Customer Reviews: Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Hunter Blaster
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on June 6, 2012
I have read the reviews from everyone else and I would have to disagree with some of them. I am 14 years old and I purchased my buzzbee hunter dart gun from walgreens. The gun comes with a storage compartment which is a plus and it also operates like a real bolt-action gun. It shoots fairly far and could compete with all of the nerf sniper rifles such as the longstrike. I am very impressed by this gun and I would recommend this for a age group of 11+. The gun also has two places on the side where you can put darts. In one review it said that the darts do not hold well on the side of the gun and I would have to disagree. Good darts hold very nicely on the gun and I can shake my gun very hard and the darts will not fall off. Just make sure to put them in nice and snug. :) Also some people have problems with the gun not shooting very far. My hunter shoots very far at a distance farther than a nerf sniper rifle could hope for. Its very compact and light weight which is another plus. One reviewer said this gun would not be good in a nerf war and I disagree. This gun will shoot very well with buzzbee darts and fairly well with nerf darts. I found that it only jams when you shove or force a nerf dart in the gun. Meaning that you can pick up dart that was shot at you and load them without a problem. Make sure you pull the bolt all of the way back and then all of the way forward when loading. Also none of the reviewers mentioned that you can look at the bottom of the storage compartment under the gun and see if darts are loaded in the storage compartment. The gun feels very good in my hands and its shortness makes it good around corners. I can load it very fast and aim very well with it. You have to have patience loading this gun. Also I like the fact that it does not have shells to go with it and the reason being is because you do not have to keep up with anything accept darts and of course, the gun itself. I also have the buzzbee hawk dart gun. The hawk holds shells, has a clip, and its a bolt action weapon as well. In my opinion I would rather use the hunter than the hawk in a war but I recommend them both. Since the gun does not have shells it may not be as realistic but its much more durable and it makes for more ease of use. The gun also has a fake wood patern along the butt end, the stalk, and towards the front of the gun. They could have made the storage compartment bigger but I like it the way it is. The sights are nice and this gun can be modded to shoot up to 100 feet give or take. Search for the video on youtube if you would like to see if I am telling the truth. Oh and the gun shoots pretty darn hard. Have a nice day and thanks for reading my review. God bless!
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on October 26, 2010
first a quick little background on myself, I collect foam dart guns that look slightly realistic then paint them to look real so this isn't my first dart gun. Once I saw Buzz Bee made a bolt action rifle that shot foam darts I had to get it and check it out.

I'm very happy with mine, I've had mine for about 2 months, it's small light weight and fires very well. Only problem I have had with it was it jams up depending on which kinda darts you use. If you use the standard buzzbee darts you should be fine. I tried using nerf darts but they jam more than they fire. nice gun thou overall probably the only dart gun out there that actually looks like and operates like a bolt action sniper rifle, so go out and pick one up!!

Looks like a small sniper rifle
Operates like a sniper rifle
Can hold 6 spare darts (two on the side, and 4 in the stock)
Easy to load, Pretty easy to cock

The 2 spare darts on the side fall off very easily
Doesn't use shells or eject them after firing
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on June 19, 2014
First off, let me say I love Buzzbee guns. They are cheaper than Nerf guns, and they have much better actions. This gun, for example, is modeled after a Springfield 1903 rifle. It has a wonderful bolt-action cocking mechanism that is fun to use. The extra storage in the stock is very convenient, however, be warned that the stock is child-sized.

Many reviews put this gun down, saying it doesn't fire quickly and breaks easily. Let me explain both problems.
Rate of Fire: This gun is not about the rate of fire. The point is that it is a bolt-action dart gun. If you want to fight in a Nerf war, use a machine gun, not this rifle.

Durability: After having this gun for a while, I must say it is actually pretty fragile. I originally bought one at Walgreens, but it broke quickly. I returned that gun for a new one. The second one works like a charm. I am extremely careful with it, and it is almost mint condition. I do not recommend hitting, dropping, smashing, or abusing this gun in any way, because the interior parts are very fragile. Therefore, it may not be suitable for young children.

I have also read several comments about jamming in the gun. I have never had a jam. Let me tell you why-
When you slide the bolt forward, it closes over the dart and secures it. However, just placing the dart in the breech is a bad idea. Instead, slide the dart all the way to the back of the gun, on top of the spike in the bolt. This will cause less wear and tear on the darts themselves, and reduce jams to nearly none. It will make loading the gun longer, but as mentioned above, you shouldn't really be using this in a Nerf war.

A side not on the darts themselves- they are okay, but after a while of fairly regular use they do begin to deteriorate. Make sure you use only Buzzbee darts in this gun. DO NOT USE NERF DARTS! They look very similar, but Buzzbee darts are shorter and slimmer. Nerf darts will jam the gun.

In summary: Great gun, realistic action, fragile, okay range and power, fairly good accuracy, and the extra storage in the stock is nice. I would certainly recommend this gun to almost anyone.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 24, 2011
I started loving the BuzzBee brand when the development of Nerf brand guns stalled and BuzzBee was coming out with all these new, wonderful and exciting new guns. They are all exceptionally well engineered and fun to play with and this one is no exception.

First impression when I got this gun is that it's much smaller than I thought. Only 20 inches long. It's a single shot, and doesn't shoot very far. That's all the bad stuff out the way, but read on, the total is more than the sum of it's parts.

First of all, it is meticulously engineered. It's even patented in 3 countries. I don't know how much it costs to patent overseas but it costs a lot here. When you look over the gun, you see how much detail goes into it, there is fake wood grain on the stock and the front, and fake screws and other accent details. Just like the bullet holder in the stock, it's an extra thoughtful detail. And I have to laugh at the warning on the box "This product maybe mistaken for an actual firearm by the police", yeah, only if the police are drunk or blind!

The bolt action is sooo neat! You're supposed to just put a bullet in the chamber and close the bolt - there is even a piece of plastic in front of the chamber that holds the bullet in place and this piece of plastic slides down when you pull the trigger. But like so many of these guns, after I fiddled around with it I found that jamming is non existent when instead of just putting the bullet in the chamber, you tamp down the bullet onto the firing pin. This way you get 100% fire, it's a little bit more work, but worth it to the enthusiast.

Face it, in a real fight, you just pick something with a lot of rounds that's easy to shoot and blast away. But this Hunter isn't about that, I'd never pick this in a real fight. This gun is about fun, just loading each round and shooting it off is a pleasure in itself. It's a sensual pleasure, you caress the gun, pull the bolt back to hear the click action and fire and do it again, and just for that I have to give it 5 stars - more if I could. I wish they could make a bigger version of it. Anyway, I love it!
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on November 19, 2014
It's annoying to constantly reload, but you sure will look cool! It's a fun gun but the shot isn't very hard or accurate and reloading becomes a pain. Also, very quickly the door on the stock refused to stay closed and eventually broke off. Now my gun seems to be breaking in half. Do yourself a favor and buy a Nerf brand gun. You will inevitably regret this purchase.
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on June 16, 2014
My kids and all their cousins love these. We gave them to the kids and they are still fine 6 months later. My 5 year old can work it fine without jamming. Their cousins are more likely to jam it. They will jam up if the bolt is not fully slid into place. It's easy to clear the jams by pushing the darts forward.
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on January 5, 2016
My 2 year old loves this gun, is a replacement from an old one that he broke (same company). This one is a little more sturdy and hard for my little one to break because of the shorter barrel. He still has a hard time putting the bullets in, but he still loves playing with it without the bullets.
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on November 2, 2015
You have to make sure to hold the trigger down long enough until the dart exits the gun otherwise it will jam. I really liked the concept of the gun and was the first one with the bolt action feature to it.
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on March 17, 2015
great for smaller kids. 3-5 it is a little stiff for him to draw back the bolt as it cocks on open. But after some time playing with it and using it he can do it now on his own at age 3. ammo stores in the rear of the gun is a plus as he has a little sister and she likes to chew the heads of off the darts.

make sure to get for me those.

don't hesitate to buy decent product for the money.
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on October 18, 2014
It was one of my first guns and I loved it. I could load it quickly and it shot fairly accurately. After around a year, it still worked perfectly and was by far my best gun. However, after awhile it started to jam more often and then when I would cock it, the bolt would snap back in place and it wouldn't fire. I opened the gun up and figured out that an internal piece had completely snapped in two. After trying to fix it three times, I decided that I simply couldn't get it working again. Now I have to but a new one. Overall, awesome gun, but don't be expecting to fix it if it breaks.
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