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on November 27, 2010
I bought two of these a number of years ago and use it to record instruments (clarinet, saxophone etc.) as well as vocals. The sound is warm, transparent, and very life-like. I've also used them for recording voice-over for a documentary. They've held up very well and I'm very happy with how well they work for me.

When these microphones are positioned fairly close to the speakers (with the microphone facing away from the speakers) the directional sensitivity (cardioid pickup pattern) is such that there is no feedback at all. Like most condenser microphones these requires 48v standard "phantom power".

After a few years the shock-mount rubber bands deteriorated and I e-mailed CAD customer support to inquire about purchasing replacements, but to my surprise, they simply mailed me a double set of replacements at no charge right away.

Now, is this any way to run a company ???

You bet it is, because they've made a friend and booster for life.

In summary, these microphones will let you make superb recordings of a large variety of musical instruments including vocals.
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on April 27, 2011
I'm a big fan of how technology can help the 'average man' do things that used to be reserved for professionals. A friend and I got to talking about a hobby we both enjoy, and decided to start a podcast. My first 'solution' was to buy a USB mic. After some inconsistency issues, I returned it and pondered going the XLR route after a friend recommended CAD mics to me.

Once the mic arrived, I plugged everything in and read some content from wikipedia as a test. I was impressed with the mics balance of clarity of voice capture and richness. The USB mics I was looking at seemed to offer either somewhat muddy richness (AT2020USB), or characterless clarity (Blue Yeti). I wasn't looking for a mic that distorted my voice, but I also wanted one that accentuated my voice.

As we've been recording our podcast, my friend and I haven't noticed a tremendous difference between the CAD GXL2200 and a slightly more expensive AKG mic we borrowed. I've since purchased another CAD GXL2200 so we have the same mics.

- 1" diaphragm
- Included shock mount
- Nice balance of clarity and richness in recording voice
- Internal high-pass filter, great if you want/need it for your use
- Sharp look, in my opinion of course

- Comes with a bag for the mic, but no storage for the shock mount. Not a huge deal because of cost, but even a small bag would be nice for protection
- Build quality of the body is just ok. Once I unscrewed the bottom to access the internal high-pass filter, the body didn't seem to line up right when put back together, and some of the information printed on the mic wore off. No performance issues whatsoever, just something I noticed

While I'm no professional when it comes to recording audio or critiquing the final output, I am very satisfied with the CAD GXL2200, and would suggest it to anyone who wants to start a podcast or do some basic voice recording.
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on March 3, 2013
In my radio business, and my 25 year singing career, you can bet I have used a lot of studio condenser mics. My husband had done many months of research and along with my advice purchased the MXL 990's for our studio here and they are truly stellar! Hell, even "The Stern Show™" uses them!

Anyway, we needed some variety hubby said, we needed a "collection" for the many different voice types we have in studio as guest hosts and show guests come and go all the time.

Well, I suggested he go with the CAD GXL 3000's as they certainly in my opinion are one of the best out there. Well, hubby with all his "tech specs" and lingo said that the response from these 2200's are VERY close to the 990's

Well, against my wishes purchased these as well as the 3000's and let me tell you, they are excellent. VERY close to the 990's but I feel there is more of a high end punch with these and it's a very good mic.

Construction is solid, with a small but very good shockmount. Excellent quality finish applied to the outer casing for a nice look and I'm sure a long life.

The sound is as I said crisp, clear with very nice highs and mids.

When I tested, we ran through just our mixer, with no compression of effects and a small amount of EQ as we run our shows. All in all a very nice addition to our studio collection.

The ONLY con I have was the packaging. Just a thin cardstock box with nothing more than small plastic airbags around it for shipping. It does come with a vinyl zip case for the mic itself, but nothing for the shockmount. Not a huge issue, but when compared with the MXL 990 that comes with a solid plastic road case, heavy foam insulation and a very nice quality presentation along with the useability of professional grade portability, it's a bit weak.

Other than packaging, this is a solid studio condenser for voice and we highly recommend it!
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on December 10, 2014
This Mic is amazing for it's price! I had a little trouble setting it up at first, but once I figured it out, it worked like a charm. I use it for singing, and audio recordings for both podcast and recording audio for video game footage for YouTube. I would definitely recommend this microphone to anyone.
review image
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on February 6, 2010
I like this microphone so much for my home studio podcasting and voice work that this is the second one I've purchased. And for an odd reason - this one is about 4 years later than the first - this seems to sound a wee bit better. Plus it's a sharp-looking silver. Nice.

For the price, if you want a condenser mike - you can't go wrong with this.
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on March 12, 2013
This condenser microphone is amazing; no feedback, decently constructed suspension, easy to disassemble, and crystal clear output. My only issue with this mic is the fact that the thumb screw that locks the joint between the suspension and the mic stand was broken out of the box n(I'll post a picture when I get a chance). Although disappointing, 1/4" screws are easy to come by and I had a few on hand so I'd rather not wait for a replacement for a mechanical fix. I'll update in a few months to review its longevity, but altogether I would consider this a great buy!
review image
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on May 2, 2012
The reason I'm writing a review is because I was not expecting much from this mic for under $50. But I have to say, it performs pretty well. There's some low sub 80hz warmness missing for my taste, but that's easily adjusted with EQ. The big surprise is just how quiet it is. The signal to noise ratio is , I think, really nice, especially for a sub $50 mic. I'm getting really intimate clean vocals with a noise floor that is just about zero. For $50? pretty awesome.

While I've only recorded vocals so far, this mic compares to some mics we have in the stable that sell for over $500. Honestly, unless you need to impress clients with name brand U-87's n such (which is the only time we pull those out at our studio anymore, BTW), I'd recommend giving this one a try.
(oh - they sent me one in UNPAINTED silver. NOT BLACK. (Maybe the photo is supposed to be showing a black mic? but it's not black) I guess part of the cost cutting was just not painting it. But I actually kind of like the naked metal. Just FYI.
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on October 18, 2015
it's a basic cardioid large diaphragm [1 inch dia] w/bass tilt true condenser mic that c/w/ adequate shockmount cage. it c/w/ zipper leatherette bag 4 the mic.
bargain price[less than $60.] mic is good build quality & the shock mount is ok 4 the price.
mic easily opened 2 change base tilt, the push button is clearly labeled & works smoothly.
works well plugged directly in2 zoom R16 digital recorder phantom powered mic input.
works well w/innogear 48volt phantom power supply jacked in2 zoom R6 non phantom powered mic inputs.
works well w/cad pop filter
it sounds [2 me] like it should given the published frequency response.
the included mic description & frequency response [ well printed on coated poster stock ] is clear & gives u the info u need 2 use & operate the mic & is presented in the standard format established by the importers of the primo german makers like akg ,beyer or sennheiser, 40+ yrs ago. there is no poorly translated/presented chinese 2 english on or in the box it came in.
cad is american based mic manufacturer w/a large line of american made mics, making this mic in china so price is quite low & qc seems good.

shock-mount needs washers in the angle adjustment joint so it can b adjusted smoothly, tightened firmly & locked in position.
shock-mount mic clamp needs thicker felt so grip on mic body is secure enuf 2 hang mic upsidedown in overhead applications.
box it comes in is very thin w/no foam or bubble pack. it is not heavy enuf 2 use 4 storage like the heavyweight box that samson mics come in [& samson gives u a zipper closed fitted case that is very nice].
it wasn't free[ ! ].
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on January 11, 2016
This microphone is absolutely amazing. As a professional musician, I've always gone to recording studios for any production. You almost always see very expensive microphones, between $4,000 and $10,000. Sure the quality of going to a studio with these microphones is really good, but you also pay a good amount of money for the production.

I have recently begun dabbling in recording and have tried three different microphones up to the $500 price range. After lots of research and reading product reviews, I decided to give the CAD GXL2200 a try. I've been using it mainly for vocals, but also for acoustic instruments. I am completely amazed by the quality of this microphone. The range, clarity and warmth of this mic is perfect for vocals, whether for song production or for live radio, but is absolutely amazing for acoustic instruments. At this price, I wouldn't expect this quality, but I would rate this at least comparable to a $500 microphone.
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on May 8, 2015
I really can not say enough about this little baby, but that it seems a gem of this modern industrial age that you can get a microphone that sounds this well for only $56.00 US. The microphone sounds better for record9ing than the $300 Shure mic that I have which is more of a live mic for playing out. I purchased for I took some time off recording and playing music and was getting back into recording, but did not want to spend $5-$600 bucks on a mic if I feud that I was not using it a lot.

I read reviews about this mic and went for it, and am just passing the message along to other budget minded musicians, or what ever your need is for a mic you will not be disappointed. The only thing I wonder is how can they make such a good quality piece, ...Asia.
Who cares where its made, its a good mic for a few dollars, and is a nice addition to many a home studio/podcast u name it.
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