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on January 3, 2013
I had been using my OMD-EM5 for a half a year before this book became available. I was really looking forward to it, hoping that it will help me understand better and use more optimally this fantastic camera. The book failed my expectations completely.

Basically, this book amounts to a re-written instruction manual. Yes, it is in a bigger print than the Olympus manual and admittedly somewhat clearer. But there is nothing more than this. The remainder of the book is very generic information that seems like recycled from the author's books on other cameras (just with "OM-D" globally inserted in the spots marked with "[INSERT CAMERA NAME HERE]"). I was hoping to get more expert insights on the use of this particular camera, advice on advanced options, interpretations - such as rationale why and when to choose specific parameters for certain less obvious settings. I had anticipated expert recommendations on different ways to expand the system, e.g., pros and cons of using legacy lenses with this particular camera, hints on useful customization setups (like the Guide to OMD-EM5 on DPReview provides), etc. Nothing like that - the book is painfully neutral, i.e., washed out of opinions (except for a recommendation of a ridiculously priced camera strap that reads like a paid advertisement). There are also factual errors - several times the book mentions a "built in flash" (looks like a poor copy editing of the generic template for a book on any camera). Overall, I do not recommend that book. Much more valuable information can be found on the web (e.g., Guide to OMD-EM5 on DPReview).
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on June 11, 2013
I bought this book at the same time I purchased Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera. The book is helpful and well illustrated with large very easy to view diagrams, images and illustrations. The text is easy to read and understand and has helped me into using this very complex camera. The book itself is four times larger than the OEM manual, is as heavy as the camera, at 1 8 lbs and is beautifully printed on heavy weight glossy stock. My book seems well bound and no pages have come loose as some people reported. This binding looks very sturdy and should hold up as well as my other well bound books.

Some reviewers have stated that this book is no better than the Olympus manual. Not true! The supplied Olympus printed user manual is almost impossible to read, with very small print, no detail, and just enough to get you started. The full user manual is on the Olympus setup disk but I won't really need to spend much time reading it because of this book. The full user manual will be a handy reference when placed on my Tablet for travel. The book itself is probably too heavy to travel with but that's why the full user manuals are on disk. It would be nice if Olympus did make a small full user manual for the camera bag but few companies do that anymore.

The very best place to get started for your first settings on the camera is to read the wonderful Dpreview article on how to setup the camera for optimum first use. It's several pages long but will save you hours of trying to figure out the best settings see [...] This book itself explains settings but does not necessarily recommend the most useful settings that the dpreview article shows how to to get in just a few pages. It's most useful for a great start and even makes this book more understandable and useful.

The Olympus OMD camera is my first Olympus model and it is quite a shock to adjust to the many differences in menus compared to the Canon and Panasonic lineup. I haven't read a lot of the book yet, but most users will only need to read the sections that will be helpful to them along with the full user manual on the Setup disk.

If you are contemplating purchasing the Olympus OM-D E-M5 or have already purchased one, this book will help you get the most from your camera. If you are not sure you want to buy the camera, this book could help you decide and be a great help once you do decide to purchase it. BTW: I think the camera is quite special especially if you are a professional or an advanced amateur. It will be a challenge for the enthusiast but not impossible. The camera will frustrate the novice photographer. However the camera is well worth the time and investment. I was disappointed that the kindle version of this book was so expensive and much more than the printed version. I don't understand that but if it was available at a reasonable price, i would have preferred the kindle version for the portability.

Update: I was very pleased to discover that if you purchase the book from Amazon you are eligible to buy the Kindle version at a later time for the reduced price of $2.99 instead of the regular kindle retail. I really enjoy the kindle versions since I can carry around both the PDF manual and this very helpful book for addition explanation. I think the kindle HDX is perfect for both PDF books and the Kindle book. The Kindle version works well on all Kindles and on your computer.
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on January 29, 2013
Unfortunately this book leaves a lot to be desired for the price paid. Just a wee bit more informative than the user guide which I had to print off the Internet when I first bought the camera a year ago. Save your money, print the user guide off the internet and you will get about the same results. Very disappointed in the book, however highly pleased with the camera and with the Panasonic 12-35 f2.8 lens purchased to accompany it. Again, buy the Camera, buy the lens, forget the book.
Good Shooting.
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on July 3, 2013
I was a little worried about the people's reviews here saying you can learn it all from the manual. Because I read the manual, and lots of it didn't make sense.

I guess maybe I would have figured out much of it after shooting a few thousand photos, experimenting, and missing opportunities to failed experiments. Or maybe of I found some smart people at Internet forums who would tutor me.

But this book is great. It's like a human being translated the manual into explanations that regular people can ip understand. And even though I have been taking pictures for years, I think the time and level was right. Not too much of the basics of photography to bore me, but a succinct reminder about what each aspect of digital photography means -- which would be enough for a beginner but never felt too wordy for an experienced user.

But since the OMD is such a powerful, adjustable camera, I found this book to be very readable and very helpful..

It's super affordable, has great pictures, and I'll be keeping the kindle version on my phone when I travel, for reference.
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on December 21, 2012
The manual Olympus provides with the camera, unfortunately, is poorly written, and does not adequately explain all of the many options this camera allows. This book covers almost all of the options in a clear manner. I only found one that Busch missed, and that was setting the direct function of the arrow keys. Busch also covers available lenses and accessories, but only those made by Olympus, not those by other makers, such as Sigma and Panasonic, which makes one wonder if Olympus subsidized the book. The book also contains a lot of information on basic photography that I found superfluous, but perhaps those who are beginners would appreciate that. I would have preferred a book that covered only the hardware more comprehensively, but this book is the only thing out there now, and was sufficient for the need. If you bought this camera, you'll do better with it if you get this book before delving into the many settings.
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on December 4, 2012
As usual like David's other books this is a keeper. Very well written in easy to understand format. This is a great book for an absolute beginner to the Olympus OM-D camera and a valuable reference for the seasoned OM-D camera enthusiast. The Olympus manual can be quiet complex to understand. This book simplifies the manual and I like the various tips that the author offers throughout the book. I would have liked it to be a bit more detailed like his Canon DSLR series books, but I guess there only so much you can write about micro four third cameras. Overall an excellent book that will be a very valuable reference for me.
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on December 28, 2012
I thought I was a genius until I came up against the Olympus full manual.Yikes-what a tortuous piece.Busch's book lifts the veil of mystery from the OMD EM-5.With his capabilities,a sequel will be well worth it.If you want to start enjoying this camera,get this book and end the torture and forehead slapping caused by the Olympus manual.
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on July 16, 2013
I really like the OM-D, and mine is rapidly becoming my most used camera of all time (in 50+ years). However, it comes from the factory with default settings that make little sense, and can be a daunting camera to figure out and have working optimally. I found the menu system confusing and some of the default choices almost bizarre. This book is a big help (especially for relative novices) in getting to the 'sorted out' level. It is better that some of the other OM-D books I have seen, but is less than complete in some sections. The book has the feel of something that was put out at speed and suffers somewhat as a result. However, if you are the new owner of an OM-D at almost any level, then this book will help you get up to speed much faster than otherwise.
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on July 30, 2015
This is a comprehensive manual and is certainly MUCH better than the thing that Olympus provides, however I have found it generally less than intuitive to use. I wanted a step-by-step "How To Manual" for all the buttons, toggles, and settings this camera offers, but it seems to be written for the more experienced user who wants to "Take Better Pictures". I could offer many examples, but to make it short, the Table of Contents and the Index DO NOT often send you to exactly what you want to DO.

Don't get me wrong, it is still MUCH better than the Olympus Manual, I have to rate it is just "OK".
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on January 5, 2013
I wish I could rate this book higher, as I was eagerly awaiting it. It turns out, however, that this guide is not much more informative than the original manual. I was hoping for greater detailed descriptions of the various functions, menus, etc., as well as recommendations on using the camera and those functions, etc. Sadly, they were missing. So this book is only slightly more useful than the manual.
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