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on August 5, 2004
OK I am writing to set the record straight here. The reviewer who wrote saying this CD does not focus on crystal bowls is leading you astray. This Crystal Voices CD is entirely composed of crystal bowl tones - every track has them. There is an incredible Chakra Meditation that guides the listener from the root chakra up to the crown while playing the chakra-tuned crystal bowl appropriate to each energy center. A lovely, soothing voice offers minimal prompts at the beginning of each chakra so that you know when to shift your focus to the next centre. It is not distracting in the least, very helpful and the voice has a clarity to it that really helps me stay focused. Then you are left to work with the solo sounds of the crystal bowl for that chakra before preceeding to the next one. This meditation is about 16 minutes and there are no voice chants on it! It provides an extremely effective tune-up for your energy system and I like it because it doesn't take too long - who can't find 16 minutes? Next there is Sanctuary, another 16 minute track with absolutely nothing but beautiful, melodic crystal bowls, windchimes and the gentle sounds of a mountain brook in the background. Between those two tracks you have over 30 minutes without any voice chants. There are three other tracks on the CD totalling about 15 minutes that are a combination of crystal bowls with soft, vocal toning in the background. Not chants as in words, just melodic tones which I find very angelic.

Everyone I have ever played this CD loves it, so if you are looking for a crystal healing CD with an excellent guided meditation, calm your mind, you HAVE found it! If you are looking for a crystal bowl CD that has only crystal bowl sounds and no meditation, then try Chords of the Cosmos or Sounds of Light, both most highly recommended.
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on December 30, 2003
As someone who is very new to meditation, I first started doing some research on the internet. It led me to this CD of the Crystal Bowls. At first when I listened to the meditation and guided meditation I was not sure anything was working right (I sort of expected to float out of my chair or something like that). But I stuck with it and started to notice my body was in fact responding and giving me clues along the way. After the third time I did the guided mediataion, at the end I felt my body melt together, a feeling of being just one entity with deep relaxation. I moved on to the chant and stream tracs and found myself enchanted and floating along. It was great, but if your new like me give it a little time. You dont know what to expect or how you will respond. I feel terrific and use this CD almost every day now.
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on April 26, 2000
We found this vibratory music to be a magical experience. The pure tones of the crystal singing bowls along with the beautifully guided meditation takes you on a sound journey into self. A wonderful experience that one craves time and time again. It enables one to release the stresses of one's life and sink into their own inner chamber.
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on October 31, 2002
I just love the healing energies transmitted on this CD. The Guided Chakra Meditation is one I use over and over as it provides a very deep, powerful attunement of the chakras. The Sanctuary track transports me on a sound journey that resonates through my body, fantastic for unwinding after the day. You can really feel the Light vibrations "sing" on this recording, it has an authenticity that comes from being recorded live in a healing sanctuary, not a recording studio. The sound quality is superior. Anyone interested in experiencing the alpha waves of crystal bowls will be delighted with this CD. It transmits a purity of intent and healing essence that helps to move stuck energy and shift consciousness. Try with headphones, you will go even deeper!
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on November 21, 2006
The worst thing about this cd is that the women who play the bowls, decided they could write music and sing. So what we end up with are half the tracks ruined by this annoying repetitive "melody" - pretty much the same one, over and over - and vocalizations taht are more annoying than relaxing or uplifting.

There are two good tracks here, track 4, which is almost 16 minutes, and is pure bowls with a running stream sound which is very relaxing. Then there is track 1, which is pure bowls. But Track 2 is not music at all but rather one of the women talking about the bowls. Then, track 3 is a guided meditation. Way too much talking and not enough singing bowls. As a meditation it's okay, I guess, but there are better cd's for guided meditations if that's what you're after. The rest of the tracks are marred by the crappy vocalizations.

On a positive note, I have one of the Crystal Voices other cd's, "Sounds of Light", which is excellent - all bowls, no singing, and no talking.

WARNING: If you are expecting nice bell or chime sounds, like wind chimes, you may not like this. The crystal bowls create a deep resonating sound, sort of a cross between a buzz and a hum with overtones of the sound going on for a long time, where you may see it as a background "noise". Some people are not going to like this. For me it can be annoying at times, but most of the time I find it relaxing. I do believe there is something scientifically relaxing and spiritual about these sounds and I would like to see some research being done on the effects of these sounds, and Tibetan Bowls sounds as well.

Bottom line: Buy "Sounds of Light" instead.
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on October 19, 2003
I loved this CD. I normally do not buy a CD with out being able to listen to a few samples. However something inside me made me get this one. I was hoping for more of just the bowls, but the voices are wonderful too! In fact I find myself toning along with 'Angel Mantrum' I have yet to put this one on with headphones, but I am sure it will be a beautiful place to be!
Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this CD, pitching it to amazon, putting it on the web page and to those of you who filled my order! NAMASTE
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on September 25, 2003
I love the soft, gentle healing energy that emanates from Crystal Voices. The guided chakra balancing meditation is one I use over and over, the voice is very clear and soothing as it directs your attention on your journey through the chakras, starting at the root and working up to the crown. This meditation about 16 minutes long which is just a great "tune-up" to start or end my day. There are also some tracks with angelic vocals toning to the crystal sounds and a track called Sanctuary which is about 20 minutes of just the sounds of the crystal bowls, windchimes and a gentle mountain brook. Sanctuary always takes me to a beautiful healing sphere - I like to put this track on repeat and have it play over and over. If you've never worked with crystal bowls before, this CD is a beautiful introduction. I have also just discovered "CHORDS OF THE COSMOS" also here on - amazing!
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on August 19, 2005
I would give it a 10 starts if I can! I suffered from tremendous anxiety and insomnia for months and when I listen to this CD for the first time, it helped me quiet down the noises in my head to tranquility. I'm glad that a Reverend in my Church of Religeous Science played this CD at a mid-week service meditation. A gem!
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on February 15, 2002
I found this cd to be very disappointing. I was looking forward to something meditative and soothing. What I heard was talk, talk and more talk and nothing was relaxing about it. Others might like it, but I for one did not and wish I could send it back for a full refund.
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on May 25, 2009
I really did expect more out of this product after reading all the positive reviews. I was very let down. I expected the bowls to be chiming in some sort of melody, overlying each other to create actual music. This is more the occasional ringing of a bowl, then another, then letting it fade away. There are a few tracks with vocals, but they are the same short phrases repeated thought the whole song.

"Echos of Angels" and "Angel Mantrum" have the same 4 note melody being sung along with the crystal bowls. It would be a nice edition, but it's the same 4 note phrase over and over again and is more of a constant annoyance than anything. In my opinion, it ruins any potential these songs might have had. "Earth Chant" is another with vocals. It has a slightly longer phrase in it, but still does not go well with the song."Sanctuary" is more like wind chimes. "The Sound Harmonics of Crystal Singing Bowls" is a short track with a woman explaining a brief explanation/history of crystal bowls.

The only thing I found good on this album was "Chakra Meditation - Guided Journey Through the Energy Centers". This is a guided meditation to help you with your chakras. The sounds of the bowls really do help you focus on each individual chakra. However, the meditation only steps you through each and states the corresponding traits- it does not help you open or cleanse your chakras. If this is what you want to do, you must do so yourself within the exercise between the times when the woman speaks.

Maybe I just had the wrong idea of what to expect, but I was deeply disappointed by this product. If I hadn't have downloaded it via Amazon MP3 I would be returning it for my money back.
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