Customer Reviews: Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats
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on September 1, 2010
This has got to be the best little treat book out ever!! These cute little pops would be perfect to make for a child as well as adults. The recipe is so easy. If you don't own this book you are missing out. I plan on making these with my granddaughter. A batch of these would be perfect to give as a gift. I cannot say enough about this book. Thanks so much for writing it. Photo of every pop included.
Just an Update- We are having so much fun making these. My granddaughter is only 5 years old and loves making these as much as grandma does. We have made so many different ones already. One of the suppliers we used for the sprinkles and hearts and many of the other decorations was from They are a great supplier, they even sell samples so you don't need to buy so much and most of the samples are $1.00 and under. Just an FYI the Wilton food markers do not work well on these pops, use the Americolor ones like it is stated in the supply list in the book. And by the way Website is so full of more ideas. Thanks Bakerella!! Hope this helps.
Just have to add this. If you are making any of the cake pops that are coated with white chocolate/coating wafers than I strongly suggest using the Merckens Super White coating wafers they come out sooo much better than if you were to use just the white ones. The Super white is so much brighter. When I used the super white on the chick cake pops they came out to a brighter white. I do not think you can get any whiter than this.
Also if you don't feel like making cake balls, try the oreo cookie truffle balls all you have to do is put 1pkg of oreos in a food processor and chop up until you have fine crumbs and then add 1 8oz. pkg cream cheese and mix together. My cousin used peanut butter cookies instead and everyone loved them. There are so many combinations you could do. What about thin mint Girl Scout cookies even? Use your imagination and have fun!
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on September 10, 2010
I had my first cake pop about a year ago at work. I wanted more but when I found out how much the person was charging for them, I decided no. Forward to January 2010 - my niece was getting married and I was helping host her bridal shower. She wanted Red Velvet mini cupcakes...and do you think I could find a baker that did mini cupcakes? Nope! Then I remembered the cake pops...and the price, so I googled "cake pops" and somehow came upon Bakerella's blog and was in cake pop heaven!! Needless to say, the pops that I made for the shower were a hit, and I had all kinds of requests for more pops and people wanted to pay me to make them! If I do charge anyone, I pretty much just charge to cover my expenses (not much!), but mostly I just make them and share them. Bakerella's book is so inspriational - I love her creative ideas.
Don't skip over the tips she lists throughout the book either - they will give you all the hints to make cake pops successfully. I have made the baby chicks and the Easter bunny cake pops. I have also made dice shaped ones for my Bunco girls (that one was my idea).
Even though I already make cake pops, the book is great for her ideas. They are just too cute. The photography is a delight as well. I can't wait to make more of her ideas and use them as a bouncing off point for my own. I know that I am going to gift this book a few times! Buy this book, make cake pops, and check out Bakerella's blog (there is so much more than just cake pops there!)
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on September 18, 2010
Bakerella is amazing and her ideas are ultra-cute. Personally, I find cake balls way too sweet for my taste (Bakerella herself describes them as "super-sweet" and I agree), but I love the book and it totally deserves 5 stars. I have already bought two as gifts as well as one for myself, and will be buying more as well as recommending it to all my friends, for the simple reason that it's full of brilliant ideas for decorating sweet truffles. I have been making truffles by combining crushed Oreo cookies with cream cheese for almost 4 years now. The saltiness in the cream cheese cuts the sweetness of the cookies, so (in my opinion) they taste so much nicer than cake balls. Bakerella mentions the possibility of oreo truffles on page 98 of her book, and you'll find the recipe on her website as well as elsewhere (1 pack cream cheese, one pack oreos, one pack almond bark for coating - just 3 ingredients). I use Bakerella's ideas but with an oreo truffle filling - perfection! I don't bother with sticks though, I just put the balls in paper cases - it's less hassle that way. By the way, shop around for the best-priced white almond bark, as prices vary widely. In Houston, the lowest-priced by far is the store where "here everything's better". In the UK, almond bark is called "chocolate flavour cake covering", brands include Silver Spoon and Tesco.
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on October 31, 2010
To be honest, when I first heard about cake pops I thought, how hard can they be? I tried a recipe from the internet and though they turned out really tasty, the execution was pretty bad - and I consider myself a pretty accomplished baker. So, I decided to buy this book in hopes of perfecting my new passion. Well, I've only made one batch since I got the book (pumpkin pops for Halloween) and though it took me a bit to get the technique down, they turned out pretty darn well and got rave reviews at the bonfire party I took them to. I really look forward to my next batch now that I have the technique down, thanks to the awesome tips from this book. There are so many different decoration ideas in here, and it really is just a starting point. The only negative I can say is that although the decorating ideas are endless, there is not really much focus on the taste. There is the base recipe for cake pops, and "common combinations" as well as a few cake & icing recipes at the end. However, there is not a whole lot of creativity past your classic chocolate, white, and yellow. I guess that part is up to you - which is just fine with me, that's the part I am very good at.
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on June 25, 2011
I couldn't ask for a better cake pop guide with inspirational photos than this book, but I'd also like to share some ideas.

What's terrific about this book is that you're provided with extremely easy-to-follow instructions, accompanied by helpful photo tutorials. Here are a few suggestions of ideas that I stumbled on when experimenting with Bakerella's book.

1. When mixing cake crumbs with frosting, don't immediately roll them into balls. Letting the mix sit in the fridge for a couple of hours first makes rolling noticeably easier.

2. I had trouble with the edible black marker for decorations, but Wilton Black decorating gel works great. Just let it dry for a few hours before placing the pops in decoration bags.

3. Add 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to melted candy, stir, and then re-heat for 30 seconds. You'll find it much easier to dip and shake off excess when the coating is thinned.

4. When you dip a cake ball into the melted candy, tap the upper end of the stick against your dipping container at a 45 degree angle to shake off excess coating. When you're just about done, spin the pop around (excess side now facing you) and tap it a few more times. It will perfectly smooth out the excess area (no candy "tails").

5. Poke styrofoam displays with a toothpick to create the guides for your holes, then poke the holes with a lollipop stick. This creates less tearing with the holes, and ensures the sticks stay upright better.

Overall, you'll want to experiment and just do what's fun for you. This is an amazing book, and it's worth it's weight in gold when you see people's reactions to your yummy creations.
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on October 16, 2010
I just found Bakerella's blog 2 months ago and it gave me a kick to get my creative side going.

I've tried making the cake pops before the book only to have my candy coating be too thick (even after I added oil).
Now with the book - she includes the secret ingredient to getting the candy melt consistency nice & smooth.

We made pops tonight with ages 4, 6, 9 and me and we posted a pic on this site. Had such fun and now we're left with a few pops.

My kids are not big fans of cupcakes with the huge heapings of super sweet frosting but these little cake pops are perfect for their consumption - and it helps that they are so cute. Rather than mixing the cake with frosting, I mix in room temperature cream cheese - 'cause I LOVE cream cheese and it's also not as sweet as frosting. Remember the candy melts are sweet too. You can also use Oreo crumbs instead of cake - it's a total winner if you are an oreo fan and there's no baking involved.

Find a cake decorating supply place near you and purchase good quality candy melts (Merckens). They're the same price as Wiltons. The Wiltons taste bland whereas you could snack on the Merckens ones.

I just received the Bakerella book 5 days ago and my kids and I have gone through it so many times already. They think I bought it for them. haha.

The photographs are beautiful and Bakerella makes those cake pops look perfect. The book lists the type of topping/sprinkle used which wasn't consistently available in the blog. Most everything in the book looks do-able for the a person with no cake decorating experience, the challenge is getting the right type of sprinkles.

I took off a point because so many of the cake pops were already in her blog.
review image review image review image
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on May 13, 2011
I love this book! I love cake pops, not so much making them. They are much harder work than I thought, or maybe I'm just lazy. I made twelve and had to stop. here's a few things I learned that are not in the book.

You can use peanut butter, cream cheese.....just about anything sticky to bind the cake. This way you can adjust the sweetness of the filling. If you use pure peanut butter.....your pop may come out saltier than you would like, so test it out first. (I kind of liked mine a little saltier, my cake pop ended up tasting like reese's pieces). Or do half peanut butter, half frosting or whatever. My next idea is make chocolate ganache and use that as a binder. just melt chocolate chips, cream (or milk) and butter, stir until smooth and add to crumbled cake. (I detest store bought frosting).

I made two cakes, one boxed strawberry and one boxed chocolate. The strawberry cake was so moist that when I put only 1/2 cup of frosting it was extremely mushy and hard to place on a stick, even when chilled. I didn't have any extra cake on hand so I crumbled up some bread and added it to the mix to dry it up, worked great.

The chocolate cake however, was a tad dryer and it came out perfect. So the point is to start with just a little frosting. Good luck and have fun! After I made the cake pops I couldn't stand even to look at anything sweet. They tasted better the next day.
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on October 3, 2010
I follow the Bakerella blog sit. Love the Blog... its creative and innovative. I was very excited to hear of their new book and pre-ordered it to ensure I received it right away.
After receiving and reviewing the book, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting to see new ideas and projects however a good portion of them were duplicates from the blog site. On the plus side there were some assembly tips that were very useful that are not disclosed on the blog.
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on December 5, 2010
Love the blog, like the book. I was SO excited about buying this. I wish I would have bought the hard-cover, and not the e-book for this. It makes the recipes more challenging to follow. It's whimsical, and light, and the creatures, and creations are fun. I made some of the pumpkins for my daughters class, due to nut allgeries, and the kids went nuts, and the teacher asked for the recipe!
There are some downsides for some of the decorations, add-ons are not easy to come by, and you must do a lot of "hunting and gathering" for the molds and edible markers. One crucial step is getting the cake to frosting ratio just right, otherwise you end up with a gloppy mess. She recommends 3/4 can of store bought, but 1/2 is close to making them easier to handle. Start with LESS, then add. If you use too much the rolled balls don't retain their shape long. And, make certain NOT to roll your cake balls with a heavy hand. The chocolate coating WILL crack! I am making the Frosty the Snowman pops for Christmas gifts. The only other downside is finding a way to transport these out of home more safely. You definitely need a lollipop stand of some sort, and those aren't easy to find either. Fortunately, I am good with wood, so I am going to get out to the garage to make my own. You will likely ruin your first try or two. Gets better with practice.
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on September 10, 2010
First of all I love having my recipes in a book - even though the idea for Cake Pops and some of the designs are on her web site - I love the feel of a book, the safety in knowing that the book is there for me - and not "where did I put that recipe?"

I loved this book because it is very detailed. I loved the step by step pictures in the front and the actual photograph of every pop. Not only are there cake pops for almost every occasion - but this book just screams be creative! Anything is possible. I also love that the book lies flat no pages flipping all over when you are trying to copy a design.

Someone else wrote a review about this book making a great gift - or a part of a gift basket-- I couldn't agree more - make a gift basket - with the sticks, candy melts, a cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, the cutters, some ribbon - everything you need - what a cool gift for a wedding, a baker, or - this would be great at the Christmas holiday raffles! I'm doing that - I'll be a hit -- I'll give make a batch of Cake Pops to put in front of the basket and if you buy a ticket - you get a pop! (Sorry this is unrelated to the review - but such a great idea - I had to talk about it).

I'm looking forward to Cake Pops, The Sequel. Also a note, Bakerella is featured in the Betty Crocker Fall Baking magazine as well -- it's Bakerella fever!
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