Customer Reviews: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 12
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on July 1, 2012
CSI is the long-running CBS procedural drama about a group of crime scene investigators in Las Vegas. The show was a big hit for most of it's run and eventually became one of the most watched TV shows in the world. However, the show had to go through some changes after original star William Petersen left midway through season 9. They brought in film star Laurence Fishburne as the new lead and the transition appeared to go smoothly. However, I think most fans can say the show eventually went into a rut creatively and viewership started to drop in seasons 10 and 11. It was no longer the top show on Thursday nights. After Fishburne decided to leave after a low rated season 11, CBS brought in long-time TV star Ted Danson as the new lead. He played DB Russell, the new night supervisor and a former Seattle CSI. Honestly, after I heard that Danson was cast, I wasn't in love with the choice. But, to my suprise, Danson brought new life to an aging show. I think the Russell character added some fun and quirkiness that had been missing in the Fishburne years and I think he gelled immediately with the cast. I also think some of the stories in season 12 felt really fresh and the cast appeared rejuvinated. The show also made the move to Wednesdays at 10pm and ratings were up. It performed quite well against Law and Order SVU and was neck to neck with the new ABC drama Revenge for the top spot in the timeslot.

Unfortunately season 12 also marked the final season for long-time star Marg Helgenberger, who played CSI Catherine Willows. Helgenberger left the show midway through season 12 and I think the writers did the character justice and gave Catherine a proper and memorable sendoff. The Producers managed to work their magic once again and brought in veteran actress Elisabeth Shue as Marg's replacement. She played CSI Julie Finlay, a former colleague of Russell's who has a conflicted past with him. I also think Shue gelled right away with the cast and made the transition very smooth.

I'm not going to go into lots of details about the plots in season 12. I will say this, it's a solid, well-crafted season and they utilize Danson and Shue really well. There's a few multi-episode arcs and a very exciting cliffhanger to wrap up the season. If you haven't seen season 12 yet, I highly recommend it.
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on June 6, 2012
In the 12th season of CSI introduces the three new characters, Elisabeth Shue, Elisabeth Harnois joins in as the new CSI's Julie Finlay, and Morgan Brody. Also joining in former "Cheers" star Ted Danson joins in as the new CSI Supervisor D.B Russell. After 12 seasons, 263 episodes, Marg Helgenberger returns in her final season of the show as Catherine Willows. The 12th season of CSI contains 22 episodes!! And thank god that it's coming back for it's 13th season!!
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on July 11, 2012
I have always been a huge fan of CSI so don't look at this review like I hate change because I embrace change. I found the first episode to be the WORST season transitioner ever. It took them half of the episode to explain everything we wanted to know after the events of season 11 so I find I could not really enjoy it. After that weird stumble, it got better and I grew to like Ted Danson's character. As sad and hard as it was to say goodbye to Marg(Catherine Willows), her last two episodes were the best and most memorable ones of the season. I commend the writers on doing her character justice and sending her off well. The episode "tressed to kill" I found really creepy in a good way. After that episode the rest of the season(except for the finale)wasn't even worth watching. At first I thought Elizabeth Shue might be okay in this and it would take a few episode for her to grow on me. However after watching her performance three weeks in a row, the only thing I was convinced of was that she is one of the worst actors I have ever seen. Nothing is genuine about her acting and she acts like she's better than everyone else. You can also tell that while George Eads(Nick) tries to get along with Shue's character "Finn" Jorja and Eric(Sara and Greg)could care less about her and want nothing to do with her. If you're fans of the original characters on the show then don't go out and waste you're money on this season. They push Shue and Danson's characters to the foreground so much that you see maybe 2 minutes of the original characters per episode or they are cut out alltogether. CBS should really listen to their fans more because with Shue's extremly bad acting and Sara, Nick, and Greg getting pushed to the backround it is highly likely that season 13 will be their last. Way to sink an awesome show CBS =(
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on February 25, 2016
The DVD played OK no issues with any episode. DVD has subtitles and some extras. Just to let you know if you wish to finish the last episode you will need to buy the next season 13, 12 ends with cliff hanger episode again. One last thing so does season 13, Series may have benefited from this type of ending not sure, but I am reluctant to buy the other season 14 for any price over $12.00 it cost too much in my opinion because Shue killed the show for me.

If you only wish to know DVD information read no further. The following information is just opinion stuff and everyone has one.

If you like the new cast then I guess it is worth buying. I do not like Elisabeth Shue's, character because she was annoying. The character seemed be smiling or have a smirk look constantly in nearly every scene. I guess Shue forgot to act or was poorly directed. She seemed to be the primary person of the series being in too many scenes. The other CSI original cast seemed to have been written into the background and series has begun to feel like the Elizabeth Detective Hour.
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on August 26, 2014
I just finished season 12 and am moving on to 13. Mostly positive feelings especially about the episodes and some times wonder
how the writers keep coming up with interesting stories. Initially I was not excited about Ted Danson (from past shows) but after
watching "MOONBEAM" operate, I became impressed with his performance, especially his toughness: I always thought of him as
a leftie wimp, but he is good here. Willows who I have had trouble deciding if I liked her or not left the show and was replaced by
a even more harder-to-understand (or like) female. We shall see. Fishburne was a good replacement for Grissom and left the series
a hero in my mind, ridding the world of that maniac serial killer very decidedly. But I still miss Grissom. The episodes are fine; so
many good ones I will leave the decisions to the viewers. It is amazing, though, to see all the murders and mayhem rising about
in a relatively small city (I live in NYC) but since the first season the city seems to have blossomed in size and energy. I have no
real reason to visit it since I don't like gambling, but it does have some interesting sights. A nice place to visit, but I would not
want live anywhere near there. I am amazed how much the writers can put into the programs to keep it going for 14 years (at
least). I am a big BONES, CASTLE & MENTALIST fan as well as a CSI NY and CHICAGO PD lover and I like stories that
deal with the personal lives of the characters as well as crime dramas. . And they have all of that here, though things goeth slowly,
VERY slowly! And yes, no Dr Sweets or Martha..Yeah! If you liked the earlier seasons, you should like this one. I only gave it
four stars because of the changing of the cast; but the stories hold up well. I got all my DVDs from Amazon, of course. Enjoy!
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on September 5, 2012
I actually had stopped watching this show when Grissom left as the only other character I really liked was Warwick Brown. I'm a fan of Laurence Fishburne but wasn't enamored when his character joined the show (the character seemed a little too gloomy for a weekly show). At any rate, I decided to give Ted Danson (D.B.) a shot and was pleasantly surprised. His character is slightly offbeat, like Grissom, but in a very different way. It actually spurred me to go back and watch the seasons with Langston and I found them to be better than I had anticipated. Langston was still a tad bit bleak, but not as much as I expected. I was glad to see Catherine go, so that also made this season better.
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on March 6, 2014
After Grissom left and Langston came in, the show felt tired and forced. To be honest, I bought these discs because I had all of the previous seasons and I wanted to give it "one last shot." I am pleased to say I was glad to find the writing was crisp again and the episodes worth watching.
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on December 18, 2012
This season went through a lot of changes with Ted Danson & Elizabeth Shue joining the cast and Marg Helgenberger parting the show. The cast, crew and writers pull it all together nicely and the show is as good as ever!
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on November 7, 2012
I was not disappointed. This season of CSI was another good one. It was great to be able to relive my favorite moments and episodes of CSI The 12th Season. The acting and writing is done well. I know I said this before but I am really pleased with my purchase.
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on October 19, 2014
I'm a long time CSI-Las Vegas fan! I was sad to know that Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) was leaving the show. Writer's and producer's did a good job letting Catherine leave without killing her character. Keeps the door open for her to return sometime. There have been other stars leave the show, but, the loss of Catherine on the show was tough to watch.
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