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on August 29, 2012
I've had my case a few months now and it is spectacular.

The case's best features for my day-to-day life:
1) I typically drop my phone twice a day, on asphalt, grass, tile... and the phone is still in excellent condition. Not a ding on it!
2) The Pacific green color has benefitted me a lot because I typically lose my phone a few times a day and the color makes it easy to spot.
3) Many other cases that hold cards either open or cover the front of the phone. This one does not which is wonderful if you check the time, skim texts, etc.
4) It looks very professional and you can whip a business card out in an instant, impresses clients!
5) Ladies, there is nothing worse than being chained to your wallet. I can just grab my phone and go.
6) To date, cash nor card has ever fallen out or even started to wiggle out. You can even slip a housekey in! Your things aren't going anywhere!

To date, not a piece has broken off and the leather is stitched on very very well. My last case was an Otterbox Defender which is in several pieces due to my reckless lifestyle, but the CM4 is still intact and it's been through hell and high water. This product has integrity! Now... if only it could hold my Chapstick.
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on May 8, 2012
I saw this online here at Amazon after purchasing a Twelve South " BookBook" at a local Apple store. I recently bought an IPhone for personal use but still have the need to carry around a blackberry for work, plus my wallet. I figured with a combined wallet/ IPhone case I could at least eliminate the wallet.

As much as I like the finely made " BookBook", this CM4 IPhone 4S Case/Wallet blows it away in regards to form and function, in my opinion of course. It really seems like an extension of the phone itself and shares the same elegance in design that attracted me to the IPhone 4S itself in the first place. Whereas the " BookBook " feels like a huge lump in my back pocket ( and therefore will be returned to the Apple store ), this CM4 product feels much smaller and ergonomic in my back pocket. It's probably about the thickness of my old wallet that I had stuffed with all sorts of old receipts and other useless crap ! Here's a tip; take a picture of your insurance card with your IPhone, take a picture of your Library card, take a picture of the folded slip of paper with some phone numbers on it and Aunt Lucy's recipe for chicken soup. You'll love just having your phone and a few cards in your pocket ! The other stuff will be on your camera roll to show at the Doctors office or at the library, or to refer to when you finally make that soup !

The card holder on the back of the CM4-Q4 case easily holds my license, my debit/credit card and my company security ID so I can get through the locked doors at the facility I work at. I just hold the phone ( in the Q4case ) up to the magnetic card reader and it unlocks the door. Also whether you have one card, or three cards, they fit snug and safely.

Also, as others have mentioned the product itself has a great tactile feel to it. It just feels right in your hands.

I did not apply the supplied screen protector that came with the case. I currently have a " Moshi " screen protector ( the washable re-usable one they make ), that is absolutely fantastic, so I'm sticking with that for now. I'll hang onto the protector or give it away.

I highly recommend this product. It's smartly designed and executed.
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on November 9, 2012
Been looking for a nice-looking, minimalist wallet case. I had a hard case for my old 3G that was perfect - and held what this one does, two cards and a spare bill - except it didn't protect the screen. Since then, I have been drawn to the bulky cases, wanting to protect it from drops. Then I saw this and read the rave reviews. It holds my drivers license, debit card, and a little extra cash snugly. I haven't dropped it yet so I hope the reviews on that are accurate. It is nice-looking, sleek, minimalist. I have a few friends who have the life proof case and it seems to be of comparable size - only instead of being waterproof, this one has the little wallet. I had just bought a bookbook knockoff and the bulk was ridiculous. It looks cool and yes holds a bit more (although really not a lot more, especially considering the excess bulkiness) - but this one is so much nicer. I'm a cheapskate so the price nearly made me choke but the reviews spurred me on - and so far definitely worth it.

Oh! And it lets me take pictures! The reason I got the knockoff bookbook was because of the camera hole but it made my pictures all foggy and almost distorted. This one, not a problem. Perfect pictures every time.

Edit: ok I've dropped it. Several times. As has my toddler. No damage when I drop it. My toddler, however, slammed it on concrete a few times before I realized there was a problem. In this case, the back glass cracked a little. Not even that bad and not noticeable due to the case. And somehow he broke the power button. I happen to have a good friend who works on iPhones so this translates for me $12 in parts. The front glass was immaculate. Not a scratch. And the front glass is what really matters, is it not? So even though I've had to pay for parts and schedule repairs due to damage done in this case, I am still 100% happy. I watch my kid's hands a little closer when he has my phone. $12 in parts is a small price to pay for the absolute convenience of not having to carry anything extra in my pockets.
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on June 6, 2012
After a week of using this I am in love with it. Otter box and others are for sale. Been around the block trying to find a case i felt good with. Very compact and keeps the phones slimness, but good grip on it at the same time. The plastic is flexible but hard, with a good tackyness to it for holding tight. This case protects all of the phone but the front, and a good clearcoat takes decent care of that. All buttons are very easy to use, and the camera is in a great protective slot that is hard to get anything in to hit it, but easy to use. I dumped my wallet and went to a virtual wallet, taking pictures of all my useless bar code cards and labeling a folder "wallet" I carry a credit card, my bank card and my license. Able to fit a few bills in with them for emergencies, and been carring 1's and the spare 5's in my front pocket. Highly recommend this for new and old iphone users.
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on May 10, 2012
I am a fan of iPhone wallet cases, and I've been searching for a perfect combo for a year now. I've tried everything. Literally, everything from BookBook from TwelveSouth, Speck Candyshell Card, Case-mate's ID case, Incipio's Stowaway case, TRTL Bot's minimalist case, you name it. I've tried them all. They are either too thick or don't carry enough cards. TRTL bot case came close, but I broke 3 cases in 1 month. I did use it gently, but a firm grip would crack the case.

CM4 by far is the best. Holds more stuff than almost all of them (except for BookBook case, which is too thick, and takes forever to get to an app) and stays thin. Plus the feel of the thing is leather soft (even the side silicon material is soft like leather.) If you're looking for an iPhone wallet case, don't waste your money on anything else. But this case!!!
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on June 10, 2012
I looked at a lot of cases before purchasing this one and basically bought it because everyone gave it 5 stars. It is as good as promised. If you are a minimalist you will love this case as it is slick and yet understated. I also like the fact that it is leather and not plastic so I don't feel like it is going to slip out of my hand when I pull it out of my pocket.
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on April 6, 2012
After hearing of some doctor recommendations to stop carrying your wallet in your back pocket (can cause back pains for some people) I started looking for ways to get rid of my wallet.

This case is exactly what I wanted. The quality of the case is excellent and it's easy to slide in and out of my pocket (the rubber on my last case would stick).

My biggest fear in getting a phone/wallet case was that it would be oversize, bulky, or annoying to hold. This case is none of those things. Everything is tight and snug and I know my cards aren't going to fall out. The way the case is constructed gives the illusion that you're not adding any additional size to your case. You kind of get that "how did they do it" feeling when looking at it.

On top of all that, it just looks sexy. Definitely recommend it!

FYI: I use it to hold two cards (credit card and driver's license).
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 16, 2012
The product is overall decent. It's well made, the back feels like leather and it stores cards. Unfortunately I was only able to really fit two without it being too tight to be usable or usable without having to take out all three cards, but 2 is decent enough for me.

My real complaint is that after getting the product on hand, it just isn't worth the $40 I paid for it. There are other good cases out there that store the 2-3 cards at half the cost. Some offer a bit more, such as sliding mechanisms or hard shell casing. The CM4 unfortunately just feels like you are paying $40 for a decent case with a sturdy piece of faux leather stitched to the back.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
While the case quite snugly fits 3 cards right out of the box, it quickly conforms to 3 cards if you leave them in there overnight. There are certainly other cases with hard shell casing but at the expense of bulkiness and a less executive look/feel. This is the slimmest card/wallet case on the market that holds 3 cards. I believe after few weeks with the product you'll come to appreciate the premium nature of the case from the leather texture to the stitched pocket. As many other reviewers here have noted, you'll often get asked by strangers, "Where'd you get that case?!"

If you ever have any problems with the case feel free to contact us at Cheers.
on July 8, 2012
Previously, I have used wallet case and it was kind of irritating for me open and close everytime whenever I get text or e-mail or etc..

So, I was looking for a case which it holds cards that I need to carry around with me all the time: credit card, debit card, and my driver license

This case is perfect for you if you are trying to buy a wallet case for the first time

I feel pretty good when all my friends carry their big and fat wallet with them when I just bring this inside to hangout!

This case also provides excellent protect on the front, card holder is leather and it will stratch out through out time.

This is one of things that you won't regret after purchse
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on September 9, 2012
I received this case about 3 weeks ago and have used it every day since. At first, I didn't think the case was going to work. It was too tight to insert and remove two cards (credit card and drivers license) and three bills as frequently as you would do so in a normal day. But then I read on another review that you should give the case 24hr to expand to accommodate the cards, so thats what I did, and what a difference. After that "Break In" period, the case became my most valued accessory's accessory (aka Case). It's been a little more than two weeks since then, and I have found only two complaints. First of all, this case case takes 24hr to get smaller as well as expand. My solution to this is to put a $20 bill in it every night (after taking out all of the other $/bills from that day) and then getting more "change" bills ($1, $5) as you spend it through the day. That way it won't get too loose as it would if filled it with $1's and spent those. My second complaint is with the appearance of the case. It's white, therefore it will get very dirty in a week. You can clean it, but it can get annoying after awhile. Luckily, the absolutely excellent customer service will send you a new one (in any color) if yours gets damaged/discolored during the one year "Premium Warranty" period.
This is a case I have really enjoyed, but it's not for everyone. If you have more than two cards you keep in your wallet, this is not the case for you.

P.S. I forgot to mention how good the protection of this case is. I don't really drop my phone, but this is a very thick bumper which has depth. It's thick and has a lip above the screen. That lip saved me the other day. I was helping a friend change a tire (on a Lexus GX 470) and I had set my phone (in the case) on the back bumper so it didn't get damaged. So we get the tire changed, and lowered the jack, which was under the front driver side wheel. As soon as that wheel hit the ground, I heard the back gate/door/hatch start closing (on this car, the rear door closes/opens to the side (like a house door), not up and down like on most SUV's). I ran back there to find the metal edge of the door jammed in the middle of my phone screen area. Without thinking, I threw the door open and grabbed my phone to assess the damage. It was fine. There was a mark on the case, but the phone was fine. I was amazed at how well the case protected the phone. All I can say in wow!

P.S.S.This case is very unique. I get asked where I got it all the time, so much in fact, I feel like I have probably sold at least 20 of these things for the company. Just saying...
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