Customer Reviews: Californication: Season 3
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on July 3, 2010
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Season 3 was at least as strong as Season 2, if not stronger, which is quite a feat of writing.

Duchovny is masterful throughout, and his stunning chemistry with his screen muse Karen, is the cornerstone of what has been an unparalleled series.

Yep, it's strictly adult entertainment, and it needs to be seen as, to paraphrase the beautiful Embeth Davidtz, a mockumetary of the crazy, no-consequence LA life that it is portraying. The show, from the beginning, has been a parody of itself, but it works.

As we go into Season 4, Hank will be facing some major challenges, partly due to his poor, reactive handling of the Mia situation in the Season 3 finale.

Interesting times ahead.
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on December 24, 2010
As a fan of the series up to this point I almost did not purchase this season via Video On Demand due to the negative reviews written here. Magically enough if you purchase the season or episodes you get the full pleasure of enjoying the series as it was meant to be viewed. It is not such a far stretch that Amazon would not allow a free viewing of a series with this sort of content without applying some sort of buffer to was simply a courteous way to offer an insight into the direction of this season. If you like the show than purchase the season and it won't disappoint...if you are new to the show than start at season one...and in closing...don't complain about free.
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on March 30, 2012
This show is 100% pure awesome. You thought Duchovny was born to play Fox Mulder? Who knew he'd end up surpassing that role with Hank Moody, a flaky, laid-back and possibly washed-up writer who hasn't put pen to paper in years?

Season 3 begins with Hank making a stab at teaching writing in college. He runs into trouble with his student, his teaching assistant, and the Dean's wife. Hank and Karen't relationship remains complicated, and the acting-up of their daughter Becca matures into a new flavor of petulance. And every time Hank seems about to get things right, he finds a way to turn his life into a new and different kind of train wreck.

Hank's pal Runkle is headed for a divorce while working for one of the more memorable characters we've seen on this show - an extremely rough-edged and intimidating talent agent played by Kathleen Turner. Early in the season, Turner's voice and mannerisms seemed to me like too much, but by the end I thought she was a ton of fun. Runkle's soon-to-be-ex Marcie even gets to meet and greet her one-time idol, Rick Springfield. You know, the actual Rick Springfield from the 80s.

This show is smart, sexy, funny and even at times emotionally tender.
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on March 4, 2016
I have been unnecessarily harsh on Hank Moody. I gave Californication Season 2 a 5-star, but in essence gave Moody a 1-star. I wrote that he was revealed to be horny, empty and afraid. I now realise that I've been in all these three states myself, but my gender grants me allowances to be weak, which is what these three states are equated to in men. To clarify, being horny, empty and afraid does not make you weak, but macho cultures do not allow men to express these feelings or any feelings-- not that cultures give women carte blanche on these three. This is not a contest on whether men or women have it worse. This is Californication and it is about a man.

The first few episodes of Season 3 are tedious because Hank makes many conquests that you can see are wearing on him. The season builds up to a reckoning beginning in Episode 8, where his daughter completely unmasks him.
- I can't believe you slept with all of them.
HM: It's not that simple, sweetheart...
- That's not good enough. I want to know why. There has to be a reason. Make me understand...
HM: There's no excuse for my behavior. There's no defense if somebody got hurt, especially you. But I need you to know that I started out With the best of intentions. I guess I just wanted them all to see it, The thing that makes them special. I guess that's all anybody wants is to be seen, To be recognized.... But I'm sorry if I let you down, sweetie.

Moody is correct. He does shine the light, however briefly, on whichever woman is with him in the moment. He does make them feel seen, a lot. But in doing that he also shines the light away from himself, so that he is seen as little as possible. He, like anybody, wants to be seen and recognised, but he's afraid of being found horny, empty, and, well, afraid. His sexual over-performance is a deflection from all the ways he fears he may disappoint.

I read something reportedly said by a man: women would rather their knights (i.e. the men in the their lives) die on their white horses than step down or get cut down. Maybe Moody inferred this growing up, contemplated not being able to meet culture's white knight expectations and, in reaction, pre-emptively stepped down. Instead of living with the uncertainty of accidentally letting people down (i.e. being found "weak"), he disengages. Maybe that's why he let his Porsche lose its lustre; it was going to happen anyway.

His daughter and his ex, to their credit, have granted him allowances to be human. When the ex announced her pregnancy 15 years ago, she more or less said, let's see what happens, no promises. She, too, has inferred the burden of expectations on Moody, on men, and she's saying, "It's okay. You can be weak." But his response remains, to his loss, "No. No, I cannot."
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on September 25, 2015
Right up front: I don't mind the sex and nude bodies. I am no longer the religious prude I used to be, and I enjoy looking as much as any red-blooded guy. HOWEVER: in real life, there is a limit to how big of a jerk a guy can be and still have women - ALL women - beg him to have sex with him. But in Californication, there is NO limit. No matter what he does or how he treats women, they all beg him for sex. It's totally unrealistic, and it's disgusting. It's as if in this series not a single woman has the willpower or wisdom or discretion to refuse to have sex with him. It portrays all females as idiots, perhaps with the exception of his young daughter, who sees right through him. I had to stop watching. And I can't imagine any self-respecting female watching this, except in the sense of watching a train wreck.
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on July 25, 2015
Filthy, disgusting and thoroughly entertaining. If you can look past the trash, the story is very entertaining. I loved the X-files and that's the only reason I started watching. I almost quit after the first episode, but by the third episode, I was hooked. It not a show I could watch with anyone, but I have enjoyed watching as I walk on a treadmill.
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on July 13, 2015
So funny & truly unique "boyfriend & girlfriend" & "father & daughter" relationships. I laugh my a** off on second than cry the next but mostly just laugh. The main character is basically a man-ho & his gf & daughter have such different relationships with him. The show keeps you interested & makes you want more.
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on August 30, 2015
I love love love this show. It is not for kids or family! I didn't watch this when it aiired on Showtime, but I wish I had. I binge watched this over a couple weeks and just couldn't stop watching. It is hilarious, outrageous, charming, witty and I just plain love it!
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on May 30, 2015
i binge-watched seasons 1-2 and was hooked after one episode! The scripts can get a little saucy - well, downright sexy - but all is in such good fun you don't even mind the pseudo-pornography. Duchovny is downright genius and Evan Handler does an excellent job as well. I'll be there for seasons 4-7 too!
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on March 19, 2015
Again, lots of funny moments, but it's completely obvious that this writer has NO clue how to write for women characters. And I wish the, "biting of the bottom lip," that many of the female characters do throughout the series, would be lost - it's cliche and stupid. One day, when the writer understands women a whole lot more, his writing will reflect that and I look forward to it because he is so talented! On another note, and I mean, "note," as in musical notes. Who ever chooses the music is brilliant. How the music fades in and out at the perfect time is a bit uncanny. I'll assume, that he or she or they are musicians who have an incredible ear for feeling and mood. Outstanding on the music and it makes the show have a thoughtful and poetic edge.
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