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on September 24, 2012
I had seen the commercials on TV and thought since I have naturally fine un-treated blonde hair I would give it a try.

Within one month my hair was falling out. Not just a little, A LOT. Hairbrush full, shower, or just falling out.

Thought it might be Thryoid, hormones or something else. Went to the doctor and had all blood work done. Everything FINE!

I read comments for all brands of CLEAR on Amazon, found A LOT of people were having the same issues....

Quit using the shampoo and went BACK to Pantene. Within 2 weeks, my hair was slowing down in falling out. Within 3 weeks, much to none was falling out.

Called the manufacturer and complained. They said this was unusual... I advised them to check customers comments on Amazon.

They offered to send me coupons for free porducts...

If you want to give this shampoo a try, good luck. If your hair starts to fall out, remember this comment. IT MAKES YOUR HAIR FALL OUT.
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on June 9, 2013
First, I will say I have NEVER, EVER written a review of any product in my life! But, in this case I felt it was important to let others know of this horrible shampoo. I started using this S&C about 2 months ago. I have very long, naturally thin hair. When I first used this it was great! Smelled nice, and plumped up my hair for easy styling.

Then the shedding started. I mean ropes of hair coming out everytime I touched it. Had red welts on scalp that were very itchy. This has been going on for weeks. Thinking terrible things were wrong with me I went to the Dr. for blood work. He suspected thyroid due to the amount of loss. Nope. All results normal. He suggested I look into what I am using on my head, as I am probably having an allergy to something.

That was when I stumbled on the reviews here. It appears that I am not the only one with this issue. It is a relief to know the cause of my hair loss, but I have not used the product in a week and I am still shedding like a dog. When will this end????
I don't know what the final effects on my hair will be, but so far I am devastated and will need to cut my long hair due to the extreme damage this product has caused. I will update when the shedding stops, although I see no end in sight. Do not use this shampoo. And if you have and had a similar reaction, please write a review and let others know. This should be removed from production and a lawsuit should be filed. Just unbelievable!
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on February 24, 2013
My sister-in-law recommended this product to me. At first I loved it! My hair smelled so good! Then, I realized that my hair was thinning and falling out in clumps after two weeks. I thought it was not related to the shampoo, until she told me today that HER hair is falling out! Do not buy this shampoo!
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on August 8, 2013
I've never written a review on Amazon but feel compelled to do so after using this shampoo/conditioner. Tried it because it was on sale and I sometimes like trying new things that look promising. Only used this shampoo about three times over the course of a few weeks. The shampoo burnt badly when I used it & long after I got out of the shower. My hair also felt unclean and sort of stuck together (couldn't comb through it easily), so I didn't use it anymore. Around that time, I noticed that my hair was falling out a lot more than usual, but dismissed it blaming it on the summer heat, something I had done like not getting enough of some nutrient/vitamin, or just random shedding. I tried not to think much of it but it got so bad that it really started worrying me. My hair would come out in many strands in the shower and was enough to completely cover and clog the drain each time. When I would brush it the brush was completely covered with hair and during the day I would run my fingers through my hair and get a TON of strands. It was coming out consistently and I could even notice that its was thinner when I tried to fix it. My roots I am guessing also became sensitive/sore- even wearing a ponytail hurt!!

When I bought the Clear brand shampoo I bought two different kinds of it. Before even connecting the hair loss (again I'd only used this a couple of times!) I decided to try the other bottle to see if it did the same thing (just burn, I thought). In the shower it was fine- afterwards MY HEAD WAS ON FIRE. I laid down to sleep soon after and had to get up (jump up and run really) after a few minutes to wash with my normal shampoo because it felt so horrible!! I sprayed my scalp with the shower head for like 15-20 full minutes to no avail and I said to myself 'something isnt right here'. Started to make the connection and went online to look it up. The reviews here on Amazon made me sick to my stomach!! Why is this product still on the shelves?! Why is it advertised on TV?!?! Something is seriously wrong with this product. Listen to these reviews- this many people could not be making this up. This stuff should be sold as a hair removal product!! But the good news- I have started paying close attention to the products and chemicals I put on my hair. I've found two excellent and MUCH less harsh shampoos/conditioners- Kiss My Face Big Body & Renpure Originals Argan Oil. Many of the ingredients are natural and they rinse clean and leave your hair manageable, soft, and shiny. I've gotten like three compliments just this week on how shiny and pretty my hair looks- if I hadn't thrown the Clear in the trash who knows how much hair I would have left?
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on May 25, 2013
Product makes hair smell wonderful but it made my hair fall out ALOT. just like alot of other ladies on here..also made my scalp itchy and dry, never had dandruff until i tried this line of shampoo..clear needs to be taken off the shelves
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on July 22, 2013
The combination if this shampoo and conditioner has caused my hair to fall out! I usually shed a little bit in the shower or when I brush my hair. But after just three weeks of using this product I have a fist full of hair in my hand after I shower!! Plus it continues to fall out during the day. My scalp is very itchy as well. I stopped using it a week ago and my hair is still falling out. Thankfully the itching has stopped so hopefully the hair loss will stop soon. Im not excited to see the extent of the damage this caused my hair. DO NOT BUY THIS SHAMPOO!!

Update 9-06-13
It's been two months and my hair has finally stopped shedding excessively. I had blood work done just to make sure nothing was wrong with me. It was all normal! This product was the only different thing I had been doing. Seriously DON'T USE THIS STUFF!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 23, 2014
When i first bought this shampoo, it was because i had a coupon for buy one and get one free. It was new and i was looking for a product to tame my frizzy curls. I used Clear shampoo and the conditioner and for months i used it because i liked how it made my hair look. Nice and styled curls that were bouncey. So i kept buying it but over a month ago, i noticed i had been losing a lot of hair! Always hair in my hand when i would just simply comb my hair with my fingers. Its embarrassing to have hair all over your sholders. My boss would tease me and say "you shedding" i laughed and brushed it off as normal. But now my hair has thinned so much that i see my scalp and i dont wanna put up my hair anymore because its obvious i have thin hair. I feel like crying knowing that i've been doing this to my self for close to a year!! Im so thankful for these amazon reviewers that lead me to the conclusion that Clear hair products will make your hair fall out! I feel like sueing the company if only i knew how! Im only 22!! I shouldnt have to worry about becoming bald! Im now only using organic shampoo and im drinking green tea and taking biotin supplements to hopefully regrow what i have lost. Beautiful thick hair is what gives every woman dare this company just sit back and allow for their product to do such horrible things to people. Pleeease! I urge whomever is reading this to please not buy any Clear hair products! There's some chemical in them that will make your hair fall out rapidly!
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Torri-Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Shampoo. We would like to learn more about what occurred and would appreciate your contacting us at or 1-800-671-6025. Thanks very much, we look forward to hearing from you.
on September 30, 2013
I bought this in the drug store one day when I noticed the prominent display. I have thick, salt and pepper hair that I wear short and very layered. My hair has always been one of my best features, and believe me, as one ages one is thankful to retain whatever good features one has! Generally, unless I use a shampoo that doesn't "agree" with it, my hair looks and behaves well.

The first several times I used this shampoo I loved it! I shampooed every other day for about a week, as usual. This product seemed to clear the oil from my hair very well, and made it manageable. It brought out the choppy look I like from my layers.

Unfortunately, that all lasted only for that first week. As I continued using it, my hair felt dirtier and oilier more quickly, and my scalp began to itch. My hair started looking flat after shampooing, like it was weighed down. I had to start shampooing every day instead of every other day, to keep it looking clean.

After a couple of weeks use, I gave up. My scalp itched and developed tiny scabs, as another commenter reported. I stopped using Clear and went back to Pantene and Jhirmack. I had to use a clarifying shampoo several days in a row to wash out whatever residue that stuff had left that had really weighed down my hair. (Although I didn't check the ingredients, I'm guessing it was silicone.)

I can't recommend this product at all. It was a real problem for me.
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on May 18, 2013
I have psoriasis. I've used Pantene and head & shoulders. Tried this once. Within hours I had blisters on my hands and a scalp weeping clear fluid. My psoriasis came back in full force and I've lost nearly all my hair. Was told by the company it must've been a reaction to the perfume. More like the POISONS. DON'T USE IT!!
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on August 18, 2012
I tried this shampoo because I have always had "itchy" scalp, but no dandruff. I knew I needed healthier scalp, so I figured I'd try Clear, since it was inexpensive enough. I love it! I've been using the total care shampoo/conditioner combo for a few weeks now, but I noticed a difference in my scalp almost immediately. I have very wavy and frizzy hair, and this has really helped to tame it. No, it won't make your hair so perfect that you don't need a styling tool, but it doesn't claim to do that. It feels silkier (NOT oily) and smells so good. I have tried every shampoo/conditioner under the sun, and this is hands down my favorite. I thought I was doomed to have itchy scalp forever, since even expensive shampoos didn't help. Thanks to Clear, my hair is so much more manageable, smells delicious, and my scalp feels great!
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