Customer Reviews: TOTO CST744SL#11 Drake Elongated Hdcp Bowl and Tank, Colonial White
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on October 28, 2012
I have owned this toilet for about 3 years (bought somewhere else for more $) and it just plain WORKS. It has never failed to flush the first time, even though it uses a tiny amount of water. It is no louder than a regular toilet. We bought the ADA version because we want to stay in our home as long as possible even when we get infirm (many years yet, I hope, and I expect this toilet will still be working.) It doesn't feel as high as many ADA toilets in public places; it really feels just right. The only downside (minor) is that it doesn't wash the sides vigorously, so they may very occasionally require cleaning after use. Highly Recommended.
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on March 6, 2013
This review is for the CST744SL#11 Toto Drake 2-Piece. After extensive research on toilets I settled on this one. Story: bought a house with 2 really high -ADA toilets. One is 17" without a seat and one was 18" floor to top of rim(without seat). The 17" one wasn't so bad-however the 18" (plus a seat) so a touch over 19"..was way too high to sit use comfortably. I am 5'5" and-especially without shoes-my legs were at an angle downward. ANYWAYS, decided that anything under 17" would be great but lower than 16" would be too low. So I settled on this model and the 2 piece Toto because the one-piece was going to run over $500-which didn't seem necessary when you add a seat plus pay to install-I'd be over $600. I just didn't see the payoff at this point, our bathroom isn't that wonderful anyways. the toilet is super so far. I had never had any issues with flushing the old Kohler and I primarily replaced due to height of the toilet. I also bought the Toto Seat that matches this toilet:SS114#11. I think the #11 is the color(cotton white). Bought toilet from National Builders Supply directly. No Tax, No Shipping and arrived at my door (in CA) in 7days from winter. Install seemed simple- the plumber took less than an hour to do it. Works great, has a quick abbreviated flush and fill versus the gurgle and rumble of the Kolhler. Plumber was happy to see the Toto- he says he sees no problems with them-and he has installed them in his house. I've had it a month and find it to be great.
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on February 26, 2015
I have had this toilet for a few days and I must say it is the best relationship I have ever had with a porcelain throne. The seat height is perfect. It can handle everything I have thrown at it with a single flush. It seams a little louder than my previous model but the flush goes quicker so no complaints there. Quick filling. The value is extraordinary. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with this unit. I capped it off with a Bemis wood self-closing seat and a Toto brushed nickel lever.
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on August 18, 2013
After watching this Toto on Amazon for a year or so, it went down to $210.69 last Sunday 8-11-13 at 6:00 p.m. I went to our local grocery store and purchased the gift cards for Amazon which we earn fuel perks on (.10 off per gallon of gas for every $50 you spend. Right now they have double fuel perks going on, so with purchasing 30 gallons at a time , I will get $1.00 of per gallon = $30 in free gas). I bought $250 in gift cards , as I needed to get a new toilet seat also and a new supply line. So for under $250 I bought the whole package and minus $30 for free gas = $211 total! It was a great deal! I moved in my 50 year old house in 1986 and we had Gerber toilets which flushed well but were the high water use toilets. So about 5 years later, I replaced the full bath toilet with a American Standard "Plebe" model. It was the worst and never flushed waste down, always having to plunge it. About 7 years later I replaced that toilet with a American Standard "Cadet" toilet. That one turned out to be no better or maybe even worse. It wasn't uncommon to plunge it 3 times a day, and sometimes you could go 5 days without having to. Had enough and now I put the Toto in and it is everything it is boasted to be! It took about an hour to install after getting the old unit out and cleaning up the old wax seal from the floor and all. After the water filling up for the first time, I hit the handle and WOW! What flushing power! After using it 3 days, I can say it is going to be a toilet my family can use and not have to go to the "closet" to get the plunger to use on the "water closet"!
Shipping was free and arrived in less than 3 days! Very pleased with the whole process and now I can smile when I walk out of the bathroom! Thanks Amazon!
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on August 3, 2012
We installed this toilet with the washlet seat in our new bathroom and it has been everything imaginable and more. The toilet uses a smaller amount of water than the old one and the washlet seat provides a level of cleanliness that both my wife and I adore.
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on April 14, 2013
This toilet just works. No problems with flushing, stays clean, and looks great. It was a bit of a tight fit, so measure before installing. Measured standard 12" from wall to center of pipe, but a tight fit. We purchased the taller and longer style which has been great. I thought if anybody was going to complain about the height, it would be my ten year old daughter, but if I may be graphic, it is her toilet of choice in our three bathroom house.

PROS: Stylish, so far has flushed everything (to those who clog toilets, I really wonder what you're doing and/or eating. A courtesy flush half way through would seem to solve the problem. I'm guessing a lot of toilet paper on top of the organic material). Film does not build-up on the sides of the toilet, stays VERY clean after two months. Have not had to take a brush to it yet and looks like the day it was installed. The lid I purchased feels different, but it is not bad as others have noted - but I can see their point. Like the slow closing cover, fits fine. I did take the advice of another poster and purchased a different lid than what I think is recommended. Definitely get the slow-closing lid if you have kids. Its been great not hearing a slamming lid on porcelain. Finally, flushes incredibly quickly and re-fills the tank fairly quietly in comparison to the old toilet.

CON: Really the only con I have is cosmetic. The tank cover doesn't look like it fits properly - or what I'm used to seeing. We had the toilet professionally installed since they were doing some plumbing work anyway (so I can't comment on the difficulty of installation). Anyway, I asked the plumber if it was supposed to fit like that as it didn't cover the sides, just kind of sat on top of the tank. He assured me that it was the right cover, and that it just sits that way and looks a bit odd - but was indeed correct. I can see how the toilet seat can be a negative as it feels different, like it "leans" or "slopes" down and inward, but have become used to it. Again, just a different feel than the 'flatter' toilet seats, but not uncomfortable per say.


I used my American Express points to purchase and on top of the more than 40% sales discount, received it for free. Would have definitely paid more, though, as its a quality toilet. It fills quickly and is quiet. It flushes very quickly and efficiently. I'm not sure about the engineering, but it flushes straight back versus the gravity swirl of older toilets.

Give this product my highest recommendation.
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on November 28, 2012
Toilet just installed. There are many versions of the Drake toilet so make sure you order the correct one. We bought the ADA height and elongated bowl at 1.6 gal flush. I thought it was 1.28 gal. Toilet flushes flawlessly. Easy to install. Base unit was manufactured in Vietnam which was a surprise and dissappointment. I don't think that was stated online. I thought Toto had moved manufacture to the USA.
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on August 9, 2013
This is the second Toto toilet and I am generally pleased with the operation. The toilet arrived when promised and performs as expected. The installation went smoothly with only one issue. Since I replaced a standard toilet with an elongate, ADA model, I had one minor issue; I had to relocate my toilet paper hanger.

I use this toilet two ways: push and release the handle for liquid waste, and push and hold the handle for solid waste. I discovered this technique after stopping up the toilet several times. Other than this one issue, I am pleased with this toilet.

Mar. 3, 2016

This is an update on my experience with Toto toilets. Overall, I'm pleased with the operation but have encountered a very serious issue - parts. Toto is not a common brand where I live so plumbers don't carry parts with them. I recently had to remove the toilet to repair a cracked flange but the plumber had no parts so he had to reuse all of the gaskets and rubber washers. My preference is to replace simply because these parts deteriorate with time. I can order parts from Amazon, but that becomes a minimum two-day wait. I dropped my rating one star because of this important issue.
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on September 2, 2015
When the government edicts came out, most 1.6 gpf toilets required a plunger. Not this one. It was engineered to work at 1.6 gpf.

This toilet is quieter than an air assist.
Doesn't require a plunger next to the toilet (like most government engineered strike that mandated toilets)
The rubber flapper doesn't like Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner that you drop into the tank (e.g., from Clorox). However, if you need to replace the flapper, e.g., because you used the Clorox automatic toilet bowl cleaner, do not buy an aftermarket flapper that claims it is compatible with this toilet. They do work, but they ruin the power of the flush. Stick with official OEM / Toto flapper.

Tota was one of the first manufacturers to get the 1.6 gpf toilets right in my view, and the design is as good as the day it was first marketed. Pretty good price compared to when they first came out too.

Tip: If you prefer brushed nickle finish trip lever, check out Toto Toilet THU068-BN Trip Lever for ST743S, Brushed Nickel works perfectly with this toilet.
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on March 10, 2015
I bought a Toto Drake CST744SL in fall 2014 from National Builders Supply and installed it myself. I replaced one of three ADA height Briggs (no model known) in a seven-year-old house because, with me using it, the Briggs required plunging about 90% of the time. Other family members don’t “challenge” a toilet as I do and they had little problem with the Briggs, which are otherwise fine.
The Toto flushes more robustly than the Briggs and I’m quite happy with its performance. I now must plunge perhaps 10% of uses. The Toto is also a very nice looking fixture with well-fitting tank and tank lid.
All was not perfect, however. We experienced a tiny but persistent leak from under the Toto near the front. I removed and re-set the bowl to no avail, and then a professional plumber did the same. No source of the leakage could be discerned, but I photographed the toilet as per instructions from Toto and referred them to the plumber for corroboration of the defect. Toto and NBS shipped a replacement bowl at no cost, which the plumber installed and we’ve had no more leakage. NBS was as helpful and responsive as I could have wished under the circumstances and Toto’s requirement that a professional plumber get involved was I thought reasonable, since no point of leakage through the bowl could be detected and documented. I was disappointed to have my number come up in the defect lottery, but no factory inspection and test, especially for very small defects, is 100% effective.
A design deficiency with the Toto is the tank fill valve. The valve shuts off very rapidly, which induced a “hammer” (more accurately a moderately loud, disconcerting thump) in my PEX home-run piping. The Toto original equipment valve is supposed to be a quiet, fast-refilling valve, but I replaced it with a Fluidmaster 400A, the type I’ve used for decades, and there was no apparent increase in filling noise nor time to refill. The hammer, however, is now absent.
As a retired engineer, I don’t delude myself with expectations of perfection or 100% quality assurance from any mass-produced product, though I’ll happy accept perfection when I’m lucky enough to get it. Despite the manufacturing defect, the extra trouble and expense for the plumber, and the less-than-optimum fill valve performance, I’m so pleased with this toilet’s flushing performance, appearance, and rare requirement for plunging that it’s getting four stars.
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