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on September 11, 2010
After ending a pretty great 7th season, Season Eight had turned around 360 and started to disappoint. Two newcomers to the CSI Miami team, Eddie Cibrian as "Jesse Cardoza" and Omar Miller as "Walter Simmons" made little improvement as the cast began to expand while veteran Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) appeared off and on in several episodes while filming the final season of Ugly Betty and the film Tyler Perry's "I Can Do Bad All By Myself". This season, the characters explore the world of cougar women, a company's legal terms with insurance policies, a meth lab explosion, a Hannah Montana-like homicide, the murder of an unpopular office receptionist, an arranged marriage gone wrong, a complete crossover of all CSI series including Las Vegas & New York, and a bag of diamonds gone missing from the evidence locker. As lives are threatened, as one of the CSI members gets accused for something they didn't do, as Horatio's son Kyle (played by Evan Ellingson) returns from the war with a personal problem, and a season-ender with everyone in the lab fallen ill, who knows what will come next in Season Nine?
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on July 20, 2011
CSI: Miami - The Eighth SeasonGood TV drama, the CSI series, this one is my favorite. David Caruso's character Horatio Cane is a force to be reckoned with. Spectacular action, some unpleasant images (corpes, decomposition) etc. Overall I rate this as an excellent TV drama with very good writers and production staff, although filmed in California, a Miami feel to the show is also one of the characters. Co-star Emily Procter is smart, sexy and more that able to hold her own. One of the best shows on TV today!
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on November 7, 2011
this Season of CSI: Miami did not dissapoint. It was full of action and creative plots. I like the new characters and the way they chose to introduce them. I thought the inclusion of Horatio's son was great too. If you think it is getting old and tired, watch these and you will see that CSI: Miami is still Bringing it!
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on May 2, 2012
We had watched this off DVD, but purchased it off Amazon to watch it in preparation for Malcolm McDowell's guest appearances in the just ended 2011-2012 season of CSI: Miami. This is an interesting episode where CSI Cardoza's (Eddie Cibrian's) character's past plays a key role in solving the case before the team. A murder with ties to a crime Cardoza had investigated during his time in LA leads to Horatio and Delco heading to LA to investigate allegations that Cardoza had not properly investigated a case and lead to a suspected murderer being found not guilty of a crime. Horatio and Delco are able to show that Cardoza was set up in order to get the suspect off, clearing Cardoza.

This episode was interesting in that it got part of the team out of Miami. Guest star Malcolm McDowell plays yet another of the smart, creepy characters he seems to be typecast in. As always, he plays the character so well that you hate the character's actions but love his performance. If you're watching the 2011-2012 I highly recommend watching this episode because a confrontation between Malcolm McDowell's lawyer character and Horatio is referenced in toward the end of the 2011-2012 season whenm Malcolm McDowell's law firm sets up a branch in Miami that the CSI team runs up against.
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on March 23, 2015
Other than an entertaining opening and closing episode the series is really starting to take a dive. The intro episode, while creatively showing the 12 year flashback was interesting, but you knew the real purpose of the episode was to introduce characters who would appear in this season (and they did, including Jesse, the new CSI who, while a better actor than some of the others in this series, still reminds me more of a wooden weatherman than a CSI). Of all of the epiosdes of this series the 'Cougar' episode was hands-down one of the worst episodes of anything I've ever seen, with a horribly implausible plot and ridiculous murder device (underground lightning wiring? Seriously?) and unbelievably bad character dialog. This wasn't just bad for CSI: Miami, but was epic bad in terms of all television ever. The astronaut episode just seemed to show that the writers have more or less given up: so a body falls from the sky directly on a car-jacking - I mean, what are the odds? Silly, contrived scenarios like this just shatter any and all illusion and just have you shaking your head at how goofy this series has become.
Another observation is that the Ryan/Calleigh "romantic" sub-plot is just creepy and uncomfortable. She looks more like his mom than his romantic partner and the scenes with them together are just icky and completely unconvincing (And a side-note: how many times are the two of these characters going to wind up in the hospital? And how did Ryan's head injury manage to completely heal up? Wasn't there a bullet entry scar on the back of his head? Does hair just grow over bullet injuries like grass on a bald spot on the lawn?) The silliest episode of the series was the Calleigh "sixth sense" episode that took some might huge liberties copying from the Bruce Willis film, including Ryan talking out loud to himself to Calleigh while her ghost or whatever was standing there. Oh come on writers, come on!
The "All fall down" exit cliffhanger wasn't bad, but it was also plenty cheesy - approproiate for this series. I fear what remains ahead...
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on January 20, 2014
I began my love for CSI when I began watching the original. I then jumped on board with the two spin offs and loved watching them. Now I can catch up with shows I missed by being able to watch it when I want.
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on March 22, 2013
Good tunes. . .I think Horatio kill ratio is up to 50. Kyle is a PFC in the army, deployed. The season closer is awesome. Great techie stuff to show the new inventions. Eric comes back. The newb's are adjusting. Calleigh almost dies. . .again. ASA gets assasinated with a car bomb. Ryan gets accused, again. Stetler. . .well. . .
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on September 10, 2011
CSI: Miami is the best CSI in my opinion. It gets better every season and the characters get more complex and the situations more twisted and exciting.

Horatio's opening lines may be a little cheesy sometimes, but that just adds a little levity to the show, and if anyone messes with Horatio or his people, he will shoot them and talk trash afterwards.

I wouldn't recommend jumping into this season if you aren't familiar with the series, start from the beginning, but if you're familiar with the show then grab this to complete your collection.
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on August 21, 2013
Season 8 of CSI Miami is great and I am a big fan of the show and wanted to get a season to have to watch whenever I want to. If you are a fan of the show I would recommend this to get so you can watch it whenever you want.
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on March 3, 2015
This was a rather interesting set of stories, with some additions (good) to the series and yet Delko is still there (bad). This fellow is hard to
comprehend, in and out of the episodes all the while continuing his "stalking" of Kelly. He left the series (good) but unfortunately keeps returning.
In one episode someone tried to kill him (sad) but he survived (really sad). He's a good investigator but does weird things that I dislike; I under-
stand he left to do some producing, something I doubt I would watch. Probably a nice guy but I don't cotton to his character. New guys entered
the scenes and I like them all; a rather large black guy, two white guys but how about more sexy ladies? A new forensic pathologist (a man) also
joined the team and he has a sense of humor which the series needs a bit more of (like the NCIS series). Still, a bunch of episodes that are very
interesting, action packed but while very enjoyable not always believable. There was this "sci fi" episode about a space shuttle like device that
takes people up into orbit for 10 days for a paltry 2 million dollars (not rubles thank god!). Of course there was a murder aboard. A meteorite
damaged the oxygen supply and they said they killed him to save the lives of the other guys. But the ship had power landing engines and was
small so why didn't they make an emergency landing; it was small and could have landed at any reasonably sized airport. About the size of a
large Lear Jet; in fact, I think the producers used one with added Rocket engine on the rear. Look very believable and effective. Good inside
cabin design too. But the story was very good.
Overall a very good season; two more to go. I gave it 4 Stars though 5 Stars minus Delko. Still, the entire cast preforms very well, even you-know-who. Special effects and photography are fine, but they use this skyline view with the same puffy cumulus clouds over and over. Actually it is
quite effective and one would only notice it if one watched episode after episode like I do. The scenery is fine, but who can afford those beautiful
homes? And Caruso continues to be the Perfect Boss!! All my CSI DVDs come from Amazon.. Enjoy.
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