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on December 17, 2013
Take note other TV series boxset designers, THIS is how a boxset should be designed, it is simply a rectangular box with standard DVD cases inside, no stupid cardboard sleeves that scratch disks. The show itself was wonderful and will be awesome to have again here!
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on September 14, 2013
Bullets are boring. You see bullets on every television show these days. Anybody can win a fight with bullets. Beating your enemy with duct tape however, that's a move only Michael Weston can accomplish. Who is Michael Weston you ask? Well, he used to be a spy, until they burned him. After losing his job, his money, and all his resources, and being stranded in Miami, Michael Weston has vowed to use his skills as a spy to help those in need, as well as to bring down the evil, quasi government agency responsible for destroying his life. Helping Michael along his journey is his sexy, gun running, on again off again girlfriend, and former bomb maker for the IRA, Fiona Glenanne. There's also Michael's best friend, a former Navy Seal named Sam Axe. Eventually they are also joined by another burned spy named Jesse Porter. In addition to the main team, there is also Michael's neurotic (and surprisingly badass) elderly mother, a metrosexual money launderer named Berry, and Michael's screw up brother Nate.

In addition to a fantastic cast, Burn Notice has become famous for its very unique MacGuyver like fight sequences. Whether they're making a rocket launcher out of a pipe and soda cans, a claymore mine out of a microwave and some silverware, or a tracking/listening device out of a tiny pink cell phone, there's just something immensely satisfying about watching Mikey and his crew deal with their enemies via a combination of making weapons out of household objects, advanced special forces hand to hand combat, and general cleverness. More than anything else our heroes outfox their enemies into destroying themselves.

Burn Notice is a great show to just sit back and enjoy the fun fight scenes, the funny moments, and the touching ones as well. And all seven seasons for just a touch over 100$ is an absolute bargain. I highly recommend both this box set and this series.
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on April 12, 2014
Burn Notice is a fantastic series for anyone who enjoys good action, intelligent plots, and just a side of comedy. The main character, Michael Weston, is very much a "James Bond meets MacGuyver" kind of guy, being a down-and-out former spy who manages to improvise just about anything into a solution to his problems. The chemistry between the cast is excellent, the writing is always entertaining, and there are plenty of explosions to go around.

But there are plenty of reviews out there about this show; I wanted to discuss the Complete Series box set in a little bit of detail for anyone considering it. I have to say that out of several other box sets I have seen and owned, this one is very well done. When you first see the long rectangular form of the box, you might be afraid that they went with the typical method of making a "book" of the series with all of the discs held in cardboard sleeves, which is frankly a terrible way to store DVDs. However, this is not the case with Burn Notice; instead, the cover of the box slides off to reveal a sturdy, top-loading box, containing separate plastic DVD cases for each season (they appear to be the same cases as if you had purchased the seasons separately). This makes storage and use of the discs much easier and safer than most other box sets, and I appreciate that they didn't just go for the cheapest packaging option.

The DVD cases are stored in two rows, four in one side, and three in the other, with a cardboard spacer filling the gap. The good news is that if you remove the spacer, you have enough space to store an eighth DVD - making the perfect place to put your copy of "Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe", which is a nice touch to round out the collection. The bad news is that the box clearly wasn't intended for this purpose, as the spacer is glued in place, and it takes a bit of work to remove it without damaging the rest of the box. Still, it's really a minor oversight in what is otherwise a great show in a solid box set.
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on January 12, 2014
I have been hooked on Burn Notice for months. I bought the complete series because I was afraid that I might
have missed one. What a great cast that worked so well together. When I watched the last show I teared up..
I became very fond of the chemistry between Michael and Fiona so the final show made me smile.

Thank you for making a great series. My compliments for Matt Nix and his exciting story line and also
to Jeffrey Donovan for his directing also.

My best to Michael, Fiona, Sam, Jesse and Madeline on any other projects that they may encounter. Also,
congratulation to Micheal and his new baby.

I will miss all of you!

Pat Thompson
A 77 year old grandmother who loved Burn Notice
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on October 8, 2013
The best show to come along for years. It's fun & games, w/a hard core "never say die attitude"! BN gives fighting, shooting, booby traps, bombings, humor, sex & some everyday advice on how to get into & escape situations you would never wish to be in.
*WARNING* it's addictive.
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As a self-described USA Network addict, I automatically start watching any new show they put on the air. The last time I didn’t do that was with Burn Notice. Once I started hearing such raves for it, I tuned in to the season one reruns just before season two started and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The series revolved around Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan). He used to be a spy until he got a phone call in the middle of an operation. Suddenly, he had to get out on his own, something he just barely managed to do. Next thing he knows, he’s been dumped in Miami. For better or worse, it’s his home town, which means having to deal with his chain smoking mother Madeline (Sharon Gless), a woman he doesn’t necessarily get along with all that well with. The only people who are still talking to him are his ex-girlfriend Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar), a gun runner for the NRA, and Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell), an ex-Navy Seal who also happens to be reporting on Michael to the feds.

With no job history that he can report, Michael has to start earning money however he can, so he reluctantly takes jobs to help those in need. He takes on your average problems if your average problems happen to be drug runners or gun smugglers or kidnappers or gang members or extortionists or any other number of things. Along the way, he meets Jesse Porter (Coby Bell), a man in a situation much like his own. Meanwhile, he also is trying to figure out who burned him and why so he can go back to work for the CIA. However, that conspiracy may be much more complicated than he ever expected.

For the most part, the episodes followed a pattern. Two-thirds would be devoted to the case of the week while one-third would be devoted to the latest development in Michael trying to clear his name from the burn notice. Of course, that formula wasn’t always true (mid-season and season finales, for example, were almost always burn notice exclusive). The two plot lines would overlap each other as the episode progressed. This meant that there was something for the casual or new viewer in every episode, although you obviously wouldn’t follow everything that was happening. They got away from this in the last season, but it held true for most of the show’s run.

This show was something you didn’t find much on TV, or at least I didn’t – pure action and adventure. Every episode had stunts and chases and explosions. Okay, so they might be on a smaller scale than you’d find in the movies, but I often felt like I was watching an action movie as I watched an episode. Occasionally, the low budget would come into play, but most of the time I’d believe what I was seeing, too. While you knew the good guys would win in the end, the odds were often so overwhelming I was left wondering exactly how that would happen.

Of course, when I think about action, I tend to think the characters will be shallow. That’s not the case here at all. Granted, there is more time with a TV show to develop characters, but I felt all of the main characters were great. Even a few of the recurring characters got some development, which made me love them, too. The main actors were great at bringing their characters to live every week. I never found a poor performance in the bunch.

And I can’t leave out the humor. Despite the high stakes and the action, this show mixed in a liberal dose of dry wit, either in Michael’s voiceover narration or in the banter between the regulars. No, it wasn’t a comedy, but it did help lighten the mood, and I often laughed at a line or exchange.

While they did occasionally leave Miami in the later seasons, most of the episodes were set and filmed in Miami. The gorgeous weather and tropical feel certainly helped give this an escapist feel that I enjoyed.

Unfortunately, the show did have its flaws. The first was the on-going story of Michael’s burn notice. Somewhere around season 3 or 4, it got pretty convoluted and hard to follow. It even seemed like what happened one week contradicted what happened in a previous episode, but maybe that was just me. Either way, I just gave up trying to follow that storyline too closely and just enjoyed the case of the week. Eventually, they did get the burn notice back under control and it started making sense again.

The other flaw was probably more personal, but I found it got darker in tone in the second half of season six through the end of the series. For a show that dealt with some pretty hardened criminals each week, the show had managed to stay light up until then. However, as the odds went from overwhelming to staggering, I didn’t enjoy it quite as much. I did like how the series ended, on the other hand, and I definitely plan to watch and enjoy it again.

The show lasted for seven seasons on the USA Network, and each season had roughly sixteen episodes (some had more and a couple had less). This set combines all the previous released, so you get 111 episodes of the show. Extras include a very few commentaries, deleted scenes, bloopers, and a few featurettes on the stunts and other behind the scenes fun of the show. There is nothing new if you've been collecting the series all the way along. The only thing you are missing is the Sam Axe prequel movie which was filmed, aired, and released separately.

Despite the flaws, I really did enjoy Burn Notice. If you are looking for some fun action with great characters, you will find you enjoy the series as well. Fans new and old will enjoy being able to watch these episodes whenever they feel like it thanks to this complete series set.
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on May 5, 2014
I was quite surprised when I got my Burn Notice The Complete Series package. It comes in a nice box. The first 3 seasons of this show are more on the light/comic side, from season 4 till the last one the tone is a little more "dark" as the plot thickens in an umbrella of interesting characters that force Michael to use his skills to the max. The characters are likable and from time to time they have interesting characters playing villains. I bought this on sale here at Amazon, saved a ton of money and love the quality of the product. This is how "Complete Series" should be packed and send to customers. Thank you Amazon!
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on January 16, 2014
I have read other comments on the box set. some want to know if the movie the fall of Sam Axe is encluded. I found on the burn notice web site a rundown of each season and the box complete set. following is a list of total episodes in the complete set.

The Complete Series 111 + 1 movie December 17, 2013
Contains all seven seasons and all bonus features from the individual DVD releases.
The Movie Fall of Sam Axe is in addition to the series to make it complete. I purchased both together
review image review image review image
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on December 23, 2015
I really loved this show when it aired on USA Network - there was always something amazing you'd discover when Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) "MacGyvered" something that got him out of a jam. It was always a lot of fun to watch, especially when Fiona - his tough as nails, but tenderhearted love interest gave him a hard time. Bruce Campbell (Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series) as his wise-cracking, beer-drinking buddy was a hoot. Great casting of the trio made this a really fun and enjoyable show to watch.
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on April 18, 2016
Fantastic packaging and delivery. Wonderful seriers. I'm kind of a nerd. I have watched the season in its entirety multiple times. The box set doesn't have some of the scenes shown on t.v. I noticed each deleted scene. But I got it at a great price and my son and I watch it over and over still. We love it. Keep it on your list and watch the price changes. I got it for $50 before Christmas. It was a one day special. But I want to buy another for a gift and I watch the price fluctuate. When the price is right I'll snag another. But its worth the highest price in my opinion. Go for it.
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