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on August 25, 2015
The final season of Malcolm in the Middle returns to the higher quality that was lacking for most episodes of the prior couple of seasons. We still don't have Francis in most of these episodes and again he doesn't have his own separate storyline going on like he did with the initial seasons. For me the episodes on the first disc were some of the strongest ever. The second disc episodes were around the quality of season 5 and 6 but the final disc episodes brought the quality of the show back to its heights again for the most part.

Season 7 starts off, as most first of the season episodes do, with a road trip. This time Malcolm and Reese want to sneak off to Burning Man (an artsy festival in the desert), in the hopes of experiencing naked women. They get caught but somehow in justifying how the trip there would have benefited their education and lives, the boys unwittingly convince Lois that the whole family should go. So Hal borrows an RV and the family drive there. Of course Reese and Malcolm run off as soon as they arrive, but Dewey was too slow and is forced to help Hal set up. Hal not really grasping what the festival is about has unbeknownst to him become an angry man performance exhibit. The crowds of gawkers cheering on his mistakes and outbursts, of course just make him madder. Lois embraces the hippy lifestyle, Malcolm falls in love with an older woman and Reese just wants to smash things but learns from a mentor that's not really what Burning Man is about. It's a great episode both visually so and is very well written.

Other great moments on the first disc, include Hal realising he hasn't paid for health insurance and trying to avoid the family getting injured before the policy kicks in after the weekend, without Lois finding out of course. Dewey gets caught smoking and Hal makes a deal, he'll give up coffee if Dewey gives up the smokes. Stevie becomes a candidate in a robotic walking frame program but Reese wants to beat him up. The boys learn that their house was a murder scene before the family bought it, freaking out Hal. Reese has an old army buddy come to visit who happens to be a hot female (even though we never saw her in season 5 or 6 when he was in the army). Even though Reese only sees her as his best friend, Malcolm convinces Reese she likes him and explains he'll never do any better so should hook up. She has her own plans though for another family member. Hayden Panettiere also returns as Jessica for two episodes where in one episode she explains to Malcolm how she manipulates Lois to give her whatever she wants and of course Malcolm tries her method, meanwhile Reese asks Dewey to mail himself to China so he can beat up his pen pal who refuses to apologise for Pearl Harbour. This is one of Reese's finest episodes. In the other episode Jessica convinces Malcolm that his dream hottest girl of the school girlfriend who won't acknowledge their relationship to anyone else, isn't good for him.

Disc two episodes were a bit weaker but the highlights include Ida (Lois' mother) bringing over Raduca, a hot girl from her home country and telling Reese if he beats the weaker brother (Malcolm) at a number of challenges, as is the custom of their people, he'll get to marry the girl. Malcolm of course morally objects to this so tries to win just to stop it from happening. In the next episode the rest of the family learn that Reese has married her and the two live in the garage where Raduca seems to have changed Reese into a better person. Meanwhile Hal is being seduced by college recruiters who want Malcolm to attend their schools.

Hal makes friends with the neighbours when they learn Lois is confined to her room (with Malcolm) and won't possibly be joining them. They try and set Hal up with a neighbour with Hal being oblivious to what is going on.

Disc three starts off with a great episode with Lois becoming a psychopath, going after four girls who humiliated Reese who thought had he had a hot date, which turned out to be a pig. Even though Reese has done much worse to other kids up to this point, this is still fun to see Lois get revenge. One of the high school girls is played by Emma Stone.

A mattress falls from the sky and Dewey and Malcolm realise they've never gotten a great nights sleep their whole lives. Meanwhile Reese teaches Lois to ride a bike while Hal goes to war with his poker buddy dentist who offered to fix his tooth, then billed him for it. In other episodes Hal goes to war with a young boy in a park who sinks his remote control boat because he was sitting on his bench. Lois enters a keep your hand on a ute and win the thing if your the last to take it off contest leaving Hal to complete a list of chores but Reese and Dewey lock him in an bomb shelter they dug up while trying to bury something they broke. Malcolm forms an anti prom committee while Reese is hired by a nerdy girl to be her prom date but must have a makeover.

Of course we have the final episode where Malcolm must give his graduation speech and learns that his mother has his whole life planned out for him when she turns down a six figure job offer from a tycoon who wanted to hire Malcolm and Stevie. Meanwhile Reese who has moved in with Craig, wants to make the biggest mess ever at the school graduation to ensure he can become the school janitor. Final episodes of successful shows never really meet expectations and it's fair to see this one didn't. But you can always watch the alternative ending to Breaking Bad on that DVD and have that as the final episode.
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on April 3, 2009
Malcolm in the Middle - The Complete First Season
I had not watched network TV in a long time and had gotten out of the habit of watching TV series because of the instant age we live in now. You can get an entire season of a TV series on DVD and satisfy your need to watch for hours. I saw a portion of "Malcom In The Middle" once as I was passing through the living room. My kids were watching it and laughing with literally tears in their eyes, so I stopped to see what was the big deal. I have been a loyal fan every since that moment. Initially I thought the show was sophomoric and a lot of slapstick but the actors, Jane Kazmerck and Bryan cranston are soo good at what they do that they literally take comedy to a new level. Evidenced by Jane's and the shows numerous Emmy Awards and nominations. Folks, this show has something for everyone and can be a bit irrelegious (I know my spelling is horrible) at times but if you just need to sit down for about 20 minutes and laugh till your eyes are filled with tears of laughter, then this is the show for you. Guest stars such as Cloris Leachman make the show a comedy that will endure for a very long time. I know that on occasions the show makes fun of everything you can think of but sometimes I take myself too seriously and this show helps me slow down have a good laugh and as I quote " laughter does the heart good as a medicine" When this full series comes out on DVD get you dose of comedy meds.
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on February 28, 2016
Great show, I have always loved it, I wish there were more shows like it, (cute and spontaneous).

I have seen all seasons of it, it got especially good for me from the 3rd season on up.
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on August 30, 2013
My daughter thought I'd like to see this since she was going to go to "Burning Man" for the first time, to give me an idea of what it might be like. This episode was so well written and acted, and truly funny, it made me want to watch the whole series. With the magnificent Brian Cranston, how could it be anything but great!
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on October 12, 2012
this show is a amazing show i love every episode the end is great lois pregnant lol i love this show i love the actors this show should of went longer maybe 9 seasons with the new baby and all or a spin off i wish they did a spin off on Dewey
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on September 12, 2013
My son and I both LOVE Malcolm in the Middle. It is a creative and hilariously smart show and didn't lose its momentum throughout the seasons like most shows do.
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on April 19, 2013
This show is good season after season, even as the child actors grow up. The stories are good and the acting is always good. I've enjoyed watching them develop.
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on July 15, 2013
This was a great show. Why because it was funny made a lot of sense and showed true situations and great quotes. It was my favorite show of all time.
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on July 11, 2012
They really went out with a bang. 'Malcolm' is one of my favorite shows, but even if it's not one of yours, I think you'll love this episode.
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on June 27, 2012
A great episode to end an amazing series. Louis's speech at the end is so damn good. Rich people are wieners!
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