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VINE VOICEon January 21, 2011
I'm a guy, with my hands rough, scraggly, and bleeding from hot water and strong dish soap, hand sanitizer, and six months of wintry dry air and washing baby bottles. Tried several of my wife's skin creams to no real effect.

Last night I ripped open the box from Amazon and applied this not-very-greasy mixture to my sorry skin three times. This morning my hands are very very close to fully healed. Not as soft as my baby's bottom, but soft enough to not snag my tee shirt when I put it on. Stuff smells pretty good to me, too. Mild Eucalyptus like the steam room at the gym - no girly girl aroma on these manly paws.

The container is the size of a large shoe polish can. Easy to stow in a drawer or even a jeans pocket. They label this stuff "a farmer's friend." Now it's my friend, too.

Thank you, Burt, whoever you are.
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on March 8, 2011
I have 2 things nobody ever wants to have

1. Extremely dry hands.
2. Dyshidrosis - a very aggravating form of eczema.

Since switching to only pure soap like Ivory & Yardley's Oatmeal soap.
The Dyshidrosis has healed up well.
However I was still left with very scaly & hard skin.

Using the combination of a foot file & this product on my hands
has really made a huge difference.
I can actually feel soft, breathing, healthy skin on the palms of my hand.

The key in using this product is to use it in steps.
Don't apply too much too fast.

Think of it like washing & waxing your car.
The same principle applies here.
A good wash, then thin layers buffed well give the best results.

There is no water base, so first wash your hands well & let the water
absorb into your skin a bit & pat dry.
Then scoop out a tiny amount & place it into the palm.
Work it in really well all over the hands & in-between the fingers.
Then just apply a tiny bit more a second time after about 10 min.
Your skin will actually absorb the bulk of the oils & be replenished,
without that oily feeling.
You will feel the protection without it feeling unnatural.
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on August 22, 2004
Smells good. Doesn't leave you feeling clammy like lotion does. It's a good moisturizer, but beware the grease! Oh, and don't leave it in the car - it melts all over. Save it for nighttime.
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on January 3, 2014
I have horribly chapped hands from working in the coffee industry (sanitizer is killer for a girl's paws), and so am always on the look out for heavy duty salves/creams. This one's ok. In the tin it's this odd, solid form you have to dig into to and iget started, but then it becomes a oily/waxy texture as you rub it onto your hands, and it has a slow set in time.

I've started slathering it on at night, sleeping with gloves on (I know, so cool) to give it extra absorption time, and then following up with a hand cream in the morning. This (more intensive than I'd like) routine keeps my hands from cracking if someone looks at the wrong, but they still resemble an old crone's digits.

I'll keep looking for the perfect solution to dunking my hands in chemicals hundreds of times a day.
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on December 7, 2010
I have used a lot of products-- dozens if not hundreds. As a chronic hand washer, I have struggled to find a product that will heal my hands and make them feel good in the winter. Washing overdries my skin, big time. I chronically have had cracking and bleeding from Thanksgiving through Easter.

Burt's Bees hand salve is the best-- better than vaseline products, olay, avon, neutrogena, and the likes. Believe me, I have tried them ALL without success, and some even burn if you have an open crack that has been bleeding. If you have an open crack or super dry skin, applying this liberally gives immediate relief and helps over the next few hours until you should re-apply. While I will admit it's very oily, when you're in this much pain it doesn't matter. It also works extremely fast and washes off easily if needed. It smells good to me, some don't like the smell. It smells like it's name, a combination of a beeswax and honey or something.

After a week or so, your hands will be cleared up, silky smooth and feel great. It's also great for tattoos that look blue when they should be black (you know the old sailor tattoos, etc). Putting it on right before bed works wonders.
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on April 3, 2015
I love this stuff. I work in dog grooming so my hands go through a lot, dripping wet, force dryer yet still wet that entire time while helping direct the air and the water splashing up from the fur, to soaking wet again. As I'm sure you get it my hands go through a lot. And I drink water constantly, yet my hands were so cracked from dryness that they were starting to bleed, they hurt, they were horrible looking, I had been spending so much money on fancy lotions and cheap lotions, creams, ointments, I ordered this Burts bees wax hand salve and it is a miracle, after just one day of using it my hands showed improvement, two days they actually began to be touchable again, three days I am happy to say almost all the way healed up. :-) strongly recommended if you have dry cracked hands that go through a beating daily.
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on March 25, 2012
My home is where hand moisturizers come to die, as most of them don't work that well on my extremely dry skin. This salve will be relegated to the heap with the Aveeno, Barielle, Neutrogena, and the like that provide me some temporary relief from scaly fingertips but aren't that effective to keep the problem from coming back. It's greasy so I used it at night, but it also seems tedious to apply because of its solid nature.

When I bought the tin, I missed seeing in the ingredients that it has lavender oil in it. The lavender combined with the rosemary smells strongly medicinal to me. I've switched to Gold Bond Ultimate Concentrated Therapy, which is unscented and is far more effective on my rough hands.
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on May 15, 2015
This may be a case of not really knowing what I was getting myself into but Burt's Bees Hand Salve was nothing like I expected. In my experience, there are 3 types of hand moisturizers: 1. Greasy, 2. Waxy, or 3. Creamy. There are, of course, moisturizers of varying levels of quality and feel within those 3 categories but these are the basic feeling I get when I have tried the many, many types of hand moisturizers I've put on my mitts. I'd consider Burt's Bees to be in the "Greasy" category of hand moisturizers. I know that there will be naysayers who don't like me using that term but it's reality. It goes on slick and your hands stay that way for some time until it absorbs completely. Absorption tends to take a while with this stuff and you'll find yourself having a very tough time opening doorknobs with your greased up hands for a while afterward.

With that said, if you are willing to deal with the texture and sensation that this leaves on your hands, it generally does a very good job of leaving your hands moisturized and protected. Unlike lighter moisturizers, one application will last you through a good portion of your day. You hands will appear shiny for a good 30 minutes after application due to the greasiness but shiny is better than dry.

This hand salve reminds me a lot of a product my grandfather used on his chapped lips back when I was a kid in Canada called Zam-buk. The feeling is the same and the scent is very reminiscent of that very distinct smell. Zam-buk was used as a cure-all for cuts and bruises and anything between but the smell of it gives me good memories. So, on that point, I find the smell of Burt's Bees Hand Salve very appealing for those reasons but I have had comments from outsiders who are downright offended by the overpowering smell. It has a very strong distinct smell and will not be to everyone's liking. You better love the smell if you are going to buy it because the smell is strong and sticks around for quite some time.

I am a surgeon and since my hands get very dry from constant scrubbing, this does a good job of keeping them without cracks but I'm not sure whether I enjoy the feeling of the stuff. I prefer creams that absorb completely into my hands and so I generally stick to stuff like Ahava or Jack Black but for those that don't mind the slick felling, this may be okay for you. I doubt I'll purchase it again but can understand why some people may enjoy it. I'm also not sure I'm sold on moisturizers in a tin since I carry mine around in a bag and find that the tin top is not extremely secure.
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on December 31, 2012
Year round my hands get VERY dry, cracked, & painful, & unfortunately my skin is so sensitive that most cremes & lotions, even the ones for sensitive skin, cause me to break out & have a really bad burning feeling on my hands. Burt's Bees is one of 2 brands I can use that (for the most part) doesnt cause that reaction. After running out of another hand creme I normally use I got this one hoping it would help.

Pros: It does provide some relief though not much & not for long.
It smells strongly of lavender which I really like.

Cons: Messy. This melts very quickly into an oil & is greasy so I have to be careful what I touch when im using this.
Not absorbent. Ive spent quite a while, multiple times, trying to rub this in, & even after lots of rubbing I still end up wiping a lot off of my hands with a paper towel.
Doesnt provide as much relief as I would have hoped. After each use my hands are still cracked & dry (scaly really)& what little relief was provided goes away quickly so I can only use this when im not doing a whole lot, such as computer stuff or watching TV, so that I can leave it on a while.

Container: At first the container was easy to open but now (even after wiping the inner & outer rims of the container) I have to leave the can partially open because when its fully closed it gets stuck & is a major pain to open, especially since my nails are cut short. Its gotten pretty annoying. Note that I havent dropped to container & it stays on my desk even when I use it so its not because of dents or something.

Overall I plan to use the entire can, but I probably wouldnt buy this again if the other products I can use, that work way better, are available.
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on September 30, 2012
I have hand eczema, and I have been trying everything to control it. I read online that this product has helped people with their eczema, so I decided to try it. I haven't been using it long enough to say whether or not it'll help the eczema go away (I'll update my review in the future), but it definitely stops the itching and helps the dryness. The cracks are gone, and the flaking is gone. :)

This product is, as many have said, greasy, but most salves are so I expected that. The greasiness does go away within 20 minutes. Once this stuff sinks in, your hands feel amazing. It's resistant to washing, and one tin of it seems like it will last forever.

To the people having a hard time getting it out of the tin, for this product, you don't need to "scoop" out any. You just rub your fingers around on the surface, and then use your fingers to rub it into your hands, paying special attention to very dry areas. You don't need a lot; a little goes a long way.

UPDATE 8/3/2013: I'm still using this product and I still haven't finished my first container of it almost a year later! It's still working great, and I have found that a great way to avoid the greasiness is by wearing cotton gloves, either the kind you get at the pharmacy that are for using lotions, or the disposable white ones you get at craft and hobby stores. It keeps the grease from getting on anything else, and it keeps the salve on your hands and helps it sink in. A combination of this, other lotions, and upping my water intake has helped my eczema to get WAY better!
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