Customer Reviews: Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Nintendo Wii U
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on November 19, 2012
Best version of Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I find myself laying in bed playing it without the tv on and using the crisp display on the Wii U gamepad. The controls take a while to get used to but with time, I find the controller better than any other ever made. The game does work with wii remotes and the Wii U pro controller as well as the classic controller pro for the Wii. Online has no lag so far in my experiences and it offers a small community of around 550 as of today, it will grow with time and only get better. I wish it had the elite program and the nuketown 2025 included and as far as I know it doesn't. However I still encourage any Wii U gamer to get COD on Wii U, as Nintendo's Network is excellent. DLC will be available sometime after Nintendo's December eshop update.


As of now, the community has grown to pretty good numbers, we have been getting double xp etc, however no DLC announced and spotty patches hinder an otherwise great game. It is to be expected with new hardware, I hope we can still get DLC though, as I still believe the Wii U version is the best.


Wii U version of Black ops 2 now includes Nuketown 2025. Two years after launch, we get some free dlc. Hopefully it's a new trend for third party support for wii U. Map is fun and plays well. Makes getting this game all the more appealing.
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on May 7, 2013
If you have played the Black Ops or Modern Warfare series, don't expect too much that Black Ops 2 has drastically changed. Yes, of course the game is all about futuristic warfare like using drones or high technological stuff. And we all know that this game has multiple endings. However, the core value of Call of Duty series is pretty much same over here. Cinematic campaign, blast actions, addicting and fun multiplayer, and of course, zombies as well. Nothing out of ordinary, and I guarantee that you will like this game if you are a fan for COD series. But I think that the Call of Duty has gone little bit stale, and I wish this game could be better and have more contents and new stuffs. For Wii U version, you can utilize killstreaks instantly with your gamepad, or you can just play the game with the gamepad while someone else is watching TV. If you are going to play with your friend, one person can play with the gamepad and the other use the TV screen which means that both person can utilize full screen. Overall, it is a very good game, and I definitely recommend Wii U version even though the online community is small and no DLC has released yet.
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on November 26, 2012
If you're a call of duty fan, and you're interested in buying the Wii U version, rest assured that it's very much identical to the PS3/360/PC versions. Campaign, Zombies(I haven't played it as I'm writing),and online multiplayer almost all is there.. Online-co op, local multiplayer, 4 player split screen, playing with bots, all online multiplayer game modes modes, all regular maps, weapons, kill cam, kill streaks, player cards, weapon statistics, emblems, theater mode, are in the game.

The only thing the Wii U version is missing, is Nuketown 2025 map, CoD Elite,and livestream features, BUT this isn't an issue due to Treyarch. It's Nintendo. The good news is that Nintendo will allow 3rd party developers to allow large DLC in the form of maps/levels in December through a patch, and is working on getting DLC for CoD, by the time the first map pack comes. Activision is working to get Livestream and possibly CoD elite as well, though I don't know when.

Compared to previous CoD games, this game is pretty great. What's revolutionary about this game compared to previous cod games, is the pick 10 system in online multiplayer. The previous cod games allowed you to pick a primary with 1-2 attachments, a secondary with up to one attachment, 3 perks, 1 tactical, and one lethal. However this time, every thing costs a point, and you don't have to spend your point on a perk, or a primary, or a secondary, if you want. This allows for thousands of different combinations of weapons and perks. Luckily, it's very intuitive. You'll get it down very fast!

Campaign is very interesting, and offers a cinematic experience. It's a direct sequel to black ops 1, and the timeline ranges from 1970s to 2025. 2025 is a year when the U.S. is under attack by a terrorist who remotely controls an army of drones.
Some critics like digital foundry, have cited that the Wii U version's framerate dips from 60 to 30fps during campaign mode, when there is a lot going on the screen(notably in the first mission), but I haven't really noticed, and it really doesn't take away the experience for me, if what they say is true. But they've also said that if you play the game on the gamepad only, the framerate is the actually comparable to the 360 version, which is pretty smooth and almost consistentally 60 fps.

I haven't played the zombies mode yet as I'm writing this, but its been getting favorable impressions. You can play it offline or with people online. You basically travel in this very large map called tranzit, while riding a bus, and take stops to multiple locations and fight zombies for multiple rounds. You can play classic zombie survival or grief mode--which is you and your friends vs another team of players trying to survive the longest. You can't kill the other human team directly, but you can indirectly lure more zombies to come to them.

In regards to online multiplayer(the meat and potatoes of this game), it's very addicting, and it plays very smoothly. No framerate drops, even reported by digitial foundary. It plays just like the other HD versions. There's so much to unlock, and thankfully most of the good weapons are already unlocked for you in the beginning, so you don't have to worry about being outgunned. The weapons in general are probably the most balanced in any CoD game. Nothing that stands out to be overpowering at all ranges, so far. The maps also are interesting, but there's 3 ways to get flanked by an enemy, which is my only complaint about the maps.. Otherwise, great map design and looks beautiful. Wii U's online multiplayer is very smooth.

I only have two issues with online multiplayer, which are relatively minor.
1.The Miiverse says that there are 10,000 people that own the game, but currently you can get anywhere between 400-1000 people online at once. You can find matches very quickily, but the only modes that are populated at the moment, is Team Death Match, Free For all, and domination. This is because the Wii U is a new console, and wasn't even released worldwide. When it gets released worldwide on Nov 30, expect to get twice the amount of people playing at any given time. In addition, after Christmas, there will be a rush of new players online, so expect a huge bump then also. So just be patient until new years, if you want to play other modes besides those three.
2. Voice chat compatibility works really weird, and not many people are using headsets at th emoment. This is more of an issue with Nintendo. Currently, if you want to use a headset, you can't use a headset via USB plug in. It has to be plugged in to the gamepad controller. This is a bummer for COD wii vets who relied on the headbanger headset via usb, which also happened to be the only headset used in the cod wii games. However for this game, several headsets are compatible with this game via gamepad controller(like turtlebeach). If you a headset for your iphone, it will also work, just remember that it needs to have a built in mic.

In terms of exclusive wii u features, that aren't offered in any other versions of CoD:
1. Play this game in 4 different ways! With the Gamepad, the Wii U pro controller, the wiimote+nunchuck, and the wii classic controller pro. In In regards to controls, I'm a CoD Wii vet, and my only gripe with the controls are that the IR controls for wiimote+nunchuck feel somewhat sluggish compared to previous games. I believe its because it's missing the cursor sensitivity setting, which was present in the online cod games on the wii console. Luckily, it IS getting patched, so I'm happy with that.
2. If not using gamepad controller, use it as a touch screen for easier access to your create a class menu, kill streaks, and controller settings.
3. Play the gamepad controller WITHOUT having to turn on the TV! You can also play this several feet away from the console. Oh and here's a secret.. If you're using a wiimote+nunchuck, you can also use the gamepad as a screen, while playing with the siimote+nunchuck. Just aim your wiimote towards your gamepad, as it has an infared sensor bar on each side of its camera lens!
4. 2 player online co-op in which none of you have to share the screen. One person can use the gamepad screen and controller, while one person can use the tv screen. Framerates drop a little, but it's barely noticable from what I've seen, and it runs pretty smooth.

So, there you have it. If you already have a 360/PS3, you don't have to get the Wii U version, if you already have a 360/PS3, unless you have a Wii U and you want to try out its exclusive features like 2 player online-co op in which no one shares a screen. Rest assured that this game is an identical experience to the 360 version, both gameplay and graphics, with only 3 missing things(no nuketown 2025, livestream feature, and cod elite), but that could change soon. Other than that, Only major difference is that 360 version has 100-1000X more players at any given moment over the Wii U version, but that's because most people buy their FPSers on 360/PS3 and they both have a huge install base, and the Wii U is only 2 weeks old, and isn't even released worldwide.

Still a great buy! I'd give this game a 9-9.5/10.
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on November 20, 2012
This looks amazing on the Wii U...the way you load out your presets gives anyone the ability to load the perks to their game play advantage. Do we have campers? Yes, but I suspect that it is due to the fast paced game style...lots of close quarters with multiple places for someone to camp...lots of cool new additions to the game (target finder scopes, cool strike package call ins, guns that fire extremely fast and when upgraded to rapid fire empty a clip in about a second...scorpion rapid fire/extended clip...42 shot clip....1.5 seconds...uh...hello Mr. buzzsaw...the new FMG Akimbo.

It appears that this game was set up for run and gun gamers...which makes it fast paced / crazy maps with all kinds of hidden areas just waiting to be exploited by campers and snipers...tons of new gadgets to utilize as well...very fun to play
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on August 3, 2014
I have been playing Black Ops for a while, and was excited to see that they were going to release it on the Wii U.

When this game came out, there was absolutely NO online community, but that has drastically changed today. Every time I get on, there are more than enough people to reduce my queue times to nothing. Gameplay is a breeze, and there isn't much that sets the Wii U edition apart, aside from the fact that you can play on the gamepad if someone wants to watch TV, and there is limited functionality for the gamepad as a map and easier way to manage your kill streaks.

I had to take one star off... It may not be related to the game itself, but I have very fast internet and only experience issues with it when I play a few maps on multiplayer... Nobody likes to lag!
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on January 30, 2016
The graphics are SO good that you are not sure if it is a movie or a game. This is for an older player. If the player is a mature 10 or 11 - you are ok. The game froze up one time after a month of use and after resetting it - all was fine.
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on August 8, 2014
This is a great game and it performs flawlessly on the Wii-U. Im writing this review to praise Activision for still supporting this game 2 years after its release by finally offering the Nuketown Map and its FREE. Hopefully more DLC is coming in the future
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on April 9, 2013
This was my first COD game and it is soooo much fun. The multiplayer is very competitive, but fun. This game takes tons of practice to get good at, I was getting destroyed in multiplayer but now I'm somewhat respectible! Such a fun shooter, highly recommended.

Pros -

- great gun selection, there's around 40 different weapons and they are all unique and well balanced. It's easy to find a specific gun that suits how you play.

- Good network - lag and disconnects have been very minimal for me

Cons -

- low playerbase, other than team deathmatch, domination and free for all it can be a little hard to find games on other modes at times.

- knifing is somewhat broken. It is insanely hard to knife people in this game, very easy to miss and there's no lock on mechanic or lunge.

- Low health. I wish you had more health, it is very easy to die in this game. Everyone drops like a fly in just a few bullets. This makes getting the higher scorestreaks extremely difficult and encourages camping and defensive play which is no fun for anyone.

EDIT: I've had to lower my score to 4 stars simply because it was decided that there will be no DLC released for the wii u version, which hurts a lot. I'm so tired of the 10 or so maps available that I could puke. It's very sad that Treyarch has decided to give the middle finger to wii u users. I won't be buying anymore COD games on Wii U unless they release DLC. This is a monumental letdown for COD lovers on the Wii U.
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on December 9, 2014
the wii u version is by far the best version of this game.

the touchscreen is amazing for this game. yes your hands might get tired after a long play session, but the touch screen is amazing it really adds an element to this game that no other system can bring to it. the graphics too are better in my opinion on the wii u when i compare it xbox 360 (i have games on both systems) it looks sharper on the wii u . i play on a 60 inch vizio tv. other than that though not much difference
Also the ofscreen play is awesome playing cod with my headphones while in bed with my wife is amazing although my hands do go numb from holding the game pad for a couple hours setting it down for a couple seconds helps allot. and you also need to make sure you are by an outlet to keep it plugged in that battery will run out quick
On any given day there are about 600 to 500 active players sometimes even 700 and 90 percent of them only play TDM!!! its very difficult to play any other game mode and even when you do there are only like 20 or so people in those lobbies so cue times can take really long and even when they dont your stuck in half empty games which is no fun.
DLC you will not get any on the wii u version nuff said. nuketown is the only map we have received and that was about two years later

now something that belongs in both pros and cons category i will separate in my review SKILL LEVEL! if you are not really good at cod games get it for the wii u the player base is not as skill full as lets say most of the people that play on the 360/ps3 . there are way more little kids and families playing on the wii u. even my wife managed to get a couple kills online while playing split screen and she didnt even know she got them till the game was over (which was hilarious) over all its way more laid back and easy playing on the wii u especially if your a casual. as far as the con goes if your really competitive you wont find that many players that are really good on the wii u they are rare so you might not be able to scratch that "What a hard fought" win feel you get after a close game.

overall this game is amazing on the wii u, but with the lack of dlc and deep population the best parts of cod are never fully realized. i could only imagine this game on 360 with the gamepad features it would be awesome. but again its cheap now and its really not a bad game at all to have for the wii u
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on January 19, 2013
I love playing this game on my wii u. Definitely would rather play it on my wii u over my ps3 . Plays smooth and looks great. I like the interface on the game pad. It's a map while you're playing and you can choose your class and call in you're scorestreaks as well. All in all really good.
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