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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Stunning!!
For her fifth traditional, non-holiday studio album, Mariah Carey raises the bar and creates a beautiful R&B-laced album. But this album is much unlike most albums in this category. This is a true work of art, a beautiful concept album at its best!!

Everything about this album is perfect! From the lyrics to the music to the production to the sequencing,...
Published on June 10, 2006 by Crini River

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1.0 out of 5 stars Utterly disappointing...
Although I have not liked Mariah Carey since her first album, I would never let that get in that way of me buying her albums. Case in point, I bought Daydream and enjoyed it immensely. When I heard Honey from Butterfly, I was intrigued. I thought I couldn't go wrong with a Mariah Carey album. Well I did. This album was so disappointing. I never thought of Mariah's...
Published on October 7, 1998

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Stunning!!, June 10, 2006
This review is from: Butterfly (Audio CD)
For her fifth traditional, non-holiday studio album, Mariah Carey raises the bar and creates a beautiful R&B-laced album. But this album is much unlike most albums in this category. This is a true work of art, a beautiful concept album at its best!!

Everything about this album is perfect! From the lyrics to the music to the production to the sequencing, very, very little could ever be done to improve this record. It is hands-down Mariah's best work, and actually my favorite record of all time!

Following a difficult marriage and painful divorce, Mariah digs much deeper than ever before, uncovering personal layers of herself listeners never would have imagined. The album doesn't dwell on the bitterness of the divorce, but, rather, salvages the memories of the relationship. Songs like "My All," "The Roof," "Breakdown," and the title track reflect upon lost love, express the personal agony of ending a relationship, and recall bittersweet memories of past relationships.

Although some of the aftershocks of her break-up with Tommy Mattola are evident in 'Butterfly,' the record does not focus solely on the topic. The album also consists of catchy, ear-candy tunes ("Honey", "Babydoll"), well-crafted love ballads ("Fourth of July", "Whenever You Call"), and beautiful personal reflections on life (the closing number "Outside", and the exceptional "Close My Eyes").

The musicality of the album is top-notch. Each song is very distinct from the rest, leaving the listener with a different feel for each track. However, while diverse, the tracks work in unison to create a complete work of art.

Mariah also leaves behind a good bit of the pop dance and ballads of her earlier career and ventures into the R&B territory, a place she had been wanting to explore years prior to this release. The result is beyond satisfactory. A smooth, more dynamic artist is born, and success is written all over this move. The music of this album is pure ear candy. But that's definitely not the only reason this album remains so superb.

Lyrically, this album is astonishing. Some of the best song lyrics I've ever heard exist in the tracks of this album. If you are not a Mariah Carey fan, don't let this hinder you from checking out this gem. You may be surprised by what you hear. This album appeals to non-lambs as well.

This album is one of the most vulnerably personal and exquisitely crafted albums I've ever heard. The only thing else I can say about it is that I will forever be waiting for the day when Mariah creates another album as stunning as this one. Trust me, if I could give it infinity stars, I would!! It really is THAT awesome!

The songs...

1. "Honey" 10/10: An excellent choice for the first single! The beat, the lyrics, the music, and especially the video, are all hot! A smart, sexy summer single, and my second favorite Mariah #1 (the first being "Hero") and possibly her best upbeat song ever!

2. "Butterfly" 10/10: A gorgeous, bittersweet ballad co-written with her long-time collegue, Walter A. The lyrics and music are beautiful, and I love the background vocalists!

3. "My All" 9/10: A very nice, wistful ballad about lost love. I would have picked other songs on this CD to go to #1 before this one, particularly because I like their lyrics more, but it's great!

4. "The Roof" 10/10: One of my all-time favorite Mariah songs (and my second favorite video, right after "Honey). It's so catchy, with clever, nostalgic lyrics, and a hauntingly compelling tune. Awesome!!!

5. "Fourth of July" 9/10: A nice love ballad, sounding very much like a continuation of "Underneath the Stars" from 'Daydream.' I play it multiple times every July 4th! (lol)

6. "Breakdown" 10/10: I love this song! It is very possibly Mariah's best hip-hop collaboration ever! Bone Thugs 'N Harmony add so much to this track! An excellent mid-tempo number with very clever lyrics about the painful aftermath of a break-up. It's ridiculous that this song was so overlooked when it was released!!

7. "Babydoll" 9/10: A cool, smooth, mid-tempo R&B ditty with excellent lyrics by Mariah & Missy Elliott. Works very well after "Breakdown."

8. "Close My Eyes" 12/10!!!!: I break the rules and give this song two more points because it is Mariah's best song ever, and probably my all-time favorite song! A very personal, reflective ballad with THE BEST LYRICS EVER!!! Mariah doesn't overdo it here, singing quite soft and beautifully, a side of her I wish I could hear more often. OUTSTANDING!!!!! Words cannot express how much I love this song!!!

9. "Whenever You Call" 10/10: A beautiful love song! Classic Mariah. It will bring tears to your eyes. I want it played in my wedding!

10. "Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)" 9/10: A lot like 1995's "Daydream Interlude," this dance version of "Butterfly" brings back the lyrics from the original's chorus and effectively bridges the gap between "Call" and "The Beautiful Ones." Works very well.

11. "The Beautiful Ones" 10/10: A stunning cover of Prince's original hit with guest vocalist Dru Hill. One of Mariah's best covers!! Some people may complain about the song being 7 minutes long, but I love it that way!! The longer it plays, the better it gets. Wonderful!

12. "Outside" 10/10: A very passionate (and heartbreaking!) soul ballad about never feeling like you belong. Mariah digs very deep into herself for these lyrics, and many listeners will be able to relate. Her vocals are awesome, and the lyrics are superb and somewhat reminiscant of "Looking In" from 'Daydream.' An excellent closing number!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Soulful, Hip, Great to Listen Too, What Pop is about!, August 8, 2000
This review is from: Butterfly (Audio CD)
Even though this album is 3 years old, it still lingers on! This is the album that turned me into a Mariah Fanatic! All songs are soulful, hip, and great! If you're sick of the blonde singers (Britney Spears, etc..) Then this is the singer to turn too! Here is a review of her songs.
1.Honey- Very hip, great choice for the first song on this album, makes you wanna listen to the whole album. 10/10
2.Butterfly- Great song again, the albums name. Very refreshing and soft. The lyrics are great and Mariah's voice is perfect. 10/10
3.My All- Now this is another good song, but not Great in my opinion, the background drowns out Mariahs wonderful voice. But its very 'European'. Still a good song though, it gets a 9/10
4.The Roof-Hip, Edgy, modern, and sort of rap style for Mariah, another good song. 9.5/10
5.Fourth of July-Definately an awesome song! I think they shouldof made a video of this one. I love the background music and jungle like noises and stuff. This is one of the best songs on the album. 10/10
6.Breakdown- Very catchy and good tune. I really like this song. Glad they made a video off of it. 10/10
7.Babydoll- Rap-like, kinda neat with the vocalist in the background. 9.5/10
8.Close My Eyes-A Masterpiece! Very emotional like, i LOVE this song, it almost puts a tear in your eye. 10/10
9.Whenever You Call-a good song, good tune. 9/10
10.Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)- Very cool reprise, so it would have 12 songs.
11. The Beautiful Ones- Hip, kinda strange vocals and background music. I think a little too many 'baby,baby,baby's 8.5/10
12. Outside-A good ending song, slow and peaceful 10/10
Hope this review helped! I think any Mariah fans should definately add this album to there collection! Its also good for people who just heard of Mariah Carey!
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Album Ever!, July 23, 2001
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Butterfly (Audio CD)
This is by far Mariah's best album and the album that made me a fan! it's so beautiful and heartfelt.
1. Honey - Great up-tempo song ya all know it, It became her 12th #1 song.
2. Butterfly - A beautiful ballad...I really can't descibe in words how wonderful it is.
3. My All - This is my favorite song on the album, it's classic Mariah.
4. The Roof - Another great song, It has greatl lyrics, soem of the best Mariah has ever written.
5. Fourth of July - This is the only song that I'm not that into, it's kinda like "Underneathe the Stars".
6. Breakdown - Mariah's best song after "Vision Of Love" Mariah and Bone Thugs = The best stuff you ever heard.
7. Babydoll - This song is a really great R&B song.
8. Close My Eyes - A very personal ballad, beautiful melody and great lyrics. This song sometimes brings a tear to my eye.
9. Whenever You Call - Old School Mariah type ballad.
10. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) - Nice dance mix
11. The Beautiful Ones - One of Mariah's best remakes...and Dru Hill sounds great on it!
12. Outside - Great ballad for anyone who feels..."On the outside".
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful effort from Mariah Carey, June 15, 2005
This review is from: Butterfly (Audio CD)
Attention: Mariah Carey has changed. No more parent-accepted humble clothing; no more sweet-natured adult-contemporary sound. Instead, she starts to put on sexier outfits (or in other words, she wears considerably less clothes than usual), and she steers her music into hip-hop influenced sound. The result: SURPRISINGLY AWESOME!

After listening to Mariah singing one ballad after another for more than half a decade, you'd think she would remain such a sweet girl forever and ever. Yet on this album, she shows the naughty and seductive side of herself. And it works out really well; you'd wish she has done this earlier. The songs are arguably among her best works. "Honey" is simply outstanding, possibly one of her best up-tempos. The music is hip and sensual, the lyrics seductive, and Mariah sounds sexier than ever. "When you love someone so deeply/ They become your life/ Its easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside/ Blindly I imagined I could/ Keep you under glass..." are the first verses of the beautifully written title track, which she sings so flawlessly, holding back her voice until it explodes into climax on the bridge. "The Roof" also stands out with its sexy lyrics and Mariah's breathy-yet-soulful delivery, while "Fourth Of July" offers one of Mariah most romantic lyrics yet: "...Then you put your hand in mine/ And we floated away/ Delicately lay entwined/ In an intimate daze/ A crescent moon began to shine/ And I wanted to stay/ Tangled up with you among the fireflies/ On that Fourth of July...". On another track, "Breakdown", she offers perhaps the funkiest break-up songs ever; it is actually one of my favorite tracks. Her voice really shines on this yet another really well written track.

Beside the already-famous ballads "Butterfly" and "My All", there are other hidden treasures on this album: "Close My Eyes" and "Otherside". Both tracks are also ballads, but with a different style from her usual ones; they are more mature and simply more soulful (the lyrics of "Close My Eyes" really touch my heart). But the best track on this endless list of classy tracks is definitely "The Beautiful Ones". Perhaps you would feel that this track is slightly too long (like what I felt at the first few listens), but once you get used to the length, you will realize how fabulous this track is. It is arguably her best duet to date. Both Mariah and Dru Hill give us all what they've got to offer. Simply outstanding! But then, this album is so outstanding itself, it is almost difficult to pick a favorite. Regardless of whether you like Mariah Carey or not, you will embrace this album. It IS that good.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Album Of All Time, February 6, 2005
This review is from: Butterfly (Audio CD)
Mariah has had many great albums throughout the years (daydream, mariah carey) but this album is definetly is Mariah at her best, and personally my favorite album of all time. Most critics say this was the end of Mariah because she was sounding more "hip-hop" but I personally think that she wasn't really going more "hip-hop" because this was just the new "pop" of 97' when Puff Daddy and his Bad Boy artists were hot at the time and Mariah took some of that and magically blended it into her sound making an awesome album, and the best in her catalogue. The one song on the album that "people" say was way too "hip-hop" was Breakdown ft. Bone-Thugs, but this song is actually my favorite song ever which had really deep lyrics and a great sound, and bone-thugs add to the song b/c they aren't on there rapping crazily, but there rapping is melodic and goes with the song. Another great song off of the album is the remake of Prince's "Beautiful Ones" that Mariah does ft. Dru Hill. This an awesome song, and unlike other remakes that Mariah did in the past ( and I do love the other covers like Without You and Open Arms) she makes the song her own and its awesome. And just for the ballad people, she has a song great ballads on here, including one of my favorites Whenever You Call, that is a great song.This album is Carey's best (closely followed by Daydream) and even though it's more of an R&B Hip-Hop album, its still "popular" music at its best, and her voice sounds flawless as ever, maybe even better.

1. Honey- 5/5: A great song to start off the album. its more uptempo and "hip-hop" done by Puffy and is just a great song and a "new" Mariah. 12th #1 song.

2. Butterfly- 4/5: Great ballad with symbolic lyrics (could be towars her ex-husband) with great vocals.

3. My All- 5/5: 13th #1 for Mariah with spanish guitar and powerful vocals at the end.

4. The Roof- 5/5: A mid-tempo hip-hop song(doesn't include a rapper)which shows Mariah can flawlessly do hip-hope. One of my fav's on the album.

5. Fourth of July- 4/5: Initially I wasn't really feeling this song, b/c it seemed like it was trying to be like Underneath the Stars the Daydream album, but now, 7 years later (has it been that long) I'm liking the song, and it has a mellowness to it that I'm feelin.

6. Breakdown- 5/5: An amazing song, with deep lyrics and a great feel to it. My favorite song, def. should have went to #1.

7. Babydoll- 5/5: Great R&B song with Missy Elliot co-writing and producing w/ Mariah. Great sound, and should have been single.

8 Close My Eyes- 4/5: Strong Lyrics about having to grow up too fast. A very emotional song.

9. Whenever You Call- 5/5: Awesome vocals on this song, with a great piano background.

10. Butterfly Reprise- 4/5: Good dance remix to Butterfly, but I dont like it as much as Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Dance Remix).

11. Beautiful Ones- 5/5: Great cover w/ Dru Hill (not trying to remake the Boys ll Men Moment) in which Mariah makes the song her own and its "beautiful".

12. Outside- 5/5: Deep Deep lyrics, kinda like Looking In. Great release at the end of the song, and great song to end the album.
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5.0 out of 5 stars By far Mariah's best Work, December 3, 2003
This review is from: Butterfly (Audio CD)
While "Butterfly" certainly didn't top the sales of her previous albums in the 90's ("Mariah Carey", "Emotions", "Daydream" to name a few), it still managed to bring her #1 hits and continues to be the best in quality out of all of her albums. She finally got more critics' attention (in a good way) with the amount of experimentation on "Butterfly." Being centred around her (at the time) post-divorce period from Sony CEO Tommy Matolla, "Butterfly" deals with loss and sorrow and contains a multitude of slow tracks. Highlights of those songs include the album's title track, where it is hard not to notice the level of emotion in her singing. The concluding "Outside" shows even more pain and sorrow, as well as a flawless remake of Prince's "The Beautiful Ones" featuring Sisqo of Dru Hill. Fans of upbeat music will enjoy the opening track which gained her yet another number one single. Trackmasters accompanys her on the haunting "The Roof", a failed single. Missy "Misdamenor" Elliot also gives a cameo, co-writing the soul-laced "Babydoll." Techno enthusiests will enjoy the interlude (part of the "Butterfly" remix) of "Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)" which is basically the title track, remixed sampling Elton John's "Skyline Pigeon." As a whole, "Butterfly" tops it off as Mariah's best and most critically aclaimed album. It brought in 2 number one hits and showed sides of her no one else has yet seen. The sad part is doubters think she'll never top it. "Glitter" came close, but with her highly publicized physical and emotional traumas it failed to spend nearly a week at the charts. Overall grade for "Butterfly": A+
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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, Enchanting, Graceful as a Butterfly, November 20, 1999
Jenn Sorenson (Seattle, Washington USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Butterfly (Audio CD)
Rainbow and #1's can't even come colse to the spectacularly produced twinkling sounds of Butterfly. This is classic Mariah where she thrusts her voice just enoght to make you wonder if this sound in of a woman or an angel. The blended R&B, pop and hip hop work together to create a masterpiece that fans old and new will enjoy forever. Some songs are deep and emotional (Butterfly, The Beautiful Ones, Outside and Close My Eyes) and some are romantic and flirty (Honey, My All, Babydoll, Fourth of July, Whenever You Call) and some are just beautiful, origional songs that totally seep you away (The Roof, Breakdown and Fly Away). Mariah Carey just sparkles on Butterfly and if you get any album of hers get Daydream. If you gat another one, get Butterfly.
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5.0 out of 5 stars One of , IF Not The best mariah carey album, February 17, 2006
This review is from: Butterfly (Audio CD)
I haven't really listened to any of Mariah's older albums, but I know all the singles.From looking at what those albums comprised of you can, you can tell all her sales were based on these massive singles. By no way am i degrading Mariah cause i love her and her voice but she was essentially making the same album over and over again. Butterfly was suppose to symbolize her freedom and emancipation from tommy and it did. You can tell from listening to the older albums how bad she wanted to do R&B. You could almost see tommy standing right behind her in "sing-sing" telling her that she needs to make it more pop. I think this album was beautifully ballanced between pop and r&b and it was great

I loved "the beautifull ones" i know prince fans are gonna hate me for saying this but i like it much better that the oringinal. This was essentially the "the prequel to the emmancipation of mimi" the diffrence is that in butterfly she is being emancipated from controlling figures, but in "emancipation" she is being emancipated from her self
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5.0 out of 5 stars Mariah Carey's Most Personal Recording, December 28, 2002
Busy Body (London, England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Butterfly (Audio CD)
Mariah Carey's 1997 release, Butterfly, was the turning point of her career - music wise...and over the course of a few years, success wise. Since her self-titled 1990 debut, she had basically sung ballad after ballad with the exception of some up-tempo hits such as Emotions, Someday and Dreamlover. By the time this album was released, Mariah Carey had already shifted a staggering 94 million albums worldwide - this would be the album that pushed her sales over the all-important, Diva-essential 100 million mark. Unfortunately, Butterfly was the album where it all began to go a bit down for Mariah - why is it that when an artist gradually brings out better material, the sales begin to decrease? The Butterfly album sold 11 million copies worldwide and was seen as a bit of a flop. Despite this, it truly is a stunning lyrical and musical masterpiece - one Mariah should feel proud to be the producer of.

Butterfly gets off to a flying start (excuse the pun) with the album's lead single Honey (10/10). A UK No.3 and US No.1 in the summer of 1997, the song is one of Mariah's greatest compositions to date and has a superb James Bond-style video to accompany it. The lyrics are not always clear on Honey, but the beats definitely are. Mariah gets help on Honey (not just on this version) from an army of top class R'n'B producers, such as Sean "Puffy" Combs (P.Diddy now), Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat. The album's title track follows. Butterfly (9/10) is a wonderful ballad from Mariah with a slight hint of R'n'B. While lyrically superb, Mariah's vocals are not - she uses more breathy vocals on Butterfly rather than her soaring trademark voice...the one that made her the biggest selling female artist of the 1990's. My All (10/10) follows this and in spectacular style. Definitely one of Mariah's career highlights, My All was a UK No.4 and US No.1. This is a trademark ballad from Mariah in which she uses her stunning vocal range. The lyrics are very expressive and the emotion in Carey's voice is supreme. The Roof (10/10) and Fourth Of July (9/10) follow as tracks 4 and 5 respectively. The former is a highly-praised Mariah Carey classic. The beat is brilliant and is just pure "R'n'B Mariah" at her very best with a silky, velvety beat. The latter is a song that is hated by many people who review Butterfly. I can't see why - granted, the song isn't exactly the best on the album, but still has a great chorus. Breakdown (10/10) is another classic "R'n'B Mariah" song with soft vocals and a relaxing and chilled-out beat. Babydoll (10/10) is my favourite non-released song from Butterfly. Mariah's vocals on this superb R'n'B number are very light and the lyrics are hardly recognisable...but that's not the thing that makes this quite possibly one of Mariah Carey's greatest compositions of her entire career. I'm talking, of course, about that totally addictive and catchy bassline. The deep boom that follows in a certain arrangement is absolutely superb. Hear it and be hooked...

Close My Eyes (10/10) and Whenever You Call (9/10) are up next. The former is definitely an album highlight. With its breathy and soothing vocals and mid-tempo beat, it makes for one hell of a song. The bassline is powerful and the lyrics are very professional. The latter is another superb song - excellent lyrics, excellent vocals (very "Vision Of Love" towards the end), excellent arrangement and excellent piano intro...'Nuff said! Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (8/10) is the next song. At just over 3 minutes, it could have just been an actual song, instead of a reprise! It starts off very mid-tempo, before breaking out into an up-tempo song with a brilliant dance beat. Remixed by David Morales, no one can deny this catchy beat. This said, it most definitely does not fit in with the rest of Butterfly and is probably the main reason it receives such criticism from other reviewers. The Beautiful Ones (8/10) is Mariah's sort-of "duet-type" thingy with Dru Hill. Although the way Mariah's vocals soar on this song, there's no way a certain Mr Sisqo can compete! Basically he just sounds like a background singer. Outside (9/10) is another brilliant mid-tempo ballad. The lyrics are about being accepted for who you are. Overall, a superb song that should've closed the album instead of the next two tracks. Honey (So So Def Radio Mix) Featuring Da Brat and JD (9/10) and Honey (Def Club Mix) (10/10) are the final two tracks on Butterfly. The former is a surprisingly good remix of Honey with a great rap from Jermaine Dupri. The latter is a brilliant club mix of Honey that goes on for more than 6 minutes. Although these last two remixes are brilliant, I really think they should've been left of Butterfly because they simply just do not suit the rest of the album.


Butterfly is an absolutely superb and exceptional album from Mariah Carey. It received some great reviews critically, but not commercially - if only it had sold twice as many as the 11 million that it did. The follow-up to Butterfly was Rainbow - which was also superb, but no where near as creative and well-produced as Butterfly is. All in all, this is an essential Mariah Carey album for fans and a definite highlight of the 1990's.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Breaking the Cocoon, August 1, 2004
A Kid's Review
This review is from: Butterfly (Audio CD)
"Butterfly" is Mariah Carey's first album not influenced in any way by Tommy Mattola, except for her songs ABOUT him. On this, her sixth album, she started experimenting with rap, hip hop, and R&B music. Because of this, you expect more uptempo tunes, right? Wrong. Surpisingly, the only fast dance tune on this album is 'Honey', which hit #1 in the U.S. When listening to this CD, I expected a lot more street influenced sounds (ie record scratching, loud obsessive drums etc.) but that's not what dominates this CD. Piano influenced ballads such as the title track, 'Butterfly', 'Whenever You Call', and 'The Roof', which is a mix between up and down beat music, are what stand out. Bottom line: Love the music, but not a good one for a dance party.
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