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on January 31, 2013
Clear doesn't provide interested buyers with near enough technical info, it's mystifying why not. The Clear Hub Express is the latest and greatest, About $50 with unlimited data at $50/month from Clear. It comes with a 12V 2A switching wall adapter, no USB. There are two Ethernet LAN connectors, a real advantage that I use to connect to my NETFLIX enabled HDTV and to my laptop. It supports WiFi with a signal that seems stronger than the Apollo Clearspot. But I often have trouble connecting (I compete with 2 teenagers for WiFi connections.) I don't know what the limit is on the number of WiFi connections it supports. There is an external 4G antenna connector and a switch next to it to switch between internal or external 4G antenna reception. I get 10M downloads and 1.0M uploads, I'm within two blocks of the 4G tower and have a very strong signal. Don't need the external antenna. That means two or three of us can watch Netflix movies simultaneously. If the signal is only good, then the data rates come down dramatically like in the case of the first Reviewer.
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on October 16, 2013
I didn't expect much when I bought this. It was for backup for Comcast, who can't always keep their ducks in a row. They don't respond to trouble calls unless two or more customers call and complain that their service is out.

I live about 1.7 miles from the nearest CLEARWIRE (Sprint) tower. I took the modem out of the box, plugged it in, and followed the directions on the screen that popped up in my browser. I had service a few minutes later. I went over to, and found I only had about 2.5 to 3.0 mb/second download speed. I had an outside WiFi grid dish antenna that I had used in the past for a data link. I bought an adapter for the antenna line, and connected it to the connector on the back of the modem, aimed it at the tower, and all five lights lit up. I put the IP of the modem in my browser ( ), and looked at the signal strength (RSSI) and rotated the antenna for the highest number. For me this was -65 dbm (lower numbers are better).

I went back to, and tried a few more times. My average download speed was now between 13 and 14 mb/s, and went over 16 mb/sec a couple times. The upload speed was 1 mb/sec. This is almost 3 times faster than AT&T's DSL Extreme, and costs less! I canceled my DSL backup, especially since the speed came to a crawl (about 2 mb, instead of 6) every time it rained.

I wanted to see if I could switch all the computers and Netflix equipped WiFi devices to the built in WiFi in the Clearwire Hub. I ran the whole house (3 laptops for the kids + 2 laptops for me and the wife, and 3 TVs running Netflix. The speed from the tower did not go down, even during the peak evening hours. I estimated that I use about 150 gb/month. I was charged $49. The service is advertised as UNLIMITED, and so far it appears to be. I am seriously considering cancelling Comcast at this point.
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on July 1, 2014
Oh where do I start! It live up to its name. The setup, the price, the signal was crystal CLEAR. No gimmicks, no trick, I just simply plug it in and follow the instruction. Although it didn't do a very good job at redirecting me to their website when I used their connection. So I might suggest you go somewhere with wifi and buy subscription first. After that, it was fantastic, very minimum disconnection-- probably once or twice while I am gaming. The speed is exactly what I paid for it. I don't know why I been so loyal to Verizon all this time, I am so overjoy with this discovery.

Better than other companies:
I can move anywhere with it. No hassle of calling for installation in new apartment.
I can stop subscribing and resubscribe any time I want.
I can change to cheaper plan whenever I want.
I love their customer service, so friendly and ready to assist.

I'll definitely recommend this to everybody.
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on February 3, 2015
WARNING!!! - I bought CLEAR a year and a half ago and loved it! Then in January 2015 my service suddenly and without warning dropped off. I called up CLEAR and they politely told me they had decommissioned 2 of the 3 towers in my area. 99% of the time since then I would get no internet connection. After searching the internet on my phone it appears CLEAR had been doing this with/without warning across the country. Their coverage map still shows my area as 'excellent' coverage, but 3 calls to CLEAR confirmed that the map is outdated. I cancelled my service (still got charged the full of January ppffbbtt!!!) and was left without home internet/email all of a sudden. While the service was great while it was up, the 1 star rating is a warning that you might not get service in your area if you order CLEAR, or that it might be shut off suddenly.
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on September 15, 2013
I have been with CLEAR for several months now. I was using the CLEAR Spot Voyager, but was having problem using Google Voice with it.

Somebody recommended the Hub Express for it. I got it & was still having problems using Google Voice with it.

I had read somewhere that using an antenna can help, so I got one from Amazon for about $5.

Well worth it. I can use Google Voice & it is clear & we can hear each other.

Through all of that, I was emailing CLEAR on FB & they were quite helpful. I have no idea why there are complaints about being able to contact CLEAR - it was simple & easy and they really try to help.

Like, when I went from the Spot to the Voyager, I didn't want to get charged a monthly fee for both, so I got on FB & left a message using CLEAR's message button.

They took care of it for me & walked me through what I needed to do.

I am very pleased with the Hub Express & have recommended it to others & will continue to do so.
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on January 22, 2015
Warning: Sprint will no longer activate these modems. I called yesterday (1/22/15) and talked to three diff people and they would not activate it.

Perhaps this modem will work with other carriers but as I understand it, Sprint purchased the company and has shut down their services. One can only buy a Sprint-branded device and have to pay for an over-priced 3-6GB a month plan.
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on April 7, 2015
Obsolete and unusable. Don't be duped. As of April 2nd, only persons who have active accounts with Clear are able to have Clear Modem's activated. I received mine on April 3rd and wasted a lot of time and energy trying to find a way to have it activated. I finally leaned that I, as a new customer, will NEVER be able to activate or use my Clear device. I was shocked and requested the right to return the Modem. The company promptly refunded my money but told me to toss the Clear Modem since it no longer has any value.

Another disturbing matter is that THE SAME COMPANY is still listing the same Clear 4G Modem as available and easy to activate. That's right. You can still purchase the Clear 4G Modem from this company even though you will never be able to have it activated
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on December 13, 2012
The price is double if you buy from the Clear company any other way. It arrived on time. It was easy to set up. I have had it for almost a month and have had no problems with it.
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on January 12, 2013
I picked up this item from a store outside Amazon, but still paid about the same price. The device itself is not bad. When I took it out of the box, it felt a little light which had me worried at first. It didn't feel terribly sturdy, but it seems to be holding up alright. My main concern was is this thing heavy enough to maintain its balance on a higher shelf where I have it. While moving my computer around any small movement will send it wobbling so be careful of that and make sure to detach ALL wiring when moving things around.

I know the review should be about the product itself, but in this case you also have to discuss the service. Considering where the connection comes from (Cellular Phone Towers) the service is not too bad. I was a little concerned the first few days. After testing the speeds I was very unhappy with the results. The service boasts about a connection with "Up to 6Mbps." During my tests I have never gotten anywhere near that number, even during VERY off peak hours (2am-7am).My best result was about 2.75Mbps and yes, I do know the difference between megabyte and megabit. The average however is much lower, somewhere about 0.95Mbps and 1.05Mbps. What drives me crazy is that during peak times it got so slow some of my tests timed out and the service was virtually unusable. During some of my tests during those times I was getting as little as 0.14Mbps to 0.19Mbps which is not even enough to check email in some cases depending on what you are trying to view. I know during peak times speeds will obviously be slower, but in this case I find it difficult to do much of anything and I live in a smaller city (Corpus Christi, Texas AND I live in the suburbs where population density is much lower).

One nice surprise was the upload speeds. I do a lot of video making and I put stuff on Youtube all the time. During my tests the upload rates were much more steady, averaging about 0.61Mbps while the advertised rate was "Up to 1Mbps." Again, during peak times this rate fell, but not by as much when I was able to get the tests to complete. This speed is good enough to where I don't have to wait an hour for a 8 minute video to upload so that has worked out.

For gamers, the ping is decent. My ping tests have never been more than 135 and average about 120 so not shabby. At best, it was 101. I would not go as far as saying you will have a great time in PVP play (depending on your game), but solo campaign should work pretty well, even while in groups. I did get some lag here and there, but it was on par with my old DSL web service and it seems to occur slightly less since my switch.

Netflix is hit or miss. Again, during peak times (5pm to 8pm), it's probably not going to happen and if it does, you will get the loading screen several times during a movie. In some cases, I became so frustrated I turned off Netflix and just put in a DVD. I will admit that there were a few times during peak hours where I was able to watch Netflix, but the video quality was understandably lower.

My basis for comparison was putting Clear up against AT&T DSL and Time Warner Cable broadband. Vs DSL, Clear holds up well as the speeds in some cases were better and Clear service did not cut out as much as DSL (DSL service was around $35). Vs Time Warner, there is no competition. TWC beats Clear handily in all aspects. In some cases, I was able to get well over 16Mbps with TWC, even while adding the extra hop of using a wireless connection TWC service was about $50 a month). I no longer have access to TWC which is why I am not with them.

Overall, if you cannot get cable internet in your area, Clear might be an alright option. I don't believe it is worth the $50 a month service you pay for the premium package seeing as how the DL speeds are not nearly as steady as cable internet. I would be willing to pay somewhere along the lines of about $40 a month considering where it comes from and the fact that you have no DL cap. I have read people's reviews remarking on throttling, but I have not experienced this as of yet...unless they do it for short periods during peak times in which case it's a great way to hide it. If you decide to go with Clear, just keep your expectations low and understand that there will be times where the service isn't wonderful. On the bright side, the modem sets up a wireless network for your entire house.

For my speed testing, I used and I used various download locations throughout the United States, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Dallas, and Seattle.
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on December 14, 2013
I was getting decent service with clear when I first signed up. x box live updates took forever but movie streaming and downloading music was good. Then all of a sudden my signal started dropping, streaming speeds started slowing down. I looked online and found out that they were bought out by sprint. I went to their signal optimizer and it said that I am receiving excellent service. Really? I would hate to see how well the service functions with bad connectivity. I went to clear because I was sick of all the bs with comcast, but I guess I will be going back to them after all. If you are a moderate to heavy internet user I can not recommend clear service any more, or at least find people in your area using it and ask how the service there is. I live in Portland OR and live less than a mile from a tower.
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