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on December 26, 2011
So at this point I've had the mouse for eight months, and it continues to serve me as well as it did back in April when I ordered/received it. I also take good care of it, so I'm sure that's another reason why it's lasted so far. I know selecting a gaming mouse can be hard and especially obscure products such as this one that do not have a immense amount of reviews can also be a turn-off. Well let me just say that this mouse is everything I hoped for and more.

The mouse I replaced was the Logitech MX518, highly regarded as one of the best gaming mice around, and it really is/was a great mouse. But alas I felt I needed to replace it, I just got tired of using the same mouse for so long and I'm glad I moved on. I gave the MX518 to my girlfriend and she is still enjoying it so it still has a happy life, but if you ever used the MX518 and thought it was comfortable, then the Inferno will be an easy transition because it's one of the most comfortable mice I've ever used. Honestly to see any review about this mouse being uncomfortable is baffling, they must have giant-sized hands or something. (What's funny is the MX518 is actually more money than this one, shows what popularity can do)

This mouse has so many options it may be hard to understand at first. If you are great with macros then it shouldn't be too hard for you, but if you're someone who rarely has a use or just never made macros before, it can be daunting. I recommend looking up tutorials to learn how to make them. Don't blame the software because you're not too adept in macro-creations. I'm not too adept myself but know the basics enough to make macros if I need them for anything.

Quick mention, it does only have red LEDs on the mouse but you can set it to different modes. Also, the mouse wire is awesome and I love the strength it has to it. This wire will not rip unless you intentionally want to rip it, I do not understand the complaints on the wire at all.

Now if you're a gamer and see 4000 DPI, you might be inclined to go to a 5600 DPI mouse, all I can say is DON'T BASE YOUR DECISIONS ON DPI AMOUNT! I don't even use the highest DPI settings because I just have no need, it's as smooth as I need it to be and I game a LOT!

Let me also mention real quick that a friend of mine had the Cyborg R.A.T. 9, a mouse that is three times the cost of this one and he had issues from the get-go with it, eventually having to send it back about a month ago because it crapped out on him. Do not base your mice decisions on price alone because you will be sorely disappointed.

Some people also know about the Twin-Laser issue that other mice have had. It's a certain brand of laser technology that when you lift the mouse up and place it back on a surface, the cursor will jolt slightly. This does have that same issue but I have never noticed it affect my gameplay experience at all, and I play FPS, MMOs, MOBAs (League of Legends), RPGs and more and never once did I stop and say, "Wow, that laser technology issue really messed me up there!" In fact, before writing this review, I kinda forgot about it. The only time will you notice this issue is when you purposely do it and have a mouse cursor showing. It's extremely minor and will not affect you in any way.

Last but not least I would like to say you should have this mouse on a completely flat surface. For the past eight months I have been using a wooden desk as the surface for it because normal mouse pads DO NOT WORK with it; when I say this, I mean the cursor will not be smooth and will be very messed up spinning everywhere, the laser is just too sensitive for surfaces such as that. I recently ordered the Razer Goliathus mousepad and assume it will work very nicely with this baby. If it does I will mention so.

In conclusion and TL;DR for some people, get this mouse, it's amazing and the only gaming/casual mouse you'll ever need. The minor issues it has are nothing and will never affect your gaming/casual lifestyles.
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on July 12, 2011
I've been looking for a good gaming mouse for quite a while now. Found this mouse here on Amazon and proceeded to look around the web for reviews of the mouse. Reviews seemed favorable and the price wasn't too bad so I took a chance on it. Note that I had been considering various Logitech mice as well as a Razer Naga. I was turned off by the Naga because of various reports of hardware QA problems and questionable support. I've gone through a lot of mice in my many years of computing/gaming and I was not interested in getting stuck with yet another problem mouse with questionable support from the manufacturer. I probably would have purchased a Logitech this time around but the price on this CM Storm Inferno was some $$ cheaper. And I've been a fan of the Cooler Master cases for many years now. Their cases are top notch so I counted on at least some semblance of quality in their other products.

The good:
Now about this mouse, the CM Storm Inferno. Overall, the hardware/build seems to be decent. The mouse is very comfortable and does not cause hand stress after many hours of continuos use. I usually "palm" my mouse when using it. I can't really say if a player that uses a "claw" grip would like the mouse. It doesn't feel too heavy or too light. There's a large double-wide mouse wheel that spins smoothly but you can feel each position of the wheel. The 5-position DPI switch and Profile switch is located nicely and it's very easy to swith DPI on the fly and not to worry about changing your DPI or Profile unintentionally. Clicking is very responsive. Only thing I found a little odd about the buttons was the Left and Right regular mouse buttons sounded different when clicked, almost like they were different types of buttons. This was true as well of the Left and Right Rapid Fire buttons. The USB cable is encased in heavy duty threaded braiding. This should afford the cable protection from any untentional nicking/breaks.

The software allows for many macros to be recorded, probably more than you'll ever need. You also get a Default profile as well as 3 additional profiles to set up the buttons the way you want to. DPI sensitivity is completely configurable to individual taste within the software. Overall I would say the capability of the mouse is pretty amazing, especially if you use it in conjuntion with a keyboard that also allows setting up of macros.

Now for the bad:
There is no "official forum support" for the software and firmware for the mouse ([...]). There is a fourm set up but to quote forum directly: "There is no official CM Storm support in the forums, this is a pure community hang out". More like a fan forum of the CM Storm hardware line outside of their case products. The developer of the Storm Inferno has moved on to other endeavers, although he still pops into the forum every now and then. The one thing that really bothered me is that the discussion of problems with the mice is not handled very well. First, all posts to the forum must be approved by an admin before they are seen by the public. This is not very condusive to an open discussion of problems that are encountered by multiple people. Second, sometimes the response from the developer or those trying to issue fixes is done strictly via private messages to the person having an issue. Again, not very condusive to open discussion. Most of these problems seem to be related to the firmware but how is anyone supposed to find solutions if everything is done behind a veil of admin-only-approved-posts and secret PMs. To the average person this may seem like they are trying to hide something.

For the record, I ended up returning my Storm Inferno due to some issue most likely related to firmware problems. I did post on their forum...wait let correct that, I posted and am awaiting "admin approval" of my problem. No telling how long that will take but to be honest, I don't have time to monkey around with beta firmware. The has to work because I depend on it many hours per day. The issue I had occurred every day since I received the mouse. I will reitterate that I do not think that the mouse hardware is a problem in this case. More than likely it's the firmware. If they can get those issues straightened out, they will have a top notch product and I would probably be willing to give them a second chance at that time.
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on June 25, 2011
The good:
- It's comfortable, I came from using a Microsoft Intellimouse and it's nearly the same size, maybe just a touch heavier.
- Buttons everywhere! Beyond the standard 3 and back/forward, you have 4 more programmable buttons for a total of 9. But with the "Storm Tactics" button that acts as a modifier, you have an effective total of 18 that you can assign functions to. Then there's the profile switcher that allows you to switch between three different setups (easily identified by what color the profile switcher button is glowing), plus one default.
- The software allows you to do a whole lot of stuff. Currently I have close window, refresh, volume up, volume down, copy, and paste + enter all assigned to setups and I still have room left on that profile.
- It's got more DPI than I could ever tell the difference between and you can adjust it on the fly. Useful if you're into competitive FPS games.
- Nicely priced; most mice with similar features cost $20-40 more.
- The scripts and settings are stored via onboard memory so you can plug it in on another computer and have access to everything instantly.

The bad:
- You can only save up to 6 multi-button scripts. I'm not sure why this is, and Macros (I'm not sure why they're separated to begin with) seemingly repeat themselves even after being set to one-shot so they're not usable. It hasn't been a problem for me so far though since I'm only using three things that actually required scripting.
- While it does give you a lot of options, the software could've been better designed, it tends to be clunkier than it should.
- Horizontal scrolling would've been nice but it's understandable given the price.
- You have to go a little out of your way to reach the Storm Tactics and profile switcher buttons. Most gaming mice have this problem to an extent though so it's not a big deal.

other notes after using the mouse: I was using around 2400 dpi for web browsing and such, which is fine normally but causes some FPS games to become hypersensetive. In order to avoid having to switch back between a dpi for browsing and a dpi for FPS games, you need to increase your mouse's sensitivity in the Windows mouse control panel as opposed to the Cooler Master utility.

Also, whenever you open the Cooler Master configuration utility, it resets your mouse's sensitivity to low in the Windows mouse control panel, an odd decision to say the least but not a big problem if you know how to fix it.

After using the mouse more, I've noticed it has a few occasional episodes where it'll suddenly stop tracking vertically or horizontally for a bit, or start right-clicking when you left click for no apparent reason until you right click again. These are infrequent, but pretty annoying.
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on March 16, 2012
The Cooler Master Storm Inferno isn't just any mouse, it's the perfect mouse (for me at least). From its sleek design to its performance, this mouse is amazing. I have gone through many mice, and this one definitely is the one. Lets talk about the looks. It has a black glossy finish with nice red LED lights on the front, mouse wheel, and on the palm rest. Everything feels of high quality, the mouse wheel is wide and flat making it easy to press, and the macro buttons are where they should be and aren't all over the place. I usually like simplistic mouses with few buttons, but this one has just the right amount. The box it came with was very nice although inside it had no manual or terms and conditions, in fact it was just the mouse and the software CD. The software is easy to use and looks great. This mouse does not require software running to execute all commands which is nice. If I were to buy another mouse, it would be a replacement. This mouse is the best 10/10.
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on April 9, 2014
I honestly would pick another gaming mouse. Even though the mouse felt nice in my hand, and it had plenty of buttons that you can program using the CM Inferno software, but the cons weighted more than the pros.

-It would be nice if there were clearer instructions on how to use the software
-Comfortable for extended gaming sessions
-Nice looking and the braided cable is a plus
-plenty of wire
-Well built and weighted nicely (no weight customization)
-Some usable features provided by the software... you can customize things like LED/light settings, scroll speed, button functions
-This mouse is sensitive, and I don't mean polling, I mean it's very picky about the surface it's on and if it's clean or not.
-The "Storm Tactics" cannot change the function of this button at all for any profile so it was deemed useless.
-Does not have scroll acceleration.
-If you game a lot, its higher DPI with immediate control is good for FPS games and its programability is viable in MMOs/RTSs, but it doesn't excel in either of these categories.
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on April 7, 2011
Very nice mouse, lots of controls, feel and grip are execlent, weight is good for fast motion. wheel is very nice and has a soft feel. Some buttons are a little hard to push. But other then that no complaints.
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on December 2, 2013
My first gaming mouse. Imagine you have to be a first time mouse buyer to consider getting this one. I bought this mouse because I initially thought more buttons=better. If you read the bottom of my review, you'll find out that is absolutely not the case. Honestly, the G700 is the only mouse I have used that doesn't sacrifice buttons for tracking, precision, ease of clicking or ergonomic feel.

Review: Some of the general buttons are easy to program. I like the position of the top left, top right and the middle (the ones underneath the scroll) buttons. I used them a lot. The only button on the left side I can really reach is the third one at the back (the big one). Probably because I use the claw grip. You cannot program wheel up or wheel down to be a button.

Very Important: The biggest button on the middle left side is in a very good location and it would have been useful; however, for some reason, Cool Master decided to not give you the ability to remap it. The button can only be used for storm tactics. I didn't know before I bought it that I wouldn't be able to program a key to it or else I wouldn't have bought it. The big button in the center of the mouse (underneath the scroll) is not programmable as well. Again, that's something you tell someone before you buy it.

Also very important: There is virtually no online support or how-to's on how to use Storm Tactics and I still haven't been able to figure how to use it. (Edit: There is NO ONLINE SUPPORT FOR THE MOUSE PERIOD.... not just storm tactics. The mouse has no Forums like the Logitech and Razer). Storm tactics is very complicated. I plugged in stuff exactly how it says and nothing happens. The manual only describes what storm tactics can do but it does not give clear instructions or examples of how to get storm tactics to work. There are no how to youtube vids or FAQs. You will waste hours trying to figure it out only to fail. Your only option is to email CM and hope they email you back. I am still wait for them to respond to my email. (Edit: They did response about a week after I sent it. All it said was "Please refer to the product's manual." I'm done with anything Cool Master. There are too many competitors to have crappy assistance like that. You shouldn't buy stuff from the no names in the mouse industry. While cool master is big in some areas, mouses is obviously their weakpoint)

I honestly would pick another gaming mouse. There are a few other mouses that have the top left and top right corner buttons.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 12, 2013
Thought this was a quality product. I have owned it for 5 months & the right click just gave out. It has laid flat & no more elevation. It was barely even used meaning not enough game play to have this feature malfunction. Had it lasted a yr I would've expected this to happen with heavy gaming but to have this less the 5 months then brake is poor quality in my book. Hope this helps. oh & just found out Amazon will not replace no refund bcuz they have a 30 day time window. Beware of any electronic that is not know even if you read good reviews bcuz we read the reviews on this & took a chance & we lost & are out of a refund or a replacement.
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on September 3, 2012
Yes I know this mouse is not a Razer or Logitech,but I'll tell you one thing in the 6 -7 months I've owned this mouse is all I could tell you is this mouse lives up to its reputation.I have played different types of games including first persons and this mouse delivers every step of the way in games such as:Dead Space 1 and 2,Bioshock 1 and 2,singularity,Deus Ex Human Revolution,Fallout 3 and New Vegas,Mass Effect 2 and many more.So don't just talk smack about the Cooler Master Storm Inferno mouse just do yourself the favor a go and get this mouse it's really worth every penny and not to mention its has multiple settings for DPI, lights up really cool with Cooler Master logo ,really long USB wire and many more features comes with Cooler Master Inferno mouse,box,and software disk.(Note:It would be really cool if this mouse had a mini fan inside for cooling it since Cooler Master is known for making cooling products or even better a small motor that Rumbles when gaming, like an Xbox 360 controller so that you could really get the feel of the game,but that might make it hard to work with.) Anyway whatever just buy this mouse.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on April 26, 2012
This is a great looking mouse. The red matches my sidewinder x4 keyboard perfectly. Tracking is excellent, though the dual laser system does cause a minute amount if cursor jump if you pick up the mouse too far. (I use the excellent gigabyte m8000x ghost mouse pad ) The dpi changes are quick and easy to configure with packaged software, but some things are a little difficult to figure out unless you google. Overall an awesome package that doesn't break the bank.
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