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on August 24, 2009
CSI has been one of the best shows on TV over the last several years. Unfortunately this season is its weakest by far. That's in no small part to the loss of 3 main characters. The two replacements haven't brought much to the show yet either, and I think this show has run its course. With its high ratings, I'm sure they will want to keep this show going ala ER style for as long as possible, even if the whole original cast get replaced. I guess they figure it's the mysteries and tech that keep people watching, but that may be a mistake.
This show really went down hill after Grissom left and the replacement was not a good choice. The show still remains watchable, but it has fallen a great deal from where it was.
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on June 16, 2009
Season 9 saw William Petersen leave in the 10th episode. Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) had already left Vegas after a very traumatic kidnapping (season 8), then Warrick Brown dies at the end of season 8.

The opening episode is Warrick's funeral. Sara returns and she and Grissom have several GSR moments until she realizes she can not remain in Vegas. Over several episodes we see Grissom take a depressing down-turn--is it because of Sara's leaving or Warrick's death or the change he finds in Lady Heather? Grissom even visits Natalie, the serial killer, and discovers her little secret plan. In these episodes, there are more questions than answers. Grissom does leave to find Sara.

Two new CSIs come in. Riley Adams, a smart-mouth woman with some experience, flirts with Greg but doesn't add much more. We get Ray Langston coming in as a new CSI, level 1. And within a few weeks, CSI, as we've known and loved for years, changes to The Ray Langston Show. He's the center of every episode, except one. He knows all, sees all, can do it all--he's the star now.

The regular cast seems to disappear. Greg has few lines, Catherine melts into a background ghost, Riley becomes a wall, and Nick passes thru the episodes as a shadow. What happened?? Did Petersen leave and take all the writers with him?

While I will purchase season 9, I doubt I will ever watch the last half of the season. I'm willing to give Season 10 a chance, but this is not your former CSI.
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on October 8, 2009
I can understand the disappointment exhibited here with some of the reviews about missing William Peterson's character of "Gil Grissom."

Imagine the difficulty for Laurence Fishburne in having to follow in the footsteps of such a popular TV role of iconoclastic "Grissom"... who's unique approach to Crimes and his quirky love of insects made him almost irreplaceable.

Okay, we all miss Warrick, Sara, and Gil........but let's get a grip and look at this series with a fresh perspective.

I think the writing on this show, as good as it was before, has gotten even better; and the plots have remained fresh, creative, and well constructed.

The solving of the Cliffhanger from Season 8 of "Warrick Brown's" murderer was well scripted, with moving roles from all the cast members, especially of course, William Peterson. When a Crime genre show makes this kind of leap into fine dramatic acting, one can only applaud and start believing in Hollywood scriptwriters once again.

And "One to Go".......Peterson's last and final episode was superb. The last moments with him finding Jorja Fox's "Sara" in the jungle, was so well directed and acted; it will remain as one of finest romantic scenes in modern television.

Now we all know why we miss "Gil."

But I think Laurence Fishburne is one of best actors in Hollywood today, and as inenvious a task as he had in replacing a beloved actor as this was, he is pulling it off with a quirkiness and intelligence that made William Peterson one of our favorites.

His ending scene with George Eads ["Nick Stokes"] in "Turn Turn Turn" was some of the best acting I have seen in this complete series. Eads has matured in his role over the years, and his portrayal of complete frustration and dismay over losing a young teen girl to a tragic death was absolutely wonderful.

Perhaps the remaining actors upon the departure of Peterson, Fox, and Gary Dourdan will now have the freedom to expand their characters in a way that was previously not availed to them; time will only tell. But a veteran like Fishburne, with 2 Emmys and an Oscar Nomination under his belt, cannot be a bad addition to an already excellent cast.

Like all things in life, "The Show must go on."

Five Stars again, for CSI, Las Vegas.
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on December 27, 2013
The last pertinent episode with Lady Heather, after Grissom left she was relegated to cameos without substance.
She is one of the best characters, ever, created for television.
Series regulars already know about the chemistry between Lady Heather and Grissom . . .
it's way more than sex . . . and far more intriguing.
Be sure and watch all the episodes she and Grissom appear in: "Slaves of Las Vegas"
"Lady Heather's Box", "Pirates of the Third Reich", "The Good, the Bad and the Dominatrix"
and "Leave Out All the Rest". I bought them all.
The only downside, for some reason the Pirates and Dominatrix episodes play with a big black border.
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on September 13, 2009
I am a big fan of CSI going all the way back to season 1. They put together the perfect cast for this show. It is very sad that 3 of the main characters left the show practically at the same time. It's very hard for anyone to join an established cast like this without some resentment from long time fans.

Yes. It was really hard for me to watch the show in season 9 with Grissom leaving. And I initially thought that the Ray Langston character was not a good replacement (but you have to give Fishburne his props for courage in joining this much beloved show after Petersen's long tenure), but he grew on me. Yes, I think the writers did try too hard to highlight him, but I think the reviewers who have criticized that the other main characters have been pushed into the background are too critical. I think the other characters are coming along (not as much drama in their personal life as with Grissom, but we have to remember that Langston is new and doesn't know the personnel like Grissom did). It was very refreshing to see the writers giving the "lab rats" some face time out of their labs. I enjoyed watching them expand their horizons (like taking biker gang members' fingerprints and the coroner taking a field trip with Langston to Reno for research).

It's very difficult to accept that Langston is now the main character because unlike Grissom he isn't the supervisor, like Grissom he is extremely intelligent which is great. It's going to take a little time for all the changes to gel and the new people to find their niche. Long time fans don't give up on the show just yet, give the writers and actors a chance to bounce back to their old glory. I like the direction the show is taking and I will look with anticipation for season 10. Remember, the show is different now because the new characters are different, lets give them a chance to grow.
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on October 23, 2009
I have been a die-hard CSI fan since season 1. NEVER had I been disappointed with a CSI episode and even when I got rid of my TV the only show I rented to watch on my laptop was this show. And then the funeral of Grissom, Sara, and Warrick happened. Urgh....I was so disappointed to see these characters leave - especially Grissom. And I have to say, the mourning of these characters resonated throughout the season. I still watched every episode but it really was not the same. With different characters a change is to be expected but the intrigue and the x-factor of this show that made it stand out from the rest seem to have gone as well. The original cast had an amazing chemistry and they made the show work. And because of this, the writers were able to go on different tangents with the plot because it was safe to do so with this ensemble cast. It seems that the episodes on this season were unoriginal and too straightforward for the audience who's been spoilt with such original scripts in the previous seasons. The whole fun of watching CSI is the uncovering of the mystery in the most unexpected ways. I couldn't say that about this season's episodes. The writers need to create new chemistry and develop their characters to a new level quickly or the show may suffer - or worse, I might stop watching. :(
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on July 7, 2014
This season was one that had some extraordinary episodes, but unfortunately loss a couple of good characters. There some
sadness with the death of one of the CSI criminalists, someone I did not really like but felt emotionally sad at his passing. Then
Sarah leaves and later followed with Grissoms departure. I was very fond of Sarah and Grissoms leadership is clearly missed.
I am not a particularly fond of Willows; I sense she really does not like men and perhaps her fellow workers. She shafted this
young man (who had a tainted past) by accusing him of murdering this young girl and when the public found out cost him his
job, house and wife to be. He confronted her, she pulled her gun on him, and simply said "I just did my job". It did not bother
her that the publicity and the accusation which was false ruined his life. And this is not the first time she showed she could not
care less about others. Grandma Kate should have left, not Grissom. Even Dr Sweets be better than her!!
Still, there is still a lot of good stuff in this season. A few funny episodes, especially " A SPACE ODDITY", another show poking
fun at Sci Fi conventions and especially at the original Star Trek. And there are other good, if not rather gooey stories. The
production quality, music, stories and cast continue to be outstanding. Fishburne is very good addition but he is not Grissom.
I gave the season four stars instead of 5 because of Grissom and Sarahs departure and because of Grandma you-know-who.
It is still a great program as are all the CSI series. I got this, of course, from AMAZON. enjoy!
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on August 8, 2014
I love the show and wanted to watch it from the beginning. I recommend this for anyone, but I got burned on a used copy of one season, so I would recommend going for the new copy versus used if you have a choice and the price isn't significantly different.
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on December 3, 2015
Love the show enjoyed episodes but DVD case design is bad for someone with physical issues with their hands such as myself. Also their is no Subtitles so if you can not hear good the DVDs may not be for you.
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on March 20, 2015
The CSI's with Laurence Fishburne are among my favorites...I ordered all 3. I do have other CSI's, of course; but there's something compelling about Mr. Fishburne that I can't describe. When combined with the other, familiar CSI's (whom I've long loved), there's an extra something there with "Dr. Ray."
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