Buyer Beware I recieved a USED MicroSD card even though I ordered a "RETAIL PACKAGE". Came in a small baggie with homemade label from BoBoTECHNIC. Massive ware/usage on the pins as shown in the picture. What kind of scam is this? Does Amazon have any quality control or accountability for its merchants? We don't need another fancy looking eBay.

asked by Walt on September 12, 2010
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Same thing with mine. Mine arrived looking either counterfeit or used. It worked for 2 uses. I transferred files to it, transferred it to another computer. Success. Or so I thought. All of the files were support on the computer! So the thing never worked at all! After that, it was completely unrecognizable to any device.
Mark T. Brody answered on January 4, 2012
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