Customer Reviews: CREE 40426 110 Lumens Bright Light CREE XLamp Warm White Camping LED Lantern
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on February 1, 2011
This lantern appears to be the rebadged (Chinese manufactured) Favourlight LTC-1613AA-W, which is a desirable lamp among "flashoholics." Has an aluminum body with rubber end caps and a CREE emitter. The lamp is available with either warm tint (as sold here) and there's another slightly brighter version of it available as a cool tint (that one is the LTC-1613AA) that's available at big box stores. Confusingly these lamps can be found under a variety of different brands. It's also possible to find a very similar looking lamp that does not have a Cree emitter (note the one sold here is clearly labeled CREE). There is another "pretender" lamp out there with the same look that has a plastic body. This lamp sold here on Amazon is "the real deal" and is the lamp that is widely sought after by people who do their research. This lamp is widely praised for its warm tint, which gives a much more natural rendition to green/brown outdoor colors...therefore good for camping. It's common for warm tints to be slightly dimmer than cool tints, and many people would gladly pay for the slight decrease in luminosity with a better tint, myself included. If you care to get more info on this light, you can search the candlepowerforums for a thread called the "Favourlight Mini Lantern Disambiguation Guide."
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on July 13, 2009
This is by far, the most useful lantern I own.... The natural colored light is AWESOME.

1.) It's small, and easy to put in the backpack
2.) On low, (which is not much different from high) it runs a LONG time.
3.) It takes my rechargeable batteries easily (some lanterns are a bit too small such as my xb glorb).
4.) The light is NOT obnoxious, it has a tint that is just as good as an incandescent.
5.) The light output is appropriate for it's size (NO, It's not a gas lantern, but as far as LED's go, it's fantastic).

I have purchased two from this vendor and will purchase a couple more.

If you currently own old school LED's and hate the blueish light output, you won't regret purchasing this... It looks so close to normal light!

I just had a power outage due to some damage to lines, I was comfortable, able to navigate around my house, and suffered NO eyestrain. Two units were enough to give me ample light to take a bath, read, play cards, fix a sandwich and find batteries for my A.M. radio.

1/4/10 little lights are still going great, I love the color of the natural light. P.S. Eneloops will not last as long as long as 2650 mah batteries if you are using rechargeables.
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on November 18, 2009
Very compact and very good built quality. Using 3 Eneloop AA-sized batteries, the light fades out after around 6 hours, not 12, when set to "High". On "Low" setting, it lasts closer to 9-10 hours, rather than the advertised 24 hours.
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on September 15, 2009
This LED Lantern was just what I was looking for.

LED, thus a long battery life with low draw and low heat output compared to traditional bulbs.

Small Light Weight Package, that I hang from the Zipper on my Bimini top on my boat.

Bright 360 degree output for it's size, I run it on the low setting, but I wish there was an even lower level as option.

We hang this light from the Bimini Top on my 25' Boat and it easily provides a nice glow of light on the whole Open Cockpit. Much nicer than having to use a flashlight to make cocktails and find things. This latern just lights up the whole are.

My friend, just borrowed mine last week and he already ordered one for his Boat as well!!!

My only negative would be that the price seams high at first, but I don't regret paying it.
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on May 17, 2010
I have owned several LED lanterns, from little 5mm LED lanterns to the Apollo Black Diamond. This little gem is brighter than the Apollo at half the cost. You can read next to it effortlessly. It is lighter in weight than that expensive UCO candle lantern, and it is many, many times brighter.

The run time is about 6 hours at the brightest setting, and it will remain dimmer but still usable for a few hours after that. It might last a little longer at the brightest setting if it was regulated, but I would rather have it die gradually so I have time to replace the batteries, than have it last a little longer and have it the light die quickly. The build quality is superb with an anodized aluminum body and sturdy polycarb elsewhere. The top and bottom caps have protective rubber on them, and the top cap is easily removable to make a great, very wide flood angle flashlight with only a hint of a center hotspot. The end caps are sealed with O-rings so I would say that it is at least heavy rain proof, although I haven't tested this yet. I now own two of them and would love to buy two more. They are really that good.

I have seen this light criticized because of glare. Well, I don't find that a problem because I guess I don't look directly at it maybe? Not sure, but something that may help is wrapping the globe with something that diffuses the light a bit more. Scotch tape would work very well. That would be an easy fix if glare is a problem for you.

They are available in both the warm white and the cool white. Look around and you can find both. The cool white version used to be sold at Target under the River Rock brand name. I prefer the warm white. It's a little easier on the eyes and is a closer match to a typical incandescent light. The warm white is more of a natural light, whereas the white light is a bit too harsh, something like a cool white flourescent light.
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on January 22, 2012
We use this around the house during power outages - which are frequent in our neighborhood. This lamp runs on 3 AA batteries, and will easily light up a room with bright, warm light. It would also be good for camping - it comes with tie points that would make it easy to suspend from a tent or camper roof.

Size wise - it about the same height as a normal soda can, which makes it easy to store or carry around, but a fair bit lighter.

Despite its small size, it gives off far more light than even much larger incandescent lanterns, and the run time is many multiples longer.

We use it with normal AA batteries, and I'd agree with the battery life claims of about 24 hours on the high setting. Having had it for about a year, it seems to be a reliable product.
review image
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on May 4, 2011
I have purchased 4 of these and didn't have any regrets. The light does not appears to be white shine, but in between white vs. yellowish color. I've had others LED lantern which has too much white that can irritates the eyes. Wish they increase the lumens from 110 to 300.
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on December 21, 2013
After all the rave reviews on the color quality of this lantern, i thought id give it a go. Its built like a tank, so i guess i'll keep it, but it'll never be my go to lamp for the following reasons.

Artifacts, everywhere! Their stepped reflector design does nothing but cast anomalies everywhere. Hang this thing from a string and you'll be dizzy from all the shadows moving around you like a circus show. Speaking of hanging, sure, you can remove the globe and hang it from the bottom, pointing down, if you can find the clips. This lamp doesn't have any fold out rings to hang it from, just recessed pins and some included mitten clips they expect you to keep track of. Now if you were thinking this would be a neat little lantern to stuff in your backpack, think again. Both end caps are solid rubber, which is awesome for throwing it down a flight of concrete stairs, but ever try stuffing sticky rubber into a tight pack of slickery nylon? Unless you pack this thing in a baby sock, you'll never get it in, or out, of your bag.

As far as the color spectrum goes, i guess its alright... Shining into the starlit sky... Since the artifacts are too annoying to leave the reflector on... Im sure its a very pleasing shade of beacon.... But it does little to light up anything im trying to actually see.

But if he globe ever breaks, the actual LED is covered with another... Globe?... This lantern will probably survive WW3, its just not very pleasant to see by, except maybe the spectrum of the shadowy artifacts.
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on September 14, 2011
Very small, puts out a lot of warm light. Only downside is that there is a vampiric drain on the battery, caused by a blinking LED, according to the package it will drain the 3 batteries in 2 years. On the upside, the unit seems very solid. It also works fantastic as as a flood flashlight when you take off the cap. I actually never use it with the cap on, as it gives substantially more light without the cap. Works great hanging in tent. Also works great standing on a surface with the cap removed, flooding everything near the and the ceiling. There is not a regulator which gives a constant brightness, the brightness drops as the batteries lose charge. The battery life at near full brightness is probably around 5 hours, it starts to dim considerably after that. It is has two brightness settings, either is easy to access.
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on September 25, 2011
I only have good things to say about this lantern. It produces a bright, warm light (slightly yellow) instead of the normal bluish glow of LED lights. The glow is even with very little to no artifacts. You can easily play cards and read in the dark with this lantern. I used this lantern with a 3-person and 6-person tent. It was really bright in my 3 person tent and managed to light up the entire 6 person tent when hung at the top, either right-side up or upside down with the included clips. 3 AA batteries are required - inserted at the bottom. Pressing the power button once will set it to MAX brightness; pressing it twice will set it to low (still bright); holding the power button for 3 seconds will make it blink on and off (emergency blinker mode). When the lights are off, there's a tiny green "locator LED" below the power button which blinks every 5 second to help you locate the lantern in the dark. It's very subtle and won't keep you awake at night, but if you want to disable it, I suggest unscrewing the bottom of the battern compartment slightly until the batteries are not touching the connectors. Lastly, note that this is an excellent compact lantern with omni-directional glow, but if you're looking for good directional lighting, you should also consider a flashlight as this lantern only projects light about 2 meters in all direction.
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