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on July 12, 2012
Hi, I just received my flite in fog (movement edition), bought from another vendor, and it is gorgeous but I was sorely disappointed when I weighed myself carrying it and it turns out to be more like 16 pounds, esp. since the weight was part of what sold me. I also did a quick search and on site [..] it is listed as 15.5 pounds (I'm guessing they actually weighed it as well). Was just wondering if anyone else ever weighed theirs, want to find out if it's just mine that weighs this much.... thanks!

**edit** after having and using it for 2 months, really love it and am glad I made the purchase! Baby loves it too. Love that he can recline fully while napping and I can unzip the back part to have a clear, full view of him while sleeping. And sometimes i put the carseat adapter on just so baby has something to grab a hold of while sitting forward when he doesn't want to be laying back in the seat. Guess the extra pound or two is okay, still lighter than other comparable full-featured umbrella strollers.

Update: Sep 6, 2012: Still loving it! We've had a lot of problems with the recline strap, it has always been really, really tight and difficult to adjust, just kind of accepted it until a few weeks ago when I emailed Bumbleride directly about this problem. They asked for my order info and then immediately said they would ship me a replacement recline strap, free of charge. Bumbleride has AWESOME customer service!!
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on July 1, 2013
After 21 months of using this stroller, I can now confidently say, "I'm so glad I bought this stroller."

After endless hours of researching, I finally made a decision based on my philosophy of parenting!
I asked myself, do I want a super fancy, expensive, heavy but comfy stroller that I'm going to use ALL THE TIME and I want my child to stay in the stroller for prolong periods of times? Do i want to spend a lot of money on a stroller?

And I said no.

I want ONE STROLLER that is light weight but has it all.

The Bumbleride Flite is that stroller.

1. It's LIGHT- but it has all the bells and whistles i wanted!
2. It reclines & has an adjustable footrest - good for naps
3. Large canopy w/ SPF.
4. It has a universal ADAPTER- included! No need for another "snap n' go" cart thing, that my BRITAX wouldn't even be compatible with! It's light too so it's basically the same thing as a carseat stroller frame. No need for another piece of equipment to clutter your life!
5. It's solid, but it's still light weight! So easy to take anywhere!!! But it's not going to fall apart! It is made very well!

1. it is expensive considering it is an umbrella stroller- however, being lightweight w/ all it's functions, I'm glad I chose this stroller. There probably are other strollers that are less expensive that does what Bumbleride does, but based on reviews and research, I chose this company.

PRO & CON: it's not that comfortable for the child. It's a pro in my opinion because I like that my child prefers to walk instead of relying so much on the stroller. It may be a reason not to get this stroller- it's not that comfortable so your child may not want to stay in it for too long!
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on November 14, 2012
We also have a Bumbleride Flyer and that is a great stroller but we needed something smaller for travel. This is great! So light and the storage underneath is just right. I am a researcher by trade so I did my homework, and this blows the competition away! Some people feel this is too pricey for an umbrella stroller but you get what you pay for. I've seen the UppaBaby umbrella stroller and I would never pay that price for that stroller, it seems so cheap compared to the Bumbleride. Especially if you are going to travel by plane you will want a sturdy stroller, airlines WILL toss your stroller around, and this one will hold up!
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on August 23, 2012
I searched high and low to find a good, non-toxic stroller that wasn't extremely expensive. I am so glad I found this one! It is small, like a better quality, more sturdy version of an umbrella stroller. The fabric is nice and soft, and it can recline far back so even a newborn can lay in it. I love the fact that it comes with an infant seat adapter bar that fits almost any infant seat and a non-PVC rain cover. Our baby HATED our old stroller (Graco travel system) & we are pleased to say she happily rides/sleeps in this one! We are really pleased with this stroller, and will definitely be buying from this company again in the future!!
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on December 13, 2014
I've had this stroller for nearly 3 years now and I have not once regretted my decision. This stroller is fantastic, especially for travel. The sunshade is by far one of the best out there. This stroller is very very lightweight, can get through some pretty tight spots, and has pretty good wheels. PLUS you can buy the attachment to use an infant seat. The fabric on this is easily cleaned too. For the price and versatility, you will be hard pressed to find anything that comes close. Of all the baby items I bought, this was my best purchase.
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on May 24, 2013
I spent ages researching umbrella/compact strollers and bored my husband to tears discussing them. I ended falling in love with the Bumbleride though. I purchased the bumbleride flite (ocean colour) about 2 months ago and absolutely love it! My only regret would be not purchasing it sooner. My son is now 15 months old and we have put away our traditional full size stroller and we use this as our main stroller. First of all, it is very compact and very light. It hardly takes up any space in the car and opens and shuts in just a few seconds. It is so easy to open and close. The first couple times it did take some getting used it, but once you know how it works it's a breeze. I love the colour and the material is very nice. I haven't had any issues with the height of the stroller handles though we're not an especially tall couple (my husband being around 5'9"). I found the canopy on it large for an umbrella stroller though would agree that bigger is better and I think the newer version may have a larger canopy now.

One thing that I love is that it turns corners and wheels around super easily. It's just a nice ride and very smooth. Also my son finds it great now that he can stretch out his legs and lean back in a comfy position when we're out shopping or walking. He never cries in this stroller and it has a lot of room for him to grow as he gets older. One great thing is having a basket underneath. To concur with others, it's not huge, but if you want a stroller that is lightweight and compact, just be glad you have one available at all. Also, I have been able to balance my diaper bag on the handles when the stroller is empty without it falling over.

I purchased the rain protector for this but to be honest haven't used it yet. Everytime we take this stroller out I am happy we have it. To have a toddler at 15 months who loves to walk around and explore everything, but then is comfortable in a stroller and not fight to get out of it is great. We're also planning on taking it on a couple vacations this year and I'm looking forward to having it to use around airports and not have it eat up half the space of our trunk in the rental cars.
Overall a completely successful purchase. It is expensive, but in my opinion, worth it.
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on May 22, 2013
I have a 2010 Flite, which I got for a closeout price in 2011 to replace a Peg Perego Pliko P3 that was just too big and unwieldy. I live in Chicago, walking is my primary method of getting around, and I have used this stroller nearly every day in decent weather. I did very little research before buying the Flite, but it has turned out to be my favorite child/baby purchase yet. Here are the major pros:

1. This stroller is lighter and has a smaller footprint than any other stroller I have seen, yet it has plenty of room for an older child. I did not get this stroller until my daughter was almost two, and at three, she still has plenty of room and likes riding in it.
2. It has a large sunshade compared to similar models (e.g., MacLaren).
3. It fits into tight spaces and turns on a dime. I have been using this stroller for well over a year and have not had any issues with maneuverability or shaky wheels.
4. It reclines nearly all the way, so it can be used for little babies or big toddlers/preschoolers. Some people have complained that the recline feature is difficult to use, but I don't understand what is so hard about pulling on a strap.
5. It comes with a carseat adaptor that fits a Chicco keyfit 30, so I am able to use it as a travel system with my new baby. Note, however, that you have to remove the adaptor to fold the stroller. It's easy to do, and this isn't an issue for me because I alternate using it with different age children anyway, but if you only have an infant, it could be annoying to remove and replace the adaptor every time.
6. The fabric is machine washable.
7. It folds up tiny and will stand against a wall, so it is great to take out to restaurants, to fly with, and it would fit into any trunk. I have no issues with mine coming unfolded and I find folding it really easy. Admittedly, you need two hands to pull the levers, but, with the exception of a snap n' go, I have never met a stroller that truly had a "one-handed fold."

Here are the very few cons to this stroller:

1. The storage basket is tiny. To me, this is expected with an umbrella-style stroller, and the stroller would not be small if it had a big storage basket. We have a skip-hop diaper bag that hangs on the handles, so it isn't a problem. If, however, your diaper bag is heavy, the stroller might tip if your kid is out of the stroller. It will not tip with a child in the stroller.
2. It might be a little short for some. I am 5'2", so the handle height is a plus for me. My 6' husband doesn't have a problem with it, but it might bother really tall dads.
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on April 30, 2012
I originally bought a Bumbleride Flyer for my daughter before she was born. It was a fantastic stroller, and I loved the reversing handles and that she could lay almost flat. I also loved that I could unlock the wheels and maneuver it through crowds. What I didn't like, was the size when folded. So, I rarely used it. Unless I was doing a lot of walking (at say the zoo or the mall), it stayed in my garage. I had a cheap umbrella stroller to keep in the car since space was an issue.

Deciding that enough was enough, I sold my Flyer and went on a search for a higher quality umbrella stroller to use as my everyday stroller. I wanted light weight since we travel a lot. And I wanted a small fold, so it fit in the back of my car for regular storage. I also wanted comfort for my 16-month-old.

I looked at both the Uppa Baby G-Luxe and the Bumbleride Flite. While the G-Luxe was a noticeable 2 pounds lighter and had a great sun canopy that provided lots of UV coverage, it was just flimsy with cheap construction (the canopy on the store model was ripping and tattered). The more expensive Flite had sturdy construction, the fabric didn't wear easily and I liked that I could put a light-weight bag on the back of the stroller without it tipping over.

I've been using the Flite for two months now, and it has been fantastic. We've taken it to Disneyland, where my daughter used it all day, and it was comfortable and got the job done. It travelled well by plane in the optional storage case.

I bought the red and it is easy to spot in a sea of strollers. It is nice looking and would work well aesthetically for a boy or a girl.

Here is how I think it sums up for the price:

* Sturdy construction
* Looks and feels quality
* My daughter fits comfortably in it and she is tall for her age (32" tall 16-month-old)
* Lots of room to grow
* Reclines quite far for an umbrella stroller
* Love the adjustable leg rest
* Fabric is fully washable
* Has back support for the baby (cheap ones don't!)
* Love that a side handle and shoulder strap were included (although, I haven't used the shoulder yet) for easy carrying
* Folds small
* Not as comfortable to steer and push as my Flyer was, but it was much nicer to push/steer/maneuver than the Uppa Baby G-Luxe and my cheap umbrella stroller.

* I wish the canopy provided more coverage (I like the Uppa Baby G-Luxe's coverage)
* I wish the handles had height adjustments like my Flyer did. I am 5'11" and the handles are almost too short for me.
* The basket is pretty pointless, not much will go in it, and you have to enter from the front. Still, better than nothing.
* The fold is awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is easy.
* Occasionally the front wheel position locks engage and I have trouble steering. I have to stop and fix. Not sure why they engage, but it is a minor annoyance overall.

Overall, I would fully recommend this stroller. It is worth the extra money and with the recline, would even work well for younger infants.
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on February 1, 2013
I love the look and feel of this stroller. Bumbleride makes a series of high quality products and this is no exception.

- beautiful and functional
- easy fold down
- reclines enough for baby to sleep comfortably
- maneuvers very well
- good sunshade
- super light

- pricey for an umbrella stroller, but worth it in durability
- sunshade doesn't always cover his face so you need to add a blanket for those extra long walks in the sun
- cup holder flimsy
- basket is useless, can carry a toy or a small jacket for baby but that's about it

If you'd like some more guidance about stroller shopping, read the stroller shopping guide on the website, It's under "baby gear" and offers excellent pointers on what to look for in a stroller. It's also got really good advice on preparing for motherhood and other baby essentials you might want.
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on November 30, 2012
I did not purchase this stroller from Amazon, but from another company. I noticed immediately that every time you push the stroller, the front wheel turns and it "stops" until you wiggle it enough to go forward again. In addition to this, the lock at the bottom that is supposed to keep it in the locked position constantly unlocks itself so that is never truly locked open. I wanted a good lighter weight stroller and went with this one because the reviews did seem positive. I called the company within the warranty date, and they sent me a new frame. That was 6 months ago and it is still in the box in the garage as I dont have an engineering degree to reassemble it nor did I spend $225 on an umbrella stroller to have to. 100% distasified with this product and cant use it. I dont normally review products, but since I am on here looking for a replacement for this.......
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