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on August 27, 2011
I couldn't believe how much time I had to spend each day trying to get stains out of clothes. And with winter coming up, I wanted to get long sleeve bibs, which for some reason I haven't seen in Babies R Us or any other store. Every bib I got seemed to have some issue, but I thought it might be helpful for others to see a comparison of the details:

Kushies - the smallest of the three bibs (sleeve - 11 inches from neck, width - 10 inches, length - 13 inches from neck).
Ikea - sleeve (14 inches from neck, including a 1 inch fabric cuff), width (12 inches from one seam to another but another 8 inches that wrap around - yea!!), length (14 inches from neck)
Bumpkins - sleeve (14.5 inches from neck), width (13.5 inches), length (12.5 from neck)
Tidy Turtle - the largest (sleeve - 16 inches from neck, width - 14 inches, legth - 15 inches from neck)

Kushies and Ikea are very thin, like umbrella material. Kusies folds down to nothing - great for a full diaper bag. Ikea folds a little thicker due to cloth cuffs and extra fabric. Tidy Turtle and Bumpkins are thicker and stiffer. Tidy Turtle has a visibly larger weave.

All the sleeves have a 3-inch opening (in diameter).
Kushies - no elastic cuff. Food may fall in and drip onto the baby's arms/clothes.
Ikea - 1 inch of soft spandex fabric. The cuff opening is just a little bit smaller than the other bibs.
Bumpkins and Tidy Turtle - elastic sewn inside the bib material.

My 20lb baby has a skinny neck. Unfortunately, all of the bibs are about the same size around the neck, regardless of what type of closure. Bumpkins ties together at the neck, and the others have velcro. Even they are supposed to be "adjustable" velcro, they are all about the same size opening on the smallest setting. With velcro, you also have to make sure you stick it together before washing. Otherwise, it will stick to and ruin your other clothes.

In general, all the long sleeve bibs seem too big for my my 1 year old and were too big around the neck area. Sometimes I use a clothes pin to make the neck opening smaller. Aside from that, I feel that Bumpkins and Ikea provide the best coverage without being too big. They are wide and long enough on the bottom and have an elastic cuff to keep Baby's clothes clean. I like Ikea's thinner material and spandex cuffs, but Bumpkins looks cuter (we love Cat in the Hat).
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 24, 2011
I am a mother with 3 young children. My youngest is 8 months old and grabs the spoon while I feed him mushy baby food. Even though he always wears a bib, his clothes usually still get dirty. I wondered if any bib would actually keep his clothes clean. I have compared the Bumkins Superbib, the Babybjorn bib, the Bibbity bib, and the Bumkins Sleeved bib.

With my first child, I quickly realized that using cloth bibs and putting them in the laundry after each meal was a terrible idea. They would get moldy and I had to own a dozen bibs. Then I switched to Bumkins Superbibs. They are very easy to use. I just wash them in the sink after meals and hang them on my bib drying rack. The bibs are dry and ready to use again by the next meal. Bumkins Superbibs are lightweight and my babies never mind wearing them. Since the pockets are soft, they don't work well if the bib has been kept flat in a drawer. I always kept my Superbibs hanging upside down by the pocket on the bib drying rack. So, the pocket dried in the open position and worked better. My 3 year old daughter loves to wear her Bumkins Superbibs and they are great for her but they don't adequately protect my baby who flings oatmeal.

Both the BabyBjorn and the Bibbity bibs are SMALLER than the Bumkins Superbibs. The Babybjorn bib is made of hard plastic (like a cup). It says "soft" in the description but that is just nonsense. The Bibbity bib is softer, like rubber.

The Babybjorn bib is difficult to put on the baby because it is so hard. Even the neck strap is made of stiff plastic. I had great difficulty adjusting the neck hole because it kept hurting my son's neck. I never could get the hole small enough to keep food from escaping onto the clothes below his chin. Plan on baby crying the entire time you are fiddling with this bib. The pocket of the bjorn bib is great and always stays open. However, because the pocket is so rigid, it clashes with the tray. My son sits on a chair that clips onto the countertop. The bjorn bib pocket kept getting caught under the countertop and then it would yank my son's neck. He really hated wearing this bib. The BabyBjorn bib is super easy to wash in the sink. It is easy to dry with a towel so you don't need a bib drying rack with this bib.

The Bibbity bib is much better than the BabyBjorn bib. It is softer and feels like rubber. It was awkward to put on at first and my son was mad. However, he got used to it. I was able to get the neck hole small enough to keep most of the oatmeal out without hurting my son's neck. The pocket stays open pretty well. The pocket does work better than the Bumkins Superbib pockets. The Bibbity bib is about 1 inch shorter than the Bjorn bib and is 2.5 inches shorter than the Bumkins Superbib. So, some food still ends up on the child's lap. The Bibbity bib is very easy to wash in the sink and dry with a towel. I think the Bibbity bib works a little better than the Bumkins Superbib overall because the pocket catches more. However, my 3 year old daughter refuses to wear the Bibbity bib, and said it hurt her neck. She loves to wear her Bumkins Superbibs. UPDATE: Now my son is 13 months old and refuses to wear the Bibbity bib at all. It is too heavy and uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, all 3 of these bibs left way too much food spilled on my 8 month old's clothes. If you have a baby who eats mushy baby food and grabs the spoon, a regular bib just doesn't give adequate protection. So, I bought the Bumkins sleeved bib. It was GREAT! It covered everything, even his lap! He could feed himself oatmeal and his clothes were very clean afterward! The sleeved bib is very easy to clean too. I just wash it off in the kitchen sink and hang it on my bib drying rack (which sits next to my kitchen sink). The sleeved bib went from dripping wet to completely dry in 2 hours. Since, the bib dries fast, I use the same sleeved bib at each meal. This way I only had to buy one.

In conclusion, I recommend the Bumkins sleeved bib for any baby who eats pureed food. When they start on finger food and become a little neater, the Bumkins Superbibs and the Bibbity bib are good. The Bibbity work a little better than the Bumkins Superbib but your child might think they are uncomfortable. I don't recommend the Babybjorn bib. Sorry, Babybjorn. I LOVE to wear my baby in your carrier:)

UPDATE: My son is now 13 months old. He refuses to wear the Bibbity bib at all. He also pulls off his Bumkins Superbibs, throws them on the floor, and laughs. I put him in the Bumkins sleeved bib for every meal. He doesn't mind wearing it and he can't get it off. It also does the best job of keeping him clean. I wash it in the sink after meals and hang it on the bib drying rack. It dries in about 2 hours. I use the same bib all the time. I put it in the laundry every few days. Here is a link to the drying rack I was talking about
Mommy Genius Drying Rack--Dry or Display Just About Anything (Baby Bibs, Plastic or Reusable Food Storage Bags, Kitchen Dish Towels, Bathroom Hand Towels, Washcloths, Mugs, Sports Water Bottles, Herbs, Mittens, Children's Boots, Lingerie, Holiday Orname...
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Mom-of-3, thank you so much for your detailed review! We love that you've taken the time to help out fellow parents, and we love hearing how much you love your Bumkins Sleeved Bib!
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 20, 2011
These bibs used to be the greatest, thin silky completely waterproof and fast-drying material. But the company moved production from the US to China and it is just not the same now. I wanted an extra for the diaper bag but the one made in China is much thicker and quite stiff. I thought it might soften up with time, but it hasn't after a few months of daily washings. It is waterproof, but the stiffness causes it to get in the baby's way and because it doesn't flow over baby's lap, more food ends up on the clothes. It also is much harder to wash due to the stiffness, and takes a long time to dry because of the thickness. But if you can find one of the old ones made in the USA, those are great! I had one Superbib for a couple years and then when this sleeved one was so disappointing, I went to a baby store nearby and looked through their rack and they had one sleeved one left that had been made in the US of the better material, and that one is fabulous. The old style is so soft and supple, super-comfy for baby, and a breeze to wash (I just dunk it in dishwater and rinse) and dries amazingly fast.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
All of our Bumkins Bibs are currently made from a silky smooth, waterproof, and comfortable material that keeps baby's clothes clean and dry. We hope this helps clear up any confusion!
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 25, 2011
I was looking for a long-sleeved waterproof bib for my toddler-to-be, and I first purchased this Bumkins bib. However, when it came in the mail, I noticed that it was advertised as lead-safe. Why safe but not free? I e-mailed customer support at Bumkins. They said:

"In the past, the government limits on lead content have allowed us to claim lead free. Because of an increased awareness of the chemicals in commercial products, we now conform to the requirements established by the CPSIA and label our products lead safe. The composition of our product has not changed and does not exceed the established limits. All our products pass stringent testing and are labeled according to the required standards."

BUT Kushies is lead-free. So I bought a Kushies long-sleeved bib for our 2nd bib (we like to have 2 to alternate between using/washing). Both have their pros and cons. Here are Bumkins':

1. Neck-tie strap, makes it easier to adjust to my baby's narrow neck and prevent food from falling between his neck and the bib. Also prevents him from pulling the bib off.
2. Thicker material (feels studier, but maybe that's why it's not lead-free?)

1. Not lead-free (but BPA/PVC/phthalates-free)
2. The lining stains easily and is VERY hard to clean (I scrubbed it a lot and it's still stained). Kushies' lining is made from the same taffeta waterproof fabric as the rest of the bib, whereas the Bumkins lining is not, so the Kushies one is way easier to clean.

I really wanted to like the Bumkins one (and I do love the neck tie) but Kushies gets my vote for lead-free. And the easier to clean is a big bonus for busy parents as well.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Inamra, to clarify any concerns regarding lead, all of our Bumkins products (past and present!) have always been 100% lead free. Even when our products were marked as "Lead-Safe", they were 100% free of lead. We hope this helps!
on February 10, 2013
We are doing Baby Led with our daughter and she loves feeding herself and exploring her food on her own.. but of course its messy.. this bib is great! If only there was a way to keep her face clean! :)
review image
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on February 28, 2012
Product is advertised as being lead free, however it is "Lead Compliant" which means there is still lead. Had I known this, I would not have purchased it. Lead does not belong in any childrens products, especially ones that a baby-lead weaning child may eat off of.
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on February 18, 2015
I've been eyeing the sleeved bibs for a while, and I wish we would have purchased one sooner! Our son figured out quite early that he could yank off the regular wipeable bibs (which for some reason all seem to have Velcro closings -- why no snaps, people??), and for a while we resigned ourselves to just stripping off all his clothes for every meal. I thought this bib might be too big for our little man. Finally we bought this bib, and we LOVE it!

The best things about it:
- It's got a tie closing, which means it can't be pulled off!
- It's got sleeves, so our little man stays clean no matter what.
- It's wipeable for easy clean-up.
- The crumb-catcher pocket catches all the food tidbits that miss his mouth.
- The pattern is adorable (we got the Cat in the Hat print).

We have been using it for almost three months, and it's a life-saver. The only issue is that on one side, the tie closing has separated from the bib (which I think is probably due to my husband pulling on it too tightly when it wasn't quite on my son the right way), but a few stitches will fix it. We didn't start using it until my son was 14 months old, and we probably could have gotten it much earlier -- maybe around 11 months? If you have a bib-resistant baby, don't hesitate, these are great! I'm planning on buying a second one!
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on December 20, 2011
Having never had the made in USA thinner version, I think this bib and its fabric are great. I love Bumkins and all of their products from diapers to bibs. We had the much smaller pocket bibs for my son when he was younger, and when our Babylicious brand long sleeved bib fell apart after a few weeks of use I knew we had to order the Bumkins long sleeve bibs! These are a must for every child, for eating, for art, for being messy in general... We ordered two, the color and graphics look great, they wash up well and dry quickly. I usually hand wash and hang dry right at my kitchen sink. They are hard to stain too. We take them to family gatherings, friends houses and restaurants. I think it folds up compactly. The wrists have a bit of elastic which keeps food out nicely. As much as I would prefer a velcro neck attachment, I can appreciate the tie because the velcro is what ruined our Babylicious brand bib like this. Plus the tie does allow for a tighter fit on my tiny necked toddler. I generally throw these in the real washing machine once a month, because after a while of hand washing and hang drying they need a more through clean to keep from getting a faint "baby food" odor to them. I feel this fits the recommended age of child very very well, it is long where needed as well as adjustable. The pocket on the bottom is a must have on any kind of baby food bib, ours has been known to hold a full cup of spilled juice throughout an entire meal without wicking or leaking at all. These bibs are awesomely waterproof! I highly suggest you try one of these, you cannot beat the Amazon price (especially if you have Prime shipping) Bumkins has an excellent customer service department and sells quality baby products!
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on May 28, 2012
After buying this brand, Bumkins because it is so cute, I also did buy Kushies, Ikea and Frenchie long sleeve bibs. I have to say, this Bumkins is the one that is the cutest but the biggest disappointment. Unfortunately, the wrist elastic is so tight on my 10 month old that it leaves red indentations on his little arms. Also, the entire bib is stained yellow including the trim pieces and I do serve my little one the same foods with all the bibs, so this staining is unique to this bib.. I wash it with baby safe detergent and hang it dry after every use, and do use it once every other day, in a rotation with the other bibs. So it has been used about 15 times so far.
They advertise it is stain proof, but really this one was not..
CONS: It looks old and stained andmost importantly hurt my baby's wrists.
This one has the tie at the neck, which is fine but a little cumbersome with a little impatient baby to get fed.. You may want to stick with velcro for babies..
I like the Kushies and the Frenchie's and the Ikea brand as they have held up well and have not left stains and those velcro at the neck which is much better for an infant.
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on January 29, 2016
These are a life saver. My daughter loves blueberries which of course gets really really messy and ruins any outfit she is in. So I looked for an alternative to bibs. Found these. I was a little skeptical after the reviews how these aren't what they used to be and now are stiff, however I decided to give it a go. So these things are awesome! It's thin, not stiff at all, and provides great coverage. The neck is a bit wide so if I'm serving something particularly messy I'll put on a bib on top. the stains wipe off pretty easily. Overall I'm really happy, I dont have to do an outfit change after every meal!
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