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on August 4, 2009
Like all documentaries, this one is biased. Overall, it explained a few things I was wondering about. First of all, what are my options on alternative births? What is the downfall of modern science? What is best for me and my baby is something I need to decide myself, but this movie gave me information to help me make that decision. I did not go into this movie thinking it would be unbiased. What documentary is? I did not like how the only doctors interviewed believed the system was faulty with the exception of one who they constantly proved wrong. Ever doctor was also from NYC. I am from a smaller Midwestern community and I think that the doctors in this area may have different opinions. Maybe they would not have a birth plan system or maybe they would be more accommodating. I only really know my doctor. Which is another thing that was not explored at all. My doctor is a family practice doctor. He has provided care for me since I was 12. Every doctor in the movie was only in the picture for prenatal care and delivery.
Also, I laughed at propaganda of the portrayal of the original hospital births. Yeah they were bad! But so was hospital care at that point! They had barely moved away from blood letting! What the medical profession was 100 years ago is a far cry from today.
I also have no option for alternative births. The closest midwife (and then only one) is 80 miles away. The next closest (Minneapolis) is a 5 hour drive. This type of situation was never discussed. I would have like to hear more about alternative birthing plans in the hospital. There was only one view of the hospital birthing. My thought is that the filmakers needed to do more research and spend more time on the movie.

What I liked:

I did find it very informative into many aspects of home birthing and midwifery. I did not realize all the medications that were given during labor and all the interventions. I am happy I am now more aware they are not all necessary other than speeding it up for the doctor. This has made me more prepared for these decisions and has given me more time to do more research. Most women I know would not give hospital birthing a second thought. I guess part of that reason is there are few options, but I have never heard a single discussion about alternative births in any discussion on birth I have had with another female.

I am not necessarily saying I did not like the movie, only that it was biased. I was appreciative of the information I did receive, although I wish it were more complete. I think this movie brought alternative births out in the open and hopefully it will be something looked at more critically with future mothers.
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on April 27, 2013
I had an emergency c-section with my first son because he wasn't tolerating labor. I received an epidural after being in labor for 14 hours. I just couldn't tolerate the pain any more. I was having major contractions (the nurse said the intensity was what they would expect when women are at 8cm), but they weren't doing anything to dilate my cervix. When my son's heartbeat started declining, they suggested I have an epidural to relax me. They suspected that because I was bracing myself during every contraction that I was not relaxed enough to let the contraction do its job, and it was causing stress to my son. Fifteen minutes after getting the epidural, I had an adverse reaction to it. My blood pressure crashed, and my son's oxygen levels started declining as did his heart rate. Once they got me stabilized, they tried to do some things to stabilize my son, but they didn't work. So I ended up with an emergency c-section. He had the cord wrapped around his neck several times, and the low amniotic fluid (my water broke at 1cm) wasn't providing any cushion to the cord. They suspected he was trapped in the pelvis, and that is why my cervix wasn't dilating past 5 cm.

Fast forward a couple of years....When I got pregnant with my second son, I investigated all of my options starting with this video. While I think it's important to understand the history of obstetrics in our country, I was a little disappointed in the slant of this video. It was not objective - in my opinion. It portrays all doctors and hospitals as money-grubbing facilities that only want to get you in and out much like a fast food establishment. While they did show a lady who ended up at the hospital after her stay-at-home birth didn't pan out, their intent was to focus on how awesome home birth can be. They make it sound like any woman should consider home birth. Well...I don't think so. After researching all of my options, I elected for a repeat c-section. I am very happy I chose that way for my son to be born. The things that happened with my first son also happened during the birthing process of my second son. I had an adverse reaction to the epidural. My second son was slightly bigger than my first, and my doctor told me that my second son could not fit through my pelvis, which was why I had been in labor off / on for a couple of days. They suspected my pelvis was too small with my first, but since I had other complications they weren't 100% sure that was the reason he wasn't tolerating labor. If I had chosen to give birth at home or a birthing center, there is a very real chance that my son would have gotten stuck in my pelvis and died. I could have died. If I would have listened to this video, I would have mistrusted my doctor when he said he would not recommend a VBAC due to the complications in my first birth.

Unfortunately I have a friend who had a c-section with her son because he was failing to thrive. When she got pregnant with her daughter, she researched things as I had done. She had 3 different doctors that told her they would not do a VBAC because of the risk since her first son was failure to thrive. So she decided to go to a birthing center and use a midwife. Right before she was supposed to start pushing, they lost the baby's heartbeat. She ended up at the hospital and delivered a stillborn daughter. If she had trusted her doctors, she would have been holding her daughter instead of planning a funeral.

Are some of the statistics they present in this video accurate? Yes. But keep in mind that just because there is a correlation doesn't mean that it is the cause. For instance, more ice cream is bought in warmer months. Warmer months don't cause increased consumption of ice cream. It's just a correlation. They are related, but they are not cause and effect.
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on August 2, 2012
This film makes very good points. I watched it fascinated a couple times. It convinced me to try for a home midwife birth. Unfortunately I wound up having an emergent C-section due to my son getting the cord wrapped around his neck not once but twice and "tightly" per the surgeon. My son would have been a still born 100 years ago. You think it will never happen to you until it does. I became that statistic that needed the "medicalized" birth and thank god for it. Otherwise I would still be mourning the loss of my son and not just the loss of my idealized birth plan.
Be careful. Infants and mothers died regularly before modern medicine advent. Yes hospitals suck but it's good to be there when life is at stake.
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on March 20, 2013
The movie is very bias, and used a lot of scare tactics. Dosen't show the the other side of birth, or the danger of having babies at home with s midwife.
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on July 5, 2008
This movie asks alot of the questions that expectant parents going through the hospital "system" are afraid to ask. How many things they do at the hospital are really necessary? Why has the number of c-section births grown enormously over the past decade? Whatever happened to a natural birth? While this is definitely a look at the extreme of the different choices that are out there for expecting, the important part that comes across is that there are choices. I would recommend this for anyone who is expecting (whether it's your first or not), or anyone who has been through the hospital "system".
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on July 17, 2013
I did find this movie to be interesting and gave a great perspective but I also felt it was a little biased. I think its important to do the research on both sides and not take one to be the entire truth.
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on May 6, 2014
This is helpful to watch and may get you to reconsider your birth plan. I am so exhausted from women going on and on about how they need drugs to give birth to their kids. It's so short sighted and mired in a bunch of bologna. If they believe the garbage that they can't deliver without a surgeon or can't give birth to their baby because it's bigger than 7lbs, why can't they also believe something else for a change and be a little more natural about it - or at least consider it. At the very least, educate yourself with many different lines of thinking and consider that all. Try using this documentary as just of a any tools for doing so.
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on August 12, 2013
Unfortunately my rental expired before I could watch it in it's entirety. I am sure it is full of information from what I was able to catch at the beginning, however, as with any birthing information out there, it is important to keep a critical mentality and seek further resources to substantiate various opinions. It is easy to get scared away from hospitals and medical intervention from highly passionate information and work such as this this, and if easily influenced, this video will make you feel that natural-birthing is the only way to go, so just keep a mindful perspective and be open and honest with your medical practitioners about your questions and concerns if you are one of those people that worries a lot after being presented with new and at-times frightening statistics and case studies etc.
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on April 7, 2014
I think this video is a great look at how much intervention can be expected at a hospital birth and some of the disadvantages, but I would say that it seems like this video is very outdated. I think many hospital birthing centers have improved in their policies so it really depends on the hospital that you are using. Homebirth probably is a great option for many but I feel like this video doesn't give the disadvantages of home birth or the risks that apply there. Childbirth in the US definitely needs improvement but I'm not sure if home birth is the key. The video is very useful though in giving soem great statistics and helping people make a more informed decision about interventions during childbirth.
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on December 23, 2012
While this movie presented an interesting perspective on the birth process (one which I ultimately agree with, actually), it lacked concrete facts and data to back up what some of the experts in the movie were saying. For example, "we have more infants die in the US each year during childbirth than in the Netherlands." While that is probably true, an actual statistic would give it more credibility. Of course we have MORE, we have MORE it a higher death RATE or is it simply MORE? This happens with several different experts on the subject throughout the movie.

Overall it is worth the $4 to watch, though.
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