie has two front wheels so I feel it is more stable up front, it is smaller in distance from front to back and the underneath is actually accessible. The bob has a pole going right down the middle blocking off the storage underneath. And when you own a double stroller that means you dont pack light. The sun shades fold down further on the indie and when they are totally folded in they don't rest on my kids head like the bob did. I also prefer the Indie's design of holding carseats. With the bob you have to purchase an additional attachment. Blah...I have twins I don't need one more thing to store or remember where it is when I need it. The people who were complaining about the front wheels moving when jogging must have a defective one or something. The indie feels just like the bob as far as pushing with weight and one wheel vs. two front wheels. Oh, the back rest is much stronger on the indie as well. Our twins aren't completely stable sitting up and they hated the bob and would roll towards the center pole. The indie is much more supportive. I also prefer the indie's straps. My bob did have parent "cup holders" if you can call them that. It was a fabric small bag that barely fit most water bottles. The indie doesn't have those but I am planning on purchasing a universal (and larger) one. I really help this review helps someone considering I am someone who has owned both most popular double joggers. It seems there are a lot of reviews on here when people have only owned one or the other. There is no perfect double stroller. It doesn't exist. Find the one that works best for you. Oh, also I own a Toyota sienna and we have to turn off our automatic hatch door to shut the back. The bob fit fine. I have to turn the indie on its side to get it to fit. If you owned a large SUV it wouldn't be an issue.
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on March 12, 2015
I am so in love with this stroller! It is practical and fashionable and the kids LOVE riding in it. I already have the single Indie but was debating between this or the BOB Duallie for multiple kids and I am so glad I choose the Bumbleride! It's like the people who designed it actually have kids!

I love:
-The weather proof material. It totally keeps the rain out without a big plastic cover! Seriously, put the shade down, pull the foot rest up and your kids are protected from the elements. It also provides an amazing quality shade in the hot sun and dirt seems to wipe off a lot easier. I had the regular material on my old single Indie and this material is so much better.
-The seats lay totally flat. So helpful for infants or nap time. Because of this and with the foot rest all the way up, I was comfortable putting my newborn/infant in here without the bassinet. She was secure while bucked and the included head rest kept her head from sliding down.
-I can fit big stuff in the basket. The BOB has a strap right in the middle which makes it hard to fit big stuff in there, even a basic size diaper bag. My old single Indie had just a fabric basket and this one has plastic strips in the fabric for support so you can really load it up with heavy stuff and it won't sag to the ground.
-The adjustable foot rest. The kids like to pull it all the way up and create a cozy little nest. And they work independently. My older daughter likes hers up to protect her from the wind and my younger one likes hers down so she can see everything.
-Adjustable hand rail. I like it high when I run and low when I walk. The toddler likes it super low so that she can be in control and push the baby.
-Easy seat adjustments. I can lay the seat flat without waking the baby! I took this for granted until I was standing next to a friend with her BOB watching her struggle. Also, each seat is independent. So the baby can sleep flat while the toddler sits up and looks around.
-We can go off road. And we do. Over rocks, into the wood, on the beach.
-Great while travelling. It's big, but I took it from Texas to Hawaii while travelling alone with two kids. It was a lifesaver! And small enough to navigate through doors (without the drink holder) while steering with one hand.
-Customer service at Bumbleride. I had to replace a wheel after a certain careless husband backed into it with his car. Ordering a new one was cheap and easy and they had great customer service over the phone!

I don't love:
-Jogging. I am an avid runner and I have taken this out for a run many, many times. I even find it easier to jog with than the single Indie. But this is the ONLY department that I think a BOB might have the advantage. With two small wheels up front it just takes more effort to turn with the wheels locked. Going too fast with the wheels unlocked will cause the wheels to shake. I don't hate jogging with it, but I am sure there are better joggers out there, but those joggers wouldn't make for the best all around stroller anyway. No stroller is perfect. But this one is pretty darn close.
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on December 29, 2014
I really wanted to like this. The beautiful color, the fact that it fits through most single doors, locally made in southern Cali.... However, my husband and I both agree after 2 years of use: we should have just dropped the extra $ and bought a double BOB. The single BOB we had for our first child is indestructible. This one is a little less sturdy, cannot really be used as a jogger, and overall was a little disappointing compared to the experience we had with the BOB stroller.
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on March 10, 2014
used on uneven dirt (not hiking yet, but very pitted dirt), pavement, concrete, ice, snow, wet sidewalks, and this thing is awesome. Both sides recline quite a bit, so we used when the twins were just 2 days old. Sturdy, so Gave me support when I got dizzy (ya, I should have waited a few more days to recover, but sunshine....)

Things I love:
1. Not all doubles were comfortably tall enough for daddy, this one was. Adjustable hight handle.
2. Some, when reclined , got kneed/ kicked by me or daddy, these were clear.
3. These recline with a quick draw cord. no fuss
4. intuitive foot break
5. under storage not blocked by reclining stroller, or bar, and is also accessible from the front when you put the foot supports up.
6 smooth suspension/ tires
7 Sturdy as heck. Well made, will last. Intend to use with several children
8. front wheels lock and unlock easily, though really I don’t jog , so I only lock when I am waiting at busy stoplight and intend to run to the other side.
9. Pretty

Not so awesome:
1. We live in not fully developed land area, so even when I stick to sidewalks, I will get thorns and leaks. Ended up putting SLIME in the tires several months ago. We had to do a a little bit more slime to one tire one time (because we estimated the proper amount, and apparently didn’t get enough), but that was it. Now months of no leaks in the tires, and no thorn problems.
2. the view screen is really useless unless the sun is shining directly into their faces. Otherwise I have to go around and peek to see if they are awake. Not a big issue for me.
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on December 4, 2012
I decided to write this review because I spent so much time agonizing over our double stroller purchase and have been thrilled with our decision to get the Bumbleride Indie Twin.

I have a tall toddler and an infant, and we needed a double stroller mainly for outdoor activities like walks in the neighborhood and trips to the zoo, park, and arboretum. I have also taken the stroller to the mall. (We don't use the stroller for jogging.)

Based on my research and recommendations from others, I also seriously considered the BOB Duallie, the City Mini Double, and the Maclaren Twin Techno.

Weight & Fold - This stroller is heavy, but I am able to lift it into the back of my SUV. (If I had to carry the stroller up and down stairs or a significant distance, I would have gone with the City Mini Double instead because it is significantly lighter.) The fold on the Indie Twin is easy, but the stroller takes up most of the room in the back of my 4Runner.

Pushing - Other than the extra effort required to push the stroller up hills due to weight, the pushing is easy. I can push it with one hand without a problem. I can spin it in a circle almost in place, which is great for navigating tighter spaces. This stroller does fine off road. We also own a City Mini Single, and I think the Indie Twin is even easier to push. I also appreciate the adjustable handle bar since I am 5'11".

Carseat adapter - The adapter, sold separately, is awesome. The carseat seems very secure (we use a Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30), and the adapter is a snap to attach and remove from the stroller. I always had trouble with the carseat adapter for our City Mini Single; the Bumbleride design is so much better.

Storage basket - It is spacious and easy to access. Again, comparing to the basket on our City Mini Single, the Bumbleride design seems far superior to me.

Cup holder - I don't like the cup holder that comes with the Indie Twin stroller, but the parent console from our City Mini fits the Indie Twin and works great.

Easy to use and adjust - I can't say enough good things about the stroller's design. Everything is easy to use and adjust.

Comfortable - My two-year old, who is about 36 inches tall and 32 pounds, is very comfortable in the stroller and has some room to grow. (FYI, the Indie Twin seemed to have more head room than the BOB Duallie, which surprised me.) Both kids love riding in this stroller.

Size - This stroller can get through doors just fine, but it is too wide for a lot of places (a problem for most double strollers, I think). The Indie Twin is quite a bit smaller than the BOB Duallie and is similar in size to the City Mini Double (though heavier). To give you a sense, when we last took our Indie Twin to the mall, we made it through the Gap store to do a return with no problem, but we couldn't get more than two feet inside the Papyrus store. And I think this stroller is too big to take to our pediatrician's office. ( If I really needed a double stroller for smaller spaces, I would have gone with the Maclaren Twin Techno.)

Overall - We've used this stroller nearly every day for three months and love it. It was more than I wanted to spend, but I think it was worth the extra cost. I highly recommend this stroller!
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on September 11, 2014
I love love love this stroller.. I can take it anywhere, it pushes easily, my kids are comfortable in it, it's a little bulky but easy enough for me to handle when folding up/putting away. We do drive an SUV, so I have plenty of storage space for the stroller. The storage underneath the stroller is big enough to tuck a soft cooler into, or a diaper bag... or I just stretch the diaper bag strap across the back handle and that also works well.
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on November 2, 2013
Love this Stroller!!!! I have a two year old and a newborn and it has met all my expectations. Easy to push, to set and brake down. I love the sun shades as does my two year old. This thing is amazing and well worth the money!! You will not regret it!!!
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