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on November 13, 2010
Cake Boss is more than a gorgeous book with mouth watering recipes. Cake Boss is a memoir of the Valastro family, Buddy's remarkable father who played such a positive role in where Buddy is today... and within the first few pages of this book you will know that this is a book about family. From Danny Dragone, who helps out wherever he is needed, Stephanie who was the first woman to work in back with the bakers (no small feat), Joey the brother in law who is not only married to Buddy's sister, but is also one of the top bakers, the counter is run by Buddy's sisters. Little Frankie who's been in the bakery business since he could walk, and Sal who has been with the bakery since 1960. This is truly a family business.

And that is just the beginning, as I turned the pages I found myself immersed in what family means to Buddy. As I found myself reading the history of the "Cake Boss" I became immersed in the strong sense of history. I enjoyed reading about the first cakes Buddy was allowed to make, to his growing talent as a baker... to his first wedding cake where he really began to flourish.

(Who knew reading about the history of a bakery and a family could be so interesting?)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While I have heard of the show Cake Boss, I admit I have never watched it. I can assure you I am going to start now. This book jump started my heart for a family I did not know, and reading this book makes me want to know more.

I highly recommend this book for yourself or for a friend who enjoys baking. Gorgeous cover, fantastic pictures!
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on December 2, 2011
I really enjoyed the story of Buddy and his family, but what was more important to me were the recipes. These recipes are nowhere near bakery quality. I've tried several and they just aren't up to par. I don't believe they were "home tested" as claimed in the book. The vanilla and crumb cake were greasy and the custard was far from the best I've ever made. The crumb cake also overflows and makes a mess when baking and the baking times are really off. I am truly disappointed in the recipes.
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on November 7, 2011
I'm a huge fan of the Cake Boss and ever since seeing the episode where he bakes Crumb Cake, I've been on a mission to find the recipe. The Crumb Cake recipe listed is not even close to the yeasty cake sold at the bakery. The baking time was way off and the base called for his Vanilla Cake recipe rather than the slighty sweet bread-like texture of the original. His Lobster Tails recipe is also included should you have unlimited counter space, time, and master baking skills. He states that the technique even took him years to master.

The stories are precious, although there will be few revelations for anyone who is a fan of the show.
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on March 16, 2011
I am a man who owns his own medical business. I like to cook to relieve stress. The Cake Boss is my latest addiction. I have seen most of Buddy's shows and was anxious to try to make one of his cakes from scratch. I took my time, purchased all of the necessary ingredients and, wow, everyone was impressed with the quality of the cake! The recipes are easy to follow and you really are rewarded with the best tasting cakes I have ever enjoyed. I would definitely enter the chocolate cake I made, with Buddy's chocolate ganache and whipped cream filling, all layered and covered in chocolate fudge icing against the best cake in any country club. Yes the recipes are that good, and Buddy's stories are just like he's talking to you, right out of Hobokan!
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on July 19, 2011
I waited MONTHS for this book to be published. Then I read the reviews 1) he only talks about his bibliograpy 2) his recipes are altered. I WAS SHOCKED AND RAN to Barnes & Nobles to see for myself.

Pages 1 thru 153 is is all about the cake boss not one recipe. Pages 154 thru 230 are fillers. It shouldnt take 2 pages to write a 4 ingrediant recipe for custard. Yes he was honest when he stated, "Never before published recipes." He was correct because he was making up the recipes as he publilshed the book. None of the recipes were tried and true. I believe I saw only 5 or 6 cake recipes if that. He stated he altered butter cream recipes from the Culinary Art School instead of altering his own. Come on cake boss what was the $25.00 for your book for you could have given us one unique recipe!!!

Then in his section where he states where he gets his supplies from....thats of no benefit either, he only list the 3 everyone knows about....Wilton, William Sonoma, and King Arthur.

If you want a bibliography about the Cake Boss thats what your buying. If you want to read the book go to the library and check it out but do not purchase it unless you like history books.
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on February 4, 2014
Honestly I didn't even purchase the book for the recipes. I bought it for the stories. I am a avid Cake Boss fan and I admire how close Buddy is with his family and employees. The thing I admired about him the most was him taking over his father's bakery at 17 years old and providing for his family. You definitely cannot find that in too many teenagers nowadays. While many might think he was complaining about his father being dead I think that's a dumb thing to say. His father was his hero and someone that he looked up to, and I think his father did an amazing job raising him right with morals and ethics. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.
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on April 1, 2011
I bought this hoping to get some great cake recipes. I already have some great cake recipes but I figured these had to be better! They weren't. I made two of the cakes. Neither was any good. I made the vanilla cake and the crumb cake. Baking times were not accurate especially for the crumb cake. The vanilla cake was heavy and had a greasiness to it that I've never encountered before. I'm a very good cook. I can follow a recipe most of the time and I find it hard to believe that I messed up two recipes. It was expensive to make and not something I would serve to anyone. I like Buddy but not his recipes. The story was nice but that's not what I was interested in. It's going back. Luckily I didn't damage the book.
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on January 11, 2014
We went to his store in Hoboken and everything was SO expensive but my daughter really wanted a souvenir from our visit so I went home and bought her this...the price is right and the information is interesting. The recipes are a bit more than what a simple home cook, especially a kid, could handle, but the pages are brightly colored.
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on January 2, 2011
Received this book for Christmas. I'm a home baker - and writer (my memoir is here on Amazon: All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa.) Buddy and his team created a fun read, very true to Buddy's voice that we've come to know on the show. His love for his family shines through - as an Italian I could relate page after page. And I loved that he differentiated himself from Ace of Cakes' Duff Goldman by defining himself as a BAKER versus a cake decorator. That made really good sense. Cake Boss cakes look edible, not just interesting.

Downside: the recipes could use some better editing. For instance, in the Italian Custard - using Teaspoons as a measurement for butter is just plain silly. Every stick of butter sold in America is segmented into tablespoons. Also, Buddy could have translated extra large eggs down to large eggs- which are far more common in the home baker's fridge. And please check the custard recipe - it seems wrong - you have us putting a cup of the hot milk into the egg yolk/sugar mix in the bowl, but then tell us to take the pot on and off the heat to avoid cooking the eggs. I think the steps are out of order.

I baked the Vanilla Cake with my disastrous but delicious Italian Custard (it never thickened.) The cake is superb (maybe a bit sweet) and has a great texture, just like Buddy promises.

This book is in my glass kitchen cabinet on display - I'm sure I'll bake every recipe except the lobster tails - you think I'm stuggots?

Might have to trek across the GW to Hoboken soon. Remember, "Bakers Scrape!"
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on November 4, 2011
Even though I am a huge fan of Buddy Valastro himself and enjoyed reading his family's story. I was afraid this book would not have many recipes. To my relief, it does! Buddy tells his entire story, starting from his grandfather. It was interesting to read how the Valastro baking began. The recipes in the back are numerous and have his more popular ones. There are recipes on cakes, pies, pastries, fillings and frosting. I was very happy with the purchase of this book!
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