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5.0 out of 5 stars I like this thing
I've read some of the negative reviews and I guess they're just from ipod lovers or something. I agree that 1 star is definitely unrealistic. Once you learn the controls, this thing is great. I bought it for the memory capacity and battery life. I've only had it for a few days, but I already like it more than my Zune... mostly because of the folder browsing options. I...
Published on January 15, 2011 by JipsiPocahontas

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3.0 out of 5 stars A Mixture of Pros and Cons
Customer Video Review     Length:: 8:36 Mins
Published on February 11, 2012 by HCGamer247

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5.0 out of 5 stars Only for those who actually like music :), January 16, 2011
Safari Hood "Safari Hood" ( - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Electronics)
The x7 is the third Cowon player I have owned, and the third review I've done for a Cowon product.
First was the 20gb X5, second was the 16gb iAudio 7.

The X7 was delivered to me yesterday (January 15th, 2011).
First chance I got, I attached it to my computer and transferred 50 gb of Ogg Vorbis files to the device.
A small part of my collection, but enough to "get me going".

As a long time fan of Cowon products, I have mostly pros concerning the X7, but a couple of cons.
We'll start with the Cons, so that I can end on the Pros, as I believe this device deserves a review that starts and ends positive.

I cannot compare the included earbuds, as I personally HATE earbud headphones.
Unfortunately, every pair of earbuds I have ever tried were extremely uncomfortable, no matter the manufacturer.
Instead, I immediately connected a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 3 'over the ear' headphones.

Cons :
1) Maybe I've lost my mind, but I couldn't find the 'shuffle' option. Did I miss it?
2) Transfer speed was not great, but not terrible. USB 2.0 is slow, no matter the device.
However, in the process of copying 50gb of Ogg Vorbis files to the player, my WinBox averaged only ~10 Mb/sec transfer.
Cowon's X5 was an HD based player as well, and I usually averaged ~16-17 Mb/sec transfer with that player on a Winblows Machine.

Pros :
1) Both Flash & HD drive storage. Even though the Flash drive is only 2gb, I find it to be a benefit. It uses less electricity, so you'll
need to charge the device less often.
2) JetEffect SPLENDOR. I became very familiar with JetEffect on the x5 and the iAudio 7. The x7 brings JetEffect to a whole new level.
3) The touch screen is nice. I did find it to be responsive, and extremely easy to navigate.
4) OS and Software Independent. No software needed to copy music to (and from) the device. Copy & Paste, no re-conversion necessary.
5) Multiple Music format support - OGG, FLAC, MP3, WMA. (I can understand Mp3, but why WMA? Who in their right mind uses it?)
6) Support for highest quality OGG, FLAC, and MP3 encoding. I always encode at highest quality.
7) Can also be used as an external storage device for files besides music. Perfect for SneakerNetting.

Being an avid fan of Cowon products, I could go on and on about the Pros of Cowons' products.

I would recommend this product any music fans who like their music to sound great.
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4.0 out of 5 stars With great sound comes a learning curve, July 26, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Electronics)
After my last iPod decided it no longer wanted to play all songs in a group by itself and struggling with iTunes for about 2 years I decided I never wanted to go back to Apple's totalitarianism. I wanted a MP3 player that could play FLAC files and sounded as good as a portable player could. Several audiophile websites mentioned the name Cowon.

I went in knowing the default user interface (IU) was very poor but I know my way around most computers. I figured I could forgive that when I could be rid of iTunes and play FLACs. And the sound quality was said to be phenomenal - finally something that would put my Ultimate Ears earphones to better use.

The player's file interface is almost non-existent - you just open the device on your computer and drag/copy files to its music folder. There is no software included with the device except for a mini CD that has drivers for Windows 98. Moving files is an extremely slow process, I suspect because it's a USB 1.0 connection. But using iTunes was slow and frustrating process too, so if anything this is just trading one problem for another and cancels itself out. With it loaded with some music I went to test it out.

The X7's most crippling defect is its UI. The default UI looks like an iPhone's. It's better suited for a mobile phone than a media player and worst of all there was no shuffle option! I was almost ready to jump back to my half-working iPod Classic, just reset it to factory settings and struggle with iTunes again. But Cowon players have an ace up their collective sleeves: the OSes for not just the X7, but all Cowon players is open-source. And there is a large community of code-savvy users who make new UIs for them.

After some searching around I found a UI that worked perfectly for me, even putting on a shuffle feature. After that headache it was time to listen to some music to alleviate it. The X7 has a plethora of equalizer settings under JETEFFECT 3.0, most of them the usual music genres, but several proprietary ones called BBE. I set mine to +BBE Headphone 3 and suddenly I never wanted to use another MP3 player ever again.

My Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10s do a great job of making even poor audio sound good. But they're not able to make sound data appear where there isn't any. The X7 provided them with the data they needed to show off just what kind of clarity and bass they're really capable of producing. Most noticeable was the bass - instead of just being a low frequency sound like my other players, I actually FEEL it on the X7. Going back to my Zune HD is like stuffing my ears with cotton before listening to music; I can only use that for exercising because it's small and light. I'm definitely going to consider getting one of Cowon's newer, slimmer players to replace that.

The way shuffle on a Cowon works takes a bit of reading to understand: the X7 and other Cowon players shuffle songs based on their folder location - if you put all your songs in the Music folder as just free floating files it'll shuffle them all. If you want to shuffle by artist you'll need to make separate folders for artists you want to shuffle. For individual songs, just throw in the Music folder. I put in a folder for songs I don't want it to shuffle. I personally find this more convenient and easier to do than iTunes' "Check this box to not shuffle this song" which is info stored only the player. So if I reset the iPod I'd have to go through my entire collection and pick individual songs I don't want to shuffle. It's much easier to just make backups of the Cowon's directories on my PC's or an external drive than slog through iTunes especially with the free program Create Synchronicity.

The biggest drawback of the X7 is its default UI. Fortunately that can be fixed easily by downloading a custom made one like I explained before. The second is its video playback. The player cannot play MP4 files and is very picky about what files it can and can't play. I'm still experimenting with converting my video files to different formats to determine what it does and doesn't like. But I bought the X7 for music first and foremost. Video is a far-off secondary priority.

Lastly, it's extremely hard to find accessories for the X7. I could only find 3 different cases for it, and none of them look like they offer much protection from drops. The X7 is a heavy little thing, and while it does feel very sturdy I'd like extra insurance it'll last as long as possible.

Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the Cowon X7. It can be a pain to get it working ideally, but Cowon's wise decision to let users customize the device themselves and the amazing sound it reproduces makes it worth those few minutes of hassle. Congratulations Cowon, you have another believer.
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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best MP3 players around, December 25, 2012
This review is from: COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Electronics)
This will be a rather lengthy review but please read through it all. Since the opinions on this device are spread across the board I wanted to give a full review so you would know exactly what you're getting and be able to make a fully informed decision.

First let me say that technically I'm giving this 4.75 stars instead of 5 only because nothing is perfect and overall the Cowon x7 is a fantastic device.

I was looking for an mp3 player that had a huge amount of storage space (at least 100gb) that would allow me to fit my collection on it and still have room to grow. With most players using flash memory nowadays I'd have to go with a hard drive based one. Unfortunately there aren't may HDD mp3 players out there. The choices I came across were Apple IPod classic 120gb, Zune 120gb and the Cowon x7 120 & 160gb. The iPod was out because I don't care for apple and really hate iTunes. Zune was an ok choice but I really didn't want to have to deal with the Zune software to sync my music. Drag and drop is so much easier which the x7 uses. So I made my final decision to get the x7 based on no need for proprietary software and largest storage capacity of the three.

Features: Pro's & Con's

Screen 4/5: It has a 4.3" LCD TFT touch screen. This is where I've seen the most negative feedback which I think comes from people being used to the newer capacitive touch screens. If you're used to this you'll automatically think the touch screen is crap. A quick tap or finger flick won't work out too well. You have to be a little more deliberate with your actions. You need to tap and hold for a quick half second for it to register your touch. As far as accuracy goes it's just fine, it picks up my chubby fingers with no problems.

Display 4/5:
Part 1: The resolution is only 480x272. I've seen a few complaints here also, most wanting a better screen. It would be nice to have a higher resolution but to me this isn't much of a drawback. I find that it's good enough to just have a screen to watch something on to occupy your time if you're say stuck in an airport for a while or something like that. I never understood wanting to watch blockbuster movies on a small screen when you have a big TV anyway. I've watched a few short videos on it and the display is good. The colors are bright, the resolution is fine and the videos played seamlessly.
Part 2: When displaying album covers the full image does not fit on fully on the screen meaning that it does not shrink the image to fit the screen. The sides of the album are sort of cut off but you are able to scroll side to side to see the full image. Some people label this as a drawback but come on, are you really going to be staring at the album cover the whole time while listening to a song?
Part 3: I find this a nice feature; you can view the menus as either lists or icons. Switching between the two is easy; just hold down the menu button. I prefer the list view

Storage 5/5: This one's pretty self explanatory. 160gb of space total (roughly 150gb usable after system files). There's an added bonus I wasn't aware of, 2gb of flash memory that you can store background images, album art or whatever you want on it.

Battery 6/5: The battery life on this thing is awesome, quoted 103 hours of audio and 10 hours of video. The actual battery life is really close to quoted life. I ran the x7 for about 80 hours (audio only) before I felt I should put it on the charger. It still had some battery life left on it but I charged it before it completely died. I'm sure I would have gotten at least 5 more hours out of it if not more. I haven't tested the battery with video but I'm sure that's at least 8 hours, long enough to watch a couple of movies before charging. Charging takes about 2- 3 hours plugged into the wall and about 5 hours via USB.

Sound 8/5: This is where the x7 really shines. Cowon has been known for its superior sound quality and this is no exception. It drives anything you hook it up to. I've plugged it into cheepie ear buds, quality headphones, pc speakers, my truck speakers, and my PA speakers. I get great sound out of all of them. The fact that it has 39 EQ settings (35 preset & 4 user) is a big plus. You can set the EQ to get the best quality out of any style of music you listen to. The only thing it didn't sound the best coming out of was the built in speaker but everything else was terrific.

Hardware buttons 5/5: Power, volume up/down and menu buttons. The placements of the power and menu buttons are fine. The placement of the volume buttons is kind of odd, there're on the bottom left. It's not the best place for them but its fine and doesn't take long to get used to.

Interface 3.5/5: The interface is the biggest drawback of the x7 but still it isn't all that bad. It is user friendly enough but it does have some quirks that aren't self explanatory. For instance if you're playing a song and want to change the EQ settings you can do it from that screen but it's not labeled how you'd think. You would think it would say EQ but instead it's labeled JE (for JetEffects, what Cowon's EQ program is called). There's other things like top instead of main menu or up instead of back. All in all it really doesn't take that long to get used to how things are labeled and what you need to tap on to navigate around. I took me all of maybe 30 minutes of playing with it and I could get around just fine.

Menu Features 4/5: In this section I'll focus on main menu navigation/features. Like I mentioned before, some of the functions can be a little tricky to navigate until you get used to how things are labeled but these are more of the minor menu functions than main ones. (Up instead of back or JE instead of EQ on certain screens) In the main menu you have Music, Videos, Radio, Recorder, Viewer, & Settings. All of these are pretty self explanatory of their main functions.
-Video: plays movies (play, pause, rr/ff).
-Radio: plays the radio, it has a full range of stations.
-Recorder: a voice recorder, basic functions here.
-Viewer: This is where you view your pictures & documents. This is pretty self explanatory. There's also a heading for flash & browser. Flash allows you to view the content of the flash memory. Browser is for viewing your music & video library; it's not a web browser as the X7 doesn't have wifi/internet capabilities.
-Music: I really like how the music menu is set up. You can view your music collection pretty much any way you want. You can view by songs, artist, albums, genres, year, playlists & folders. The X7 is capable of playing music embedded up to 8 folders deep. I also love this feature; there is a search function in which you can search for songs, artists, albums, etc. It makes finding the song that's stuck in your head so much easier that having to browse through everything. It allows for a partial search so you don't have to type the full name of the song exactly. It doesn't take long to look through all the files either, about 30 seconds or so.
-Settings: In here is where you set all your defaults, Time/date, Bluetooth, system settings etc. You also set the defaults for music & video playback and default EQ settings. These three can also be changed in the playback screens while listening/watching music/video. You have your basic settings of resume on/off, skip interval, seek interval, etc. For some reason they didn't include shuffle play in music/video settings. You have to access that through the playback screen.

Supported formats 4/5: As far as audio formats go it supports pretty much anything even FLAC. Video support is another story, it only supports a couple; WMA/DIVX being the main one. On a good note it does come with software to convert videos to the proper format and it's pretty easy to use. It also supports TV out but I haven't used that feature so I can't comment on it. For pictures it supports any size JPEG image. I haven't really played with the document viewer so I can't comment on supported file types there.

Playback Speed 7/5: This is accessed through the settings menu or the playback screen. I wanted to give this its own section/rating because it's such a cool feature. Let me explain, obviously you can change the playback speed to normal, faster or slower. The really cool part is it has a pitch correction that you can turn on/off. This means that if you speed up/ slow down the song the pitch correction will make it sound normal instead of like a chipmunk/mutated zombie. For normal listening it's not that spectacular but as a musician I find this very useful. I play a lot of thrash metal & it can be difficult learning songs by ear when normal speed is 200 beats/min. I can slow down the song to where I can distinctly hear the notes played correctly instead of garbled up without the pitch correction on. And when first learning a song I can play along at a slower speed where what I'm playing is in the same pitch as the song and sounds correct until I can play it a full speed.

Build Quality 5/5: It feels very solidly built. The plastic feels very sturdy and the button feel like they are very good quality. I'm not going to drop kick it off the roof and expect it to survive but for your average use I think it will hold up for the long run. I've already accidently knocked it off the end table once and didn't damage it at all.

Size & Weight 4/5: The size and weight of the x7 is a little larger than other mp3 players but it's not too bad. I'd compare it to size of an otterbox for an iphone and at 212 grams it's a tad heavy feeling but still not bad. I wouldn't strap this on to go jogging or anything but for casual carrying in your pocket or on your belt its fine.
PC Link 4/5: It hooks to your computer via USB but it does need its own special cable to do so. It would have been nice if the plug in port to the x7 used micro or mini USB but it's not that big of a deal. The iPod & Zune have to use their own special cables. Transfer between the X7 & pc is drag and drop so that's definitely a plus... It makes transferring music a breeze. Transfer rate is average; about the same you get from an external USB hard drive.

Features 3.5/5: It has a built in microphone for voice recording. It's just a pinhole mic nothing special but it works fine. There's also a built in speaker. Again, there's nothing special here. The most I can say is that it works; it has about the same quality as a cell phone speaker. It is Bluetooth compatible so you can use Bluetooth headphones & speakers with it. It has a built in radio tuner which works pretty well. Like most MP3 players with radio it uses the wire in the headphones or speaker cable to receive signals. The radio is no better or worse than in any other MP3 player or cell phone.

To sum it all up the Cowon x7 is a great little device. It has huge storage capacity superior sound quality great build quality, etc. Drag and drop files is great, no need to deal with proprietary software. There are many features that are very cool and useful too. There are a few quirks that take some getting used to (mostly minor menu navigation), but all of the positives far outweigh any of these quirks. I've had an exceptional experience with this device thus far and I would definitely recommend the Cowon X7 to anyone.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best MP3 Player I have ever had., May 14, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Electronics)
I spent about three months doing research on various mp3 players to include all IPods. I am entirely fed up with ITunes and all the B.S. that comes with using it. The X7 is by far the best mp3 player I have EVER used. Some say that the UI is complicated but guess what? There is a manual; they tell you how to use it. Stop being lazy and read it! The open source also makes it easier to import all of your media. You can use the jet audio software that comes with or windows media player as well as other third party player like Media Monkey. I don't use any software; I am partial to the drag and drop. The sound quality is amazing! It does offer an internal speaker for those who need it. There are a lot of other applications as well. If you want to know more info on them read the tech specs. So for those who are not afraid to read a manual and are looking for one of the best mp3 player on the market, I highly suggest the X7.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding Sound!...But in the end........crap, became a pain..couldnt use., December 12, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Electronics)
I had to sell this thing.
I sold it after my daughter got an IPod touch. after using it for a few hours and the ease of it comparison and the positives for the cowon x7 were no longer positives.
--It hung up too much.
--It does not make playlist, there is a work around to do this, it is a pain.
--IT was just too slow.
--It lost files I had stored on it
At the end of the day......I just wanna listen to my music and sync with ease.
The sound is one of the best but not enough better to warrant being a pain in the rear.
Bye Cowon, there is a reason why apple sells so many units.....I rebelled but it was a learning experience.

****OLD EDIT******
Ok...after 4 days of ownership......would purchase again!
~touch screen very sensitive.
~It does play my flac and wav files
~Tagged album art and it did show up on those that wasn't
~Converted movies to WMV and AVI and watched a few, video quality outstanding for this resolution.
~Battery life is unbelievable, I have not recharged yet, watched 3 movies, dozen music vids and many hours music!
~screen size is GREAT!
~I love the Retro design!
I will now sync it with Media Monkey
**********END OLD EDIT***********

Finally, a device to hold my entire library and not have to charge all the time
I was looking for large storage space MP3 video player. This was exactly what I needed.
I didn't expect great quality from this device or good touch screen. It was better than expected.
*Sound quality is the best I have heard on MP3 player, (I have had 2 ipods and 3 creative labs)
*Large screen
*Large storage space- 160g HDD and 2g flash
*Firmware updates
*Sync mine with media player, went flawless. Media player actually converted some media while syncing to operate on this device. But it has a wide range of formats it works with. See specs and cowon.
*Drag and drop files and create folders
*Read documents, photos etc.
*Has some decent features I didn't need like alarm clock, notes with typing or writing on screen, comic viewer, timer, calculator and more.
*Many equalizer settings, easy to do and again sound from these were more than outstanding.
*FM it.
*Quality build. Impressed with this.

*Video quality is only 480 x todays high def world, Cowon screwed this up.....this is old technology. This is where they blew it on this kind of device of large storage capacity meaning lots of music and video. It is decent to watch but not what it should have been by any means. Cowon wasted this screen size. This was a blunder by someone.
*A little bulky, was bigger than I thought but I have gotten used to it, and I wanted this screen size with storage.
*I didn't like the ear buds. I always bring my own anyway, Bose has a good set for about $99.
*Album art takes up more than the screen, you can't see the entire art, but I think they will repair this with a firmware update. I did one firmware update and it was easy. Copy paste files.
*Proprietary USB connection, I wish companies would not do this. Use a generic one please.
* should have been about $279 maybe.

*Navigation took me a few times to get used to it but after that it was easy. While playing song or video you click open to go to library and then up in the file order. very easy once learning curve is complete.
*NO wifi....but has bluetooth which worked great. I didn't care anything about wifi so this didn't matter to me.
*Touch screen OK....I thought it was not going to be sensitive reading about the kind it was so this was a pleasant surprise. better than expected but not as good as IPOD.

If you want great sound/audio and large storage capacity, this is your device. A little bulky but screen size pays off. All in all, I am happy with the purchase. Cowon needs to make this HI Def and then they have an excellent item. Build quality is outstanding.
It should not be compared with IPOD touch but with IPOD classic since it is used for storage space.
Sync this baby with media player and you can't go wrong. May sync with songbird too. Although, you can just drag and drop onto it but I like syncing so changes will be automatic and flawless. I added songs to my library to see how it synced after a change, sync was perfect. I was going to give 4 stars but gave 5, someone gave it a 1 and this is an opinion but a 1 is unrealistic, a 5 is too so maybe this will balance it out.

Thanks Cowon for capacity, sound and screen, but, come on!! do better on the video quality, HI Def this device and you will nail it. This was my only disappointment.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Everything I was looking for., June 14, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Electronics)
I had a Cowon A2 for over 5 years until I left it on the plane after a business trip. Bummer, but figured it was a good excuse to upgrade to a new Cowon. Overall I love the freedom of the Cowon players. They can be used and shared by any amount of computer, don't require software to transfer files, and can even transfer photos on my camera directly onto it while traveling through Europe. On my A2 I was restricted to 30GB of storage so I was happy to see 160GB storage for the X7. The second major point of the X7 is the battery life. I just finished a 4 week trip through Europe and probably only charged it once after using it for videos or music pretty much every day. So to sum things up:


Battery Life
Storage Capacity
Freedom of Use
Sound Quality
Large Screen
Files Supported


Slow/Sloppy Picture Browser
Sometimes annoying touch screen on small buttons
Sometimes video and audio are off on the video player

Hope this helps!
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5.0 out of 5 stars No-nonsense, large-capacity, solid HDD player., May 10, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Electronics)
I'm rather picky about my gadgets, and had a few requirements in buying an expensive PMP:

1) Large capacity (>100GB at least)
2) Drag-and-drop interface on Windows OSs
3) Focus on audio playback (not video)
4) Decent navigation/interface
5) NO wi-fi nonsense
6) NOT an Apple product

With the Cowon X7, all my fastidious needs are not only met (in my so far two months of ownership and steady use), but far exceeded.


Now on to details...

So far, I've stored over 16,000 MP3s (most at about 192kbps; 103GB) with room to grow. Using Windows Explorer, I'm able to drag-and-drop my folders and files with great ease. I can also navigate by folders in the player itself, which is how I have my MP3s arranged on my desktop computer, so it's handy for me in that sense.

The sound quality is quite good, or at least non-offensive (I've not heard a player in which the sound was bad, but I guess I'm not snobby about it or just lucky). And there are many preset EQs to choose from to achieve the sound you want.

This is the first touch-screen product I've owned (I'm a bit of a Luddite, I admit), and I highly recommend getting the screen protector (the stock rubbery one can only get you so far), as the feedback is entirely pressure-sensitive so sometimes you really have to press harder than you'd like to select a thing. For accuracy I have to use the edge of my fingernail or a pen cap most of the time, but I don't mind such things. It can get annoying when you're scrolling though, I'll admit.

I haven't loaded any of Cowon's software as the player is just a big ol' disk drive, though it also has a flash-based drive as well (~1.8GB). Since I already have audio and video ripping/converting software, I've had no experience with the included software, and I'm probably not missing anything in that department.

Being a hard drive, the player is a bit of a brick, and is not one that I'd take as a jogging companion or whatever. It's also quite big, but then with small, girly hands like mine, Lego men count as "big" as well...

Cowon is good about having a small but serviceable external speaker built into their players, which is pretty neat if you like that sort of thing (I do).

Video playback is pretty decent so long as the player is buddies with the particular codec and format of the vid. Stock: the player is at war with MKV and MP4 video formats and has a tenuous treaty with WMVs though sometimes there are playback squabbles. Not such a great issue for me since I got an MP3 player to playback audio (what a weirdo, right?).

The player also supports Flash-based programs (for games I'm assuming), though I've not yet tried that function either.

Other needless whatsits include a text-enter function, a doodle function (for those who can't live without MS Paint), and a few other paltry things like a calculator and stopwatch. All the shortcuts for the mini-programs are laid out iPhone/iBlah style and the offering of such ancillary functions is clearly Cowon's penance for lacking wi-fi and "proper apps" for flock-minded techno-zombies.

The connection for the player is indeed proprietary but Cowon is decent enough to include a USB cable, as well as a wall charger and some horrible earbuds that feel flimsier than a dollar bill in your pants pocket on laundry day.

All my niggling aside ('cause you should know exactly what you're getting into), I'm quite happy with my player. Actually, that's a lie: I've become complacent to it, meaning I've grown so accustomed to it in my daily grind that it's no different than using a mobile phone, putting on one's shoes, or squarfing a standard issue rubber chicken-cum-egg timer.

Basically go back up to the start of my rambling, er... "review" and if my particular preferences apply to you, just order the damn thing and you won't be disappointed.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, March 20, 2011
This review is from: COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Electronics)
I ordered this mp3 player when my iPod video died out on me. I've never had any other type of mp3 player besides an iPod, so I was a little nervous about getting a Cowon, especially since I've never really heard about them before. Let me tell you, buying a Cowon was the best thing I could have ever done. The sound quality is AMAZING. It blows the iPod away. I know other people have complained because the Cowon doesn't have wireless internet and the screen is kind of small for videos, but I don't care about any of that stuff. I just use it for music, and I am more than satisfied with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a new mp3 player.
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5.0 out of 5 stars x7 where have you been?, February 17, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Electronics)
Well I finally was able to get the x7. I am happy cowon finally made a HDD based players because all the flash were nice but I needed something bigger than my 60 gig (believe it or not).

touch screen
Easy to use
160 gigs hdd
Battery life
applications (stopwatch, note pad, typist....etc, etc.)
file types (pics, mp3s, movies)

not to many here
The scroll bar for the songs and pictures are different. For moves and music all you have to do is grab it, which is a bit hard to do some times, and drag your finger down. For pictures you have to constantly drag up.

no mini-usb connection. I don't mind not being able to charge throught the connection it has but if I loose or break the cable I can't just use the one of my many mini-usb cords. I have to buy a whole new cord.

movies don't strech. By that I mean On my q5 a video converted in the x5 format still goes to full screen on the q5. Where as videos on the x7 that were converted to the x5 format stay the little 200 x 100 size or what ever the dimentions are for the x5.

the lost ability to add your whole collection at once. Other users said it "bricked" when that added more than 4 gigs or something. So it took me most of the day to add my music from the 60 gig.

Flash works pretty good. The problem is that since it is a touch screen only. You can only add flash video because a good 90% of flash games require a mouse + keyboard. I added xiao xiao 4 so I could have a cool flash game and it worked just fine, but I couldn't reload and died becasue I couldn't hit the space bar to reload. I added a few mouse only games each had different problems. Bowman worked. Other mouse only games I added either loaded then closed back to the flash folder, Loaded and locked up the x7, or didn't load at all.

Speakers. The speakers are nice and work well, but the a2/3 and q5 had much bigger speakers and you could hear them better. The speakers on the x7 are small and as such can be hard to hear in a nosey room. Granted that is what headphones are for.


I like the x7. As I already stated I am happy that cowon not only released a HDD based mp3 player but they also made it bigger than the previous limit of 80 gigs (q5, a3). Added apps and still kept the x7 a good size with a bigger battery life. Other people say the UI is hard to use. It really isn't. It isn't super easy like a droid based phone, but it isn't super hard to figure out as well. The touch screen is nice and works well, but the scroll bar for movies, picture, and songs can be hard to grab some times and hopefully a future firmware upgrade will move it out a little more or something. The flash is nice, but seems a bit pointless since you can just convert anything you get flash to avi or whatever. The x7 is at its core a great mp3 player and just that. It gives you some extra stuff, but if you need a good movie, music, and picture viewer it does it job just fine and better than most compeditors. I haven't had any problems that any of the other reviews have claimed to had and I really do love the x7.
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5.0 out of 5 stars If Sound is important to you, then look no further!, August 21, 2012
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This review is from: COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Electronics)
I have been using this wonderful piece of technology for exactly 1 year and it hasn't failed me yet. This in combination with my Shure 535 headphones have opened up a new world! I listen mainly to classical/romantic period music and the level of clarity I get from this system is amazing. The price point is a little high but there is no competition if sound quality is your main concern.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose device then look somewhere else!

This product serves two purposes; storing ALL your music, and producing the highest quality sound from a handheld.
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