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109 of 118 people found the following review helpful
on November 25, 2004
After being totaly immersed in Call of Duty and United Offensive on the PC I knew from Finest Hour's anouncment that I had to have it. First let me tell you that this is a completley new game. It's not a PC port but it does manage to incorporate familiar gameplay and levels into this jaw droping experience. In the first level you play as Alexander Solkovo, who is throw into the battle of Stalingrad with only a handful of ammo. Like the PC game, you eventualy get a rifle to use that ammo but in the begining of the level you have all that you can do to follow your sargent up the hill into machine gun fire. I would like to compare this to the D-Day scene in Medal of Honor Frontline, but that just wouldn't be fair. This game crushes Frontline and although I'll still play Frontline (an incredibly awesome game)This is what is owning my PS2 right now. After Stalingrad you will shift through roles, playing as a Russia female sniper, a Russian tank commander, a British PPA commando, a sargent with the Big Red 1, and a tank sargent in Belgium. The whole storyline is very cool and Finest Hour truely does capture the gritty cinimatic feel of WWII that most games don't. Some might need to remember that this game isn't trying to recreate the feel of the PC game. It's trying to recreate the feel of war and although I've never been in war, I'd say this game does a darn good job. Some people complain the controls are hard to get use to but I'm guessing thats because they are a bunch of hardcore PC gamers (nothing wrong with that) who aren't as good at adapting to a controller layout. Now like I said before, I own Frontline and many other FPS for PS2 and I caught on to these controls in no time. In fact, this game might have some of the best First Person Shooting controls I've ever used (well, next to Halo) With controls aside, lets move on to graphics. Thats always a fun part. They are simply amazing! Each character has around 1500 different animations thay can perform and trust me, they do perform. Really, graphics aren't an issue. The framerate in the game will make FPS fans happy. You can be mowing down twenty enemies and the frame rate doesn't drop at all. Which brings me to my next point. The arsenal rocks. It is smaller than the PC games but now you can run around firing MG42s and 30cal. machine guns without having to deploy them. This is truely awesome. But here is what Finest Hour is missing out on, the M1 carbine, the STG 44, a couple others and strangley, pistols aren't any where to be had. So when your two big guns run out, you must rely on melee attacks. The game, oddly enough, works well without pistols. Only after finishing the game did I realize, "Hey, I never used a pistol." but then I said "Hey, I never needed one!" Now, how about gameplay. The game has wide variety of ways to accomplish each mission (something Rising Sun promised but kind of failed with) And really, almost every time you play is different. With a mixture of funny and down right awesome cheat codes this game will keep you entertained for a long time. But do understand the replay value of this game doesn't relay on the cheats but they are great. What more can I say when it comes to performance and presentation... THIS GAME ROCKS!

Now, the not so good. What game doesn't have glitches? If some one can tell me one, their lying! So don't fear when I tell you this game has some minor glitches. Their nothing most FPS don't have (floating guns) But don't worry, more than likely you won't even notice it. The few glitches their are take place in the really big battles, so a couple of floating guns shouldn't bother you or even catch your eye. Another thing is that the British campaign seems a bit short lived but it is packed with action and the jeep chase more than compensates for a shorter campaign. Also a little more detail could have been paid to bullet holes in the walls. They aren't that good looking but like the floating guns, you probaly won't care. Also, Where is the multiplayer? Sure, you can go online with this game but what about split screen four player. Hopefully they will put it in the next game.

How about a quick recap.


Great Graphics

Wonderful musical score

Intense gameplay that doesn't drop a frame

Lots of replay value


A couple of tiny glitches that don't affect gameplay at all

The British Campaign is shorter than the others

No multiplayer with out online connection

So all in all Activision and Spark have done a wonderful job on Finest Hour and this in one game any FPS fan or World War II buff should not be without!
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22 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on December 19, 2004
I am a big fan of MOH but when I heard about this game I had to get it. The first thing I did whene I got home was stick it in. When the game starts you are with a bunch of other Russian comarads in a boat. The two things that surprised me the most is that: You dont get a rifle untill half way through the first levle, and that you can lie on your stomach and crawl! As the game goes on you get to be a female sniper and a tank comander. In the British levles you stay the same person. Then last but not least you get to play as an american soldier named Chuck Walker and a blach tank comander named Sam Rivers for a levle. All in all it a fine game though some levles are a bit hard. I reccomend this gameand MEDAL OF HONOR to people who like war games and also for those who like strategy games.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on November 10, 2005
When i got this game for Christmas, i immediatly started to play this game. This was the first game in the call of duty series i had played, so i'm not aa expert on call of duty but by the looks of it, this was a real good game

The Good:

the graphics are awsome.it gets sorta fuzzy, but it won't effect any of your skills

the aiming sytem is straight down the barrel, unless you choose not to aim. (i prefer this system. it's more realistic) where in meadal of honor (moh)it's just the a side view of a gun and a cross aiming thingy in the center screen.

your comrades actually help you fight the enemies, unlike in moh, where it's basically you fighting the war alone.

a variety of weapons from the germans, russian, english and the american. to get every weapon, you have to kill certain people. In moh, they give you away every weapon (on different levels), which is more unrealistic and sorta cheesy.

you get to change to different people in different missions, instead of staying as only one person the whole game. (i don't really care if you stay as one character the whole game though).

The darkside of the game:

if some of you gamers (i'm not exactly a hard gamer) care about every single detail, in will include it.

a flaw in the graphics makes some of the weapons appear to be floating on the ground, but i don't think it will be much problems, and you might not even notice.

the british campaign is way too short (only 4 missions) and two of the missions are tiny.

i personally don't like the tank missions and 50% of the russian campaign (which is the longest campaign) are tank battles.

in the american/british arsenal, there is weapon known as the 1903 springfield rifle (scoped) and it is impossible to get. one comrade had one and i threw literally all my "sticky bombs" at him, and he dropped no springfield. so that was bad. but it didn't really bother me.

the multi player is only on line! it's not fair that you can only go online for multiplayer. after you beat the game, it gets sorta **boring**.

overall review

this game was real intense (it won't give you a heart attack). sometimes when i was secretly killed from behind, i screamed (a little silly right?). the only thing thats keeping this game from a 5 star rating is the shortness of the game. It's not that short though. it's just that you want more.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on July 23, 2007
Reviewed for Big Boss Games by: L.E.G.

As a lover and avid player of FPS (First Person Shooter) type games, I am probably one of the toughest critics and a game must satisfy all my criteria for me to give it a 5/5 rating. Without any doubts, Call of Duty Finest Hour has successfully accomplished this lofty goal.

To start with, Call of Duty Finest Hour is entirely based on events that happened during World War II. But, ActiVision took on a bigger role than just making a video game and actually tries and succeeds in teaching us a brief history lesson. Granted it's very short and concise, but it helps to setup the game and it's many diverse and challenging levels.

You start out playing as a member of the Russian Army fighting with your comrades on the Eastern Front, from the Volga to Stalingrad. The missions can be somewhat difficult to finish, but the squad leader does give you instructions (just as if you were in the army) on what you need to do or where you need to go. "Blow up that building" and "Take out those machine guns" are typical fare. And most of the time you are a member of a "squad", so don't try to be all "Rambo" and try to defeat the Germans all by yourself. You will get slaughtered!

After you complete your mission(s) as one person, you are then placed in someone else's shoes and get to fight the war from their perspective. Which also opens you up to using different weapons and driving around in tanks. But, this is not Grand Theft Auto. You can't go around and jump in vehicles and take off. Your tour of duty on the Eastern Front with the Russians takes a total of 8 sometimes-grueling missions. At least the game is very forgiving and lets you restart the mission at the last checkpoint.

After the Eastern Front, you are whisked off to North Africa to serve with the British Army in Tunisia. All of the buildings and backgrounds used in this game are simply amazing. There is a lot of rich and articulate detail to keep your attention. You will serve a total of 4 missions with the bulldogs. More neat weapons used by the Brits and a lot of blowing stuff up in these levels. G-D Save the Queen!

And last, but not least, you go to the Western Front to fight with the American Army. As in previous levels, you get more awesome weapons to shoot and tanks to drive. Some of the toughest battles will be fought with the Americans. A total of 7 missions await your shooting skills.

Call of Duty Finest Hour by ActiVision is available for the Playstation 2, Xbox and Gamecube. It is rated "T" for Teen and contains a ton of blood and a whole lot of violence. Since this game is based on World War II, blood and violence is to be expected. Total missions are 19 and 23 different weapons.

This game is Single Player only, but does offer multiplayer online broadband only and 2-16 players. Online gametypes are: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Search & Destroy.
Overall, this game was as close to perfect as they can get with very few technical glitches. Like one time I was crawling around on the floor and trying to climb a flight of stairs and my character just fell through some empty space to his terrible death.

This game was just so well balanced between missions, story, music and action that I had to give it a 5/5.

It's really an awesome game, so go ahead and get a copy.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on November 26, 2006
Call of Duty Finest Hour is a pretty good game. It can be difficult at times and really confusing. I was lucky because I bought the Strategy Guide which had maps but I still often got lost. This was especially true in the sewer levels, you're under ground walking around in circles and almost all the tunnels look the same. Also you really don't need your teamates all that much and don't bother giving them med packs. They don't draw any fire away from you and they are not very good at killing anyone. It is true that this game is more realistic Than most shooters because your not winning the whole war by yourself like in the Medal of Honor games but the soldiers you are fighting with are not even close to the level of the Germans. Another reason you shouldn't worry about keeping your soldiers safe is all the important ones that give you instructions can not even get killed. Another problem with this game is repetiveness, how many times do you have to protect your tanks in a mission? Also, this game can get pretty difficult and in order to beat some missions you have to know where most enemies, health packs, machine guns, etc. are (another bonus of buying the strategy guide). To be able to know where these things are you have to die a couple of times and keep starting the mission over which can take some of the enjoyment away. Also this game lacks a multiplayer mode so anyone that does not have online, like me, will end up not pickng this game up again after beating the campaigns. This game is a great as any shooter game in all aspects besides the ones I have mentioned.

I hope I have helped you in your decision on whether or not to buy this game. :)
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11 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on December 17, 2004
"Call of Duty" for PS2 can be fairly described as a nicely upgraded version of Medal of Honor. My favorite "new" features are 1) the great number of battles which require you to work in tandem with your fellow squad members (often 5 or more) 2) scenes in which you have to work as a footsoldier or sniper in tandem with Allied tanks 3) scenes in which you are controlling a tank and 4) playing from the perspective of the British and Soviets as well as the USA. Overall, COD is great fun. But I wouldn't say it's qualitatively different from the MOH experience.
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7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on January 25, 2005
The original Call of Duty game was really something to marvel. The AI was good, the graphics were awesome, and the gameplay was very smooth. Not only that, but it kept it's historical inaccuracies to a minimum. But my favourite part was that your enemies didn't require 15 rounds to the chest to kill. 2 to 3 pistol shots were sufficient, which is closer to real life. You to play as a very vulnerable soldier, who can only withstand a few rifle shots.

However, many of these things change in Call of Duty: FInest Hour. Not only must you fight on the corpse-cluttered shores of Stalingrad again, but you have to complete ridiculous machines that had little or no effect on the war, or simply did not exist at all. The AI is horrifying. There is a mission in the British Campaign where you must rescue a few captured British soldiers trapped in a building. An endless amount of German Soldiers attack (I shot at the group of them for 30 minutes, with no end in sight. After I saved them, . Other problems include:

- Cheesy graphics, in terms of fire and ecplosions (terrain is fairly well done)

- Damage. I never knew a Nazi required so many BAR rifle rounds to die. The soldiers in this game are far too difficult to kill.

- That bloody reticule guide. Every time you shoot an enemy with your gun, a red circle encompasses your reticule, showing you shot him. I doubt real soldiers had this luxury during the war.

- When you pilot the tank and fire, a giant black round can be seen flying at the target. Not only is this unrealistic, but the shell fires ridiculously slow.


It is cool that you can heal your comrades, but most of the time they're too stupid and run right back out into the line of fire. Being a WWII fanatic, I won't fail this game. It's disappointing, as the awesome commercials really hyped us up for the game. But trust me. The game IS NOTHING LIKE THAT. I recommend every rent this, but only true COD fans and WWII fanatics should dare purchase it. The original is much better, so you'd be better off playing it.
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9 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on December 1, 2004
Ever since i saw the trailer, i couldn't get this game out of my head, because it actually is the only war game worth playing. No diss to Meadal of Honor or Battlefield, but Call of Duty: Finest Hour is a much more mature, authentic and all around great war experience. Nobody likes the blocky graphics seen everywhere these days, and this game hardly has it. The controls are easy to get over, and although this is a hard game, it still is more authentic.

This is the only war game you should think of buying, it's a guarantee you'll like this, and try playing it onlne.
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on January 28, 2005
As a WWII buff & former Army Ranger, I highly recommend this game. It tells the story from 3 Russians perspective of War vs Germany using different means but with the same objective. Weapons from that time are used such as the PPSh Russian Sub Machine Gun & The Mosin-Nagant Rifle. British involvement vs The Jerries from Africa is much to short. Though Authentic weaponry such as Mines, Brens, Stens,& The Enfield Rifle are used, The U.K Missions are far to short compared to the Russians & The Americans. The Army's 1st division AKA "The Big Red One" is represented as is The 761st Tank Batallion from Patton's 3rd Armored Division. An All Colored Batallion,the only other than The Tuskegee Airmen at this time in the War to fight vs The Wermacht & Luftwaffe is represented in this game. As a part of the 1st Division, you fight to capture Aachen while the 761st fight to capture Tillet so the Germans can't supply Bastogne. The 761st & The 1st Division team up to capture Remagen & their Bridge over the Rhine River but not without HEAVY Resistance from Germany's Best, The SS Panzers featuring The Tiger & Panther Tanks, The Luftwaffe's Famed Screeching Stuka Fighters & The Wermacht SS Panzerfaust & Infantry Soldiers with authentic MP40 Sub Machine Guns, MG43 Infantry Support Heavy Machine Guns, The Stielhandgranate AKA "The Potato Masher", Gewehr 43 Sniper rifle & kar98k rifle while The U.S has their Authentic weaponry as well,... The Thompson, The M1 Garand, The Browning Automatic Rifle AKA The BAR, The .30 Caliber Infantry Support Machine gun, The M3A1 AKA "Grease Gun", The Scoped Springfield Rifle & of Course The M2 Grenade AKA "The Pineapple". You also use the Tank by driving inside & firing .50 Caliber Machine Guns and Cannon Shells every 3 Seconds as needed. You can also use the enemies weapons if you capture it such as the panzerschreck & their Guns (Mp40, MG43, Gewehr43,etc.) The Options for the game allow you to gauge the difficulty, The Aim, The Crosshairs, shooting positions,etc. You can also pick up Health Aids, Landmines, Grenades, Ammunition & others. You can also play Multiplayer & Online via Ethernet modem with others around the U.S!! My Score for CALL OF DUTY is 4 &1/2 Stars. The reason for that score & not a 5 is because of the short British gameplay involvement which leaves you wanting more when the entire game is over & for the electronics flaws such as men running in place in the corner, Men floating at you during gameplay & Men being halfway in and out of walls & still shooting at you. Also dead enemies popping back up after 4 seconds of being dead & enemies being somewhere they shouldn't be for example, you clear out a room & there is nowhere in or out. No windows, no hiding spots..nada.Your at the foot of the door, You turn around & walk 3 steps out the door & all of a sudden you hear shooting and turn around & it's 2 Germans!! Impossible!!! Electronic Flaws... Other than that, Excellent game & replay value. I hope they make another. A star above EA's Medal of Honor:Rising Sun
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on July 17, 2006
I really like Call of Duty Finest Hour, but there's a couple of things that could have been better.


Even though I'm playing the game in easy mode, there are some missions that are extremely difficult to finish.

For example, the last mission as a british soldier, which takes place in some ruins is quite hard.

Then, even harder is the first mission with the americans, escorting the tanks and M12 in Aachen. This mission requires some very precise choreography. One must learn very well when and where the enemies will appear, so as not to get killed.


The game can be frustrating because you can't save whenever you like and instead only when you finish the mission. This means that if you have advanced a lot and you get killed, you have to start all over again.

Some long missions have checkpoints, but if you shut the console off and then resume the game, you start from the very beginning of the mission.

The saved game information, as far as I recall, doesn't record your ammo or weapons. So, even if you have saved a lot of ammo and got the best weapons from previous missions, you get to start with the standard ammo for the mission when you resume the game.


The game is very entertaining and the music score is excellent to ambient. You really get into the game. Most of the time, if you play slowly, you can manage to finish the mission unharmed.

But then there are some missions that do not allow for this, and you get killed very often.

Because you have to learn this choreography to pass the mission, the game turned tedious and quite repetitive. I had to let it rest for a couple of days before having the guts to resume the same mission.

I found the Aachen mission particularly frustrating because it does not present multiple ways to accomplish the objective. Gameplay is very linear throughout the game.


Teamwork is crucial to finishing your mission. You have to take care of your fellow AI soldiers, by providing them with med-packs when their health is low (their name turns red), providing cover fire for them or just killing the enemy before the enemy kills them.

But the AI teammates keep taking the wrong decisions and heading straight in front of the enemy's gunfire. Or blocking my way. There is no control over them whatsoever.

I wish there was more control over them. For instance, other games allow you to command the others to attack a certain objective that you have selected (the objective on your sight, for example), or you can order them to provide cover fire of back off. I have not found a way for my AI soldiers to do that.


The final thing is that the manual of the PS2 version is poorly designed. Much space is dedicated to the descriptions of the weapons that can be found in the game, but almost none to the controls. There is very little graphical support to the explanaition of the controls.

Almost none is said about interactions with AI soldiers.

Aside from this, I find it a very good game. It's still very easy to get killed, but I guess this is also true in a real battle.

Then again, I guess in a real battle my fellow soldiers would have to be more clever than these AI (or rather AD... Artificially Dumb) soldiers.
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