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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on November 9, 2013
It REALLY improves the comfort right off the bat. I'd say my hands are maybe on the larger size of average, and the 3DS XL by itself has me cramping my hands trying to keep my thumbs where they're supposed to be while my index fingers are on the triggers, all while maintaining a hold on the device. This relieves that completely.

The grip is made of soft touch plastic. Very comfortable. Wish more controllers/devices used it.

The door that holds the games in the back is pretty neat. It doubles as a stand to prop the device up for viewing videos, I guess. As some have said, it can be kind of hard to pop it open, but if I'm keeping games in there, I'd rather have it be hard to pop open than have it popping open when I don't want it to.

My ONLY criticisms (and believe me, these are minor compared to how happy I am with how comfortable it had made my 3DS XL to hold) is that when you hold it naturally, your index fingers rest on the ridges just beyond the shoulder buttons on the 3DS XL, making it slightly inconvenient to hit them. What would have made it perfect is some sort of button on those ridges that translated into a button press, because that's really where the shoulder buttons should be. (Think Xbox 360 controller.) That, and yes, the stylus port becomes blocked. But the grip is easily popped on and off, and if you're playing a game with the stylus, you won't be taking it in and out, so not a big deal for me.

The price kind of put me off. Seemed expensive for a grip. But now that I hold it, I really have no regrets.

I also purchased a Circle Pad Pro, (seen here B009LGO88E that it would give me some extra functionality and a better grip. (And it is cheaper than this grip.) While it does provide two extra shoulder buttons and another analog pad, the comfort level is only slightly improved. I really wish the Circle Pad Pro came with longer grips like this guy does. Seriously, a love-child of the Circle Pad Pro (with it's added pad and shoulder buttons) and this grip would make the 3DS XL perfect.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on October 5, 2013
I just read a better review on here that will probably say what im trying to except better and in detail. So im going to make this short but with all the information you need to know

The feel. Material is awesome, and it feels like your holding a console controller.
The look. Like flat black look, I like it.
The cramps? NOPE none! Feels amazing.
The door/stand. Its hard to open, but holds two games.
The stand is okay, but you have to hold it different.
The L&R buttons? Not harder to reach, you just have to put your middle fingers on back bumper.

My only 1 complaint, they almost had it perfect. But the stylus is blocked. Its the only thing they really did mess up on. I know you cant expect every product to be completely perfect, although I sorta was hoping for it because everything else was great and the item isn't cheap.

Other than the stylus problem, this item is incredible!

(it will work wonders for long play-throughs of Pokemon X & Y)
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on February 26, 2014
I love my 3DS XL, but I never found it comfortable to hold before. after almost a week of use, this has proven to be exactly the product I needed, and if your hands cramp or tire using your 3DS XL, then I recommend this grip, 100%. Right out of the packaging (which is delightfully easy to open, by the way. No scissors needed), I could tell this thing was great quality. The plastic all feels very sturdy, the rubberized coating is smooth, not sticky in the slightest, and the shape of it is great. I'd compare it to the old Gamecube controllers, or maybe even Logitech's "wireless action controller" for the PS2, if you've ever used one of those. A lot of thought seems to have been put in the ergonomics. The grip isn't heavy by itself, but it adds a bit of weight to the 3DS XL, when attached. I don't consider that a con, personally, but expect a tad more heft. It also, as I'm sure you're aware, adds considerable size to the 3DS XL. As I'm typing this, I've placed the grip/3DS next to an Xbox 360 controller to compare the size, and it's bigger in pretty much every way. It's wider, taller, and when the screen is closed, it's thicker. Don't expect to carry this product around in your pocket all day. As many people have mentioned, the stylus is blocked, which I have no problem with, but if you really wan't to use the stylus, I'd recommend getting a spare. It does not block the charging port, headphone port, or volume slider. Many others have also said that it feels like the L and R shoulder buttons are harder to reach, and while I haven't had a problem reaching those buttons, I would say they feel a lot smaller now that some bulk has been added behind them. The compartment/stand in the back is VERY firmly closed, to the point that it almost feels locked, and I've taken to using a credit card to pop it open. It serves its purpose well, and it seems like it's becoming slightly easier to open over time. I'm rating this five stars because although it has a few little issues, the pros outweigh the cons by a ton. I think it's a fine grip that's worth every penny.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on September 26, 2014
After playing for a few hours on the SSB4 3DS demo, I haven't had any problems with comfort nor reaching the trigger buttons with this grip. That was the biggest fear I had when buying this. I've heard some complain that they have problems reaching the shoulder buttons, but that's fixed by just wrapping your middle fingers around the bumpers added on the grip itself and having your index fingers on L and R. I've also heard people complain that they have issues even while doing this which seriously confuses me. My index fingers have no issues while my hands are in this position. They don't have to stretch far and my thumbs are in ideal positions on the front of the 3DS. Also, my index fingers allow for being precise with shields and grabs as well as for quick input while my hands are in this position. I never once had an issue with quick input or being precise with this grip on.

Also, this grip greatly improves the ergonomics of the 3DS. The 3DS has the ergonomics of a brick and thankfully this grip improves on that. For instance, the corners of the XL tend to make my hands fall asleep since they dig in to the palms of my hand. With this grip on however, the 3DS rests nicely in my palms and I never had issues with my hands going numb. It also improves ergonomics since it allows more for your hand to grip, so if you have longer thumbs, they don't have to curl as much to press buttons.

Overall, this is a great grip, especially for smash. I've never had a problem with pressing the shoulder buttons, nor have I had issues with being precise with my moves. The grip allows for total control and it improves the XL's ergonomics. I really guess it comes down to personal preference, but as long as you don't have giant ape hands, this grip is perfect for smash (and other games).
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on June 7, 2014
The 3ds XL was the first handheld system that actually cramped my hands up. I'm not sure whether it was the size, shape, or my pubescent hands; but I could just not play Mario Kart 7(or even games like Pokemon X) as I did their previous installments. My joints would be sore and I'd be massaging my hands constantly to ease the pain.

This grip made things a lot better at first. The grip felt like a controller and felt more natural.

A few things to note are:

-If you have one of those invisible skins such a Skinomi or Tech Armor or something that prevents the 3ds XL from getting scratched up, the bottom corners of the silicone-plastic like skin will get a bit messed up. It's not the worst thing in the world, but not aesthetically pleasing and the corners will be exposed.

-If you're using one of other 3DS XL cover/protectors such as one of those plexi-covers, foam covers, those plastic covers from China, or something along those lines; the bottom of your 3ds XL can not be covered. There are hinges on this grip that attach to the indents (one on the left and one on the right) near game card slot. From what I can tell, the extra bulk the protector gives to the 3DS XL's bottom half doesn't allow it to attach to the hinges, or fit in the grip in general. It's a snug fit on a 3ds XL without the protector even.

-Most limited edition 3DS Xls have art on the top half only, so you can compromise by giving that protection and leaving the bottom half bare. The grip is pretty durable anyway. I use the HORI Mario 3ds XL Duraflexi protector, which attaches to the hinges.I couldn't use the protector's bottom half with the grip attached anyway.

-As past reviews have said, the L and R buttons are a bit of a stretch while using the grip. It's a bit awkward playing games such as Mario Kart 7 because of drifting and Super Mario 3D Land because of ground-pounding. It's not too bad, but I wish there was some sort of ease in using the two trigger buttons. I have exceptionally long, and slender fingers, so if your fingers are stubby; take heed! It might be even more uncomfortable.

-The the backside of the grip has a game compartment that fits two 3DS/DS games, and it has a back door to keep it closed. The back door also doubles as a stand, but the games are still pretty snug. I was worried a few times though. The back door doesn't seem to shut all the way, and sometimes just clicks open. There was one incident when one of my games fell out into my backpack. I'm hoping it was a fluke because it hasn't happened since, but just remember that there's no guarantees.

-You probably guessed that this grip was not going to fit in your pocket. The 3ds XL by itself isn't the most comfortable thing in my pockets anyway so it's not a huge loss.

I almost forgot! If your 3DS Xl fits snuggly into the grip, there is no way to get your stylus out without removing the grip.The edges of the grip blocks the stylus compartment. My XL juts out of the grip slightly due to the Skinomi skin, so I can dig out the stylus, but it's still a hassle. It would be a lot more convenient if there was room for the stylus in the backside of the grip.

Short version: Does it work? Yes. It has reduced some (but not all) of my hand discomforts while playing my 3DS xl. There are some sacrifices you may need to make, depending on what you expect out of the grip.


So a few days after this review, the clip that keeps the 3DSXL in place on the grip completely snapped off without any warning. Now the grip is practically useless.I'm very sad now indeed. Minus 1 star.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on August 10, 2013
-- Makes holding the 3DS XL much fore comfortable, especially for longer periods of time
-- Alleviated pain in my hands since the 3DS XL is not really ergonomic
-- Soft-touch coating has a very nice feel and is easy to grip
-- Door on the underside for storing two DS or 3DS games
-- Easy to insert and remove 3DS XL. Hasn't marked up my 3DS even after attaching and removing the grip many times. 3DS seems very secure when grip is attached
--very lightweight yet feels strong

--Grip blocks access to the stylus. I don't feel that this was necessary and am a bit disappointed in this design choice.
--Door for games is slightly difficult to open.

All in all this is a great grip and I would highly recommend it.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on October 8, 2014
The 3DS XL has greatly benefited from a larger screen than its smaller 3DS counterpart. However, due to its size, my hands would often cramp or become sore especially to button mashing games.

I had at the time been playing the SSB4 on my 3DS XL, and I could barely play more than 5 games before my hands would cramp. Now I have the full version, and I can play for matches without end without any problems.
I highly recommend this grip for anyone buying SSB4 for 3DS.

+No more hand cramps (THE MOST IMPORTANT THING)
+Holds up to 2 game cartridges
+Looks and feels sleek due to rubber material
+3DS XL fits in tightly

-Stylus is blocked
-Clip in the front is easily breakable
-Plastic door for cartridges is difficult to open.
-Can't carry grip in pocket.

Experience of other comments:
*In terms of the plastic door, it is difficult to open. However, it still makes a nice stand. I have put in dozen of hours in the SSB4 Demo and full game, and it hasn't shown any sign of breaking.
*In terms of the clip, my clip broke off a few days after arriving. However, the comfort is almost unreal, the clip luckily came clean off, and the 3DS doesn't fall off the grip unless violently shaken
*The issue regarding the trigger buttons should not be an issue for most. For most people, you will just rest your third finger on the grips resting spot. It is sort of like the WiiU pad's L and R button and resting your fingers on the ZL and ZR button.
*The grip can be seen as expensive, yes. However, after holding the grip and holding a plastic grip, I can safely say that until one is made that is this comfortable I don't regret this purchase. I have to say this is one of the best video game accessories I have ever purchased.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on October 1, 2014
This grip really does make playing on the 3DS XL feel like it's on a controller. I feel that it is reasonably priced for what it has to offer and I am really impressed with the amount of detail they put into this grip.

It has a soft touch rubber-like coating that makes it feel comfortable to hold and it attaches very easily to the system but it is very prone to leaving fingermarks if you worry about that sort of thing.

To attach the grip just place the hooks on top to the mounting holes on top and carefully pull the bottom hook to fit the rest of the system and it will hold in place. Since its a single hook of a fork like design with an empty space in the middle wide enough to place your index finger or thumb to pull it for attaching or detaching the system from the grip but it is a bit concerning to pull the grip out of the system as it could scratch the bottom edge if you don't pull the hook back enough. But it does hold the system really well and it doesn't show any signs of the system potentially falling off the grip.

On the back of the grip it has what looks like triggers to be attached to the shoulder buttons but it that is NOT the case. While these bumps may seem intrusive at first they do have two practical purposes. The first it helps orient how the grip should be held, by resting your middle fingers on top of these bumps it helps position your index fingers on the shoulder button and even has a small arc on top of the grip to rest your index fingers if you don't like having them on the shoulder buttons; It takes a bit getting used to but it doesn't take away from comfort at all. It's second purpose is that these bumps also serve as legs if you lay it on a flat surface which is pretty convenient when watching a video. The back of the grip also has a door the holds a compartment that lets you hold two 3DS or DS games securely and very easy to take out when you need them. The door when opened can also work as a stand but my major complaint is that the door is hard to open.

Finally, this grip still give you access to all the functions on the 3DS XL EXCEPT for the stylus which the only remedy for this is to have the stylus removed before attaching the grip or if you're using a personalized stylus this should already be a non issue. If you are considering this grip and concerned about the protection of the top part of your system, I can say with confidence that you can still use the top part of a slim case to cover the top of your 3DS and it should fit fine without the grip interfering with it as the grip only attaches to the bottom.

I am extremely happy with this grip and while not perfect, it does feel like it is the best option for a grip attachment compared to the others I've seen and I gladly recommend this grip to anyone especially for high paced games like the upcoming Super Smash Bros.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on September 19, 2014
Ordered this a month ago and I absolutely love it. I ordered a grip case for my PS Vita the same day I ordered this one and after a month of using both, I just love this 3DS LL grip a lot better. I bet it's the best out there. I have small hands, even for a girl, but this grip is still awesome. Here's the pros and cons:

- Access to all ports, EXCEPT the stylus (which is bad, but it still makes this grip the best to me).
- Has an extra area in the back of the case to hold 2 additional game carts.
- That extra game cart storage area can double as a stand (but I wouldn't recommend it because you might break the flap)
- Grip has a nice, smooth texture.
- Grip case doesn't scratch the device.
- Comfortable in the hands and provides hours of gameplay without hands tiring.
- Somewhat easy to take off, but I wouldn't suggest taking it off too often because the clip at the bottom that the device snaps into seems a bit flimsy.
- Stable.
- Device fits perfectly in the grip case.

- Stylus is blocked off :( - well, I guess nothing is perfect.
- The back game case storage is pretty hard to open. I wouldn't be surprised if I broke it one day.
- The clip at the bottom of the grip case feels somewhat flimsy.
- Doesn't fit your pocket (and takes up way too much space in a purse), but if you bought a 3DS XL, you probably weren't looking to take it out of the house often anyways.

Neither con or pros:
- Price. I don't know what to say. I suppose because it's not made nor sold locally in the U.S.A. (i.e. you won't find it at Best Buy or Gamestop, etc.), it means there's not a lot of competition and shipping will always be from out of the country (even if you got it shipped from an Amazon warehouse in the states, you still indirectly paid for whatever the original international shipping fee the seller included into the cost of this grip because the seller had to pay for the initial shipping to get it to an U.S. Amazon warehouse in the first place). That means that you won't be able to find this grip case for cheap. Still, for this price, it's totally worth it in my opinion.

The stylus part might be a downer for some of you, or might be a deal-breaker. Besides that, this case is highly recommended by me. What I've done with the stylus though is that I've come up with tying a string. It hangs around and can be unsightly, but it doesn't bother me.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on February 21, 2014
This is the greatest Nintendo 3DS XL comfort grip currently available. Sadly, no company has yet spent the millions of dollars in R&D required to give us the perfect comfort grip (*sigh,* first world problems), but this one comes closest, satisfying ALMOST all of our hand-held video gaming comfort needs.

Always start with the bad news, right? What's Not-So-Great:
1) The index-finger "rests" on the grip make for a pretty awkward use of the system's L&R trigger buttons. This isn't as bad as it sounds, though, and you'll get used to it over time... Kind of like going through puberty!
2) A major design flaw: No access to the stylus slot when the grip is attached. But wait, there's hope!
Solution A: Remove stylus before attaching grip.
Solution B: Buy/Shoplift/Forge a spare stylus. (Legal Disclaimer: I do not condone forging your own stylus)
Solution C: Cover that nice shiny touch screen with fingerprints.

Let's be honest, Solution C isn't really an option for personalities like ours. I mean, really... we take the time to research the greatest 3DS XL grip; we don't allow our touch screens to actually be touched. But I digress... on to the good news!

What's So Great:
1) The grip easily attaches to the system and remains secure, even when you're spastically hitting buttons and overly-tapping the screen playing Kid Icarus: Uprising.
2) It's simple to remove the grip should you want to attempt to jam your enormous 3DS XL into the pocket of your favorite pair of super-hip skinny jeans.
4) This grip won't cause any damage or unsightly scratches to your system like some of those other guys do (*cough* NERF! *cough*).
5) The ergonomic design provides hours of comfortable, cramp-free gaming, while the velvety-soft feel of the rubberized plastic greatly reduces the gross, slippery sweat buildup that occurs during an intense all-nighter of Mario Kart 7 tournaments.

While the price is a little steep to import this bad boy from Japan, I think you'll find it's worth its weight in gold-coins-that-vanish-into-thin-air-after-popping-out-of-bricks-when-punched-with-a-bare-fist! Seriously, though... this is the greatest comfort grip currently available.
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