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on November 10, 2010
I think it's safe to say that Activision has done right by Wii gamers this generation. Time after time developers have overlooked the Wii, or simply made a crappy port of a title to say they supported the console. Activision has simply done everything they could to push the little white box that could. They've shown that with the Guitar Hero titles which really took advantage of features on the Wii that quite honestly a lot of us didn't know existed.

Now here we are with the seventh installment of the Call of Duty franchise, and fortunately this is not the Wii's first rodeo when it comes to COD. We have been treated to COD 3, World at War, and even a ported version of Modern Warfare and the thing that stands out most about these titles is that they all got better. So, the question is does COD Black Ops take a step forward for Wii gamers, or does it fall flat. After spending several hours with the game on Wii I can safely say this is a must buy title for Wii owners looking for the definitive shooter on Wii!

Gameplay: 95%
We've already been given Goldeneye from Activision last week which gave us every control scheme possible. While Black Ops doesn't include GC support it does keep Classic Controller support as well as the superior Wiimote/Nunchuck setup that Wii gamers have come to love. If the latter is your choice of control all of the customization options expected are present, and once you have it tweaked to your liking you will be killing soldiers and Zombies alike.

Graphics: 90%
Let's face it. The Wii version doesn't have the visual fidelity the HD versions do, and who really expects it too. However, this game looks impressive on the Wii. Absolutely on par with Goldeneye in every respect. Obviously you will find those pesky jagged edges, but this game doesn't falter when it comes to utilizing every bit of the Wii's horsepower.

Sound: 100%
It's what a shooter set in a war zone should sound like. It's immersive, and intense. When you see an explosion on the battlefield you here it as well. The voice work through the entire game is superbly delivered as well, and to be honest at points the over sound quality rivals the HD versions.

Story: 100%
After playing Modern Warfare Reflex for Wii I thought Activision had an uphill climb for story telling in their COD series. However, Treyarc has done a fantastic job with Black Ops. Set during the Vietnam era the game begins with the attempted assasination of Fidel Castro, and you are in the role Mason who has been tasked to kill him. You will get to see President JFK which is cool and somewhat disturbing. The Presentation of the story enthralls you, and you will never find yourself being bored.

Overall: 100%
The sheer quality this title exuberates is unheard of for the majority of Wii titles. Normally us Wii gamers get the short end of the stick, and get stripped down versions of popular titles. However, Treyarc has poured in every thing from the HD versions (except for campaign co-op) including the popular Zombies mode. The muliplayer component is also a feat in itself due to the inclusion of 4-player co-op Zombie mode through Nintendo's WFC. The only way I can sum up this review is Kudos to Treyarc and Activision for giving Wii gamers the game they deserved!
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on November 11, 2010
Of course there are many who claim the COD games are the same every single year, I am not one of them. I happen to also be a Wii gamer. Anyone making fun of gamers on Wii obviously haven't moved past the year 2006 when Wii jokes were "cool" and cannot comprehend that people like games on different systems. Of course the graphics aren't as shiny as the other versions, this is something that has been known and should be known when you purchase this game. The online isn't Xbox Live, again, this is something that should already be known. I have to say it is as close as ever on Nintendo's console to being something along the lines of "Live". Anyway on to the actual review.

**The game as many already know takes place during a bunch of periods in history. The story itself isn't something to write home about, but the presentation is great and it does capture a "cinematic experience". This can add to the experience or detract to the experience. One instance if may detract is when it shows the same cut-scene every time you load a different menu or switching from multiplayer to single player. It might get tedious. Zombies makes a debut on Wii and is a total blast both solo and online.

**The graphics seem to be a mix of World at War and Modern Warfare Reflex. They can look really great sometimes but other times you are staring at a blurry texture or low-poly model here and there. The explosions and lighting look very good though and when you are running through a street and see a bunch of explosions and fires ahead of you it can look really nice. More blood seemed to have been added to the mix and the game now features the "blood hitting the camera" effect when you shoot somebody up close or are hit. This feature had been featured in the HD versions of MW2. Overall the graphics are pretty good just seem to lack a little polish here and there.

**The controls to me are great. I have not tried the classic controller myself, but that is because I favor the remote and nunchuck configuration. Set up just right the game can feel great. It takes a little to fine-tune the controls and sensitivity at first, but as somebody who has put alot of time into both World at War and Modern Warfare on Wii I knew what I was doing. Newcomers might be a bit frustrated but I would suggest to hang in there and perhaps use the practice mode in multiplayer to tune their controls just right. I also advise the dead zones always be the smallest possible.

**Multiplayer is Online and zombies online ONLY. Unfortunately this game does NOT have split-screen multiplayer or even the "squad-mate mode" from previous COD titles on Wii. However the online is where this game really shines. The game seems to try and tuck friend codes under the carpet and they are ONLY used if you want to play with somebody specific. In this case, there is no need to both exchange friend codes. Unlike most games that utilize this system, once you put in somebody's friend code, they KNOW it and are sent an invite to either decline or accept. You both don't have to contact each other and input both codes anymore.

Friends can also be added online. You can add friends either in the lobby while playing, or the game will keep a list of "recent players". I am not sure how long or how many it can store, but I have 47 people and the last person was from 17 hours ago when I first played. Adding people as a friend means you can join their games, invite them to games, and practice with them on dummies (practice mode mentioned above). You can also see their stats and leaderboard positions relate to yours. You can also see stats for ANYONE you are currently playing with or have played with before (the list of recent players). Stats also include their awards, challenges, graphs of performance for EVERY game mode and EVERY weapon, favourite weapon and game mode, contracts they have purchased/completed/not completed, and much more.

Adding someone as a friend (or ally) also means you can send text messages to eachother using a USB keyboard. Communication also comes in the form of voice chat with the new Headbanger Headset. While sending messages through text is limited to friends, voice chat is open to anyone. Chat with anyone in game or in the lobby, something only sen on one other game right now for Wii and that is monster hunter 3. Conduit 2 will also open it up to chatting with anyone.

Online modes features the same basic modes seen in past games along with some new ones. Challenges are back along with custom classes, kill streaks etc. New this time are contracts (which new ones are added every so often), custom kill-streaks, and wager matches. The game uses a currency of "COD points" which are earned with kills, kill streaks, and completing challenges. This currency is used to purchase perks, purchase contracts, purchase new kill streak rewards, and bet on your performance in wager matches. New also is that the score card (shows up after every online game) shows much more information about your performance. It will detail the challenges you have completed but also rewards for personal bests int he game, overall bests in the game, etc.

**Overall the game is a blast. The amount of content is just awesome and will keep you busy for a long time. The single player is alot of fun but the game shines with the multiplayer and new (to wii) zombie mode. You will find the online as a whole much more interactive and intuitive this time around then past games, COD included, on Wii. There is a better sense of community and interactivity, which is a great step in the right direction on the Wii console. New contracts will be added every day or so and also new maps will be available for download soon, another first for COD on Wii. I would recommend this game to any shooter fans especially fans of the COD series on Wii. With more content, more ways to control, amazing online, there is no reason to not give this a try!

**Online name: TonightStarsRevolt. I also have a headset.
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on November 14, 2010
In this review of Call of Duty: Black Ops, I'll focus on Wii's online multiplayer since I haven't played the campaign yet and since most people play the game for the multiplayer experience, anyway.

My review's title says it all: this is definitely the best FPS experience on the Wii so far! The guys at Activision/Treyarch really push the envelope in terms of in-game features and graphics on the Wii. Most features from its 360/PS3 counterparts are present, such as Contracts, Wager Matches, and Zombie Mode, and all of the Perks, maps, weapons, and achievements are the same, as well. A few Killstreak Rewards, such as the Valkyrie Rockets, Chopper Gunner, and Gunship, are absent due to the Wii's technical limitations, but the rest of the Killstreak Rewards are included. Also, the Wii version has the same multiplayer modes as the other versions, and there are certainly a lot of them, including Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, and Free-for-All (there are still others I think), as well as the new Wager Match modes such as One in the Chamber, Sticks and Stones, Gun Game, and Sharp Shooter. In Black Ops, you can earn CoD Points for the first time that will allow you to purchase all of the Perks, Killstreaks, weapons, attachments, and camouflage after you unlock them. This gives the game a more satisfying and balanced feel because you must unlock upgrades by leveling up and then buy them with CoD Points instead of simply earning then from leveling up.

The graphical component of this game on the Wii is certainly a noticeable (however small) step up from its predecessor Modern Warfare: Reflex, but it still won't rival that of the 360/PS3 for obvious technical reasons. Even so, the game looks pretty. The maps are well-detailed and expansive - much more so than any other CoD game on the Wii. I often find myself getting lost amidst the intricately-designed outdoor areas and buildings of many of the levels. The map "Jungle," for example, has a good deal of lush greenery, cliffs, trails, and shelters that are ideal for hiding and stealth combat. Of course there are smaller levels, such as "Nuketown," that are ideal for close-combat fighting, but it's the huge, complex maps such as "Jungle" and "Array" that I find the most fun and suspenseful.

As far as online connection is concerned, I've had minimal issues with the Wii version. Most often my connection is very fast and smooth. The only issue I've experienced is getting disconnected from games immediately after they begin, but this happens very sparingly (only once so far in the four days I've had the game) and seems to last only about ten minutes or so. I should also mention that apparently the Wii version has DLC and patches just as the other versions do, so you'll be able to download new maps and updates for the first time.

Black Ops marks the first Wii Call of Duty game in the franchise to support online chat, too. The company PDP teamed up with Activision and Nintendo and made an excellent peripheral: the Wii Headbanger Headset. If you want to participate in online multiplayer voice chat, then this is a must-have because the game does not support Wii Speak. The headset works flawlessly; the sound is crystal-clear and does not lag or break up. Unfortunately, not too many people who are online are using this neat device yet, but hopefully more people will get one once they learn about it. It's not available on Amazon yet (it says November 18), but it's available directly through PDP's website in a limited-edition Black Ops version or in a traditional white version for $24.99. I ordered mine this way and received it quickly and with no hassle.

The main selling point of the Wii version is definitely its smooth controls using the Wii Remote. The controls feel about the same and are just as customizable as those from MW:R. This is area in which I feel the "Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3?" question has a clear-cut answer: if you like the motion controls, then go with the Wii version. I must mention, though, that the Wii version does support the Classic Controller Pro this time around, so if you're into the shoulder triggers and thumbsticks, then there is an alternate option for you!

The bottom line: Call of Duty: Black Ops is a fantastic game if you're into online multiplayer FPS games, and it's undoubtedly the best one the Wii has to offer. You'll get hundreds of hours out of this game with all of its multiplayer modes and unlockables. If you're not into Wii's controls and slightly downgraded graphics, then the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are the clear choices for you. If you like the Wii's controls and don't mind the slight graphical difference, then I promise you that you're in for some major fun and that you won't be sorry with this game!
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on November 15, 2010
I've started the campaign and have done the first several missions. The missions are a little short, and the videos between them a little long, but they are very realistic and fun.

I've also down some multiplayer and am getting smoked by the more experienced players, but the new maps and good graphics are a lot of fun as well. Being weapon-challenged at this time doesn't seem to be a huge handicap.

But zombies, wow. I've never played a zombies match before and I literally get chills and goose bumps every time one of them sneaks up on me. Having a 50" screen and full surround sound adds to the excitement, but this zombie mode is so good that it's bone chilling creapy.
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on November 9, 2010
I really enjoyed my first two hours with this game.

The graphics are excellent considering the limitations of the Wii. It's not very klunky or jittery at all, and enemies don't just pop out of nowhere like they do in "Medal of Honor."

Gameplay is very easy once you settle down with a configuration. The default "zapper" controls are kind of cumbersome, but you can customize things very easily.

If you have little kids running around, you might want to avoid the single-player campaign - the F-bomb gets dropped an awful lot.

Multiplayer is why everyone will buy this game.

Zombie mode is kind of different - never seen anything like it. Good luck surviving that...
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on November 10, 2010
I have hours of game play in now and I can say this game is awesome. The story for singleplayer is set during the 1960's, and so far is pretty interesting.
Graphically this game looks great for being on Wii. There has been some noticeable slow down during the single player campaign, when things got hectic, but it's nothing I couldn't live with. Multiplayer has been extremely smooth.
Multiplayer is also fun and extremely deep,with many modes,and many ways to customize. A new headset can also be used along with multiplayer, though I don't have one yet.
The controls for this game are awesome. The only negative thing I can say about them, is that your going to have to tweak them, which could be daunting if this is your first Wii fps.
Overall, I recommend this game. Just be warned, it's violent and profane.
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on November 15, 2010
First off, I just want to say that I have played all of the other call of duty games available for the wii, except for call of duty 3, the conduit, red steel, and many other FPS games available to the wii, so I am quite experienced in this area.. I would have to say that this is the best call of duty game released thus far!! I have had a ton more fun playing this game than all the others! Unlike its wii predecessors, this game packs every bit of what the HD versions have, except for local multiplayer. This is not a huge negative in my mind as I usually play online or single player. One other positive is that this game has improved immensely from the laggy versions in the past such as modern warfare reflex. I have not had it lag once! Zombies was also included in the game, which is an absolute blast to play and works seamlessly online. I would definitely recommend this game for anyone looking for a decent fps shooter on the wii, as it is the best, most fun, and most well rounded one I have come across thus far!
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on November 14, 2010
I love FPS shooters, lets just get that out of the way right now. I remember the first time a I opened a door in the original Doom and stood face to face with an Imp and nearly soiled myself.

For over a decade I upgraded computers, bought the newest FPS and brooded over my computer with keyboard and mouse in hand, fighting Demons, rampaging with rednecks, participating in blood thirsty tournaments, killing Strogg, machine gunning head crabs, revisiting a well known german castle, and fighting off infected zombies using a circular saw blade gun.

I've nearly played them all. But after awhile, I grew tired of the "hardware war" that always seemed to accompany a new release. I longed for the stability a console could give you. You didn't have to mess with drivers, or patch updates, or having one game "optimized" for N-vidia while the other was optimized for ATI.

So when I got my kids their first x-box, I started looking at FPS for the console and was immediately disappointed. The dual analog control scheme was just terrible. My friends kept saying, "you'll get used to it". I never got used to it.

Fast forward a couple of years and Nintendo was announcing a new console that was going to revolutionize gaming....Yeah, right. Judging on the failure of the GameCube compared to Sony and Microsoft's offering, that seemed to be a pretty wild claim. And what's up with that controller?

Either the folks at Big-N had either lost their mind, or were crazy like a fox. But despite the fact, one of the launch titles did pique my interest. A little title called Red Steel. Much hype surrounded the new console and game, and after the Wii launched, I knew I had to get one.

Red Steel did not fully deliver on it's promise, but despite it's weaknesses, it was the best FPS I had ever played on a console. Although flawed, the controls were still very intuitive, and it was very easy for a mouse and keyboard jockey like me to pickup a Wiimote and Numchuck and start playing right away.

Although for awhile, it looked as if Metroid Prime 3 Corruption would be the closest thing Wii players got to a decent FPS, I am so grateful that Wii developers did not give up on the FPS on the Wii.

Call of Duty Black Ops makes good the promises that Red Steel made those many years ago.

Simply put, this game is amazing in ways I can't describe.

The single player campaign is riviting, and has a decent plot line. FPS games have never been known for their plot, but as any Half-life 2 player can tell you, a good story can really add to that "what happens next" obsession that keeps you up late at night just having to do "one more level".

I also appreciated the whole Manchurian Candidate vibe that runs through the story line.

The set pieces are fantastic, and the action is visceral.

The only down point to the game is that although it is not a "rail" shooter, it has a rail feel to it as you are continually guided on your path and pushed to move forward. Unlike, say Metroid Prime 3, where you can enter a level and choose to tackle it any order you want, Black Ops, forces you to traverse a pre-destined path, and does not allow you to stray off the path. This is due to COD's heavy reliance on scripted events, so it's understandable, but I like to explore levels, not be shoved through them.

However, if you are going to be shoved through a level, this is the way to do it. Black Ops feels like a Bruckenheimer movie on steroids. Things blow up all around you, the firefights are intense, the whole campaign is extremely cinematic (too cinematic in some points) and exciting.

Some folks have criticized Black Ops for over use of the cut scene, and I have to agreee. In this game the scripted events and cut scenes are a bit over the top, and in some levels, the cut scenes seem to actually last longer than the player controled segment. Let me play already.

Despite the criticisms lodged at the single player campaign, the multi-player side of this game is something to behold. There are an incredible amount of multiplayer modes available. There is even training mode that allows you to explore all the MP maps using bots, so you can actually learn some skills before being subjected to the grinder that is "the real world".

In short, this product is everything an FPS lover could hope for. Superior controls, smooth frame rate, exciting story, and deep multiplayer.

Xbox 360 and PS3 can have their graphics, but until the "PS3 Move" can give me the same precision of control that the Wii provides, I'll stick with the "little white box that could". After all, if the original Doom Imp can make me jump out of my seat still, I think I can handle the Wii's graphical "shortcomings"
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on November 18, 2010
The single player is nice , though i have not finished it yet. The multiplayer & zombies ..., they're both addicting and fun , im hooked into it. the system created within the game , voice chat , text , even the buddy list made this game a must-own tittle for us wii users.
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on November 30, 2010
My 360 officially died a few months ago so I traded in all of my games in search of something decent for the Wii. I have had the Wii forever but never really bought games for it, because it's half the machine that the 360 is. Every crossover game I bought was such a gigantic disappointment. Finally a good game comes out for the Wii and allows use of the classic controller! And that's it, it is immediately the best Wii game ever. I understand the Wii is for a different target audience than other systems, but this is the unofficial gamer's game for Nintendo. First Wii game I haven't traded in within two weeks.
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