Call of Duty: Black Ops II - PlayStation 3
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VINE VOICEon November 18, 2012
well, color me surprised.

after having been disappointed by the last couple of CoD games, i was hesitant to purchase black ops 2. a lot of the gripes and criticisms of black ops 1 and more particularly MW3, were wholly justified. but, being the sucker that i am, i forked over $60 because i love me a FPS and i really enjoyed combat training in the first black ops (more on combat training in a minute). after having spent nearly a week with the game, here's my verdict:

campaign - in short, it's a massive improvement over the last four CoD campaigns. i don't think it's stretch to say it's the best CoD campaign since CoD4. yes, it still looks dated (very dated, actually), but what it lacks in snappy graphics it makes up for in pure fun. all the trailers leading up the game led me to believe the campaign took place in the future. well, only about half the game takes place in the future. the other half takes place during the last days of the cold war. all the protagonists from BO1 are back and they all still speak like testosterone-happy alpha males (the franchise really, really needs legit writers who can write dialogue). however, the gunplay is what matters and that's where BO2 excels. first of all, you can customize your load out before you start every mission. it's a nice touch that allows you play your way. not all guns, attachments, camos, etc are available right off the bat (you have to unlock them like you do in the multiplayer), but it's a nice change. the campaign also gives you several choices in the game that will affect the outcome. this is practically unheard of in FPS games, so kudos to treyarch for mixing it up and bringing something new. each mission also has a series of ten challenges specific to that particular level. some of the challenges are fairly easy, but some are very challenging. and sometimes the only way to complete all the challenges is to replay the mission. the only part of the campaign i don't care for is the strike force missions (but that's probably because i suck at real time strategy games).

multiplayer - ah, the great love-it-or-loathe aspect to all call of duty games. i haven't played any CoD multiplayer since MW2. i got sick of the glitching, camping, obsession with killstreaks, etc. BO2 isn't a drastic departure from the formula, but it's a least an improvement. scorestreaks have replace killsteaks which encourages more team play. smart move. the maps are much improved, in my opinion, from BO1. in fact, there's not a map i don't care for. the sound design is 1000 times better. where in BO1 it sounded like you were shooting pop guns and peashooters (pew pew pew), the guns in BO2 are hefty, beefy and actually have some bass. they sound great. not BFBC2 great, but close enough. i haven't experienced all the freezing on my ps3 that many others have noticed, but the lag is absolutely horrendous. rubberbanding is non-stop, hit detection is often spotty, and with 650,000 people online at any given time, i'm not sure why it can take five or six minutes to get a game started. but, despite it's flaws, it's the most fun i've had on a CoD multiplayer since CoD4.

zombies - again, kudos to treyarch for not resting on their laurels and simply regurgitating past incarnations of this mode. sure, it's still zombies, but in addition to the tradition survival mode, you now have the tranzit mode and griefing mode. i haven't played too many zombie matches (i don't last long anyway when i do), but it's definitely fun and challenging.

combat training - honestly, combat training, for me, was the best part of BO1. sometimes i just want to kick back, practice, own the AI, play with a friend or two and not worry about having to listen to a bunch of hopped up pre-pubsecent, vulgar kids. combat training was the main reason i bought BO2. unfortunately, combat training as we knew it no longer exists. you can still set up bots and play games, but there's not combat training progression. i was really disappointed about that. all the guns and unlocks are available right from the beginning, which isn't a bad thing, but part of the fun of multiplayer and combat training is the ever-present allure of unlocks. on the positive side, all game modes are available in bot games (free for all, team deathmatch, kill confirmed, domination, headquarters, etc). i really wish there were a combat training progression, but you can't win them all.

all in BO2 is without a doubt the best all-around CoD game since CoD4, in my opinion. there's plenty to admire and my hat's off to treyarch for making a concerted effort to try something new. given CoD's popularity they certainly didn't have to do it, but that fact that they did earns my respect. just hire some better writers next time.
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on November 14, 2012
Yes, I am still one of the few people who buys and plays for the Campaign mode and think of the multi-player as an add on. So far, I am about 6 hours into the campaign and believe I am almost done with it. One word to describe it: "Amazing"
Not only is this the best story in any COD game I have ever played, (This one is my 5th), Treyarch actually added new features to the gameplay. Now, more than ever, decisions I made influenced things like who died and the story outcome . There is also a new mode, which lets you control battles from a third person perspective. You can switch to any character's first person perspective or drone in battle, if you like and think your army is not preforming well, using your own skills to help the team.

Zombies is also back and better than MW3's. There is a new "mini" adventure mode, in which you and others try to uncover secrets about the place ur exploring, pretty fun, but you always end up dying, as there is no end to this "adventure mode" You can also fight off waves of Zombies like the other games, but to me, zombie's was not really why I bought this game and gets old after a while.

Multiplayer is why a lot of you bought this game, and rightfully so. This time, multiplayer introduces features like the new 10 point system, letting you pick from a selection of weapon "grades" But also with this, are the glitches activation brings to every game. Match making is really bad. It took 10 minutes for every game I have played so far to be found and connected, which is way too long when you only have an hour to play. I'm sure activison will release patches in the near future to fix this, but for now, its pretty unacceptable. So far, I'm only level 31, but from what I've played. the spawning is terrible. It doesn't matter which map I play, two seconds after I spawn, a camper decides to screw me over, it gets annoying, and I hope Activision fixes this as well.

Truth be told, I would be playing right now if I were at home, and if MIT's professors weren't so boring, I probably would not be writing a review while my teacher is talking about the molecular levels of hydrogen. (Sorry, back to the point)...
Overall, this is a fantastic game other than some multiplayer issues which can easily be fixed. 9.1/10
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on January 19, 2013
My personal opinion:

I thought COD4MW1 was the best Call of Duty at the time. Played World at War, MW2, MW3, but still, for some reason, I thought Black Ops 1 was the funnest. Now I'm not talking just graphics here but overall play. What I like about BO1 was the slower pace, the less ridiculous attachments and gadgets, and most of all, the maps. Maps independently varied from large to small but the greatest part was how these maps were arranged to disrupt camping. Black Ops 1 replaced COD4MW1 as #1 imo.

Black Ops 2 however is very fast and most maps have buildings where enemies can stick together and camp tight when they chose (which is most of the time!). Picture 4 enemies in a room, each in a corner, with 2 bouncing bettys and 2 electrical stun gadgets ... almost impossible to disrupt. Maps are so-so, pace is too fast, camping is way TOO MUCH, gadgets/attachments out of hand, killstreaks flat out crazy. I'm not kidding and hopefully some will agree that there is more camping this game than any other COD game. It's not fun when you look for a guy to kill and you die going into the same room 5 times. Camping exists in every game but way too much here. The boards were arranged much better in BO1.

Now I'm a descent player, top prestige all CODs with about 2.0 K/D. Why is it MW1 was funner than MW2 and BO1 funner than BO2? I don't know since sequels are supposed to be better but it seems like they always find something to ruin. Don't get me wrong, graphics improve and that's a plus, but that's about it.

Honestly, this paves the way for Battlefield realism and it's rush squad/team oriented play. I am honestly so tired of COD releasing a mediocre game each year to many us cough up $60. It's getting like Madden, which I boycotted this year for the first time. Maps are very important in shooters. Give us something good, you only have 1 year to design them! Sometimes 2 since Treyarch develops one year and Infinity Wards another!

Want $60? Make a good game. This message goes for all games.

To each his own. I give this game 2 stars.
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on November 15, 2012
Buy this in few weeks and it will be fine. It's buggy and online is just a mess for PS3. CoD games get frequent updates and I'm sure they will have this sorted out in a couple weeks. So if you can avoid freaking out and melting down, read on.

1) If you gave this one star, you probably shouldn't have bought it (or didn't and are trolling). It is exactly what you expect from any CoD game.

2) The PS3 version online is jacked up in the first couple day. THIS IS NOTHING NEW FOR CoD OR ANY OTHER FPS. It is simply a continuing tradition of shooters not working right on release. A couple weeks from now, things will smooth out and the game will work fine.

3) Zombie mode is bigger and better. It is really fun and a great co-op mode. It's still not Left4Dead, but it does offer some replay and something for people that don't like being cursed at by ignorant people online.

4) The campaign has MORE to offer than any of the recent CoD's. I still don't like it, but I never have.

5) When online works, the game is okay. It's super fast, twitchy and the guns all feel "samey", it's more rock paper scissors and online connection speed than my gun is stronger than yours (not including shotguns/snipers). Killstreaks have been dialed way back, so that's a plus or minus depending on your take. I'm just getting into league play, but it's interesting for people that enjoy playing right and work as a team. The perks and unlocks have been changed, but it's still the same fomula. Perform missions, get kills, get XP and unlock things; it's in a new wrapper though.

All in all, it's a CoD game. It's not the worst game ever and even though there are bugs on release, the campaign is super high quality, zombie mode is terrific and with the addtion of league play, online could have some legs for people like me that would rather play with a team that works together instead of a bunch of boosters and corner campers.
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on January 6, 2013
I thought the potential for this game could have been much better. It seems as if the people who made this game were rushed and just needed to make some quick bucks. The lag on this game is terrible (even in offline mode) and the zombies is not good either. Their are barley any guns in the map and it is very hard to figure out what to do as beginner. What a shame.
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on November 19, 2012
Money is at the forefront of everything these days. Quality suffers and you end up with the same old tune played out over and over. Some of us are in love with the tune however what you expect and what you get as a follow up more time than not usually arrives with disappointment. The pressure is on for companies to give a new product and quickly. Even if it means that the said product is just a heavily marketed and nicely packaged waste of money and an insult to the customers that buy it.
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on December 20, 2012
I'm More of a fan of the Modern Warfare Series. This game is best if you mainly like multiplayer or enjoy military type shooters .

What I like best about call of Duty is that it has one of the best Graphics out there. Controls are Easy and Smooth. no game comes close when it comes to smoothness in aiming and shooting. some games it can feel sloppy in this area. Game has great realistic sound and voice acting. The campaign is short but has variety which is acceptable. I like some of the new Weapon Attachments and Scopes which gives an edge like being able to shoot an enemy behind a wall or car. and you get the opportunity to choose your weapons and and grenades and customize them before you start a mission.
The Story is a bit confusing, but its alright.

The Special Strike Force missions is a Strategy Combat Mission similar to Halo Wars but you get the opportunity to control the robots, soldiers and sentry's individually.

Finally when you get shot continually blood doesn't cover your whole screen like the other Call of Duty Games. I always found it annoying because it blocks your view.

if you played Zombies on the original black ops then it will feel the same. which for me gets repetitive.

As far as I know the game has about 3 different endings.

Graphics 5/5
Controls 5/5
Sound 5/5
Gameplay 4/5
Story 3/5
Variety 4/5
Multiplayer 3/5 For me its nothing new, same multiplayer and repetitive like every other game.
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on November 14, 2012
PS3 Version:

By now we all know that new CODs are the same thing with different weapons and different maps, give or take. NOT this one. The multi-player feels VERY similar to that of Battlefield, only a generic version of it. And you could definitely tell. The pistols are currently overpowered and occasionally, there tends to be small glitches when you die where you'll go through a wall and down to who knows where.

I NEVER had an issue with my Ps3 freezing, now if I try to view my combat record, change an emblem, open a class, or do something new that required a bit of loading, my entire PS3 just freezes. It is not just me, you can hear many people complain about it throughout the server. FURTHERMORE, the server gets stuck with "Need more players to balance team" even with a full lobby. Sometimes, it'll work when someone gets frustrated and leaves.

If you're considering buying this, don't. Not until Treyarch fixes these issues.

If someone from Treyarch is reading this, know that you FAILED big time here. Honestly I feel like we deserve an apology for your team not fixing these issues before releasing them. I will admit that I will continue to play it simply cause my dumb self already put out the $60 bucks for this game. Thanks for nothing Treyarch!

11/20/2012 UPDATE

It has been a couple of days since my previous review. I force myself to play it because I want to like this game, considering I put out the $60. I sit, TRYING to like it, but I can't.

1) THE FREEZING STILL CONTINUES. It is hard to enjoy a game that freezes randomly in a menu. You get stuck anywhere from 5-10 minutes as the PS3 restores and does an error check. Yay!

2) If you make it to actual gameplay (as it loves to randomly freeze before the loading bar is full) you will find yourself annoyed by the amount of times you will be spawned in front of an enemy. Spawn camping is pretty easy to do on here, considering the huge amount of windows and high ground available. In one game, I was literally spawned about a meter away from a bouncing betty, and killed within seconds of spawning.

3) The shotgun is an amazing gun in this game. My favorite actually. However, occasionally, I find myself having to shot a person 3 times, point blank, to get a kill. Not quite sure how a point blank hit, dead center, with a shotgun, doesn't get you an immediate kill. I'm fairly confident on my accuracy, so I highly doubt it's an accuracy issue.

4) There is also this weird thing that I can't quite figure out. Sometimes while trying to join a friend's party, it says something about them needing to restart their playlists in order for you to join because your playlist is newer than theirs. On a couple of occasions I wasn't able to join parties because of this. I'm still trying to figure this out, but in the meantime, I'd like to point out that this shouldn't have been an issue in the first place.

5) They closed down the Nuketown lobby. That sucks. I was expecting that to be a perk of pre-ordering the game. Guess not.

I went back to play this game after a while without playing it and they seem to have fixed the freezing! Yippee!! Now, why do I leave it as a rating of 1 star then?! I'll feed you baby birds! The game still freezes on Zombies. There is nothing more annoying than having your console freeze while being chased by a pack of zombies on level 31. Trust me, it will piss you off like never before. Doesn't happen always, but has happened enough times to be a burden. For those of you about to tell me it is my slow internet, I'm running on 65 Mbps. It isn't the fastest, but it is good enough to not be a problem.
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11 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on January 6, 2013
There are a lot of things to like about this game, but the negatives outweigh the positives. Let's start with the positives: the score-streak setup they implement in this game is awesome. In addition to getting kills, you are rewarded for playing the objective and being a team player. I am also glad to see that the support strike package from MW3 and death-streaks are NOT in this game, so no more free stealth bombers and EMPs, and no more last/final stand, second chance, or dead man's hand. The way they have divided up the perks is superb as well, with no single perk being overpowered. Similar to the perks in this game, you will find that the guns are well-balanced also.

Unfortunately, even with these great features, the online multiplayer experience can be horrible at times. The lag compensation and hit detection in this game are worse than any of the three previous Call of Duty games (MW2, Black Ops 1, and MW3). It can be extremely frustrating to lose a gunfight to someone when, on your screen, you clearly should have come out on top. They have also taken away the ability to tie score-streaks to your custom classes, so if you find yourself struggling to win a gunfight due to lag or any other reason, you are stuck with the 3 score-streaks you chose and cannot switch to lower ones during a match. In addition to having horrible lag compensation and hit detection, the developers have implemented skill-based matchmaking, so even though the game has connection issues, players are not always placed in lobbies with the best ping. Often, players will be placed in games with worse connections in order to go up against players of similar skill level.

TL;DR: the connection issues in this game have absolutely ruined it. Though they have implemented some nice new features, the online multiplayer experience can be utterly frustrating.
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on November 18, 2012
Here's a list of my multi-player grievances: (yes I've gotten the 1.03 patch)

* Inconsistent hit detection... i.e. 3 rounds kills one man, the guy next to him takes a whole clip, lives to tell about it and kills you in the process.

* Spawning... Ahhh, where to begin... Either your constantly running into members of your own team as they're spawning on your heels *or* you can finally break away from your team only to have enemies spawn on your back and kill you.

* Camptastic Maps... This is the game killer. I know the need to have a FEW *safe* areas in a map for reloading, controlling kill streaks, etc..., but some of these maps are completely off the chart and destroy what little fun resides in this game.

* Did I buy Battlefield 3.5? More than half these maps look like DICE creations. No knock against DICE's maps as their environment is destroyable which in turn destroys high camping areas. In this game, we get all the camping areas but no way to exploit and destroy them... Good Job!!!

* Finally, my biggest grievance - Black Ops 1 was riddled with netcode problems, Treyarch finally got it fixed (albeit it was almost 3 months). They had a chance to learn from their mistake, yet we're rowing in the same boat as before. The game engine has changed very little over the years, yet we're suppose to accept that these things happen in new releases... I say that is fine, but I won't preorder/purchase another Call of Duty game until I read reviews that it is playable and/or fun... I haven't bought or will buy another Bethesda game because of "Brink" and I have no problem letting the Call of Duty series go... Great job!!! You got my $60 this time, next time I won't be fooled again.

11/20/12 EDIT
So I'm getting tired of all this and found out this old wireless router in my closet can use an open firmware which in turn can throttle my connection to the old console... What does that mean? I can negate all this net lag on my own. It's a shame it comes to this to make the game playable, but it's a free shot to save a net loss on a "premiere" game... I'll keep everyone informed. Maybe I'll knock the dust off the PVR and throw up a comparison video.

11/30/12 EDIT
So I delayed the line, down graded the line so I wouldn't get host... nothing... It appears that every single player is synced to a different clock (go figure) *BUT* that's not why I downgraded my review. The reason is: I remember looking forward to playing at night, maybe getting in a lobby with a bunch of people where we had a good time playing and mostly everyone stayed in the lobby throughout the night. This isn't that game anymore. The majority of maps are horrible and have very little thought or flow to them. The weapons are for the most part silly. The "score streaks", for the majority of them, are either way over powered or very ineffective. The spawns are still a nightmare. I can honestly say that out of all the matches I have played maybe 1 in 15 I finish because it's that bad. I've put the disc away now and have considered it a lesson learned... So long Call of Duty, so long...
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