Customer Reviews: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Season 7
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on September 12, 2007
CSI Season 7 was an absolute masterpiece. The plots were tight. The subplots even tighter (especially the dynamic of Greg killing a young man in self defense, the emergence of Hodges as an unsung hero, the addition of the ultra-talented Liz Vassey to the cast, the chemistry between Catherine/Keppler and Grissom/Sara.) The miniature killer theme is right up the alley with Hitchcock's finest, and the acting performances put this CSI above all other CSI and Law & Order shows. Every single episode during season seven was done with the trademark of Bruckheimer and Zuiker's unyielding excellence and class. It was impossible to take your eyes off of the screen, whether you are wondering what the miniature killer will do next, or watch Marg Helgenberger give her best career performance in the episode "Leaving Las Vegas," or the lab techs come within an eyelash of solving the riddle of the miniature killer in "Lab Rats." For fans of this show, thinking back through the episodes, it is just amazing places season seven took us, and the cliffhanger that will lead us all into season 8 serves as only a small slice of the tasty treats that this show is capable of offering. After all these episodes, it never gets stale or contrived. Every now and then, a show comes along that defines a generation and a genre, much like Seinfeld did for sitcoms during its run, and Star Trek and Twilight Zone did nearly half a century ago for sci-fi/horror. This show is one for the ages. Pick up this DVD. Push play, and let this cast take you for one unforgettable ride!

Episodes from Season Seven IN ORDER:

(1-2)Built To Kill Part 1&2, (3)Toetags, (4)Fannysmackin, (5)Double Cross, (6)Burnout, (7)Post Mortem, (8)Happenstance, (9)Living Legend, (10)Loco Motives, (11)Leaving Las Vegas, (12)Sweet Jane, (13)Redrum, (14)Meet Market, (15)Law of Gravity, (16)Monster in the Box, (17)Fallen Idols, (18)Empty Eyes, (19)Big Shots, (20)Lab Rats, (21)Ending Happy, (22)Leapin Lizards, (23)The Good The Bad & The Dominatrix, (24)Living Doll
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The seventh season of the smash hit, original C.S.I. found the show still going strong, as opposed to when many network hits fizzle out by this time in their life. The season opens with Grissom (William Petersen) and Sara (Jorja Fox) keeping their relationship secret as a mystery unfolds regarding a killer who leaves behind exact, incredibly detailed, miniature replicas of the crime scene. As the rest of the season unfolds, Greg (Eric Szmanda) finds himself in a predicament he never foresaw, Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) finds herself playing the role of victim, and when Grissom goes out of town, a shady transfered cop named Keppler (the excellent Liev Schreiber) arrives on the scene; culminating in one of the best storyarcs the series has ever seen. As the season winds to a close, the CSI's close in on the miniature killer, and the season concludes with one of their lives in jeopardy, and the others desperate to make things right. Undoubtedly one of the best seasons of the show in it's entire run, the original (and best) C.S.I. remains one of the best crime dramas to ever grace prime time network TV, and the seventh season is a prime example why.
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on September 30, 2007
This, by the way, is the second review I've written for this - don't know where the first one is. Having said that ...
Each season I keep saying the same thing, - this show keeps getting better and better. I feel this show always manages to stay fresh and interesting and I love it more and more with each new season. I can't wait for this release.
The first episode in this season is Built To Kill where we are waiting to see more of what we found out in the last episode of season 6 - that Grisolm and Sara had gotten together. My favourite episode is Happenstance where identical twins have been seperately killed and the team try to work out whether the case is related or not. If you want a total recap of each episode then here it goes:

Built To Kill 1 - Foul play is suspected when an apparent suicide victim still has the gun in his hand, and a flower delivery woman is found crushed to death in the middle of a Cirque du Soleil performance. (Look for a special appearance from John Mayer.
Built To Kill 2 - Grisolm investigates the murder of a rock star, which is complicated by the discovery of a miniature replica of the crime scene at the house. And Catherine tries to determine if she was raped after waking up nude in a seedy hotel.
Toe Tags - A group of dead bodies in the Las Vegas morgue get to know each other while CSI tries to solve the crimes that got them there.
Fannysmackin' - (another favourite of mine) A gang of street thugs is beating and killing people all over the city. Greg witnesses one of the crimes taking place and becomes a beating victim himself.
Double Cross - A lounge singer is found crucified inside a Catholic church, and the church's new pastor fails to disclose that he knows the victim from all the way back to high school.
Burn Out - A pedophile arsonist maintains his innocence in the disappearance of two young boys, but he is also willing to help the investigation by giving Grissom insight on the potential kidnapper's mindset.
Post Mortem - Greg has his day in court for running over and killing a street gang member right before his own beating, and a second crime scene replica is found--this time after the murder of an elderly woman.
Happenstance - CSI investigates the deaths of estranged identical twins: one from a gunshot wound, and one from an apparent suicide. The two deaths do not appear to be related, but are they?
Living Legend - (the only boring episode) The team searches for a link between a current string of murders in Las Vegas and a notorious mob boss who disappeared in the 1970s.
Loco Motives - Gil finds a third miniature crime-scene replica at a murder site, and CSI tries to find a link between the three otherwise-unrelated murders.
Leaving Las Vegas - Catherine tries to link an accused killer to a second similar crime in a small town after he is found not guilty in the first trial, and Gil announces that he is going on sabbatical.
Sweet Jane - The C.S.I. team doesn't know what to make of their new member ( Liev Schreiber), who joins them in the hunt for a serial killer, active since the 1970's.
Redrum - Keppler proposes that Catherine create a phony crime scene to help catch a murderer, and to keep it secret from the other investigators. However, Nick quickly figures out that something is fishy.
Meet Market - The discovery of a badly burned corpse uncovers a plot to illegally harvest bones and tissues, and the death of a middle-aged wife appears to be connected to her relationship with a high-priced male companion.
Law Of Gravity - When one Trenton cop is murdered in Las Vegas, a second threatens to expose Keppler's past if he doesn't make the case and the evidence go away.
Monster In The Box - Grissom thinks the miniature killer is dead, until he receives another miniature crime scene. However, unlike the others, this one predicts a crime scene that hasn't happened yet.
Fallen Idols - A star high school basketball player disappears, and the investigation reveals that he gave an STD to a couple of his classmates.
Empty Eyes - Six showgirls who live together are murdered in their home, and Sara is distressed when the final victim dies in her arms. However, she may have left Sara a vital clue that could help her ultimately identify the killer.
Big Shots - A death in a drive-by limo shooting and the dragging death of a young woman turn out to be related crimes, and Greg discovers that the brother of the young man he ran over may have been involved.
Lab Rats - With Grissom out of his office and all of the detectives out in the field, Hodges and the lab other techs try to discover new clues in the miniature killer case.
Ending Happy - A washed-up boxer is found dead at a nearby bordello. There are several suspects, motives, and signs of injury. But the medical examiner is having a hard time figuring out which blow was the actual cause of death.
Leapin' Lizzards - CSI discovers that a woman may have been murdered, and her head mounted on a wall as a trophy, because the killer was convinced that she was actually a powerful alien reptile. (Quite a bizzare episode and a bit of a departure from what you're used to seeing on CSI).
The Good, The Bad And The Dominatrix - After an unsuccessful attempt on Lady Heather's life, Sara discovers Gil's prior relationship with her. Meanwhile, Nick investigates the death of a woman apparently hit by a taxicab.
Living Doll - The miniature killer is ready to strike again, and Sara will be the next victim. Will CSI stop her in time?

Throughout the season you see the theme of the miniature killer. It started out slowly and built up speed toward the end. Because of the killer and what he/she has done to Sara, Grisolm ending up blurting out to the others about their relationship. At first the team aren't sure if they heard right or not, but it becomes apparent that they are a couple and that's almost as exciting as working out who's behind these miniatures.
If you are a CSI fan, you are bound to love season 7. It truly gets better always and I already can't wait for season 8.
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on November 29, 2007
still highly entertaining. But, don't buy it here. It is dollars cheaper at Cosco, Sams and Best buy... Why they overprice it here I do not know, but you get a better deal else where.
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on August 15, 2007
This was the strongest season to date. It had a season long story arch that involved everyone in the show. This also had the appearance of a new face while Gil was out of town. This added a nice break from the dynamic that we have all gotten used to. It also had one of most entertaining episodes in years (Lab Rats). I can't wait to get my hands on this one.
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VINE VOICEon April 18, 2008
There are various things going on with the people this time around. Whether its Gregg witnessing a gang beating and becoming a victim himself "Fannysmackin". Katherine having a little too much to drink and winding up in a motel and wakes to wonder whether she's been assaulted or not. It's a lot going on in other episodes as well with various issues. It goes without saying that you won't be bored anything or character in Season 7 of CSI as they continue to up their game and keep finding more interesting cases to tackle and underlying stories between the office as a whole.

After 7 seasons one would think that CSI would be slipping up or become complacent about its longevity. But that is so not the case especially with Season 7. Each episode has a little something different to it whether its "Lab Rats" where the other workers in the CSI office take a front seat to try and help Grissom solve the mystery behind the miniature killer. This is an ongoing arc throughout this Season and it requires all the characters help in piecing together exactly who's doing this and better yet why.

"Living Doll", it ends with a cliffhanger as Sarah has been kidnapped by the miniature killer leaving things wide open on what will actually happen to her will Grissom, Katherine and the others make it to her in time.

Some of my favorite episodes from this include:

"Built to Kill, Part 1"
"Living Legend"
"Lab Rats"
"Living Doll" the season ender with a big cliffhanger

The whole season is worth purchasing in any respect as in also includes Special Features-"Inside Built to Kill", "Miniature Murders", "Who Are You? Inside Living Legend", "Las Vegas: The Real Crime Solvers", "The Evolution of CSI: Season 7" and "Smoke and Mirrors: Directing Feature Television.

Excellent in all respects from the writers, storyline, actors/actresses, guest stars, lighting, various backgrounds and mainly the attention to detail. That everyone involved puts into this show on a daily basis, i'm impressed.

5 out of 5 stars
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on September 21, 2007
to be honest i loved this season , for several reasons .
the creators finaly exploited another aspect of show , they focused more on cast social life's than overly flexed forensics angle ( we were tired of same forensics stories bening twisted and repeated ) we saw more and more of the cast's personal lifes being bought on screen and their relationships with each other and thier demons . the season started with a bang and ended in the same way , the plot arcs and stories were very enjoyable. ( some of episodes were best of the series here )
but my only problem with season was the anti-shocking finale , they were setting it up beautifly all season long for a great climax , only to throw it all away ( i wont go into details of what happend )but the finale was anti-climatic apart from one subplot , and they gave it away very cheaply and poorly , apart from that its was an excellent season for the cast and creaters.
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on December 27, 2013
4th of the Lady Heather episodes. For those who haven't met her this title should clue you in but you need to go back and watch the earlier ones to find there is far more to this woman than fulfilling your fantasy.
One of the best characters, ever, created for television.
Series regulars already know about the chemistry between Lady Heather and Grissom . . .
it's way more than sex . . . and far more intriguing.
Be sure and watch all the episodes she and Grissom appear in: "Slaves of Las Vegas",
"Lady Heather's Box", "Pirates of the Third Reich", "The Good, the Bad and the Dominatrix"
and "Leave Out All the Rest". I bought them all. Amazon lets us get the episodes we want instead of a whole season! I Love CSI with Grissom but these episodes are my favorites.
The only downside, for some reason the Pirates and Dominatrix episodes play with a big black border.
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on December 3, 2015
Love the show enjoyed episodes but DVD case design is bad for someone with physical issues with their hands such as myself. Also their is no Subtitles so if you can not hear good the DVDs may not be for you.
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on February 13, 2008
As usual with this series, it's great. I don't always get to watch the series during the regular season, but do always buy it when it goes to DVD. It's laid out nicely and easy to follow.
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