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on October 27, 2012
First, full disclosure -- My review is based on the first lesson only -- I put this ebook down after one "lesson" it was so bad... The page layout is clean and that gives a (false) impression of competence but after only a few pages it becomes obvious that this book is complete crap. I honestly wonder on what the positive reviewers could have based their opinions; they can't have been working carefully. I once made my living writing and editing exactly this kind of educational material (and no I'm not selling my antiquated work in this review) -- I'm saying I'm professionally familiar with this kind of teaching text. I've seen material this dreadful published before and rather than bore you with my theories of why, how and by whom this stuff gets made, let me just say: I know that when a first lesson contains gross errors in fact and fails at the most basic levels of organization you can be sure the rest of the text isn't going to miraculously improve.

For example: a main topic of the first lesson is Venn diagramming. The text does not merely fail to teach Venn diagramming, it actually fails to correctly solve its own problems! I don't mean typos. The author evidently does not understand what she purports to teach. The text gives data about students taking chemistry, science & math tests to illustrate Venn diagramming intersecting sets.Then... the data is diagrammed incorrectly. I mean it's just wrong. (And, FYI, to illustrate the editorial shortcomings of this book: -- this intersecting sets problem is given (twice) under the absurd and nonsensical heading "Bias and Probability" which is also given twice!)

There are other errors and absurdities in the lesson every bit as grotesque as this. In the first lesson! (Like I said... I stopped) But if this error doesn't convince you -- well, you can't say you weren't warned.

If you are curious to see if this book is really as bad as I claim there are good free sites that teach how to Venn Diagram just a google search away. (It's not particularly difficult.) Learn Venn Diagramming and then check out this free ebook and determine for yourself if material in the first chapter here holds up. Personally, I recommend saving your time and just finding a better text.
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on March 26, 2012
I'm in college and taking a discrete probability course. I just can't stand how boring it is since the professor just repeats what's on his powerpoints. I've at the point where I don't even go to class anymore because even if I go, I won't understand what he's doing. I downloaded this book FREE last night and I'm so relieved. I finally understand some basic probability! I was pretty surprised by how simply the author explains things. Also I never expected to find what I was looking for. I've only been through a few sections of the EBOOK and so far, it's exactly what the professor has been teaching. I hope to finish this ebook and never have to go to class again. Thank you so much for this free ebook. It's definitely quality information right here
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on July 10, 2012
Extensive questions/quizes at the end of the chapters but no answer key. Tough to learn if you do not know if your answers are correct.
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on February 20, 2013
8 kids cheated on their math test and 6 kids cheated on their science test. 3 kids are simutaneously sitting in both classes making fun of the teachers (think, Hermione and her little time-travel toy). Based on this information, draw a Venn Diagram that includes the number of kids that both are and are not currently throwing darts at their gym teacher.

Seriously, the Venn diagram example at the end of the first lesson is layered with horribleness. Errors, withheld information, and a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept.

I realize these books are free, and to an extent I can appreciate that. But if an author has not mastered the subject (and in fact misunderstands some of its basic concepts), that author should not be author of a textbook on that subject, no matter the price.

I did not bother to get past the first lesson because the first lesson was fundamentally flawed, and if I can't trust that a book has the basic fundamentals right, I certainly can't trust that the more complex information later in the book will be right. Therefore, be aware that my 1-star review is based only on the flawed first lesson.
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on June 19, 2013
Many of the sample word problems are so ambiguous that the answer is incorrect for the wordage he used.. Example: He asks what is the probability of choosing a card at random from a normal deck that is black and a 7. [There are 2 black 7's in a deck of 52 so the answer should be 1/26.] The answer he gives is 1/13. That would be correct for that "given that it is black that it will be a 7". [There are 26 blacks and 2 of them are 7 so 2/26 or 1/13] He is dealing with conditional probability in the section so it's obvious he meant the condition that it was black first. I found many such questions. The book would be fine after a good tough edit
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on January 25, 2013
This would be OK, but the information is misleading because the editing is so poor.
I would not recommend this book, even though the intent was probably OK, you spend
too much time looking at mistakes in the copy and wondering how it is possible to get it so wrong.
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on August 20, 2013
Haven't finished the book yet but it's very easy to understand and follow! Usually for paying nothing, you pretty much get what you pay for, but this is a very informative and educational book. That or I'm just really slow but I don't think that's the case.
I bought this book as an introductory book since ill be taking statistics and probability in school this year, and this has been a great resource for someone who has no knowledge of the material beforehand.
If you need a great crash course in statistics, download this book, it's worth a lot more than it costs!
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on September 27, 2013
It is simply fascinating. I had to refresh in a quickly way my background of Probability, This book helps me a lot for sure. More over I found it very suitable for a Statistics begginers. The examples are very appropriate for any reader, not just Math students but any other subject which requieres a statistic base.
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on October 22, 2012
On the plus side, the book...

- Is free (a big plus).
- Presents probability and statistics by using very real-world examples.
- Is written in a very comprehensible language that probably even an elementary school level student would understand.
- Takes a very hands-on approach and contains plenty of examples along with solutions.
- Contains also steps one can take to solve each problem using a Texas Instruments calculator.
- The book is relatively entertaining to read.

On the minus side:

- The book is rife with errors.
- ...and the errors are not just numerical errors like incorrect values of the solutions to review questions...
- ...the errors are sometimes even grave errors in mathematical notation, for example the sum sign is used totally incorrectly.
- At least on my Kindle 3G, the formatting just falls apart. So that for instance numbering of review questions doesn't match numbering of solutions.
- Considering this textbook is about mathematics, it doesn't really contain rigorous definitions of terms. The sort-of-definitions appear relatively randomly in the text and they are sometimes not even correct.

My summary:

- Read this book if you like reading text instead of mathematical equations and rigorously correct (although sometimes hard to understand) mathematical definitions.
- Don't spend too much time trying to figure out why your solution to a review question is "incorrect", it's very likely that the given solution is incorrect.
- At the end, you will indeed have a good understanding of the basic concepts of probability and statistics.
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on July 2, 2013
As the title states, this is a short, introductory course in statistics. It covers the basics with plenty of examples and problems, including ones that can be worked with the aid of a stats calculator.
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